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Astrology Transits July 2024 – Friends and Family (what to expect in July 2024

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.” — Richard Bach

July opens with the Sun in Cancer. The sign of Cancer relates to family, ancestors and your nurturing instincts. Honor and nurture your family now, whether it is your birth family or the family you have gathered close to you because they have your back and your heart.


Saturn began its yearly retrograde motion on June 30 at 19 degrees Pisces and will move backwards until November 17. Your projects may seem to slow down during this time giving you a chance to revise what is not working. Though progress may not be as visible during the summer, Saturn is still doing its work of grounding, structuring and solidifying. You would be wise to follow Saturn’s lead.


Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces. on July 3 and will remain in retrograde motion until December 9. Retrograde Neptune calls for deep reflection on the nature of realty versus the ability to dream and intuit a new, kinder reality. Use this time to tune into your subconscious and to meditate on your deepest desires. Saturn and Neptune both retrograde in the sign of Pisces are custom designed to help you dream your dreams and to then manifest them in a realistic way.


July promises to be an exciting month with Mars and Uranus conjunct on July 15 and Mars entering Gemini on July 20. Busy, busy, busy and lots of short trips and quick conversations are on tap with Mars in Gemini.


July 2-3: Mercury Enters Leo.


July 5: New Moon at 14 Degrees Cancer at 5:57 pm EST. Mars Sextile Saturn at 19 Degrees Taurus/Pisces. The Cancer New Moon focuses the solar and lunar energy in the sign of Cancer. Its time to re-evaluate your connection to home, ancestors and family. Mars sextile Saturn is a harmonious aspect that energizes, yet restrains. It is an excellent time to nurture (Cancer) your family, friends, garden or the wildlife around you, especially if you are feeling depressed or more emotional than usual. Your energy is high, but not combustible, as is true in some Mars’ transits.

July 10: Sun Trine Saturn at 19 Degrees Cancer/Pisces. Sun trine Saturn is one of the very best aspects for steady accomplishment. The Sun brings energy and Saturn supplies the hard work and practical “stick-to-it” attitude. Any tasks relating to water are especially favored due to the Sun and Saturn both being in water signs.


July 11: Venus Trine Neptune at 29 Degrees Cancer/Pisces. Venus Enters Leo. Venus Opposition Pluto at 1 Degree/Leo/Aquarius. Venus trine Neptune is dramatically different than yesterday’s energy. When Venus is Trine Neptune there is a dreamy, diffused quality and the need for accomplishment flies out the window, though Venus opposition Pluto may bring an unwelcome intensity to your personal relationships. This is a good time to let life flow and to refrain from power struggles with those close to you. Venus enters Leo at the end of the day bringing a spark of expressive and creative energy. Push your comfort zone and put yourself front and center during Venus’ transit of Leo until August 4.


July 14: Venus Sesiquiquadrate Saturn at 3 Degrees Leo; Saturn at 19 Degrees Pisces. The sesiquiquadrate aspect is an aspect of irritation that often indicates that choices and decisions need to be made. Ask yourself: What am I ignoring? What actions need to be taken that I have been putting off? Saturn in Pisces can bring a certain amount of confusion.


July 15: Sun Square Chiron at at 23 Degrees Cancer/Aries. Mercury Quincunx Saturn at 4 Degrees Leo/Pisces. Mars Conjunct Uranus at 26 Degrees Taurus. Challenging but, potentially, very freeing vibes abound now. Sun square Chiron spotlights cosmic energy custom-made to bring forth old wounds for healing. Mercury quincunx Saturn says that an adjustment needs to be made in your habitual thought patterns. Have you gotten into the habit of negative thinking?

Mars conjunct Uranus brings renewed energy to the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction that we experienced earlier this year. Mars brings the energy and Uranus brings the tension, electricity and excitement! Their combined energy can bring accidents and political unrest. The antidote to Jupiter/Uranus’ over stimulation is to slow down and practice mindfulness. Doing so, releases the positive attributes of this aspect – freeing you from ruts and outdated ways of thinking and living.


