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Waxing Crescent Moon

The moon is currently in Scorpio

Astrology Transits November 2021 — Emotional Deep Diving

You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level. — Eckhart Tolle

November emphasizes the sign of Scorpio and, by aspect, all of the fixed signs (Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo).  The Scorpio energy can be challenging because we are tasked with deep diving into our emotions, actions and reactions. At the same time, November features lots of Uranian energy, especially at the beginning of the month. The key is to “let go to hang on.”  Scorpio is a fixed sign that resists change, while Uranus is the planet of surprises, changes, breakthroughs and unexpected events. During November, the Sun, Mercury and Mars are all tweaking Uranus, bringing sudden happenings of all kinds.

The Sun, Mars and Mercury in Scorpio for most of the forecast period are about experiencing deep emotions that can lead to transformation on a profound level.  The New Moon on November 4 and the Full Moon Eclipse on November 19 are especially charged with this transformative energy. Take time to go within and to let yourself feel during these potent times.

October 23: Sun entered Scorpio.

October 30:  Mars Enters Scorpio.

November 1-2: Mercury Square Pluto at 23 Degrees Libra/Capricorn. The energy now will be similar to that felt between September 20 and October 4.  Mercury was square Pluto at that time also. Mercury retrograded backwards away from Pluto. Now, as it moves forward it is once again squaring Pluto. Typically, when a planet makes the third pass over a natal planet it becomes supercharged.  So . . . Mercury square Pluto once again brings up issues around power and transformation.  Mercury in Libra is more apt to negotiate and compromise, while Pluto in Capricorn may be in power play mode. Pluto here may want to know, “what’s in it for me.”  Tread lightly.

November 3-5:  Sun opposing Uranus at 11 Degrees Scorpio/Taurus. Those around you may seem to be erratic or strange and we all feel restless and unfocused under Sun opposition Uranus. Watch emotional eating when this tension filled aspect activates your emotions.  The restless feeling is teaching you to focus on what you DO want.  Acknowledge the gift, as it will be helpful later when the energy is less charged. There is no better aspect for getting unstuck!

November 4:  New Moon at 12 Degrees Scorpio Opposition Uranus. Mercury Enters Scorpio and Venus Enters Capricorn Sextile Each other. The New Moon and Sun are in a tight opposition to Uranus, a very challenging, chaotic and tumultuous energy pattern.  Watch for hidden agendas, aggression and unexpected happenings of all kinds. Secrets may be revealed. Watch the news for more on this in the public sphere. Venus sextile Mercury helps smooth out the abrupt Uranian and emotional Scorpionic energy. 

Use this powerful energy to break out of old, stale habits, to transform your life in deep, meaningful ways (Scorpio) and to contemplate ways to express your own unique self (Uranus). This configuration can truly be an amazing tool to reset your life.

November 10-13  This time period contains both sublime and very challenging energy.

Sun Trine Neptune at 19 Degrees Scorpio/Pisces. Sun trine Neptune is a gentle, compassionate, and mystical connection.  Enjoy helping others, immersing yourself in music or going on a mini retreat. This energy is especially lovely for the water signs (Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer).

Mercury Square Saturn at 7 Degrees Scorpio/Aquarius and Mercury Opposition Uranus at 7 degrees of Scorpio/Aquarius/Taurus.  The fixed Sun signs (Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo) or those of you with planets from 2 degrees to 17 degrees of fixed signs may feel like you can’t win or that you are being buffeted by forces beyond your control. Practice deep breathing and stay focused.  You may give some thought to whether your fixed nature is a plus or a minus. Learn to give a little, while holding on to your core values (Taurus). Above all, monitor your emotions and your tendency to become controlling and fixated when under stress.

November 14-15: Sun Square Jupiter at 22-23 degrees of Scorpio/Aquarius.  While Sun square Jupiter can bring a welcome sense of optimism, the downside is a tendency to bring excess into all areas of your life. Think big, but think realistically under this expansive energy.

November 15-19: Sun sextile Pluto between 23-25 Scorpio/Capricorn; Mars opposing Uranus from 11-12 Scorpio/Taurus (November 16-19).  Sun sextile Pluto is superb for clearing and cleaning, whether it is your house or a work situation that has become disorganized and disheveled.  Mars opposition Uranus will give you a burst of energy and you might be surprised how much you can accomplish. However, be mindful!  Mars opposition Uranus can bring accidents, or other undesirable outcomes due to impulsive, unfocused actions.

