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Astrology Transits April 2021 – Consolidate Your Dreams

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. — Joel A. Barker

Last month when the emphasis was in Pisces, we were tasked with setting a vision and a dream of how things could be.  Our intuition was through the roof and we were able to see beyond the physical. Now, in the first half of April, with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Chiron, and even the Moon on April 10, in Aries, the push is toward taking bold actions to manifest those dreams and visions.

Finally, in the last half of April, a stellium of Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus in Taurus, downshifts the energy to a slower, more methodical pace.  Taurus is about security and consolidation, preserving gains and advancing slowly, but surely. Taurus is the sign of financial matters, but also self-worth.  With Venus helping your image and Uranus pushing you toward change, it’s a great time to try out a new, more positive, way of presenting yourself to the world. Ask yourself:  am I presenting my true self to the world?  Ask yourself: what am I doing to make my financial situation more secure?

March 31-April 1:  Venus Conjunct Sun at 11-12 Degrees Aries

Sun sextile Saturn at 11 Aries/Aquarius

Mercury sextile Pluto at 26 Degrees Pisces/Capricorn.

April Fool’s Day is more of a gift than a fool‘s trick this year.  Think big and take action when Venus is conjunct the Sun. You will be pleased with the outcome.  The Sun sextile Saturn adds just a touch of caution to your plan and Mercury sextile Pluto gives extra power to your words.

April 4:  Mercury enters Aries.  Clarity of thought returns when Mercury enters Aries.  Thought processes, memory and expression were foggy when Mercury was in Pisces. When Mercury enters Aries, the fog is lifted and its full speed ahead.

April 6-7:  Venus Sextile Mars at 20-21 Degrees Aries/Gemini. Practice your self-assertion skills (Mars), while relating to others in a loving way (Venus). Venus sextile Mars is wonderful for beautifying your surroundings.  If you are single and looking, this could be an outstanding cosmic gift to help you attract that special someone. If you are part of a couple, this is a great time to enjoy a romantic dinner together and to reconnect with each other.

April 8-10: Mars square Neptune at 21-22 Degrees Gemini/Pisces. Mars and Neptune don’t play well together, especially when they are in a challenging square aspect.  You may find yourself feeling inadequate, discouraged, tired and full of doubt when the planet of action (Mars) meets the planet of confusion and self-doubt (Neptune).  Its hard when one planet makes you feel like staying in bed all day with the covers over your head and the other planet spurs you to action.  Be kind to your self under this transit, confront your fears and know that “this too shall pass.”

April 10:  Mercury Sextile Saturn at 12 Degrees Aries/Aquarius. Mental clarity returns when Mercury sextile Saturn brings a sense of stability and balance to your thoughts and ideas.  This is the perfect antidote to the unsettled Mars square Neptune energy of the last few days.

April 11 or 12:  New Moon with Sun and Moon at 22 Degrees Aries, Sextile Mars at 22 Degrees Gemini

Venus Sextile Jupiter at 25-26 Aries/Aquarius

Venus Square Pluto at 26 Degrees Aries/Capricorn.  The New moon in Aries, along with a splendid collection of aspects are just what is needed to jump start your activities. Mars in its own sign of Aries is strongly pushing you to start new projects and to activate old projects. Venus sextile Jupiter adds a wonderful sense of optimism (Jupiter).  When both of the benefics (Venus and Jupiter) are in the sign of action (Aries), its full speed ahead with the likelihood of a favorable outcome.  Venus square Pluto gives you a sense of personal power to overcome any challenges (square).

April 14:  Venus enters Taurus. Venus is the ruler of Taurus and is strong and powerful when she transits here until May 9, 2021. Venus in Taurus shines her blessing on nature and growing green things (including money).

April 15-18:  Sun Conjunct Mercury Square Pluto at 26 Degrees Aries/Capricorn. Power plays, and strong-arm tactics prevail when the Sun is square Pluto.  With Mercury square Pluto, expect bullying words to be part of the picture.  As both Aries and Capricorn are cardinal signs, disputes could arise on the best way to do things or two different authority figures may want things done two different ways.  Lay low in employment situations where this could happen. On a positive note, Sun and Mercury square Pluto give you the courage and power to confront those things that need to be verbalized, but proceed carefully.