July 18: Sun Sextile Uranus at 26 Degrees Cancer/Taurus. The Sun is your very essence, while Uranus brings sudden change, rebellion and a desire for independence and revolution. Sun sextile Uranus adds to the vibrations of Mars conjunct Uranus discussed above, but with a more mellow, positive flavor.


July 20: Mars Sextile Neptune at 29 Degrees Taurus/Pisces. Mars Enters Gemini. In the early part of the day, you may feel like withdrawing from the world to meditate or to take a nature walk. When Mars enters Gemini in late afternoon you will want to socialize, talk (maybe too much) and kick ideas back and forth with another person.


July 21:  Full Moon at 29 Degrees Capricorn at 6:16 AM EDT. 

Sun Trine Neptune at 29 Degrees Cancer/Pisces. 

Jupiter Square Uranus at 26 Degrees Leo/Taurus. 

Venus Sextile Jupiter at 12 Degrees Leo/Gemini. 

Mars Trine Pluto at Zero Degrees Gemini/Aquarius. 


The Capricorn Full Moon would normally be a very grounded, uneventful time. However, this Capricorn full Moon is like a summer picnic. Sun trine Neptune adds an emotional, mysterious overlay, with maybe a raindrop (or teardrop) or two. Jupiter square Uranus brings a sense of optimism coupled with a dash of rebellion. Venus sextile Jupiter brings love and romance. Finally, Mars trine Pluto brings the drama and possibly fraught conversation (both Mars and Pluto in air signs). There is something here for everyone. Just stay grounded and enjoy what is going on around you.

July 22: Sun Enters Leo at 3:44 am EDT.  Social activities, fun, creativity and “strutting your stuff” are part of the picture when the Sun is in Leo until August 23. Take some time to give yourself an “atta girl” or “atta boy” pat on the back.


July 23: Sun Opposition Pluto at Zero Degrees Leo/Aquarius. Venus at 14 Degrees Leo Sesiquiquadrate Neptune at 29 Degrees Pisces. Sun opposition Pluto may lead to power struggles with others, especially authority figures. The Sun in Leo wants attention and Pluto in Aquarius doesn’t easily give you that. In addition, Venus in a harsh aspect to Neptune confuses the issue. Its best to back off from any confrontations or disgruntled feelings until this short-lived aspect sorts itself out in a few days.


July 25: Mercury Enters Virgo at 6:41 PM. When Mercury is in Virgo, we feel a need to interpret the world through an orderly thought process. Mercury in Virgo is good for organizing, categorizing, cleaning, and planning. This would be a good time to make business or domestic plans, to review your health and nutrition or to begin a new class or study.


July 31: Venus at 23 Degrees Leo Sesiquiquadrate North Node at 29 Degrees Pisces. Your perceptions about your love life and/or money matters may be a little murky right now. Decisions need to be made, but wait a few days to take action, when the right decision will be much clearer.


Moon Movement During July 2024: Note: Dates given are for New York City, NY. The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.


July 1:          Moon in Taurus

July 2:          Moon enters Gemini

July 4:          Moon enters Cancer

July 5:          New Moon at 14 Degrees Cancer at 6:57 pm EST

July 6:          Moon enters Leo

July 9:          Moon enters Virgo

July 11:       Moon enters Libra

July 14:       Moon enters Scorpio

July 16:       Moon enters Sagittarius

July 19:       Moon enters Capricorn

July 21:       Full Moon at 29 Degrees Capricorn at 6:16 AM EDT

July 21:       Moon enters Aquarius at 7:42 AM EDT

July 23:       Moon enters Pisces

July 25:       Moon enters Aries

July 27:       Moon enters Taurus

July 29:       Moon enters Gemini

July 31:       Moon enters Cancer



I am still doing astrology readings by telephone or Zoom. My readings consist of transits, progressions, solar arc directions and solar return (year ahead) in relation to your birth chart. One-hour readings are $160 and half-hour readings are $80. Readings are recorded and payment is by PayPal, Square or Venmo. Send an email to to schedule your reading.


