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Astrology Transits December – Seeking Truth

Three things cannot be long hidden:  The Sun, the Moon and the Truth. — Buddha

I have been wanting to use the above quote along with an eclipse image for quite some time.  With several planets moving to Sagittarius, a lunar eclipse on November 30 and a total solar eclipse on December 14, the time was right to do so. Sagittarius is the sign of the higher mind, advanced education and your belief system.  When the planets transit Sagittarius it is time to examine your beliefs and to live according to your truth.  Because Sagittarius relates to organized religion and entrenched beliefs, it is important to differentiate between the beliefs you were taught and the authentic beliefs that you have worked out for yourself.

December 2020 is an extremely important astrological month.  The month is ushered in by a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on November 30 in the signs of Gemini/Sagittarius.  Then on December 14, we have a Total Solar Eclipse at 23 Degrees Sagittarius.  Obviously, the Gemini/Sagittarius energy is front and center now.  This brings a focus on communication, beliefs, teaching and learning and spiritual understanding. The eclipses usher in the beginning shift from earth signs into air signs.

That shift becomes very, very real on December 21, when Jupiter and Saturn move into 00 Degrees Aquarius (an air sign) at the time of the winter solstice, just as the Sun moves into 00 Degrees Capricorn.  Jupiter and Saturn have been moving in and out of a near conjunction for the last year.  Great conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn happen once every 20 years.  However, the exact conjunction on December 21st in an air sign is a celestial event that happens only once very 800 years.  Many people believe that it was such a conjunction that was seen as the Star of Bethlehem at Jesus’ birth.

November 30:  Full Moon eclipse at 8 Degrees Gemini/Sagittarius;

Mercury sextile Jupiter and Mercury Sextile Saturn at 27-29 degrees of Scorpio/Capricorn.  This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is part of the Saros Series 4 South.  Every eclipse carries the planetary energy of the first eclipse in the Series.  In this case, Saros Series 4 South began on March 19, 1624. This eclipse as part of that series carries strong emotional feelings regarding relationships and money. There is a significant overlay of anger and frustration within the mix.

Now, with Jupiter and Mercury sextile Saturn and the eclipse falling in the signs of communication, we are called to express those feelings through writing, communicating, teaching or learning.  All eclipses require a release.  The release in this case would be through such things, or to simply let go of those things that are blocking your creativity.

December 1:  Mercury enters Sagittarius. Think “grand” expansive thoughts, but remember to brush them with a touch of reality.  If you have strong Sagittarian energy in your chart, you are probably feeling quite constrained by the inability to travel freely.  Use this month when Mercury is in Sagittarius to plan future excursions, to take a totally fascinating, stimulating class (like my upcoming astrology class) or to learn about international customs. Mercury in Sagittarius brings a sense of optimism and ability to see the big picture.

December 5-6:  Venus trine Neptune at 17-18 Degrees  Scorpio/Pisces; Venus at 18 Degrees Scorpio inconjunct Mars at 18 Degrees Aries.  Venus trine Neptune is definitely the “rose-colored glasses” aspect.  Its best not to make any commitments or large purchases during this lovely, but unstable trine.  Be especially careful with romantic connections as things may not be quite as they seem.

Despite this, Venus trine Neptune is a wonderful aspect to help you tune into your higher self.  Light a candle, surround yourself with pink light and declare your love toward all things.

December 9-10:  Sun Square Neptune at 18-19 Degrees Sagittarius/Pisces. Sun in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces confronts us with a choice regarding truth.  What do we really believe?  Do we dare open ourselves to a new way of thinking or is it safer to cling to outdated, shop-worn beliefs?

We may hear of new scandals or hidden information regarding religious and political figures during this square.

December 10-12:  Sun Trine Mars at 18-21 Degrees Sagittarius/Aries; Sun Conjunct South Node from 18-20 Sagittarius. Sun trine Mars brings a shot of energy to help you get your Christmas activities done.  However, it can also escalate any disagreements or frustrations.  Because Sagittarius rules politics and Mars rules wars and skirmishes, lets hold peaceful energy to help ourselves and the world navigate this volatile energy.