April 19:  Sun Enters Taurus and Joins Mercury, Venus and Uranus in Taurus. This four-planet stellium in Taurus gives us a chance to slow down and consolidate any gains we have made under the fiery Aries energy.  After the adrenaline pumping Aries energy, the Taurus energy may seem boring and plodding.  However, rest assured it is needed to consolidate your gains.

April 14-19:  Mars Trine Jupiter 24-27 Degrees Gemini/Aquarius

Sun Sextile Mars (Aries/Gemini)

Sun Sextile Jupiter (Aries/Aquarius).  The Sun transiting in Aries sextile Mars and Jupiter is a dynamic aspect full of vitality and action. This may be one of the very best times of the entire year for communication, finding fresh ideas and for taking action on those ideas.

April 26 or 27:  Full Moon at 7 Degrees Scorpio. All Full Moons illuminate, destabilize, tweak and magnify our emotions and promote moodiness.  A Scorpio Full Moon brings all of that and more. The Scorpio Full Moon is a time of deep, intense emotions.  We may tune into other worlds and dimensions, find a connection with past lives and connect to our own and other’s mortality.  This is magnified with this Full Moon because the Moon is sesquiquadrate Neptune in Pisces. In addition, the Moon is opposition the Sun and Uranus in Taurus, bringing volatility to the mix.

Use this powerful Full Moon to tune into your innermost self.  Amazing insights gathered now can help you understand and heal yourself in ways unimagined.  If possible, meditate near water for a sense of peace.

April 27:  Pluto Turns Retrograde at 27 Degrees Capricorn. Pluto will remain retrograde until October 6, 2021.  Pluto retrograde periods are a time to re-assess our old spiritual wounds and traumas. You are called to understand and heal issues of manipulation, power and victimization, both for yourself and for others. Old wounds may resurface in order to be understood and healed.  The more you can go deep within to address these issues, the more you will be able to express your personal power once Pluto resumes direct motion.

Moon Movement During April 2021: Note:  The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.

April 1:   Moon enters Sagittarius

April 3:  Moon enters Capricorn

April 5:  Moon enters Aquarius

April 7:   Moon enters Pisces

April 10:  Moon enters Aries

April 11:  New Moon at 22 Degrees Aries

April 12:  Moon enters Taurus

April 15: Moon enters Gemini

April 17: Moon enters Cancer

April 20: Moon enters Leo

April 22: Moon enters Virgo

April 24:  Moon enters Libra

April 26:  Moon enters Scorpio

April 26:  Full Moon at 7 Degrees Scorpio

April 28:  Moon enters Sagittarius

April 30:  Moon enters Capricorn


Claudia and I (Aspen Intuitives) have been accepted into the Aspen Saturday Market from the middle of June until the end of September 2021 (Covid permitting).  We also anticipate that we will be at the Basalt Sunday Market and at the Carbondale Mountain Fair.  I will keep you informed as things are finalized.

If you have  not yet viewed my video regarding the energy of 2021 and beyond you can find it on You Tube at

I just finished teaching a beginning astrology classes that ended on March 25, 2021.  Let me know if you are interested in attending another class sometime this summer.  Reach out to me with questions.

eace and understanding amidst unsettling energy.

Astrology Transits March 2021 – Touching the Infinite

Christian, Jew, Muslim, shaman, Zoroastrian, stone, ground, mountain, river, each has a secret way of being with the mystery, unique and not to be judged ― Rumi

As the emphasis moves from Aquarius to Pisces, its time to contemplate the mystery of life, death and even of eternity.  The sign of Pisces is ruled by Neptune. Neptune is now in Pisces, where it is right at home and thus, extra strong.

Both Neptune and Pisces relate to our collective shadow, unseen but felt worlds, dreams, illuminations, psychic impressions, rose colored glasses and escapism. We are being nudged to explore our inner world, our illusions and delusions and our highest dreams.

