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Astrology Transits March 2023 – Entry Into the Future

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. — Albert Einstein


Last month when the emphasis was on Aquarius, the rational mind was ruling. We were tuning into sudden insights and sparks of understanding that seemingly came from out-of-the-blue like a flash of lightning. Now, as the planets move into Pisces, we are still receiving messages from source, but they are quieter, more subtle and more intuitive. 

Aquarius rules sudden, startling insights, while Pisces rules an intuitive, inner knowing. Both ways of tuning into your higher self and higher spiritual guidance are valid and helpful. So, continue to nurture your sudden insights, while you develop your ability to use your intuitive sixth sense.


March 2: Venus Conjunct Jupiter at 12 Degrees Aries and Mercury Conjunct Saturn at 29 Degrees Aquarius. Venus conjunct Jupiter is one of the most beneficial aspects of all. It is known as the “follow your bliss” aspect. It is lucky financially, socially and romantically. The only downside is that it only lasts for a couple of days. Enjoy it while you can. Mercury enters Pisces later in the day. Mercury in Pisces heightens your intuition and brings increased day dreams, night dreams, fantasies and imagination. It’s wise to double check all business and financial dealings until Mercury enters Aries on March 19th.


March 6: Sun Sextile Uranus at 15 Degrees Pisces/Taurus. Use the Sun sextile Uranus to make needed changes and to find unique ways to implement new habits. The sign of Pisces brings intuition and imagination, while the sign of Taurus brings practicality.


March 7: Full Moon at 16 Degrees 40’ Virgo. The Virgo Full Moon lights the way as Saturn enters Pisces. Because Virgo and Pisces are in square aspect to each other, we are challenged to integrate our analytical (Virgo) understanding of the world with our mystical, intuitive side (Pisces). More and more we see that miracles happen (Pisces) even when our rational thoughts (Virgo) say “no way.” Use this Full Moon in Virgo to make practical plans to implement your dreams and daydreams (Pisces).

Saturn Enters Pisces. Saturn entering Pisces on March 7 is a major shift. Saturn has been in Aquarius since March 22, 2020 and will remain in Pisces until February 8, 2026 (except for a brief sojourn into Aries). Saturn in Pisces adds structure to your artistic endeavors and helps you achieve your dreams. Saturn in Pisces won’t always feel good, since Saturn rules structure, limitation and responsibility and Pisces is unstructured. However, Saturn rewards those who do the hard work necessary to achieve their dreams.


March 11:  Venus Sextile Mars at 23 Degrees Aries/Gemini. Mercury Sextile Uranus at 15 Degrees Pisces/Taurus. Both Venus sextile Mars and Mercury sextile Uranus are helpful aspects. Mercury sextile Mars puts action and “oomph” behind your desires, while Mercury sextile Uranus brings an open and inventive mind.


March 14: Mars Square Neptune at 25 Degrees Gemini/Pisces. Mars square Neptune amplifies your desire to escape. Mars wants action and Neptune just wants to dream. These conflicting energies can make you feel extra tired or weary. Take some quiet time, if possible, and don’t push yourself.


March 15-16: Sun and Mercury Conjunct Neptune at 25 Degrees Pisces. Sun Square Mars at 25 Degrees Pisces/Gemini. Venus Square Pluto at 29 Degrees Aries/Capricorn. Mercury Square Mars at 25 Degrees Pisces/Gemini. These transits take us through all kinds of energy. Sun conjunct Neptune and Mercury conjunct Neptune bring intuition, connection with spirit and manifestation through belief and thought.

Venus square Pluto indicates a need to examine your close relationships and to make changes where needed. Tread carefully around touchy relationship matters.

Mercury square Mars can bring arguments and conflicts due to impulsive reactions and aggressive talk. Use Mercury conjunct Neptune to tone things down and to lessen an inner feeling of irritation and impatience.


March 16: Venus Enters Taurus. Venus is strong in her home sign of Taurus. Take advantage of Venus in Taurus by beautifying your surroundings, becoming active in environmental causes and by finding ways to increase your financial security.