December 13-14:  Mercury Square Neptune at 18 Degrees  Sagittarius/Pisces.  Mercury square Neptune is another time when it would be wise not to sign any contracts or make any long-term commitments.  Things are not as they seem on the surface. If ever a planetary aspect embodied the saying of “if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you,” this is it.

December 14: Total Solar Eclipse at 23 Degrees Sagittarius; Mercury Square Neptune at 19-18 Degrees of Sagittarius; Mercury Conjunct South Node and Neptune square North and South Node.  All eclipses require a release of some kind.  This Sagittarius Eclipse nudges you to let go of limited beliefs and to let yourself imagine a brighter future.  If you need to take some kind of advanced training, this eclipse would favor going forward with that.

Because the Nodes are always involved in an eclipse, all eclipses have a “fated” or inevitable quality to them.  For instance, this Sagittarius solar eclipse eerily connects to Donald Trump’s birth chart.  He was born under a total lunar eclipse with his Sun at 23 degrees Gemini and his Moon at 23 degrees Sagittarius. One phase of his life is definitely coming to an end and it is time for him to move on.  A movement back into the entertainment business would certainly fit with his changeable, expansive lunar eclipse signature.

Coincidentally, December 14 is the date when the Electoral College electors meet to vote and confirm the next president and vice president of the United States. The total solar eclipse degree is the same degree as Kamala Harris’ progressed Sun.  When an eclipse falls on important natal or progressed personal planets, it often shows a major change in a person’s life.

The chart for the total solar eclipse for New York, NY using the natural chart follows:

December 17:  Sun at 26 Degrees Sagittarius at the center of the Milky Way.  The Galactic Center is the Sun of our Sun and is the source of the highest amount of gravitational energy in our galaxy. It correlates then, that the Sun’s transit over this point each year releases vast stores of energy, motivation and aspiration.  This is just what we need after a year full of limitation, responsibility and isolation.

December 21:  Winter Solstice — Sun Enters Capricorn; Jupiter and Saturn Conjunct at 00 Degrees Aquarius. This is a history-making winter solstice.  Both the Sun and Mercury enter Capricorn and both Saturn and Jupiter enter Aquarius, all at 00 degrees of their signs on the 21st.  What is outstanding this year is that the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the air sign Aquarius has not happened for 800 years. We truly are in a once-in-a lifetime energy pattern.  I have come to believe that the hardships of 2020 were merely a necessary first step in shifting the energy toward a whole new dimension.

December 25: Christmas Day, 2020. Keep your expectations in check about how things “should be” on Christmas day.  With the Sun in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus on Christmas day, anything goes.  The more flexible you are, the more enjoyable the day will be.  The planetary energy on Christmas Day can also bring startling insights.  Revel in the uncertainty!

Moon Movement During December 2020: Note:  The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.

December 1:       Moon enters Cancer

December 4:       Moon enters Leo

December 6:       Moon enters Virgo

December 8:       Moon enters Libra

December 10:     Moon enters Scorpio

December 12:     Moon enters Sagittarius

December 14:     New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 23 Degrees Sagittarius

December 14:     Moon enters Capricorn

December 17:     Moon enters Aquarius

December 19:     Moon enters Pisces

December 21:     Moon enters Aries

December 24:     Moon enters Taurus

December 26:     Moon enters Gemini

December 29:     Moon enters Cancer

December 29:     Full Moon at 9 Degrees Cancer

December 31:     Moon enters Leo



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Astrology Transits August 2020 – Self Expression

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.”  ― Martha Graham

August opens with the Sun in exuberant Leo, to be joined by Mercury on the 5th, with a lovely Sun trine Chiron in fiery Aries.  Action certainly is called for under this fiery connection. Leo is about self-expression, creativity and fun. The trine to Chiron signals an excellent time to heal any lingering hurts or issues around self-expression, creativity and the ability to relax and have fun.  We have been under the influence of Capricorn and Saturn for so long that we have forgotten how good it can feel to just let go and to sing, dance or just walk barefoot in the sand or grass. Use the energy of the Sun in Leo to get re-acquainted with your inner child.

