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Astrology Transits January 2021 – New Horizons

“And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.” Rainer Maria Rilke

January promises to be the story of two completely different energy patterns.  There is plenty of challenging, even disruptive energy, left to keep us on our toes. But, at the same time, we have a growing sense of optimism, newness, creativity and the desire to bring about change in an innovative, unexpected way.  It is time to brush off those old so-called “failures” and rework them. The authoritarian, restrictive Saturnian energy is air brushed with new ideas and new ways of doing things.  Previously unattainable goals can now be achieved using the forward-thinking Aquarian energy.
December 29:  Full Moon at 9 Degrees Cancer/Capricorn. The Moon loves being in its home sign of Cancer where it is very strong.  The emphasis will be on home versus work (or public endeavors).  Lots of energy needs to devoted to balancing those two areas of your life.  This Cancer Full Moon is especially on point given that many of us are working and/or providing school at home.  This is an extraordinarily emotional Full Moon so let yourself feel and express your emotions as needed.  Expect healing insights around old family wounds.

December 29-30:  Venus Square Neptune at 17-18 Degrees Sagittarius/Pisces.  Venus Square Neptune in mutable signs brings a calming sense of being able to combine your desires (Venus) with your daydreams (Neptune).  It is a welcome break from the clashing energy that we have felt off and on all year.  Though squares are challenging, they also give us the oomph to change what needs to be changed.  This aspect is especially beneficial for those who work in a creative, spiritual or helping occupation.

December 31:  New Year’s Eve Astrology.  The Moon begins the day in Cancer, but moves into Leo later in the day, where it opposes first Saturn, and then Jupiter.  This sets up conflict on whether to have a quiet time at home (Cancer) or to “paint the town red “(Leo).  In view of Covid, hopefully you will opt for a cozy night at home with those near and dear to you.

January 1:  Mercury Sextile Neptune at 18 Degrees Capricorn/Pisces. New Year’s Day is a great time to make realistic plans to bring your daydreams into reality.  Mercury in Capricorn brings realistic ideas. Neptune in Pisces lets you apply that realism to your daydreams.

January 4-5: Mercury Conjunct Pluto at 23-25 Degrees Capricorn. Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn provides you with grounded ideas and the ability to make practical plans.  Unfortunately, it can also foster obsessive, overly focused thoughts and plans.

January 6:  Mars enters Taurus (until March 4).  We have gone through a very long time when anger was out in the open and instantaneous.  Mars in Taurus brings more of a stubborn vibe to your anger.  Mars in Taurus energizes all financial matters.  As Mars moves to conjunct Uranus near January 19, watch for wild fluctuations in the financial markets.

January 8:  
Mercury enters Aquarius
Venus enters Capricorn
Mercury square Mars at Zero Degrees Aquarius/Taurus)
Venus trine Mars at Zero Degrees Capricorn/Taurus
Sun sextile Neptune at 18 Degrees Capricorn/PiscesThere’s a little bit of conflicting energy in this time period.  Mercury square Mars can literally be interpreted as “angry words” or “anger regarding words.”  Because it is in the fixed signs of Aquarius and Taurus, there is also quite a bit of stubbornness. At the same time, Venus trine Mars and Sun sextile Neptune brings an abundance of creative, compassionate and romantic energy.  This planetary configuration might be summed up in the old cliché “make love, not war.”

January 9-11: Mercury Conjunct Saturn and Mercury Conjunct Jupiter at 2-5 Degrees Aquarius). Mercury conjunct Saturn and then Mercury conjunct Jupiter are tailor made for studying and planning, and for discussions with others, both socially and professionally.

January 13:  Mars Square Saturn at 3 Degrees Taurus/Aquarius. The key word for this period is “frustration.”  Mars wants action and wants it now, while Saturn says “not so fast.  Because both planets are in fixed signs, the desire to compromise is practically non-existent. It’s very easy to become entrenched in your way of thinking. This is especially true, if you have personal planets in early degrees of the fixed signs (Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio).