Pisces is a mutable water sign.  As such, it goes with the flow and does not cling to old, outworn beliefs and dogma. It lets watery, emotional impressions flow in as they might.  Because so many impressions are bombarding us under the influence of Neptune/Pisces, we can become confused and wonder what is really real.  Look to your intuition to find clarity under this transit.  Mercury now moving forward in Aquarius helps us take a new look at any such misperceptions.

March 2:  Mercury Trine North Node at 15 degrees Aquarius/Gemini. When the planet of communication (Mercury) meets the point of current karma releasing, you are challenged to examine how you communicate (or not). This is especially interesting in the age of Covid distancing.

March 3-4:  Mars Enters Gemini; Mercury Conjunct Jupiter at 17 Degrees Aquarius.  Mars in Gemini cautions you to be careful of what you say.  Your speech may have an angry edge and be more abrupt than usual. You may find that you are feeling irritable and generally restless. Use Mars in Gemini positively by letting its active, communicative energy help you finish old writing projects or to speak your mind in a forceful, yet communicative way.

March 10: Sun and Neptune Conjunct at 20 Degrees Pisces. This is another pleasant aspect that favors creativity, inspiration, intuition and compassion.  You may find that your connection to the divine is especially strong at this time.  Keep your secrets close, as a negative Sun conjunct Neptune can leave you more vulnerable to confusion, delusion and illusion. This is not the best time to sign important documents.

“Let yourself dream” are the words of the day when the Sun is conjunct Neptune in Pisces.  This would be a good day to watch fantasy movies or to go to the beach if that is practical where you live. Your intuition may be through the roof; pay attention to psychic impressions that float your way. The Sun helps you make your dreams concrete.

March 13: New Moon Conjunct Venus and Neptune at 23 Degrees Pisces. This new Moon practically shouts “dream, dream, dream” and “nurture your intuition.”  Light a candle or three and focus on your intentions and goals for the coming month.

March 15: Mercury enters Pisces. Mercury in Pisces sometimes feels like a confused Mercury retrograde.  Keep your own counsel and be careful what you say and to whom you say it.  Don’t speak out of turn or give away the family secrets.  Discretion is advised and speaking only truth is imperative. If you write poetry or imaginative articles, Mercury in Pisces can open up a whole new world of creative communication.

March 16-18: Sun and Venus in Pisces Sextile Pluto at 26 Degrees Pisces/Capricorn.  Venus in the sign of universal love and compassion is tempered by its positive connection to Pluto in Capricorn. Realistic Capricorn keeps us grounded amid an impulse to escape or to go fly among the stars.

March 20: The Sun Enters Aries at the Spring Equinox.  Well, this is a big shift.  From contemplative, dreamy and quiet, we move to dynamic, active, impulsive and fiery.  Use this enterprising energy to start new projects and to confidently go after what you want. This “take charge” energy is great for entrepreneurial projects.

March 21: Venus Enters Aries. Venus in Aries is a little like Mars in aspect to Venus. Sexual energy abounds, though it can sometimes be expressed in a sort of love/hate manner.  Venus in Aries amps up your enthusiasm, charisma and active, can-do attitude.  Like the Sun in Aries, it expands your entrepreneurial and executive abilities.  This could be a good time to launch a new business or amp-up an existing business.  Venus in Aries is especially beneficial for businesses related to beauty, fashion or self-love.

March 21: Mars Trine Saturn at 10 Degrees Gemini/Aquarius.  Mars trine Saturn is superb for tackling those projects you have put off for way too long.  Mars gives you the energy and oomph and Saturn gives you the discipline to start and finish even the most mundane task. Might be a good time to get a jump on cleaning out the garage or even the junk drawer.

March 23: Mercury Square Mars at 11 Degrees Pisces/Gemini. Things become a little testy under challenging Mercury square Mars.  As they say “keep your nose clean” and your mouth shut until this contentious energy moves on by the 28th.

March 26: Sun Conjunct Venus at 8 Degrees Aries.  Venus conjunct the Sun in Aries is known as the Venus Star Point. Take time to affirm your values and your own unique vibration during this special conjunction. If you have planets near 8 degrees of Aries, others may find you especially attractive and charming during this auspicious time.