At the same time, Sun and Mercury square Uranus in Taurus urges us to rise to the challenge (square energy) of going a little outside our comfort zone to truly live.  Chiron in Aries is about letting go of excessive inhibition and to just act and to live and to confidently move toward your dreams.  What do you have on your bucket list that you can bring a little closer to fruition?

All in all, August 2020 promises to be an action-packed, challenging month full of chaos, but also full of energy custom made for shaking loose old shackles that have held you back.

July 30: Mercury Trine Neptune; Mercury Opposition Jupiter and Pluto at 20-23 Degrees Cancer/Pisces/Capricorn.  This is another one of those times when your thinking is a little foggy and you are prone to over optimism.  Use this time for writing, teaching, journalling, or just resting.  The rest of the month is action-packed, so a few extra hours spent resting now may be wise.  Mercury in opposition to Pluto cautions that you need to watch what you say. When the planet of connection and communication (Mercury) meets powerful Pluto, minor disagreements can escalate into open conflict.  Its best to not become engaged in political, power conflicts as such discussions are especially fraught.  You (and others) are apt to say things that you later regret.

August 1-2:  Sun Square Uranus at 9-10 Degrees Leo/Taurus. The Sun is Square Uranus, while Mercury is in opposition to Pluto/Saturn and Jupiter.  This could, unfortunately, be the perfect configuration for stimulating civil unrest, social clashes and just plain chaos. Breathe deeply and realize that unrest is necessary to bring about change.  Each skirmish or hard-to-watch event brings us that much closer to the changes that we want to see.

August 2-5: Mars square Jupiter (and Pluto) at 19-23 Degrees Aries/Capricorn. In its simplest form, Mars square Jupiter is a challenging aspect of “an over-abundance of energy and anger with control issues.” Out of control political and personal conflicts are possible.  Chill out and stay calm.  This energy will be especially strong if you have any planets near 19-23 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.  On a positive note, this is one of those highly motivating energy sets.  Use it wisely.

August 3: Full Moon at 11 Degrees Leo Opposing Sun in Aquarius. This Full Moon is reminiscent of the January 31, 2018 Eclipse, when the Leo Moon was opposite the Aquarius Sun. If you can remember the energy during that eclipse, this full Moon may have similar effects.  This Full Moon square Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, brings even more rebellious, inventive and even shocking, energy.  No doubt about it, the Leo Full Moon square Uranus is volatile.  However, if you are feeling stuck and lethargic, the Leo Moon square Uranus can be extremely advantageous in getting you moving. Think:  What attitudes do I need to let go of in order to move forward in uncharted paths (Aquarius/Uranus) in a bold, self-confident way (Leo)?

August 5: Mercury enters Leo. Mercury moving into Leo gives a shot of mental stimulation.  Jot down your ideas.  You can make them more real when Mercury moves into Virgo on August 19.

August 7: Venus enters Cancer. When the planet of love (Venus) transits the sign of family and home (Cancer) until September 6, think of how you can reach out to family in a COVID-safe way.  This would be an excellent time to extend an olive branch to any estranged family members.

August 10-16: Mars in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn at 22-23 Degrees. Be especially careful of provoking conflict!  Mars square Pluto is an extremely tense, challenging aspect.  The urge to act and to act now, conflicts with the traditional or entrenched way of being. We will see this played out in the news, as the urge for freedom clashes with governmental structures.  In your personal life, examine where you are willfully (Pluto) promoting anger and strife (Mars).

August 14-17:  Sun Conjunct Mercury and both Sun and Mercury Trine Mars at 22-24 degrees of Leo/Aries and Inconjunct Neptune in Pisces. Finally, an easy trine energy in fire signs Leo and Aries.  This trine energy is a blessing amid the challenging, ongoing Mars square Pluto/Saturn in Aries/Capricorn.  Communication and connection are favored.