Astrology Transits April 2024 – Renewal

Rise said the moon and the new day came  Rupi Kaur, The Sun and Her Flowers

April 2024 promises to be an action-packed month due to an over-abundance of Mars/Aries energy. It is a significant planetary month with a total solar eclipse in Aries on April 8 and a rare conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus on April 19-20. The phrase that pops into my head is “things are happening!” The Mars/Aries energy brings new beginnings, lots of action and the will and desire to move forward.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus happens every 14 years. However, Jupiter has not been conjunct Uranus in Taurus since 1941. Jupiter brings expansion, growth and opportunity, while Uranus represents sudden change, innovation and disruptions in the status quo. The sign of Taurus represents stability and being grounded and focused. Taurus rules our material resources and what we value.

We are all being called to embrace the new and to flow with the unexpected, even startling, changes, while staying focused and grounded. We have all felt had the sense that time seems to be moving faster and faster. When Uranus, the “Great Awakener” is nunder the rays of expansive Jupiter, we are only just beginning to see the extent of the changes that are coming. The arrival of “artificial intelligence” is an apt example of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Taurus. Huge scientific breakthroughs that will change our life (Uranus) have many benefits, but too much of a good thing (Jupiter) can be problematic.

On a personal note, I have just finished my beginning astrology class and am planning a follow-up series for more advanced beginners and intermediate students. The classes will start in May and will be held twice a month each month for the foreseeable future. More information is available HERE.


April 1: Mercury Stationary Retrograde at 27 Degrees Aries. Mercury is retrograde in Aries until April 25, when it turns stationary direct at 16 Degrees Aries. Use this Mercury retrograde time to re-assess your goals (Aries) and your approach to implementing those goals. When Mercury turns direct, put those plans into action and solidify them next month under the Taurus rays.

April 3: Venus Conjunct Neptune at 28 Degrees Pisces. Practice universal love and compassion under this exceptionally pleasant aspect. Venus conjunct Neptune blurs the edges of reality allowing you to see only the best in those around you. Though this is a short-lived aspect, you can keep this energy flowing in your consciousness all year to improve your relationships. Artistic matters are highly favored when Venus is conjunct Neptune.

April 4: Sun Conjunct North Node at 15 Degrees Aries; Sun Opposition South Node at 15 Degrees Libra. Right in tune with the dynamic nature of the month, when the Sun is conjunct the North Node, it is time to ask yourself: “What is my life purpose? Am I taking steps to fulfill that life purpose. The Sun opposing the South Node indicates that self-reflection and the release of old patterns of identity are needed to let you express your life purpose (North Node) more fully.

April 4: Venus Enters Aries. Venus in Aries until April 29 brings a certain boldness and daring to your activities, especially those connected to love and financial matters. If you have been wanting to start a business or to ask that certain someone out, Venus in Aries gives you the impetus to make the first move.

April 6: Venus Sextile Pluto at 1 Degree Aries/Aquarius. A beneficial use of Venus sextile Pluto is to do some deep work (Pluto) around how your emotions and ideas about love, including self-love (Venus) affect your relationships. Because Venus and Pluto are in an easy sextile aspect, such work will be easier now. This is a good time to clear out emotional garbage in preparation for the New Moon Solar Eclipse.

April 8: New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 19 Degrees 24 Minutes Aries.  The Aries New Moon total Solar Eclipse continues the Aries/Libra theme that is in force most of the month. It is significant that the Sun, Moon and North Node are conjunct Chiron. Releasing (eclipse) and healing relationship wounds (Chiron) of all kinds are a main focus of this total Solar Eclipse. Look to the house of your chart that contains Aries and/or Libra to understand the area of your life most affected. Big breakthroughs can occur for all Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) under this potent configuration. 

April 10: Mars Conjunct Saturn at 14 Degrees Pisces. Mars conjunct Saturn can be difficult energy. Mars wants to act and to act now. Saturn wants you to take things slow, work hard and take responsibility. You may be feeling restless, angry and irritable (Mars), yet feel that you are blocked, limited and unable to do anything about it (Saturn). The best way to handle this conflicting energy is to find something active to do. It might be a great day to clean out the garage or to pull weeds. Be careful while driving as road rage could result from this volatile energy.