March 28:  Full Moon at 8 Degrees Libra; Venus Conjunct Chiron and Mars Conjunct the North Node.  The Libra Full Moon is opposite Venus, Chiron and the Sun in Aries, while Mars is conjunct the North Node.  Take note of this Full Moon in Libra as a stellar time to heal relationships. Tune into your intuition and you will know just what is needed.  Mars Conjunct the North Node can bring new opportunities.

Moon’s Movement During March 2021: Note:  The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.

March 1:   Moon in Libra

March 2:   Moon enters Scorpio

March 4:   Moon enters Sagittarius

March 6:   Moon enters Capricorn<

March 9:   Moon enters Aquarius

March 11:  Moon enters Pisces

March 13:   New Moon at 23 degrees Pisces 5:21 am<

March 13:   Moon enters Aries<

March 16:   Moon enters Taurus

March 18:   Moon enters Gemini

March 21:   Moon enters Cancer<

March 23:   Moon enters Leo<

March 25:   Moon enters Virgo<

March 28:   Moon enters Libra and Full Moon at 8 degrees Libra

March 30:   Moon enters Scorpio


If you have  not yet viewed my video regarding the energy of 2021 and beyond you can find it on You Tube at

I am happily teaching a beginning astrology classes that will end on March 25, 2021.  If you are interested in attending an evening class sometime in April or early May, please contact me.

Schedule your comprehensive astrology reading by sending me an emailMy readings consist of transits, progressions, solar arc directions and solar return (year ahead).  Readings are by telephone or Zoom and are recorded.  Payment is by PayPal.

Astrology Transits February 2021 – Connection

I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship. I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings. My wisdom flows from the Highest Source. I salute that Source in you. Let us work together for unity and love.Mahatma Gandhi

As we all know, there are still a lot of problems and concerning news out there, particularly around Covid and the US political scene.  However, in many, many ways, we have turned a corner.  Jupiter in Aquarius brings a much-needed dose of optimism and calls for us to think big — not small.  Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus off-and-on all year will continue to “stir the pot.”  But by their very nature, Juniper in Aquarius contacting Uranus in Taurus brings well-reasoned, even startling scientific and financial breakthroughs.  Overall, the first half of 2021, is a time to optimistically move forward, while maintaining a stable and grounded base.  Financial affairs can be subject to major and unexpected shifts.

February 1:  
Sun Conjunct Jupiter at 10 Degrees Aquarius Sun Square Mars at  10-12 Degrees Aquarius/Taurus
Venus Enters Aquarius
Mercury Retrograde at 26 Degrees Aquarius

The Sun conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius brings us a lighter, more optimistic vibe, while Sun square Mars in Aquarius could shine a light on anger and aggressive tendencies.  Use this aspect to focus on what makes you angry and why.  Whenever the Sun touches another planet it shines light on that planet’s energy. Venus in Aquarius allows you to look at charged situations through a loving lens.  It is also a good time to consider what makes you unique and special.  What unusual talents have you been hiding that the world could sorely use?

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, along with four other planets, has decided that more time needs to be spent contemplating the Aquarian archetype of tolerance for human diversity and for honoring your own uniqueness.

February 1-17: Saturn Square Uranus at 5-7 Aquarius/Taurus.  This square has been felt to varying degrees since the first of the year.  It was part of the energy that made the January 6 US capitol insurrection and the unrest on January 20 at the US inauguration so chaotic and concerning.  Saturn square Uranus will be in effect all year, becoming especially strong now, on June 16 and on December 24.  Despite the uncomfortable manifestations of this energy, it has some positive uses.

  • It helps us come to grips with the unsettling need to honor the old while letting go of it and embracing the new.
  • It challenges us to see and value those unlike us and to emphasize similarities instead of the differences.
  • It nudges us to find our tribe.  No one is an island.  We are so much stronger when aligned with others. If you don’t fit with those you hang out with, find a new tribe.
  • It challenges us to connect to others even when we are not physically close (Zoom anyone?).