August 18-19:  Leo New Moon Conjunct Sun at 26 Degrees Leo. This is a wonderful New Moon for self-expression, setting bold, new intentions and making a commitment to follow your revised or new path.  Dwarf planet Eris square Pluto at this New Moon gives you the strength and will to eradicate the “skeletons” in your closet and/or help you face unconscious fears.

August 22:  Sun Enters Virgo.  Time to make the lofty, optimistic ideas that were generated by the Sun in Leo,  practical, concrete and down-to-earth. Worker-bee Virgo provides the plans and blueprints to make your ideas successful.

August 22-24: Mars square Saturn at 25-26 degrees Aries/Capricorn.  Lots of energy and action in the political scene and the world stage regarding the “haves- and have-nots.”  The urge to bring on the new through dynamic action clashes with the old guard, traditional ideas.  Mars square Saturn is setting the stage for Mars’ retrograde movement beginning on September 9, 2020. We are called to examine our attitudes around lack and limitation. Ask:  What makes me angry (Mars) regarding my perceptions around lack and limitation (Saturn)?

August 27: Venus Trine Neptune at 27 Degrees Cancer/Pisces.  I am happy that we can end the month on such a harmonious, dreamy, creative, romantic and spiritual note.  Light a candle, walk by the water and/or write a love or appreciation note to your special someone(s).

September 1:  Full Moon at 10 Degrees Pisces/Virgo. Our hopes and dreams meet practicality.

Moon Movement During August 2020: Note:  Time of the Moon’s movement into a sign varies depending on where you live.

August 1:   Moon in Capricorn

August 2:  Moon enters Aquarius

August 3:  Full Moon at 11 Degrees 45 Minutes Aquarius

August 4:  Moon enters Pisces

August 7:  Moon enters Aries

August 9:   Moon enters Taurus

August 12: Moon enters Gemini

August 14: Moon enters Cancer

August 17: Moon enters Leo

August 18: New Moon at 26 Degrees 35 Minutes Leo

August 19: Moon enters Virgo

August 21: Moon enters Libra

August 23: Moon enters Scorpio

August 25: Moon enters Sagittarius

August 27: Moon enters Capricorn

August 29: Moon enters Aquarius

Sept. 1:  Full Moon at 10 Degrees Pisces/Virgo


STAY TUNED:  I plan to offer an online beginning astrology class starting in late August or mid-September.  Let me know if you have an interest.  It will be for complete beginners and for those who know some astrology, but have trouble putting it all together.

I will not be at the Aspen Saturday Market this year due to COVID-19 restrictions.  However, I  and Claudia (my tarot reader friend) will be at the Basalt Sunday Market every week and would love to see you there.  Claudia and I are both wearing masks and face shields and have hand sanitizer available to protect your-and-our safety.  We look forward to seeing you there.

In addition, I continue to offer readings by telephone and Zoom.  Sign up by sending me an email.  All half-hour and hour readings include an MP3 or MP4 recording.  Payment is by Paypal. Reserve your reading

Astrology Transits May 2020 -Dancing Through Change

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” ― Alan Wilson Watts

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented change to our individual and collective realities and perceptions.  As discussed in previous newsletters, we are moving toward a Pluto return, which will be exact in early February 2022. It takes Pluto approximately 248 years to make a complete revolution around the Sun. It is my belief that what we are now feeling is just a forewarning or preview of the huge transformation that we are moving towards.  We have certainly been feeling the once-in-a-lifetime shifts as Pluto, the planet of transformation, does its thing.

Indeed, the global pandemic will change our beliefs and ideas around safety, security, travel, the economy, groups and friends.  It has stripped away the non-essentials and forced us to look at what we really value (Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. 

This month we will experience four planets in retrograde motion. 