January 14:  Uranus Stations Direct at 6 Degrees Taurus.  Uranus, the freedom planet, turned retrograde on August 15, 2020.  Many of your plans for change were put on hold at that time.  Now, with Uranus moving forward, your desire for change will take center stage. Uranus moving direct brings brilliant, and sometimes “out there” ideas and events.  Look for shocking money events, revolutionary actions and even earth-shaking events (including earthquakes and volcanoes) from now until the end of the month. See January 17-23 below.

January 13-15: New Moon and Sun Conjunct Pluto at 23-24 Degrees Capricorn; Mars Square Saturn at 3-6 Degrees Taurus/Aquarius.  The Capricorn New Moon conjunct Pluto starts a new lunar phase related to power, control and authority.  The overriding planetary energy during January will be based on authority and control.  How much control are you willing to accept?  Where are you not in control in your own life? How can you take control of a situation that has gotten away from you?  Use this powerful Capricorn New Moon to take charge of your own life, particularly, in work and professional matters.

January 17-23

January 17:  Jupiter Square Uranus at 7 Degrees Aquarius/Taurus. January 20:  Mars Conjunct Uranus at 6 Degrees Taurus.

January 23:  Mars Square Jupiter at 8 Degrees Taurus/Aquarius. The time span from the middle until the end of January is fraught with sudden, unexpected, potentially dangerous energy.  Expect the unexpected, drive carefully and do not put yourself in unhealthy situations.

Amidst this challenging energy, the Sun trine Chiron brings a sense of healing and new insights on how to heal your body, soul and spirit. Pay attention to any sudden insights you get at this time regarding healing and health; especially if the old ways are no longer working.

January 28th: Full Moon at 9 Degrees Leo Opposes the Sun Conjunct Jupiter at 9 Degrees Aquarius; Square Mars and Uranus in Taurus.  I love that we are ending the month on a fun, optimistic and dynamic energy pattern.  Make a wish under this Leo Full Moon and you just might get it. The Leo Full Moon adds just the emotional overtone to help you manifest your desires. Jupiter expands everything it touches, so do be careful what you wish for.  The Aquarius Sun asks you to consider even those things that once seemed weird or unobtainable and Mars brings a burst of energy.  Because of the squares to Mars, you do need to be aware during this Full Moon.  Rash actions can lead to unfortunate results.

January 30:  Mercury Stations Retrograde at 28 Degrees Aquarius. Mercury turns retrograde on the 30th and moves back to 11 degrees Aquarius before turning direct on February 20.  Mercury retrograde gives us a chance to perfect and fine tune the new, progressive ideas and intentions started under the New Moon and brought to fruition under the Full Moon.

Moon Movement During January 2021: Note:  The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.

January 1:          Moon in Leo
January 2:          Moon enters Virgo
January 5:          Moon enters Libra
January 7:          Moon enters Scorpio
January 9:          Moon enters Sagittarius
January 11:        Moon enters Capricorn
January 13:        New Moon at 23 degrees Capricorn
January 14:        Moon enters Aquarius
January 15:        Moon enters Pisces
January 18:        Moon enters Aries
January 20:        Moon enters Taurus
January 23:        Moon enters Gemini
January 25:        Moon enters Cancer
January 27:        Moon enters Leo
January 28:        Full Moon at 9 degrees Leo
January 30:        Moon enters Virgo


If you have  not yet viewed my video regarding the energy of 2021 and beyond you can find it on You Tube at

My online beginning astrology class starts January 27, 2001, from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm Mountain Daylight time for 6 weeks.  I am flexible on the time and will try to hold it at a time that is convenient for most.  I welcome your feedback.  Cost is $210 and is payable by Paypal. Let me know if you are interested. or send an email to

Astrology Transits December – Seeking Truth

Three things cannot be long hidden:  The Sun, the Moon and the Truth. — Buddha

I have been wanting to use the above quote along with an eclipse image for quite some time.  With several planets moving to Sagittarius, a lunar eclipse on November 30 and a total solar eclipse on December 14, the time was right to do so. Sagittarius is the sign of the higher mind, advanced education and your belief system.  When the planets transit Sagittarius it is time to examine your beliefs and to live according to your truth.  Because Sagittarius relates to organized religion and entrenched beliefs, it is important to differentiate between the beliefs you were taught and the authentic beliefs that you have worked out for yourself.