April 11: Sun Conjunct Mercury at 22 Degrees Aries. You may find yourself taking lots of short trips and/or coming and going when the Sun is conjunct Mercury in Aries. The Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries can make you rather impatient, so count to 10 before over reacting to news and/or conversations.

April 17: Venus Conjunct North Node at 15 Degrees Aries.  Venus conjunct the North Node is prime for re-inventing yourself. The North Node is about finding your life purpose, while Venus brings blessings to help you implement the changes. Look to the North Node in your natal chart to understand the nature of those changes.

April 19: Sun Enters Taurus. 

Mercury Conjunct Venus at 18 Degrees Aries. 

Mars Sextile Jupiter at 21 Degrees Pisces/Taurus. 

Mars Sextile Uranus at 21 Degrees Pisces/Taurus. The Sun enters Taurus under pleasant aspects between Mercury and Venus in Aries and Mars sextile the Jupiter/Uranus historic conjunction in Taurus. All systems are “go,” but you need to put in effort to make things happen. Otherwise, sextiles can float on by with nothing accomplished. Be aware, that Mars in aspect to both Jupiter and Uranus can be pretty volatile. Walk away from any confrontations. You and the situation will be better for it.

April 20: Jupiter Conjunct Uranus at 21 Degrees Taurus. Sun Square Pluto at 2 Degrees Taurus/Aquarius. Venus Conjunct Chiron at 20 Degrees Aries. Jupiter conjunct Uranus is the aspect we have all been waiting for. There has been a lot of hype in the media about this configuration and it is, in fact quite a rarity. Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct approximately every 14 years. However, the last time they were conjunct in Taurus was almost 83 years ago when they came together in May 1941. We can look to events from that time period to get a flavor for the current probabilities of how this conjunction will manifest.

Jupiter expands everything it touches, while Uranus breaks the chains that keep us stuck. Look for major breakthroughs (Uranus) in environmental matters (Taurus), financial matters and our collective ideas around value. Revolutions and breakthroughs of all kinds are probable. In your personal chart look to the house and planets, if any, that are near 21 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius to see where the biggest impact on your life will occur.

The Sun square Pluto adds urgency to the Uranus/Jupiter connection. When the Sun is square Pluto, you may feel that you are being tested by outside forces over which you have no control. Venus conjunct Chiron urges you to do the necessary work to heal your hidden fears and wounds.

April 23: Full Moon at 4 Degrees 17 Minutes Scorpio. The Moon in Scorpio forms a T-square with the Sun at 4 degrees Taurus and Pluto at 2 degrees Aquarius. This Scorpio Full Moon is super intense and transformative, especially if you have planets within five degrees of the Full Moon in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius. Be nice to yourself and give yourself permission to withdraw from the world to a quiet place if possible. You are processing some pretty deep feelings right now. Such processing will be beneficial, but Scorpio/Pluto activations can be challenging.

April 25: Mercury Turns Stationary Direct at 16 Degrees Aries. See April 1 above where I discuss Mercury retrograde.

April 29: Venus Enters Taurus. Venus feels right at home in Taurus and can express herself fully here. Venus in Taurus until May 24 is conductive to financial planning and re-evaluation. Taurus relates to our values. Ask yourself: “What do I really value?” Venus is the planet of “blessings received.” Use Venus’ power of attraction to manifest what you really value.

April 29: Mars Conjunct Neptune at 28 Degrees Pisces. Mars conjunct Neptune is a rather “twitchy” aspect. It can bring feelings of irritability, inferiority, fatigue escapism and depression. This is not a good time to start things or to push yourself. Your judgment is compromised and your energy level may be lower than normal. Stay away from drugs and alcohol. Instead, reach out to the local soup kitchen or dog pound. Selflessly helping others is the best antidote for this puzzling transit.