November 19:  Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse at 27 Degrees Taurus/Scorpio.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on November 19 urges you to wrap up loose ends and let go of those people, places and things that no longer serve you. We each have an inner knowing when the things around us are no longer helpful, or are even destructive to us. Your intuition is at an all-time high now, so use that sixth sense to guide you in your transformation. The veil between the material world as we know it and the unseen world of intuition is always thin during an eclipse. When the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is on the Scorpio/Taurus axis, it raises your intuition several fold. This eclipse opens the gateway to transformation that will be felt for the next two years as we continue to have eclipses along the Scorpio/Taurus axis.

November 20-21: Mercury Sextile Pluto at 23 Degrees Scorpio/Capricorn and Mercury Square Jupiter at 23 Degrees Scorpio/Aquarius. Mercury sextile Pluto gives you the ability to look beneath outer appearances to discern the Truth. Use this helpful energy to examine, scrutinize and probe the deeper mysteries.

November 21:  Sun Enters Sagittarius.

November 24:  Mercury Enters Sagittarius. 

November 29-30: Sun Conjunct Mercury, Mercury Trine Neptune and Sun Sextile Saturn. Mercury Sextile Saturn and Venus Sextile Neptune. The introspective, rather somber mood lightens up considerably with the Sun in Sagittarius, followed by Mercury in Sagittarius on November 24.  The month ends in an array of easy aspects further lightening the emotional landscape.

  • Use the Sun conjunct Mercury to start a new venture, initiate helpful conversations and to put forward your plans for the future. The Sun sextile Saturn helps to put a firm foundation under your planning.
  • Use Mercury trine Neptune to daydream a little, but mostly to add imagination and passion to your ideas and plans.
  • Sun sextile Saturn and Mercury sextile Saturn ensures that your dreams and imagination are rooted in practicality and that they are totally doable.
  • Venus sextile Neptune arouses your imagination and gets the creative juices flowing. Spend time around beauty, tour an art gallery or enjoy nature under this auspicious sextile. If you have a special someone in your romantic life, you will feel closer than ever.  Consider a candlelight dinner.

Next Month:  Total Solar Eclipse at 4 Degrees Sagittarius on December 4, 2021.

Moon Movement During November 2021: Note: The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.

November 1:       Moon enters Libra

November 3:       Moon enters Scorpio

November 5:       Moon enters Sagittarius

November 7:       Moon enters Capricorn

November 9:       Moon enters Aquarius

November 12:     Moon enters Pisces

November 14:     Moon enters Aries

November 16:     Moon enters Taurus

November 19:     Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 27 degrees 14 minutes Taurus

November 19:     Moon enters Gemini

November 21:     Moon enters Cancer

November 24:     Moon enters Leo

November 26:     Moon enters Virgo

November 29:     Moon enters Libra

December 1:       Moon enters Scorpio


I am recuperating from a very busy summer and early fall. I will be teaching another astrology class in the near future.  Let me know if you are interested in attending an astrology class. Reach out to me at


Astrology Transits September 2021 — Simplicity and Relationshps

I have just three things to teach:  simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures. — Lao Tzu


The theme this month is simplicity and relationship.  Though relationships are anything but simple, the emphasis on both Virgo (simplicity and organization) and Libra (relationships) set the tone for the entire month of September.

The Sun moved into Virgo on August 23 shifting our focus toward the autumn season in the northern hemisphere. The Virgo energy relates to analysis, simplicity, organization and clearing out what is no longer essential. The Libra energy becomes strong at the autumn equinox on September 21. Libra has a strong theme relating to relationships, fairness, balance and beauty.

August 30:  Mercury enters Libra. Plan social events and work out thorny social conundrums when Mercury is in Libra. When the planet of communication is in the sign of diplomacy, your chances of a win-win outcome is greatly enhanced. Continue to pursue your artistic pursuits, as you will have an enhanced sense of color, form and balance under the transit of Mercury in Libra.

September 2:  Mars Opposition Neptune at 22 Degrees Virgo/Pisces. Its best not to push, but to just take it easy, under this nebulous, foggy energy.  Anger (Mars) may turn to depression and hopelessness (Neptune) when the planet of action (Mars) is playing tug-of-war with the planet of confusion, delusion and illusion.  However, since Neptune is the highest spiritual planet, you may want to turn that unrest into a time of quiet meditation.  Either way, know that this too shall pass as Mars moves past the opposition by September 9.