December 2020 is an extremely important astrological month.  The month is ushered in by a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on November 30 in the signs of Gemini/Sagittarius.  Then on December 14, we have a Total Solar Eclipse at 23 Degrees Sagittarius.  Obviously, the Gemini/Sagittarius energy is front and center now.  This brings a focus on communication, beliefs, teaching and learning and spiritual understanding. The eclipses usher in the beginning shift from earth signs into air signs.

That shift becomes very, very real on December 21, when Jupiter and Saturn move into 00 Degrees Aquarius (an air sign) at the time of the winter solstice, just as the Sun moves into 00 Degrees Capricorn.  Jupiter and Saturn have been moving in and out of a near conjunction for the last year.  Great conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn happen once every 20 years.  However, the exact conjunction on December 21st in an air sign is a celestial event that happens only once very 800 years.  Many people believe that it was such a conjunction that was seen as the Star of Bethlehem at Jesus’ birth.

November 30:  Full Moon eclipse at 8 Degrees Gemini/Sagittarius;

Mercury sextile Jupiter and Mercury Sextile Saturn at 27-29 degrees of Scorpio/Capricorn.  This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is part of the Saros Series 4 South.  Every eclipse carries the planetary energy of the first eclipse in the Series.  In this case, Saros Series 4 South began on March 19, 1624. This eclipse as part of that series carries strong emotional feelings regarding relationships and money. There is a significant overlay of anger and frustration within the mix.

Now, with Jupiter and Mercury sextile Saturn and the eclipse falling in the signs of communication, we are called to express those feelings through writing, communicating, teaching or learning.  All eclipses require a release.  The release in this case would be through such things, or to simply let go of those things that are blocking your creativity.

December 1:  Mercury enters Sagittarius. Think “grand” expansive thoughts, but remember to brush them with a touch of reality.  If you have strong Sagittarian energy in your chart, you are probably feeling quite constrained by the inability to travel freely.  Use this month when Mercury is in Sagittarius to plan future excursions, to take a totally fascinating, stimulating class (like my upcoming astrology class) or to learn about international customs. Mercury in Sagittarius brings a sense of optimism and ability to see the big picture.

December 5-6:  Venus trine Neptune at 17-18 Degrees  Scorpio/Pisces; Venus at 18 Degrees Scorpio inconjunct Mars at 18 Degrees Aries.  Venus trine Neptune is definitely the “rose-colored glasses” aspect.  Its best not to make any commitments or large purchases during this lovely, but unstable trine.  Be especially careful with romantic connections as things may not be quite as they seem.

Despite this, Venus trine Neptune is a wonderful aspect to help you tune into your higher self.  Light a candle, surround yourself with pink light and declare your love toward all things.

December 9-10:  Sun Square Neptune at 18-19 Degrees Sagittarius/Pisces. Sun in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces confronts us with a choice regarding truth.  What do we really believe?  Do we dare open ourselves to a new way of thinking or is it safer to cling to outdated, shop-worn beliefs?

We may hear of new scandals or hidden information regarding religious and political figures during this square.

December 10-12:  Sun Trine Mars at 18-21 Degrees Sagittarius/Aries; Sun Conjunct South Node from 18-20 Sagittarius. Sun trine Mars brings a shot of energy to help you get your Christmas activities done.  However, it can also escalate any disagreements or frustrations.  Because Sagittarius rules politics and Mars rules wars and skirmishes, lets hold peaceful energy to help ourselves and the world navigate this volatile energy.

December 13-14:  Mercury Square Neptune at 18 Degrees  Sagittarius/Pisces.  Mercury square Neptune is another time when it would be wise not to sign any contracts or make any long-term commitments.  Things are not as they seem on the surface. If ever a planetary aspect embodied the saying of “if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you,” this is it.

