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Third Quarter Moon

The moon is currently in Gemini

What Sign Is My Chiron In?


The following is a Chiron ephemeris.  It shows the sign Chiron was in at your birth.


Find your birthdate and birth time in the row.  Chances are your time of birth will be between two other dates.  Find the date immediately before your birth date and then find the date immediately after your birth date.  Your Chiron sign will fall between those two dates.  

As an example, for someone born July 10, 1942, you would look at what sign Chiron was in on the date before the birthday (June 16, 1941), and then note that it stayed in that sign until July 26, 1943. Because that person’s birthdate was after June 16, 1941, but before July 26, 1943, their Chiron sign would be Leo.



Mar 25 1927      6:18 AM     Chiron enters Taurus
June  6, 1933    10:23 PM     Chiron enters Gemini
Dec 22, 1933      2:38 AM     Chiron Rx enters Taurus
Mar 23, 1934      9:06 AM     Chiron enters Gemini
Aug 27, 1937      1:19 PM     Chiron enters Cancer
Nov 22, 1937      9:05 PM     Chiron Rx enters Gemini
May 28, 1938      8:39 AM     Chiron enters Cancer
Sep 29, 1940    11:44 PM     Chiron enters Leo
Dec 27, 1940    12:59 AM     Chiron Rx enters Cancer
June 16, 1941      2:34 PM     Chiron enters Leo
July 26, 1943      6:42 PM     Chiron enters Virgo
Nov 17, 1944    11:23 PM     Chiron enters Libra
Mar 23, 1945    10:50 PM     Chiron Rx enters Virgo
July 22, 1945    12:31 PM     Chiron enters Libra
Nov 10, 1946      2:14 AM     Chiron enters Scorpio
Nov 28, 1948      7:59 AM     Chiron enters Sagittarius
Feb  8, 1951      8:26 PM     Chiron enters Capricorn
June 18, 1951      9:13 AM     Chiron Rx enters Sagittarius
Nov  8, 1951    11:22 AM     Chiron enters Capricorn
Jan 27, 1955    11:28 AM     Chiron enters Aquarius
Mar 26, 1960      8:39 AM     Chiron enters Pisces
Aug 19, 1960      2:31 AM     Chiron Rx enters Aquarius
Jan 20, 1961      8:50 PM     Chiron enters Pisces
Apr  1, 1968      2:08 AM     Chiron enters Aries
Oct 18, 1968      6:36 PM     Chiron Rx enters Pisces
Jan 30, 1969      3:12 AM     Chiron enters Aries
May 28, 1976      7:10 AM     Chiron enters Taurus
Oct 13, 1976      6:46 PM     Chiron Rx enters Aries
Mar 28, 1977      2:05 PM     Chiron enters Taurus
June 21, 1983      9:54 AM     Chiron enters Gemini
Nov 29, 1983      8:19 AM     Chiron Rx enters Taurus
Apr 10, 1984    11:19 PM     Chiron enters Gemini
June 21, 1988      5:40 AM     Chiron enters Cancer
July 21, 1991    11:54 AM     Chiron enters Leo
Sep  3, 1993      1:32 PM     Chiron enters Virgo
Sep  9, 1995    10:28 AM     Chiron enters Libra
Dec 29, 1996      6:16 AM     Chiron enters Scorpio
Apr  4, 1997    11:50 AM     Chiron Rx enters Libra
Sep  2, 1997    11:24 PM     Chiron enters Scorpio
Jan  7, 1999      5:28 AM     Chiron enters Sagittarius
June  1, 1999      5:52 AM     Chiron Rx enters Scorpio
Sep 21, 1999    10:30 PM     Chiron enters Sagittarius
Dec 11, 2001      6:04 PM     Chiron enters Capricorn
Feb 21, 2005    12:33 PM     Chiron enters Aquarius
July 31, 2005    11:48 PM     Chiron Rx enters Capricorn
Dec  5, 2005      8:03 PM     Chiron enters Aquarius
Apr 20, 2010      2:28 AM     Chiron enters Pisces
July 20, 2010      5:46 AM     Chiron Rx enters Aquarius
Feb  8, 2011      2:55 PM     Chiron enters Pisces
Apr 17, 2018      4:09 AM     Chiron enters Aries
Sep 25, 2018      8:12 PM     Chiron Rx enters Pisces
Feb 18, 2019      4:07 AM     Chiron enters Aries
Jun 19, 2026      5:17 PM     Chiron enters Taurus
Sep 17, 2026      9:54 PM     Chiron Rx enters Aries
Apr 14, 2027    10:56 AM     Chiron enters Taurus
Jul 19, 2033      9:35 AM     Chiron enters Gemini
Oct 23, 2033      6:21 PM     Chiron Rx enters Taurus
May  5, 2034      5:50 PM     Chiron enters Gemini
Jul 22, 2038      1:49 AM     Chiron enters Cancer
Jan  8, 2039    12:06 PM     Chiron Rx enters Gemini
Apr 26, 2039      2:26 AM     Chiron enters Cancer
Aug 28, 2041      6:14 AM     Chiron enters Leo
Feb  9, 2042    11:08 PM     Chiron Rx enters Cancer
May 16, 2042      6:51 PM     Chiron enters Leo
Oct 23, 2043    12:47 PM     Chiron enters Virgo
Feb 10, 2044      3:54 AM     Chiron Rx enters Leo
Jul  1, 2044      1:11 PM     Chiron enters Virgo
Oct 24, 2045      4:53 PM     Chiron enters Libra