        Pluto turned retrograde on April 25 until October 4

Saturn turns retrograde on May 11 until September 29

        Venus turns retrograde on May 13 until June 25       

Jupiter turns retrograde on May 15 until September 13

Though retrogrades are often negatively viewed, they can be a blessing in disguise. Retrograde planets slow things down. We may feel like “nothing is moving” or “things are not moving fast enough.”  The blessing is that retrograde planets give us the time and the will to think things through and to proceed in a measured way.  These retrogrades are superb for re-assessing what we did wrong and what we did right and to correct those things that were not done as well as they should have been.

Overall, due to an abundance of Taurus energy, May is a good time to consolidate your finances and to enhance your material security.

May 3:  Venus Square Neptune at 20 Degrees Gemini/Pisces. This is a great time to remove yourself from all the chaos going on in the outside world and to watch an inspirational film or read an uplifting book.  Your judgment may be clouded now, so avoid making any life-changing decisions during the first week of May. Also be aware of becoming entangled in romantic (Venus) entanglements that may not be what they seem (Neptune).  However, May 4 when the Sun is conjunct Mercury will be conducive to communication such as writing and discussion. 

May 7:  Full Moon at 17 Degrees Scorpio.  This Scorpio full Moon is opposite the Sun and Mercury in Taurus.  Scorpio is an emotional water sign, while Taurus is a practical earth sign.  Both Scorpio and Taurus are fixed signs that tend to resist change. Look for set opinions relating to emotional issues versus a practical, pragmatic mind set.  Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, we may see high emotions around death and saving lives versus money and employment issues. Given the tension, you may be glad that you are home alone under this Scorpio full Moon.

May 10:  Sun Sextile Neptune at 20 Degrees Taurus/Pisces.  Sextiles typically bring a feeling of ease to whatever is going on in the world.  The Sun is your active ego or ability to made needed decisions.  Neptune tends to cloud all issues.  When combined in an easy aspect, it allows you to make decisions based on intuition.  Artistic projects are favored due to the high level of imagination and creativity now present. Mercury trine Jupiter at the same time, gives you good judgement based on all the data.  Depressive feelings may lift under this lovely optimistic (Jupiter) aspect.

May 11:  Mercury enters Gemini.Mercury Square Mars at 29 Degrees Taurus/Aquarius.  Trouble, irritations, arguments and conflict are the key words for this unpleasant day. Definitely not a good day to have “those conversations” or to provoke anyone.  Machines may act up.  Consider taking a solitary walk to calm your mind.  Mercury in Gemini ups your thinking capacity, so ideas flow freely, if erratically.

May 12:  Mars Enters Pisces.  Mars doesn’t enjoy being in Pisces, because Mars likes action and Pisces is more contemplative.  However, Mars in Pisces gifts you with high intuition and the will to pursue your spiritual path. Mars in Pisces does have a tendency to fire you up, while simultaneously zapping your energy.  Pace yourself and give yourself permission to rest when you can.  Mars moves into its home sign of Aries on June 26, which will make you wish you would have rested while you can.

May 17:  Sun Trine Jupiter at 27 Degrees Taurus/Capricorn.  Amidst all of the turmoil, this aspect is like an infusion of sunshine and roses.  Optimism reappears, though it is based on practicality (earth signs Taurus and Capricorn).  Expand your horizons and think big, as you make plans for your new reality.  We may all begin to understand that there really will be a pot of gold after the thunderstorm.  However, Mercury in hard aspect to Jupiter and Pluto warns us to temper our expectations.

May 20: Sun Enters Gemini.  See new Moon in Gemini below.  The Sun in Gemini will be somewhat the same, though the Sun is more active, while the Moon is more emotional and intuitional.

May 20:  Venus Square Neptune  See my interpretation of May 3 as that energy appears once again due to Venus’ retrograde motion.  Venus retrograde is an opportune time to compassionately work on relationship issues.