December 14: Total Solar Eclipse at 23 Degrees Sagittarius; Mercury Square Neptune at 19-18 Degrees of Sagittarius; Mercury Conjunct South Node and Neptune square North and South Node.  All eclipses require a release of some kind.  This Sagittarius Eclipse nudges you to let go of limited beliefs and to let yourself imagine a brighter future.  If you need to take some kind of advanced training, this eclipse would favor going forward with that.

Because the Nodes are always involved in an eclipse, all eclipses have a “fated” or inevitable quality to them.  For instance, this Sagittarius solar eclipse eerily connects to Donald Trump’s birth chart.  He was born under a total lunar eclipse with his Sun at 23 degrees Gemini and his Moon at 23 degrees Sagittarius. One phase of his life is definitely coming to an end and it is time for him to move on.  A movement back into the entertainment business would certainly fit with his changeable, expansive lunar eclipse signature.

Coincidentally, December 14 is the date when the Electoral College electors meet to vote and confirm the next president and vice president of the United States. The total solar eclipse degree is the same degree as Kamala Harris’ progressed Sun.  When an eclipse falls on important natal or progressed personal planets, it often shows a major change in a person’s life.

The chart for the total solar eclipse for New York, NY using the natural chart follows:

December 17:  Sun at 26 Degrees Sagittarius at the center of the Milky Way.  The Galactic Center is the Sun of our Sun and is the source of the highest amount of gravitational energy in our galaxy. It correlates then, that the Sun’s transit over this point each year releases vast stores of energy, motivation and aspiration.  This is just what we need after a year full of limitation, responsibility and isolation.

December 21:  Winter Solstice — Sun Enters Capricorn; Jupiter and Saturn Conjunct at 00 Degrees Aquarius. This is a history-making winter solstice.  Both the Sun and Mercury enter Capricorn and both Saturn and Jupiter enter Aquarius, all at 00 degrees of their signs on the 21st.  What is outstanding this year is that the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the air sign Aquarius has not happened for 800 years. We truly are in a once-in-a lifetime energy pattern.  I have come to believe that the hardships of 2020 were merely a necessary first step in shifting the energy toward a whole new dimension.

December 25: Christmas Day, 2020. Keep your expectations in check about how things “should be” on Christmas day.  With the Sun in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus on Christmas day, anything goes.  The more flexible you are, the more enjoyable the day will be.  The planetary energy on Christmas Day can also bring startling insights.  Revel in the uncertainty!

Moon Movement During December 2020: Note:  The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.

December 1:       Moon enters Cancer

December 4:       Moon enters Leo

December 6:       Moon enters Virgo

December 8:       Moon enters Libra

December 10:     Moon enters Scorpio

December 12:     Moon enters Sagittarius

December 14:     New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 23 Degrees Sagittarius

December 14:     Moon enters Capricorn

December 17:     Moon enters Aquarius

December 19:     Moon enters Pisces

December 21:     Moon enters Aries

December 24:     Moon enters Taurus

December 26:     Moon enters Gemini

December 29:     Moon enters Cancer

December 29:     Full Moon at 9 Degrees Cancer

December 31:     Moon enters Leo



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Astrology Transits November 2020 – Deep Diving

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. — Carl Jung

Every month I look at the astrological energy, wince — and continue to write about the monthly transits as I see them.  November 2020 is no different.  The month begins with some very challenging energy, which continues off and on throughout the month. 

However, as we move through the deep, Scorpio energy of November we are gifted with several periods of lovely trines and sextiles and the stagnant energy is activated when Mercury, Mars and Neptune turn direct.  November 2020 seems to be a resting point from which we can look back at all we have been through, bless our experiences and begin to move from the darkness into the light. After the solstice on December 21, the energy begins to shift. Use the present deep Scorpio energy and the shorter days and longer nights to probe your soul in preparation for the upcoming shift.  Where have you been and where do you want to go?

October 31:  Full Moon at 8 Degrees Taurus Conjunct Uranus; Sun Opposed Uranus; Retrograde Mercury square Saturn at 26 Degrees Libra/Capricorn.  There is nothing easy about the energy preceding election day in the United States on Tuesday, November 3.