Remember, this energy will be in force all year, though its intensity will wax and wane.

February 4-7:  Venus Conjunct Saturn at 4-6 Degrees Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus. Venus conjunct Saturn feels like a wet blanket thrown over our hopes and wishes.  That, coupled with Venus/Saturn square Uranus in Taurus is a downer, especially around money matters. This could bring about angst regarding Christmas bills or the delay in receiving your government stimulus check.  Use the time wisely by re-calibrating your financial income and outgo and setting up a new, realistic budget.

February 8:  Sun Conjunct Retrograde Mercury at 20 Degrees Aquarius. Sun conjunct Mercury would normally indicate positive and productive communication.  However, because of retrograde Mercury it can bring communication snafus, travel issues and personal and business negotiation failures. Positively, it slows things down so you can reassess what is working and what is not.

February 10-12:  Venus Conjunct Jupiter at 11-13 Degrees Aquarius. This is a “bluebird” day with regard to relationships of all kind.  You feel eager, optimistic, outgoing and friendly.  It could also be a good time to buy a lottery ticket, especially if you have the Sun, Moon, Jupiter or Venus near 11-13 degrees of Aquarius.

February 11:  New Moon at 24 Degrees Aquarius. With six planets in Aquarius at the New Moon, consider letting go of those friends who are no longer good for you and to honor those friends, groups and relationships that are uplifting and positive. Though this New Moon in Aquarius can seem challenging for those with late degrees in Taurus, Leo and Scorpio, it can open up a whole new world of success through networking.

February 13-14:  Mercury Retrograde Conjunct Venus and Jupiter at 14 Degrees Aquarius and  Mars Sextile Neptune at 19 Degrees Taurus/Pisces. We are blessed with a couple of pleasant aspects for Valentines Day.  Mercury conjunct both Venus and Jupiter has a lovely, optimistic, communicative feel. Mars sextile Neptune in Pisces opens your channels of perception and sensitivity and adds a romantic aura to your celebration.  Enjoy this Valentines Day by connecting to your loved ones in a more open and caring way.

February 19:  Venus Square Mars at 23 Degrees Aquarius/Taurus. Aquarius is about new horizons and Taurus is about your values.  This tense square could just be the ticket to push you toward fulfilling your life’s passion. The Moon in Gemini assists discussions with your friends and social groups to help you with an implementation plan.

February 24:  Mars Trine Pluto at 26 Degrees Taurus/Capricorn.  With the Moon in Leo and Mars Trine Pluto, its time to be creative, childlike and to generally lighten up.  Mars provides a burst of energy to fuel your activities. Enjoy this  “get out of my way, I’m ready to move forward” energy.

February 25:  Sun Sextile Uranus; Venus Enters Pisces and Jupiter Trine the North and South Nodes.  Sun sextile Uranus is an exciting aspect that has you fired up to make changes and start new habits, while Jupiter trine the Nodes could bring good news.

February 27:  Full Moon at 9 Degrees Virgo. The Virgo Full Moon opposite the Sun in Pisces presents a choice between physical matters, such as health, order, day to day matters (Virgo Moon) and visions, intuition, spiritual matters and escapism (Pisces Sun).  You may be torn between your need to work and be of service and your need for solitude and nurturing your spiritual health.  There is no need to make a choice.  Spend some quiet spiritual time and some time organizing and setting things right.  Both actions are spiritual and within the realm of this grounding Virgo Full Moon.

Watch for encouraging news regarding Covid-19 at, or near, this Full Moon in Virgo as the Sun moves over Neptune (which rules viruses) and then moves to conjunct Chiron, which can signify health and healing.


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Moon Movement During February 2021: Note:  The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.