September 5: Venus Square Pluto at 24 Degrees Libra/Capricorn. Intense, and possibly challenging, interactions with those close to you are in the forecast when Venus is square Pluto. Express yourself, but don’t belabor the point under this strong, intense energy.

September 6:  New Moon at 14 Degrees Virgo; Sun Trine Uranus at 14 Degrees Virgo/Taurus; Venus Trine Jupiter at 24 Degrees Libra/Aquarius and Mars Trine Pluto at 24 Degrees Virgo/Capricorn.  Whew, this Virgo New Moon contains strong energy!!! There’s a lot of planet power lighting up the sky at the new Harvest Moon in Virgo. Let me try to tease out the various energies expressed.

  • New Moon in Virgo. The Moon is conjunct the Sun at 14 degrees Virgo.  I often picture the New Moon as a dancer or actor/actress waiting at the edge of the stage before curtain call. Even though the Sun entered Virgo on August 22, its conjunction with the Moon is when it really sets off new energy and sets the stage for new actions and events around planning and organization.
  • Sun in Virgo Trine Uranus in Taurus. The Sun adds energy and visibility to Uranus’ need to bring in the new and unusual. The earth energy brings stability and focus to help us reinvent ourselves and our situation.
  • Venus in Libra Trine Jupiter in Aquarius brings an easy energy that facilitates our our ability to form and communicate ideas. Beware of becoming overly optimistic especially with regard to financial matters and untested romantic liaisons.
  • Mars in Virgo Trine Pluto in Capricorn brings action (Mars) and power (Pluto) in a grounded focused way. You can accomplish a lot under this aspect. Just be sure to use the energy in a helpful way, not to force others to bend to your will. Power struggles are inherent in Mars/Pluto energy unless you are mindful.

All-in-all, this Virgo New Moon has the power to set you on a new path in a focused, grounded way.  Plan carefully, organize well and you will be well on your way to a better way of living.  Health, pets and employment matters are especially favored under this Virgo Harvest Moon.


September 10:  Venus Enters Scorpio.  Venus in Scorpio through October 6 brings intense emotions around relationships and you may be feeling extra passionate and sexual.  When Venus is in Scorpio we want to become closer to others, yet  at the same time, Venus in Scorpio brings out our deep vulnerabilities and fear of giving up our power. Thus, jealousy and distrust can prevail.  Beware of creating crisis where none exists. This is one of those aspects that can be very positive or very destructive, depending on your actions and intentions.

September 14: Sun Opposing Neptune at 22 Degrees Virgo/Pisces.  This is another time, when you might want to withdraw from the everyday happenings around you.  You may be feeling overly sensitive and, yet, unable to assert yourself.  In addition, things and people around you may be confusing and/or downright deceptive.  Because your powers of discrimination are lacking at this time, it is best not to commit to anyone or anything until the Sun moves out of aspect to Neptune in a few days.

September 14:  Mars Enters Libra. Mars in Libra until October 30 focuses on your relationships. Mars is action and our impetus to move forward, while Libra relates to  partnership and cooperation.  The Martian energy becomes muted while in Libra. The danger is that we may not stand up for  ourselves when we should.  The big upside to Mars in Libra is that it makes us more willing to compromise and to work out relationship snags. Use this time to look at your relationships with an eye toward making them better for everyone involved.

September 17: Venus Square Saturn. This is not the best day for relating to others. You may feel removed from others and may feel lonely and depressed. You may find yourself obsessing about your relationships, with a feeling that they are worse than they are.  This is not a day to take action.  Rather, go within and get in touch with your own feelings around your self-value.  Self-reflection and introspection are called for, rather than finding fault with others.

September 20:  Full Moon at 28 Degrees Pisces. The veil between the worlds is lifted when the Moon is full in Pisces.  Tune in to your intuition, meditate, and let divine guidance flow  through you. The Sabian symbol for this Pisces Full Moon is “Light Breaking into Many Colors as It Passes through a Prism.” This is about the ability to break all the colors and nuances of our life down into many parts so they can be analyzed (a function of the Virgo Sun opposite the Pisces Moon).  At the same time, we are urged to bring all of our separate parts together into a single focus and to let our analytical brain rest for a while.  Tune in to symbols, images, color and the messages from other realms and just BE. Those of you who work with crystals may find that work to be especially illuminating under this Full Moon in Pisces.