  • Full Moon brings high emotions,
  • Uranus – expect the unexpected,
  • Sun opposed Uranus – our core self feels threatened by the out-of-control Uranus energy,
  • Retrograde Mercury – garbled, mixed messages,
  • Mercury square Saturn – pessimistic thoughts.

­­Mercury stationing direct on November 3rd only adds to the election day confusion. 

November 9:  Venus Opposing Retrograde Mars at 15 Degrees Libra/Aries. Venus in opposition to Mars is not conducive to relationship matters.  Competitive feelings are heightened.

November 7-17: Jupiter Conjunct Pluto at 22 Degrees Capricorn. On a personal level, Jupiter conjunct Pluto urges us to transform those situations and habits that are no longer beneficial to us. It can be a powerful force (Pluto) to help you bring positive (Jupiter) change to your life. If this conjunction falls on your Sun, Moon or personal planets, it can give you a big boost career wise.

The less-than-positive manifestation of this combination is obsession with money and power. Jupiter and Pluto transiting the second house of the US birth chart explains our authority figures obsession to hold on to money and power at all costs.

November 9-10:  Sun Trine Neptune at 18 Degrees Scorpio/Pisces. Finally!  This lovely Sun trine Neptune aspect lets you catch your breath and revel in just being.  Dream your dreams and let your inner muse or creative spirit loose under this beneficial energy.  Because Neptune (along with Saturn) rules the Covid-19 virus, this trine can bring positive medical breakthroughs.  However, because it occurs in the secretive sign of Scorpio and the nebulous sign of Pisces, we may not be aware of any breakthroughs until much later.

November 14-17:  Sun Sextile Jupiter and Pluto at 22 Degrees Scorpio/Capricorn.  This is a very positive connection between the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto.  Sun sextile Jupiter is traditionally considered to be  “lucky” and the Sun sextile Pluto gives you the willpower and “oomph” to take (and complete) the necessary steps to manifest your goals. This would be a good time to review your plans for the future with an optimistic (but realistic) mindset. Pluto reminds you that you may need to re-invent yourself in some way to reap the benefits.

November 15:  Mars Turns Direct at 15 Degrees Aries. As Mars moves into direct motion, some of the overwrought anger should start to dissipate. The cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), in particular, may feel a sense of relief.  Mars moving direct releases some of your pent-up anger and frustration. You may feel more energetic.

November 15:  New Moon at 23 Degrees Scorpio; Venus Square Pluto at 22 Degrees Libra/Capricorn.  The Sun and Moon in Scorpio sextile Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn is beneficial for taking charge of your goals.  Jupiter gives you optimism, while Pluto gives you the will, power and control.  However, with Venus square Pluto in the cardinal signs of Libra and Capricorn, you may run up against obstacles from those around you.  Power plays are likely, particularly with authority figures, both in government and in your personal life.

November 16-17:  Mercury Opposing Uranus at 7 Degrees Taurus/Scorpio. This is one of those “expect the unexpected” aspects, especially as it relates to communication, news stories and potential breakthroughs.  Electrical sparks, blown fuses (Uranus) and sudden, stunning insights (Mercury) are all part of this planetary lineup. Don’t be surprised by anything you hear on the news during this challenging, chaotic opposition.

November 18-20: Sun Sextile Saturn at 26 Degrees Scorpio/Capricorn.  The Scorpio Sun sextile Saturn in Capricorn is a superb time to get things done.  It is particularly good for organizing and for concentrating on the tasks at hand. 

November 19-20: Venus Square Saturn at 27 Degrees Libra/Capricorn.  Venus square Saturn tends to bring delays, disappointments and restrictions.  This is not a good time to engage in speculative ventures or to work out relationship issues.  Wait until Venus is in an easier aspect.

November 21:  Venus Enters Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio through December 15 deepens all relationship matters.  You will want to understand what makes others “tick” and will not suffer fools or shallow individuals lightly.