April 30: Mars Enters Aries. Let the action begin!! Mars rules Aries and feels right at home here. Expect lots of action, lots of assertiveness and lots of short trips until Mars enters Taurus on June 9. This is superb energy for starting new ventures as long as you have made detailed plans before proceeding. Without a plan, impulsive Mars in Aries may not bring the desired results. Be careful to curb impulsiveness and impatience.


Moon Movement During April 2024: Note: Dates given are for New York City, NY. The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.


April 1:         Moon enters Capricorn

April 3:         Moon enters Aquarius

April 5:         Moon enters Pisces

April 7:         Moon enters Aries

April 8:         New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 19 Degrees Aries at 2:20 pm EST

April 9:         Moon enters Taurus

April 11:       Moon enters Gemini

April 13:       Moon enters Cancer

April 15:       Moon enters Leo

April 18:       Moon enters Virgo

April 20:       Moon enters Libra

April 23:       Moon enters Scorpio

April 23:       Full Moon at 4 Degrees Scorpio at 7:48 pm EST

April 25:       Moon enters Sagittarius

April 28:       Moon enters Capricorn

April 30:       Moon enters Aquarius



Learn how to navigate the big changes that we are experiencing in 2024 by getting a personal astrology reading. I am still doing astrology readings by telephone or Zoom. My readings consist of transits, progressions, solar arc directions and solar return (year ahead) in relation to your birth chart. One-hour readings are $160 and half-hour readings are $80. Readings are recorded and payment is by PayPal, Square or Venmo. Send an email to to schedule your reading.




Astrology Transits August 2023 – Individuality



We do not “come into” this world; we come out of it, as leaves from a tree. As the ocean “waves,” the universe “peoples.” Every individual is an expression of the whole realm of nature, a unique action of the total universe. — Alan Watts

The key word is “unique.’ Leo is the sign of individuality, while its opposite sign Aquarius is charged with maintaining individuality within the context of the group. As the planets move through the sign of Leo, think of ways you can express what is special and unique about yourself. There is no one exactly like you in the entire world. Spend some time honoring yourself.

Some things to contemplate this month:

  • How can I allow myself to express more confidence?
  • How can I allow more joy into my life?
  • Am I willing to let myself shine?
  • How can I allow more fun and creativity into my life?

This month, let your inner child out to play!

August 1: Full Moon at 9 Degrees Aquarius. The Full Moon in Aquarius occurs when the Aquarius Moon is in opposition to the Leo Sun. It speaks to the need for personal freedom and to balancing the needs of the group with your own personal needs. The Leo Sun wants to be seen as a unique individual who is distinctive and special. The Aquarian Moon wants to be part of a group dynamic and enjoys the concepts of teamwork and collaboration.

Ask yourself: Am I able to work with others to accomplish a common goal without sacrificing my individuality?

August 6: Sun Square Jupiter at 14 Degrees Leo/Taurus. Sun square Jupiter brings a feeling of expansion, confidence and optimism. Use this helpful aspect to expand your horizon. Think big, but realistically, when the Sun is square Jupiter.

August 9: Mercury Trine Jupiter at 14 Degrees Virgo/Taurus.  This short-lived transit is superb for making expansive plans and for a general feeling of optimism.

August 9: Venus Square Uranus at 22 Degrees Leo/Taurus. Venus square Uranus aims to shake things up, especially in the relationship and financial realms. An exciting, new person or project could enter your life, but the outcome is unpredictable. Similarly, there could be changes regarding something or someone who is no longer relevant to your life. Go with the flow and enjoy the feeling of expectation.

August 12-13:  Sun Conjunct Venus at 19 Degrees Leo, Trine Chiron at 19 Degrees Aries. Sun conjunct Venus is a splendid aspect for matters relating to love and money. Venus is the planet of manifestation and blessings received. The Sun is our forward moving identity. Together they can bring manifestation of your most cherished desires.

The Sun trine Chiron is wonderful for letting go of old, hurtful feelings regarding past relationships. If you are estranged from someone, this could be a good time to extend the proverbial olive branch to heal the relationship.