February 1:        Moon enters Libra

February 3:        Moon enters Scorpio

February 5:        Moon enters Sagittarius

February 7:        Moon enters Capricorn

February 9:        Moon enters Aquarius

February 11:       New Moon at 23 degrees Aquarius

February 12:       Moon enters Pisces

February 14:       Moon enters Aries

February 16:       Moon enters Taurus

February 19:       Moon enters Gemini

February 21:       Moon enters Cancer

February 24:       Moon enters Leo

February 26:       Moon enters Virgo

February 27:       Full Moon at 9 degrees Virgo

February 28:       Moon enters Libra


Astrology Readings

Many of you have inquired about my astrology readings.  My full readings cover your current solar return year ahead, the current transits and your progressions. My astrology readings are $150 for one-hour readings and $75.00 for half hour readings and include a recorded MP3 of the reading.   Readings are via telephone and via Zoom online.  Payment is through Paypal.

Astrology Transits January 2021 – New Horizons

“And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.” Rainer Maria Rilke

January promises to be the story of two completely different energy patterns.  There is plenty of challenging, even disruptive energy, left to keep us on our toes. But, at the same time, we have a growing sense of optimism, newness, creativity and the desire to bring about change in an innovative, unexpected way.  It is time to brush off those old so-called “failures” and rework them. The authoritarian, restrictive Saturnian energy is air brushed with new ideas and new ways of doing things.  Previously unattainable goals can now be achieved using the forward-thinking Aquarian energy.
December 29:  Full Moon at 9 Degrees Cancer/Capricorn. The Moon loves being in its home sign of Cancer where it is very strong.  The emphasis will be on home versus work (or public endeavors).  Lots of energy needs to devoted to balancing those two areas of your life.  This Cancer Full Moon is especially on point given that many of us are working and/or providing school at home.  This is an extraordinarily emotional Full Moon so let yourself feel and express your emotions as needed.  Expect healing insights around old family wounds.

December 29-30:  Venus Square Neptune at 17-18 Degrees Sagittarius/Pisces.  Venus Square Neptune in mutable signs brings a calming sense of being able to combine your desires (Venus) with your daydreams (Neptune).  It is a welcome break from the clashing energy that we have felt off and on all year.  Though squares are challenging, they also give us the oomph to change what needs to be changed.  This aspect is especially beneficial for those who work in a creative, spiritual or helping occupation.

December 31:  New Year’s Eve Astrology.  The Moon begins the day in Cancer, but moves into Leo later in the day, where it opposes first Saturn, and then Jupiter.  This sets up conflict on whether to have a quiet time at home (Cancer) or to “paint the town red “(Leo).  In view of Covid, hopefully you will opt for a cozy night at home with those near and dear to you.

January 1:  Mercury Sextile Neptune at 18 Degrees Capricorn/Pisces. New Year’s Day is a great time to make realistic plans to bring your daydreams into reality.  Mercury in Capricorn brings realistic ideas. Neptune in Pisces lets you apply that realism to your daydreams.

January 4-5: Mercury Conjunct Pluto at 23-25 Degrees Capricorn. Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn provides you with grounded ideas and the ability to make practical plans.  Unfortunately, it can also foster obsessive, overly focused thoughts and plans.

January 6:  Mars enters Taurus (until March 4).  We have gone through a very long time when anger was out in the open and instantaneous.  Mars in Taurus brings more of a stubborn vibe to your anger.  Mars in Taurus energizes all financial matters.  As Mars moves to conjunct Uranus near January 19, watch for wild fluctuations in the financial markets.

January 8:  
Mercury enters Aquarius
Venus enters Capricorn
Mercury square Mars at Zero Degrees Aquarius/Taurus)
Venus trine Mars at Zero Degrees Capricorn/Taurus
Sun sextile Neptune at 18 Degrees Capricorn/PiscesThere’s a little bit of conflicting energy in this time period.  Mercury square Mars can literally be interpreted as “angry words” or “anger regarding words.”  Because it is in the fixed signs of Aquarius and Taurus, there is also quite a bit of stubbornness. At the same time, Venus trine Mars and Sun sextile Neptune brings an abundance of creative, compassionate and romantic energy.  This planetary configuration might be summed up in the old cliché “make love, not war.”

January 9-11: Mercury Conjunct Saturn and Mercury Conjunct Jupiter at 2-5 Degrees Aquarius). Mercury conjunct Saturn and then Mercury conjunct Jupiter are tailor made for studying and planning, and for discussions with others, both socially and professionally.