November 22:  Sun Enters Sagittarius.  The mood lightens considerably with the Sun in Sagittarius.  This is a super time to study something that will expand your mind.  Make travel plans now for when the Covid restrictions loosen.  Study maps and chart the things and places you want to visit.

November 23:  Mercury Trine Neptune at 18 Degrees Scorpio/Pisces. Mercury trine Neptune favors alternative healing methods, spiritual study, visionary dreams and all kinds of psychic impressions. It would be a superb time to get a psychic or astrological reading.

November 27:  Venus Opposing Uranus at 7 Degrees Scorpio/Taurus. Venus opposite Uranus is another “expect the unexpected aspect.”  Delay any relationship decisions whether romantic, business or friendship based. 

November 28:  Neptune Stations Direct at 18 Degrees Pisces. You can begin to make your dreams, daydreams and visions real when Neptune stations direct.  You will feel this shift most strongly if you have planets around 18 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

November 30:  Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 9 Degrees Gemini/Sagittarius. Matters pertaining to communication, connection, beliefs, travel and study are triggered by this full Moon lunar eclipse.  A lunar eclipse is about finishing up, closing out and letting go. A Mercury to Saturn sextile brings grounding and clarity. This full Moon lunar eclipse prompts you to examine your beliefs and philosophy.  What beliefs no longer serve you?  Which ones need more study and thought? What do you have to say that has been left unsaid?  Maybe it is time to speak out and state your case, especially with family members.

Moon Movement During November 2020: Note:  The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.

November 1:       Moon in Taurus

November 2:       Moon enters Gemini

November 4:       Moon enters Cancer

November 7:       Moon enters Leo

November 9:       Moon enters Virgo

November 11:     Moon enters Libra

November 13:     Moon enters Scorpio

November 15:     New Moon at 23 Degrees Scorpio

November 16:     Moon enters Sagittarius

November 17:     Moon enters Capricorn

November 19:     Moon enters Aquarius

November 21:     Moon enters Pisces

November 24:     Moon enters Aries

November 26:     Moon enters Taurus

November 29:     Moon enters Gemini

November 30:     Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 9 Degrees Gemini

As I do every eclipse season, I am discounting the price of my readings that are booked between November 15 and November 30.  My hour-long readings are reduced from $150 to $135 and my half-hour readings are reduced from $75 to $65.  You must book your reading between November 1 and November 30 and must mention the code words “ECLIPSE SPECIAL.” Send an email to to reserve your spot.

My readings consist of transits, progressions, solar arc directions and solar return (year ahead).  Readings are by telephone or Zoom and are recorded.  Payment is by PayPal.

STAY TUNED:  I still plan to teach a beginning astrology class via Zoom but the timetable has been delayed a little.  I will send an email when the details are finalized.  Let me know if you are interested.

Astrology Transits October 2020 – Paradox & Polarity

Life is always a polarity. If there were no darkness there would be no light. If there were no trouble there could never be any peace. If the sun always shone you would not appreciate it. You  have to learn sometimes through conditions that seem a nuisance. One day you will look back and say, “We learned our best lessons not when the sun was shining, but when the storm was at its greatest, when the thunder roared, the lightning flashed, the clouds obscured the sun and all seemed dark and hopeless.” It is only when the soul is in adversity that some of its greatest possibilities can be realized. Silver Birch

October 2020 is an astrologically challenging month, but it can be navigated quite well once you understand the concept of polarity versus balance.  The Sun in Libra brings to mind the polarity of the Libra/Aries axis, which correlates to the Ascendent/Descendent in the natural chart.  The above image of fire and ice graphically illustrates this point.  The danger of course is that the fire melts the ice and/or the ice puts out the fire.  We are being challenged in October to keep our balance amid diametrically opposing viewpoints.  The current US political climate is a stark reminder that the polarity concept is very much in play.  October 2020 is certainly not the easiest month to navigate. Our best bet is to stay centered and balanced amid chaos.