Full Moon in Scorpio – Deep, Intense Emotional Exploration

April 26:  Full Moon at 7 Degrees Scorpio. All Full Moons illuminate, destabilize, tweak and magnify our emotions and promote moodiness.  A Scorpio Full Moon brings all of that and more. The Scorpio Full Moon is a time of deep, intense emotions.  We may tune into other worlds and dimensions, find a connection with past lives and connect to our own and other’s mortality.  This Scorpio Full Moon magnifies this connection because the Moon is sesquiquadrate Neptune in Pisces. In addition, the Moon is in opposition to the Sun and Uranus in Taurus, bringing volatility to the mix.

Use this powerful Full Moon to tune into your innermost self.  Amazing insights gathered now can help you understand and heal yourself in ways unimagined.  If possible, meditate near water for a sense of peace and understanding amidst unsettling energy.


On April 27 Pluto Turns Retrograde at 27 Degrees Capricorn. Pluto will remain retrograde until October 6, 2021.  Pluto retrograde periods are a time to re-assess our old spiritual wounds and traumas. You are called to understand and heal issues of manipulation, power and victimization, both for yourself and for others. Old wounds may resurface in order to be understood and healed.  The more you can go deep within to address these issues, the more you will be able to express your personal power once Pluto resumes direct motion.


Sun and Venus in Aries – Enthusiasm, Charisma and Action


The Sun enters Aries on March 20 at the spring equinox. This is a big shift and it’s time to hit reset. The spring equinox for Western astrologers is akin to New Year’s Day. From contemplative, dreamy and quiet, we move to dynamic, active, impulsive and fiery.  Use this enterprising energy to start new projects and to confidently go after what you want. This “take charge” energy is great for entrepreneurial projects.


When Venus enters Aries on March 21 our sexual energy is high and we are ready to express our active, charismatic, can-do attitude.  The Sun and Venus in Aries expands your entrepreneurial and executive abilities.  This dynamic energy is excellent for launching a new business, especially those related to beauty, fashion or self-love.


Mars in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius is superb for tackling those projects you have put off for way too long.  Mars gives you the energy and oomph and Saturn gives you the discipline to start and finish even the most mundane task. Might be a good time to get a jump on cleaning out the garage or even the junk drawer.


Things become a little testy on March 23 under a challenging Mercury square Mars aspect.  As they say, “keep your nose clean” and your mouth shut until this contentious energy moves on by the 28th.



Confused Communication or Divinely Inspired Prose

 Mercury in Pisces on March 15 sometimes feels like a confused Mercury retrograde.  Keep your own counsel and be careful what you say and to whom you say it.  Don’t speak out of turn or give away family secrets.  Discretion is advised and speaking only truth is imperative.

However, if you write poetry or imaginative articles, Mercury in Pisces can open up a whole new world of creative communication. Write down your Piscean-inspired dreams for insight into your subconscious and an ethereal connection to the divine.

When the Sun and Venus in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn on March 16-18, Venus in the sign of universal love and compassion is tempered by its positive connection to Pluto in Capricorn. Realistic Capricorn keeps us grounded amid an impulse to escape or to go fly among the stars. This pleasant aspect helps you ground your lofty ideas so you can manifest them and make them real.