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My summer farmer’s market mini readings are over, but you can still book a reading with me any time.  Just send an email using the “Contact Me” button.

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First Quarter Moon

The moon is currently in Libra


I will be facilitating an ongoing astrology practicum starting in May 2024. I need at least six people to hold the classes. Send me an email with the best  times and days of the week for you. We will meet once a month throughout the summer and fall.

Online via Zoom

$540 for 6 months of twice-monthly meetings. Payment plans may be possible.

Payable by Paypal or Venmo

This Astrology Classes (or Astrology Practicum) is for those who have studied astrology and can easily recognize the planets, signs and houses, but still have a hard time putting it all together.

Each month I will present a quick review relating to the basics. We will then delve into more advanced topics such as:

  • Advanced natal chart reading skills
    • Out-of-bounds planets
    • Void of course Moon
    • Retrograde planets
    • Midpoints
  • Predictive techniques
    • Transits and progressions
    • New Moons, full Moons and eclipses
    • Progressions and solar arc directions
    • Derived houses
    • Synastry
    • Solar and lunar returns

Since I firmly believe that you learn best by doing, all students will be expected to participate in delineating each other’s charts (with your permission) as well as charts of well-known people or celebrities. Your suggestions regarding charts to discuss will be welcomed. The charts of family members, friends or enemies can only be discussed with their permission.

I need at least six people to sign up for the class, so tell all your friends and relatives.  The more people there are the more we learn from each other. 

Please send an email to to sign up for the class. Please contact me if you have any questions. I’m looking forward to talking to you.

Ruby Burkhalter

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