September 27: Mercury enters Scorpio. When the planet of communication and ideas (Mercury) meets the deep, probing sign of Scorpio watch for previously hidden facts to be revealed.  The “dirt” is unearthed and revealed for all to see.  Not comfortable, but it can be very productive.  The New York Times article on Trump’s tax return was revealed on the day that Mercury made ingress into Scorpio.

September 28:  Venus Trine Mars Inconjunct Saturn at 25 degrees Leo/Aries/Capricorn.  Venus trine Mars is exceptionally beneficial for promoting your business (or promoting yourself).  It can also bring romance, and a happy vibe, especially if a transiting planet falls in your 5th house of love. The inconjunct (150 degree) aspect to Saturn reminds us that we may need to make adjustments (inconjunct) before we act (Mars).

October 1:  Full Moon at 9 Degrees Aries/Libra.  The Aries/Libra polarity is in full force at the Aries Full Moon.  You will feel its effect in the area of close relationships, both business and personal.  You are challenged to assess your role versus someone else’s role.  Are your duties and responsibilities equal and/or fair or do they need to be re-negotiated?  An Aries Full Moon is excellent for moving forward with a project that has been stalled.

October 1-17:  Jupiter Sextile Neptune at 18-19 degrees  Capricorn/Pisces. This sextile combines the optimism of Jupiter with the idealism of Neptune.  You may want to withdraw from the chaos around you and to replenish your soul through art, music, dance, or other creative pursuits. On a practical level, use this time to dream large dreams.

October 1:  Full Moon at 9 Degrees Libra/Aries. October begins with the Full Moon in Libra.  The Moons natural opposition to the Sun in Libra highlights the theme of opposition versus the need for balance.  Aries is action, while Libra is cooperation and diplomacy.  A Libra full Moon emphasizes relationship matters. You will need every ounce of your relationship/diplomacy skills during the challenging month ahead.  Consider the popular quote, “Let me be the peace I want to see in the world.”

October 2: Venus enters Virgo. Venus in Virgo heightens our desire and ability to be of service.  Venus transiting Virgo will be favorable for you if you have a Virgo Sun, Moon or Ascendant; let yourself shine during this auspicious transit.

October 5-12:  Retrograde Mars Square Pluto at 24-21 degrees  Aries/Capricorn.  Mars square Pluto is an especially challenging aspect.  Each of us will feel the collective stress, tension, challenges and power plays (Pluto).  Mars fans the flames of this tension, urging us to just DO SOMETHING.  Many of us will react with anger (Mars) and others will try to control things (Pluto).  Here is where the polarity with Libra can serve us well.  Let us all vow to use some Libra diplomacy and partnership skills to navigate this fraught time.

October 6-9:  Mercury Opposing Uranus at 8-10 Degrees Scorpio/Taurus. When the planet of communication and connection (Mercury) opposes the planet of freedom and sudden upsets (Uranus), we can expect startling words from ourselves and others. Both Mercury and Uranus are in fixed signs so communication may consist of each person presenting only their “side” without listening to any opposing views.

October 10-12: Venus trine Uranus at 8-10 degrees of Virgo/Taurus; Mercury sextile Venus at 10-12 degrees of Scorpio/Virgo. You may meet unusual, but very interesting people under Venus trine Uranus.  Mercury sextile Venus is lovely for expanding your social circle.  Uranus rules the internet, so those social interactions may need to be via Zoom or other social media.

October 13-18: Sun Opposition Mars Square Pluto and Saturn at 20‑25 degrees Libra/Capricorn.  This is another time when conflict, tension and challenge are in the very air around us.  We will see it in the political climate, but it will also affect us on a personal level. If you have strong placements of planets (or the Sun, Moon and ascendant) in any of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), you need to be especially aware of this volatile energy.  This is not the time to confront someone on the road, the grocery store, or anywhere else.  A small disagreement can turn into a scary situation in a second.  See October 5-12 above for similar interpretations.

October 14:  Mercury Turns Retrograde at 11 Degrees Scorpio.  Watch for Mercury retrograde in Scorpio to expose lots of juicy, gossip-worthy information.  In your personal life use this energy to probe your subconscious shadow self.  What are you hiding from yourself?  How are you under-estimating yourself?