September 22:  Sun Enters Libra. The Sun in Libra until October 22, brings our attention to partnerships of all kinds. This can be a best friend, spouse, significant other, counselor and/or a business partnership.  Its time to mend and honor  all relationships under the helpful rays of the Sun in Libra.

September 23:  Venus Opposition Uranus. You will be drawn to stimulating activities of all kinds when Venus opposes Uranus.  It can bring a sudden love relationship, but only time will tell whether it will be lasting.  In the meantime, just enjoy the unusual vibes!

September 25:  Mars Trine Saturn at 7 Degrees Libra/Aquarius. This is a superb transit for completing painstaking projects, or those that you have been putting off forever.  Mars gives you energy, while Saturn helps you stick to the project until it is completed. Detail work of all kinds is favored. The Moon in Gemini forms a Grand Trine with Mars and Saturn on September 26, bringing a sense of emotional accomplishment to your hard work.

September 27:  Mercury turns retrograde at 25 Degrees Libra.  Mercury retrograde in Libra until October 19 gives us a second chance to focus on our relationships.  In some cases, we may want to make amends or to clarify relationship issues.  In a few cases, we may find that the relationship is no longer viable and we may decide to let it go.  Some of you may find that an old love comes back into your life.

September 29:  Sun Trine Saturn at 7 Degrees Libra/Aquarius. Sun trine Saturn is custom made for organizing and making an overall plan.  Ask yourself, “Where have I been and where do I want to go?”

Venus Trine Neptune at 21 Degrees Scorpio/Pisces. Venus trine Neptune can bring a lovely romantic relationship.  The danger is that you see what you want to see in the other person, not necessarily what is actually there. Proceed carefully.

September 30:  Venus Square Jupiter. You won’t have a lot of self-discipline when Venus is square Jupiter, so plan something enjoyable and fun. If you go shopping, you might want to leave your credit cards home. You will be prone to over spending on less than stellar quality goods.  Personal relationships are favored, unless you present yourself in an arrogant or grandiose manner.


Moon Movement During September 2021: Note: The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.

September 1:      Moon in Cancer

September 3:      Moon enters Leo

September 5:      Moon enters Virgo

September 6:      New Moon at 14 Degrees Virgo

September 7:      Moon enters Libra

September 10:    Moon enters Scorpio

September 12:    Moon enters Sagittarius

September 14:    Moon enters Capricorn

September 16:    Moon enters Aquarius

September 18:    Moon enters Pisces

September 20:    Full Harvest Moon at 28 Degrees Pisces

September 20:    Moon enters Aries

September 24:    Moon enters Taurus

September 25:    Moon enters Gemini

September 28:    Moon enters Cancer

September 30:    Moon enters Leo

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New Moon in Cancer – Nurture Yourself

The Cancer New Moon gives you a fresh start to better connect with your family and to nurture yourself. This New Moon emphasizes your emotions and your need to give and receive care and nurturing. Most of us are pretty good at caring for others, but not so good at nurturing ourselves During this emotion-filled New Moon in Cancer take time to think about how (or IF) you are nurturing yourself. Ask yourself what you need to nourish not only your body, but also your spirit, mind, heart and soul. If possible, spend time near water as you contemplate the wisdom of this New Moon as it starts a new cycle around fulfilling your deepest needs and desires.

Solar Eclipse June 10, 2021 – New Ideas and Plans

June 10:  Solar Eclipse at 19:47 Degrees Gemini.

Sun Conjunct Mercury at 20 Degrees Gemini Square Neptune at 23 Degrees Pisces. I have heard from many people that the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius was challenging for them. Full Moons, and especially a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, mean that something in your life has reached fruition.  It is time to let it go and to clear your psyche so the new can enter at the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini.


So much has changed over the last year and many of you are feeling out of sync, unsettled and rudderless. However, over the next six months you will understand that the Eclipses have helped you gather and evaluate new ideas that will propel you forward in a beneficial way. The Gemini Solar Eclipse focuses on better ways of communicating, new ideas, new plans and new ways of expressing yourself. Let the “new” energy percolate until after Mercury turns direct on June 24; then let it shine and manifest.


In addition, the ongoing square between Saturn and Uranus moves to a closer-than-ever conjunction.  This square has been with us all year and will continue in varying degrees of magnitude through the end of the year.  When the planets move closer together it ramps up the intensity.  If you have put off making a needed change in your life, the eclipses and the close Saturn/Uranus square may be just what you need to revamp your life.