August 15-16: Sun Square Uranus at 23 Degrees Leo/Taurus and Mars Trine Uranus at 23 Degrees Virgo/Taurus. There is lots of excitement, innovation and breakthroughs with Sun square Uranus. Mars square Uranus can bring the same, but with a touch of irritation and/or impatience added to the mix. We will all be more accident prone when Mars is square Uranus, so double check your driving habits and pay attention to your surroundings when out and about.

August 16: New Moon at 23 Degrees Leo.  Celebrate yourself when the New Moon is in Leo. Let your fiery side show, fearlessly pull out all the stops and go for what you want. Though Leo Moon and Sun signs will be affected by this Leo New Moon the most, other signs can benefit by confidently pursuing their dreams. Each New Moon resets the energy of the past 28 days. Ask yourself: “What do I want to start or manifest between this New Moon and the next New Moon in Virgo on September 14?” The Virgo New Moon will help you put the framework and structure behind anything that you start now. Let your self play, have fun and be creative.

August 20: Sun Quincunx Neptune at 27 Degrees Leo/Pisces. Things can be a little confusing and foggy under Sun quincunx Neptune. Quincunx aspects require adjustments. Ask yourself: “What am I trying to create that needs to be fine-tuned before it is ready for unveiling.” The good news is that both the Sun in Leo and Neptune in Pisces are associated with a high degree of creativity.

August 21: Sun Quincunx Pluto at 28 Degrees Leo/Capricorn. Sun quincunx Pluto can bring out a mini-crisis around power issues with others. Be wary of trying to control or manipulate others. At the same time, it is important to not give away your power because of others’ reactions. Stay grounded in your own understanding of your innate self-worth, rather than letting ego needs dominate.

August 22: Venus Square Jupiter at 15 Degrees Leo/Taurus.  Retrograde Venus squares Jupiter until September 3, 2023, so this is an ideal time to have fun. You are feeling optimistic, light-hearted and friendly now, but not as inclined towards hard work. It would be a good time to take a summer vacation. Be careful of overeating and overspending under this transit.

August 23: Sun Enters Virgo. 

August 24: Mercury Retrograde at 21 Degrees Virgo. Mercury retrograde in Virgo until September 16 is an excellent time to reorganize and straighten out your office and files.

August 24: Mars Trine Pluto at 28 Degrees Virgo/Capricorn. No obstacle is too big when Mars is trine Pluto. It’s a little like “when the immovable object hits the unstoppable force.” Your will power is at an all-time high and so is your energy. Use Mars trine Pluto for accomplishing hard tasks, but beware of pushing others and of over-doing, over-reacting and over everything. Actions taken now will produce results.

August 27: Mars Enters Libra. Mars will be in Libra through October 11. Mars is uncomfortable in Libra. Mars likes to push through at all costs and to act, act, act. When in Libra, its energy is tempered by Libra’s need for balance, diplomacy and justice. This tempering is beneficial in some ways, though it can lead to indecision and the inability to move past obstacles. Libra Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs may feel more anger and impatience than usual.

August 28: Mars at 0 Degrees Libra Sesiquiquadrate Jupiter at 15 Degrees Taurus. On August 28 Mars Sesiquiquadrate Jupiter cautions you to avoid conflict as your fighting spirit is strong. Jupiter in Taurus (conjunct Uranus) can bring fixity and unpredictable reactions. Instead, direct your energy into positive endeavors with a cooperative spirit. Shared, cooperative actions have power when Mars is in Libra. Jupiter expands that energy

August 28: Uranus Retrograde at 23 Degrees Taurus. Uranus is retrograde in Taurus until January 24, 2024. Uranus retrograde gives us a respite from the chaotic pace of movement around us. Uranus in Taurus has opened our minds to new ways of thinking about our values, money, love and security. When Uranus slows down and moves backwards, we can take a deep breathe and focus on the good that the upsets of Uranus in Taurus has manifested. Use Uranus retrograde to tune into the brilliance and insights given to us by Uranus. Ask yourself: How should I change my life to be more authentic and to more fully express my true values.