Mercury turns direct on November 3 around 1:00 pm Eastern Time at 26 degrees Libra, right as US voters are going to the polls.  When Mercury stationed direct on election day 20 years ago, we experienced the “hanging chads” that created election confusion and conflict.  Stationary Mercury in Libra promises to reveal an extreme “us versus them” polarity.

October 16: New Moon at 24 Degrees Libra.  The New Moon in Libra continues the polarity theme. It offers hope for a new start, particularly in relationship matters.  However, this Libra New Moon is square Pluto and Saturn and is in opposition to Mars. Tread lightly with this one as your best attempts at reconciliation could go awry.

October 16-21:  Retrograde Mars Square Jupiter at 20-18 Degrees  Aries/Capricorn.  This is another aspect that can lead to angry confrontations and conflicts (Mars), especially around beliefs and dogma (Jupiter). Mars in retrograde motion challenges you to take another look at what “pushes your buttons.”  Ask yourself, “Is it possible that my beliefs may be, at least partially, wrong.  Positively, this aspect can energize you.  It is also beneficial for furthering projects, so long as you don’t over extend yourself.

October 18-20:  Retrograde Mercury Opposing Uranus at 10-8 degrees Scorpio/Taurus.  You are prone to impatience and the desire for freedom from constraints under this aspect.  Your speech may be blunt and not well thought out.  However, this would be an excellent time to restudy any podcasts or seminars regarding astrology and metaphysics.  Your mind wants stimulation and new ideas.  Astrology can certainly offer you that.

October 22:  Sun Enters Scorpio.  While the Sun is in Scorpio until November 22, avoid dramas and secrets.  Instead, reflect on deeper life issues.  This is excellent energy to push toward following your passion.  If not now, when???

October 18-22:  Venus Trine Jupiter at 18-19 Degrees  Virgo/Capricorn; Venus Trine Pluto at 21-22 Degrees Virgo/Capricorn. When the planet of blessings received (Venus) is in an easy aspect with the planet of abundance (Jupiter) you may experience an unexpected financial perk.  Venus trine Pluto urges you to actively grab opportunities. Trines require you to do the necessary work to enhance your chances of reward.

October 31:  Full Moon at 8 degrees Taurus/Scorpio. Wow! It is astounding that this Full Moon is conjunct Uranus on Halloween night.  Your emotions and thoughts may fluctuate wildly during this erratic Taurus full Moon and your urge for freedom and individuality are activated.  It’s not the best time to be social, but rather to pay attention to flashes of insight and intuition.  If you do go out, be careful.  Weirdness takes on a whole new level of strangeness during this Full Blue Moon.

November 3:  Astrology of Election Day. The chart below is for election day in the United States at noon in New York City. A few quick things that I noticed:  It is a seesaw chart pattern with the planets scattered throughout the chart.  This indicates scattered energy when nothing can be relied upon for sure.  Mercury is stationing direct square the Capricorn gang (Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn) and the Sun is opposite Uranus.  Mercury in the 9th house has to do with truth, but because it is just coming out of its retrograde, there is a strong element of the need for a do-over or clarification.  Sun opposite Uranus points to a wild card (Uranus) and that something unpredictable is in the works.  Venus inconjunct Uranus, also adds a strong sense of unpredictability.  VOTE!!!

Moon Movement During October 2020:  Note:  The exact time when the Moon moves into a new sign will vary depending on where you live.

October 1:          Full Moon at 9 Degrees Aries

October 3:          Moon enters Taurus

October 6:          Moon enters Gemini

October 8:          Moon enters Cancer

October 10:        Moon enters Leo

October 13:        Moon enters Virgo

October 15:        Moon enters Libra

October 17:        Moon enters Scorpio

October 19:        Moon enters Sagittarius

October 21:        Moon enters Capricorn

October 23:        Moon enters Aquarius

October 25:        Moon enters Pisces

October 28:        Moon enters Aries

October 30:        Moon enters Taurus

October 31:        Full Moon at 8 Degrees Taurus


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