March 17-18: Sun Conjunct Mercury at 27 Degrees Pisces. Sun and Mercury Sextile Pluto at 29 Degrees Pisces/Capricorn. The Sun and Mercury sextile Pluto is advantageous for making personal changes that you have been putting off, particularly deep, psychological changes. The Sun activates your energy, while Mercury brings knowledge. Pluto helps you solve puzzles and to understand the deep, psychological underpinnings of any addictions or self-undoing that have been limiting you.


Mercury enters Aries on March 18. Mercury in Aries activates your mind and you crave action and mental activity. Be assertive, not aggressive.


March 20: Sun Enters Aries at the Spring Equinox. 

March 21: New Moon at 0 Degrees 49’ Aries. 

The Sun in Aries begins the astrological new year at the Spring Equinox. Though I like the idea of the New Year being celebrated on January 1, I have found the astrological new year to be much more potent. That is especially true this year when the Sun is joined by the New Moon in Aries on the 21st. The New Moon in Aries is superb for beginning new projects, for taking action and for finishing those projects that have been shoved aside. It’s time to clear the slate for a new year’s worth of accomplishment!

March 23: Pluto Enters Aquarius. Pluto in Aquarius is a major shift. Since Pluto moves so slow, Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn since January 26, 2008. It will be in Aquarius until June 11, 2023. It retrogrades back into Capricorn until January 21, 2024, when it will re-enter Aquarius. It will stay in Aquarius until January 2044. You probably won’t notice much on a day-to-day basis from Pluto in Aquarius, but it is absolutely setting up a new way of thinking and being. Since Pluto rules the masses, we will see a big shift in consciousness and social mores during its long transit of Aquarius.

I am quite optimistic that Pluto in Aquarius will bring new ways of thinking about humanitarian causes, brotherhood and sisterhood, community and a keener realization of the importance of accepting everyone. Aquarius, after all, is the sign that rules tribes and groups. I expect there to be technological advances way beyond our current understanding. Given the nature of Pluto, this is both exciting and scary. The Aquarian themes of liberation and free-thinking can incite revolutions. Pluto in Aquarius will bring massive changes, both beneficial and otherwise. But, for sure, nothing will be the same by 2044.


March 25: Mars Enters Cancer. Mars in Cancer is about family and about protecting and fighting for (Mars) your family (Cancer), whether it is your family of origin or your family by connection. You may be feeling more emotional while Mars is in Cancer from March 25 through May 19, 2023. Mars transiting Cancer is a good time to get in touch with your feelings from the past. Make those emotional changes that put you in touch with who you are today – not who you were in the past.


March 30:  Mars Trine Saturn at 2 Degrees Cancer/Pisces. Venus Conjunct Uranus at 16 Degrees Taurus. There are two very different transits taking place now. Venus conjunct Uranus brings the desire for excitement, stimulation and escape from your mundane, everyday life. Unexpected, unusual people or events may enter your life. Do not take chances with your money or investments at this time.

Mars trine Saturn can bring delays and frustration, This transit requires discipline and endurance – not control. Accomplish what you can and recheck your plans. The delay is often advantageous in the long run.


Moon Movement During March 2023: Note: Dates given are for New York City, NY. The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.

March 1:          Moon in Cancer

March 3:          Moon enters Leo

March 5:          Moon enters Virgo

March 7:          Full Moon at 16 Degrees 40 Minutes Virgo

March 8:          Moon enters Libra

March 10:         Moon enters Scorpio

March 13:         Moon enters Sagittarius

March 15:         Moon enters Capricorn

March 17:         Moon enters Aquarius

March 19:         Moon enters Pisces

March 21:         Moon enters Aries

March 21:         New Moon at 0 Degree 49 Minutes Aries

March 23:         Moon enters Taurus

March 25:         Moon enters Gemini

March 28:         Moon enters Cancer

March 30:         Moon enters Leo




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