January 13:  Mars Square Saturn at 3 Degrees Taurus/Aquarius. The key word for this period is “frustration.”  Mars wants action and wants it now, while Saturn says “not so fast.  Because both planets are in fixed signs, the desire to compromise is practically non-existent. It’s very easy to become entrenched in your way of thinking. This is especially true, if you have personal planets in early degrees of the fixed signs (Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio).

January 14:  Uranus Stations Direct at 6 Degrees Taurus.  Uranus, the freedom planet, turned retrograde on August 15, 2020.  Many of your plans for change were put on hold at that time.  Now, with Uranus moving forward, your desire for change will take center stage. Uranus moving direct brings brilliant, and sometimes “out there” ideas and events.  Look for shocking money events, revolutionary actions and even earth-shaking events (including earthquakes and volcanoes) from now until the end of the month. See January 17-23 below.

January 13-15: New Moon and Sun Conjunct Pluto at 23-24 Degrees Capricorn; Mars Square Saturn at 3-6 Degrees Taurus/Aquarius.  The Capricorn New Moon conjunct Pluto starts a new lunar phase related to power, control and authority.  The overriding planetary energy during January will be based on authority and control.  How much control are you willing to accept?  Where are you not in control in your own life? How can you take control of a situation that has gotten away from you?  Use this powerful Capricorn New Moon to take charge of your own life, particularly, in work and professional matters.

January 17-23

January 17:  Jupiter Square Uranus at 7 Degrees Aquarius/Taurus. January 20:  Mars Conjunct Uranus at 6 Degrees Taurus.

January 23:  Mars Square Jupiter at 8 Degrees Taurus/Aquarius. The time span from the middle until the end of January is fraught with sudden, unexpected, potentially dangerous energy.  Expect the unexpected, drive carefully and do not put yourself in unhealthy situations.

Amidst this challenging energy, the Sun trine Chiron brings a sense of healing and new insights on how to heal your body, soul and spirit. Pay attention to any sudden insights you get at this time regarding healing and health; especially if the old ways are no longer working.

January 28th: Full Moon at 9 Degrees Leo Opposes the Sun Conjunct Jupiter at 9 Degrees Aquarius; Square Mars and Uranus in Taurus.  I love that we are ending the month on a fun, optimistic and dynamic energy pattern.  Make a wish under this Leo Full Moon and you just might get it. The Leo Full Moon adds just the emotional overtone to help you manifest your desires. Jupiter expands everything it touches, so do be careful what you wish for.  The Aquarius Sun asks you to consider even those things that once seemed weird or unobtainable and Mars brings a burst of energy.  Because of the squares to Mars, you do need to be aware during this Full Moon.  Rash actions can lead to unfortunate results.

January 30:  Mercury Stations Retrograde at 28 Degrees Aquarius. Mercury turns retrograde on the 30th and moves back to 11 degrees Aquarius before turning direct on February 20.  Mercury retrograde gives us a chance to perfect and fine tune the new, progressive ideas and intentions started under the New Moon and brought to fruition under the Full Moon.

Moon Movement During January 2021: Note:  The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.

January 1:          Moon in Leo
January 2:          Moon enters Virgo
January 5:          Moon enters Libra
January 7:          Moon enters Scorpio
January 9:          Moon enters Sagittarius
January 11:        Moon enters Capricorn
January 13:        New Moon at 23 degrees Capricorn
January 14:        Moon enters Aquarius
January 15:        Moon enters Pisces
January 18:        Moon enters Aries
January 20:        Moon enters Taurus
January 23:        Moon enters Gemini
January 25:        Moon enters Cancer
January 27:        Moon enters Leo
January 28:        Full Moon at 9 degrees Leo
January 30:        Moon enters Virgo


If you have  not yet viewed my video regarding the energy of 2021 and beyond you can find it on You Tube at

My online beginning astrology class starts January 27, 2001, from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm Mountain Daylight time for 6 weeks.  I am flexible on the time and will try to hold it at a time that is convenient for most.  I welcome your feedback.  Cost is $210 and is payable by Paypal. Let me know if you are interested. or send an email to