August 30: Full Moon at 7 Degrees Pisces. Mercury Quincunx Chiron at 19 Degrees Virgo/Aries. The Pisces Full Moon is a time of magic, mysticism and connection to all that is. Use this time to daydream, meditate and to get in touch with your inner knowing. This Pisces Full Moon is conjunct Saturn, adding a sense of grounding and reality, which can only help you achieve your desires. The Full Moon is superb for fantasizing about what you want and then using no-nonsense Saturn to help you achieve your desires. Mercury Quincunx Chron calls for an adjustment in your thinking patterns. Are your thoughts making you sick. If so, make adjustments and Mercury quincunx Chiron can open up new pathways to healing.

Moon Movement During August 2023: Note: Dates given are for New York City, NY. The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.

August 1:     Moon in Aquarius

August 1:     Full Moon at 9 Degrees Aquarius at 2:31 pm

August 2:     Moon enters Pisces

August 4:     Moon enters Aries

August 7:     Moon enters Taurus

August 9:     Moon enters Gemini

August 11:   Moon enters Cancer

August 14:   Moon enters Leo

August 16:   New Moon at 23 Degrees Leo at 5:37 am

August 16:   Moon enters Virgo

August 19:   Moon enters Libra

August 21:   Moon enters Scorpio

August 24:   Moon enters Sagittarius

August 26:   Moon enters Capricorn

August 28:   Moon enters Aquarius

August 30:   Moon enters Pisces

August 30:   Full Moon at 7 Degrees Pisces at 7:55 pm



I am still doing astrology readings by telephone or Zoom. My readings consist of transits, progressions, solar arc directions and solar return (year ahead) in relation to your birth chart. One-hour readings are $160 and half-hour readings are $80. Readings are recorded and payment is by PayPal, Square or Venmo. Send an email to to schedule your reading.


Chart Rectification

What if I don’t know my birth time?

 I hear this question over and over from people who want to get an astrology reading, but they don’t know their birth time. This is always a problem, because without an accurate time of birth many astrological techniques can not be used.

 Some astrologers use a solar chart when they don’t know a client’s actual birth time. Or, they use the sign and placement (degrees) of the Sun as the ascendant and read the houses and planetary placements from that. Using this method will give some insight, but timing and other interpretations are impossible.

 Other astrologers try to determine the ascendant based on their client’s personal appearance. This method is extremely problematic. If they have planets in the first house, the appearance will always be affected by them–thus, the ascendant (and the chart) are wrong.

 Then, there is the method of rectifying a birth chart by using a noon birth time, which gives you a time half way in the middle of a twenty-four hour time span. This works for getting the big picture, but is wholly lacking when trying to narrow down what is really going on in a person’s life. It does not work at all for timing events.

 There are many other methods that people use, but none are accurate enough to be used for an accurate, helpful reading.

 The only method I have found that consistently works to rectify a birth chart is to do a full astrological chart rectification. When I rectify a chart I ask for a few significant events in my client’s life. I then find the 4th harmonic aspects (squares, oppositions and conjunctions) that the outer planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) were making to the natal chart two years before the significant event. The outer planets set things up and set the energy in motion. Events almost never happen without being set up in this way by the outer planets. Once the event is set up by the outer planets, the inner planets are the triggers for the actual event.

 As I work through the rectification, I use solar arc returns, secondary progressions, tertiary progresssions, and finally transits to determine the time of an actual event. As the time of birth is narrowed down more and more, I look at transit midpoints, transits of the inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter) and finally the moon transit to determine the actual timing of the event as it relates to the birth chart. When the inner planets have triggered the event, I can use that time to come up with a time of birth.

 Once I have a working presumed time of birth, I then test it against the other significant events in the person’s life. If it works for other events, it is safe to use it as the “official” time of birth. Then and only then, will I use the rectified time of birth to construct a birth chart that can be accurately interpreted.

 If you or, someone you know, would like to learn your time of birth, please send me an email by filling out the comment form below. Leave your telephone number and I will call you back to discuss whether it is feasible to do a chart rectification, and if so, to set up an appointment.