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Astrology Transits February 2023 – Innovative Compassion

You are a piece of the puzzle of someone else’s life. You may never know where you fit, but others will fill the holes in their lives with pieces of you. —Bonnie Arbon

Venus, the planet of love, entered Pisces the sign of compassion, intuition, magic and oneness, on January 27, where it will stay until February 20. Venus in Pisces implores us to connect with all of life and to love ourselves and others unconditionally. More than any other aspect, Venus in Pisces truly does allow us to “fill the holes in” other’s lives through our compassion.


Uranus, the unpredictable planet of sudden surprises, awakening and bright ideas, turned direct on January 24 in the sign of Taurus. Uranus moving direct in Taurus is about shedding everything that is holding you back. This could be mind-clutter, physical clutter or an over abundance of fear.


There are no planets retrograde from January 23 until April 20, when Mercury once again enters its retrograde movement. Everything is waking up and moving forward at a rapid pace. Use this time to trust yourself and to move confidently toward your goals. The planets all through 2023 are inviting us to heal the least-loved parts of ourselves. All through 2023 think “trust” and not “fear.” In addition, with the Sun in Aquarius until February 19, the emphasis is on innovation, creative breakthroughs and connection to all of God’s creation.  Enjoy this promising, fast-moving and challenging month.


February 1: Sun Sextile Chiron at 12 Degrees Aquarius/Aries. Take a minute to acknowledge any past hurts that may be holding you back when the Sun is sextile Chiron. The Sun in Aquarius is about expressing your individuality, while Chiron in Aries is about taking action. Ask yourself: What have I been afraid to express about my true self?


February 3: Sun Square Uranus at 15 Degrees Aquarius/Taurus. Sun square Uranus can often cause sudden upsets and/or accidents. Pay attention to what you are doing and absolutely do not text while you drive.


February 4: Venus Square Mars at 11 Degrees Pisces/Gemini. This is not the best time to work out relationship issues. Venus square Mars can bring anger, impulsive actions and aggression, particularly around those you care the most about. Instead, engage in sports, exercise, dance or action of some kind. The more you work off the tensions through moving your body the better.


February 5:  Full Moon at 16 Degrees Leo. It’s lights, action, camera and play time when the Full Moon is in Leo. We aren’t in the mood to take life seriously under a Leo Full Moon. The Leo Full Moon is a heart-centered Moon that fosters creative self-expression, pleasure and romance.

The Sun in Aquarius is focused on friendships, groups and breakthroughs of all kinds. Have fun, but don’t let your ego needs overshadow your connection to others in your life. This Full Moon is square Uranus, which can bring unexpected epiphanies and revelations, but also some rebellious, strange, or startling energy. Enjoy yourself, but stay grounded.


February 6: Mercury Sextile Neptune at 23 Degrees Capricorn/Pisces 

February 8: Venus Sextile Uranus at 15 Degrees Pisces/Taurus.  When fast-moving Mercury is sextile Neptune, let your intuition roam, but avoid making long-term, serious decisions. Venus sextile Uranus brings the desire for excitement and you may crave a break in your daily routine. Both transits are excellent for meeting new people, though connections made now may not be long lasting.


February 9: Mercury Conjunct Pluto Sesquiquadrates Mars at 28 Degrees Capricorn 12 Degrees Gemini. The intensity level (Pluto) is through the roof under today’s aspects. Be especially careful in your communication with others (Mercury and Gemini) under Pluto’s intensity and Mars’ potential for anger and aggression. Use Mercury conjunct Pluto to do research, investigative work and to ferret out hidden answers.


February 11: Mercury Enters Aquarius. Air-sign Mercury in Aquarius opens up your mind and amplifies your inventive talents. Keep a small tablet handy so you can jot down important insights that come to you while Mercury is in Aquarius until March 3rd.


February 14:  Mars at 13 Degrees Gemini sesquiquadrate Pluto at 19 Degrees Capricorn. Mars sesquiquadrate Pluto Is one of those irritating aspects that might have you feeling on edge and/or agitated. Be especially careful when driving or operating machinery. You might want to postpone your romantic Valentine dinner until tomorrow, when the energy will be excellent for romance.


February 15: Venus Conjunct Neptune at 24 Degrees Pisces. Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces is not an action day, but rather a day to let your intuition and imagination roam and to let your creative juices flow. This is not the best time to enter into a new romantic relationship because your perceptions are foggy and unrealistic. Instead, simply enjoy today. Your focus is much sharper and realistic tomorrow when the Sun is conjunct Saturn in Aquarius.


February 16: Sun Conjunct Saturn at 27 Degrees Aquarius. Today, when the Sun is conjunct Saturn, is a serious day that is one of the best for organizing, planning and completing tasks that you have been putting off. However, you may be feeling a little tired, mildly depressed or wanting to be by yourself. Honor those feelings by only concentrating on small tasks that will make a big difference in the long run. Let your mind roam freely about future possibilities. The Sun and Saturn in Aquarius will help you find new and innovative ways of doing things.


February 17: Mercury Sextile Jupiter at 9 Degrees Aquarius/Aries. Mercury sextile Jupiter lasts only a short time, but it is superb for contemplating the big picture of your life. Mercury sextile Jupiter fires up your intellectual processes with a touch of optimism. Ask yourself: “What do I really want and what are the steps I need to take to get it.” Then let yourself believe that you really can achieve what you want.


February 19:  Sun Enters Pisces. Moon Enters Pisces and Venus Sextile Pluto at 29 Degrees Aries/Capricorn. Both the Sun and the Moon enter Pisces today bringing a more emotional outlook and a spike in your intuition. Venus sextile Pluto intensifies your emotions. Strangers you meet now have the potential to change your life in some way.


February 20: New Moon at 1 Degree Pisces. Venus Enters Aries. Mercury Square Uranus at 15 Degrees Aquarius/Taurus. The preceding aspects have been mostly air and fire oriented. The New Moon in Pisces brings a more emotional element into play. Use your imagination and intuition to tune into your desires and dreams. Then use your emotions to visualize yourself receiving what you desire. Magic can happen under a Pisces New Moon.

February 22: Mercury Trine Mars at 16 Degrees Aquarius/Gemini. Mercury trine Mars relates to fast talking, fast driving, and a bold and confidant demeanor. Mercury stimulates your thinking while Mars brings a shot of energy and confidence. Be careful here, as Mercury trine Mars can make you more confrontive as you really, really want to get others to understand your views.


Moon Movement During February 2023: Note: Dates given are for New York City, NY. The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.

February 1:      Moon in Cancer

February 4:      Moon enters Leo

February 5:      Full Moon at 16 Degrees 14 Minutes Leo

February 6:      Moon enters Virgo

February 9:      Moon enters Libra

February 11:     Moon enters Scorpio

February 13:     Moon enters Sagittarius

February 15:     Moon enters Capricorn

February 18:     Moon enters Aquarius

February 19:     Moon enters Pisces

February 20:     New Moon at 1 Degree 22 Minutes Pisces

February 22:     Moon enters Aries

February 24:     Moon enters Taurus

February 26:     Moon enters Gemini

February 28:     Moon enters Cancer




I am still doing astrology readings by telephone or Zoom. My readings consist of transits, progressions, solar arc directions and solar return (year ahead) in relation to your birth chart. One-hour readings are $160 and half-hour readings are $80. Readings are recorded and payment is by PayPal, Venmo or Zelle. Send an email to to schedule your reading.




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