May 22:  New Moon at 2 Degrees Gemini.  The Gemini new Moon lets us start anew in all matters relating to communication.  The coming Gemini 28-day new Moon cycle is good for:

  • Reaching out to others (safely of course).
  • Re-evaluating our communication and social skills (or lack thereof). 
  • Taking short classes for enjoyment or for skill improvement.
  • Adding mental stimulation and variety.
  • Making a vow to listen more deeply.

Mercury conjunct Venus in Gemini on May 22 is a superb day for harmonious, clear conversation with a spirit of compromise and agreement.

Moon Movement During April 2020: Note:  The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.

May 1:  Moon in Leo May 2:  Moon enters Virgo
May 4:  Moon enters Libra
May 6:  Moon enters Scorpio
May 7:  Full Moon at 17 degrees Scorpio
May 8:  Moon enters Sagittarius
May 10:  Moon enters Capricorn
May 12:  Moon enters Aquarius
May 14:  Moon enters Pisces
May 17:  Moon enters Aries
May 19:  Moon enters Taurus
May 22:  New Moon at 2 degrees Gemini
May 22:  Moon enters Gemini
May 24:  Moon enters Cancer
May 27:  Moon enters Leo
May 31:  Moon enters Libra

Astrology Transits April 2020 -The Gift and the Shadow

All the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow.Leo Tolstoy

Life has taken a big turn since the last time I touched base with everyone via this newsletter. Someone compared our current situation to “watching a bizarre sci-fi movie,” which it certainly feels like sometimes. Because so much of our collective attention is focused on the COVID-19 crisis and the resultant financial insecurity, I am going to spend part of this newsletter astrologically addressing that phenomena.

First to set the stage: 

  • Neptune rules the immune system, influenza, danger through contagious disease and influenza-like illnesses.  In its highest light expression, it expresses as compassion for all. In its shadow expression it rules obstruction of the truth, widespread confusion and delusion.
  • Pluto rules viruses, death, the masses and the process of transformation.
  • Uranus and Saturn together rule panic and fear.
  • Mars rules fevers, anger, aggressive action and accelerates conditions.
  • Saturn rules pneumonia, limitation, worry, fear and responsibility.
  • Jupiter rules optimism, excess of all kinds and pneumonia.
  • Gemini and Mercury rule the lungs, pneumonia and lung troubles.
  • Moon rules dropsy, coughs, the masses, change, and fluctuations

It is my belief that the corona virus started on November 28, 2019, when the Moon was opposition Neptune and sextile the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.  Saturn and Pluto have been moving together in Capricorn for many months.  Those two heavy planets together rule government, business, education and the health care system. Capricorn rules the patriarchy, the 1%ers, and materiality over caring and humanity.

Saturn and Pluto moving together off and on for many months represent a seismic shift that has been slowly building.  I have been watching them for two years.  I knew something life changing was about to happen, but could not determine what it was.  Now I know.

Pluto, the planet of transformation, never projects his energy in a small way.  His energy is more aligned with annihilation — then a process of rebuilding.  Such rebuilding is always more secure and sustainable than the old, crumbling ideas and structures.  Saturn, the planet of limitation and responsibility, lets us know that austerity and responsibility will be needed to bring about this needed transformation.

The Saturn and Pluto energies came into sharp focus on January 12, 2020, when the South Node, Jupiter, Sun, Pluto, Saturn and Mercury were all in Capricorn.  Such a concentration of planets in Capricorn indicate a change in the structural regime, power plays, and the transformation and limitation of everything.

The last super full Moon in Virgo on March 9 opposite the Sun and Neptune in Pisces accelerated the need for healing and ushered in a health and healing crisis.  Pisces rules the immune system and one’s personal vulnerability.  The Virgo full Moon in opposition to Sun and Neptune illuminated the upcoming health crisis.

Our current situation is scary and promotes fear (Saturn), and we question the motives and knowledge of those in control (Pluto).  However, in so many ways, it has a positive overlay.  Our materialistic, alienated way of life was unsustainable, not only for us, but also for the health of Mother Earth herself.  Saturn, and then Mars, now in the air sign of Aquarius, bring a need for connection to others and to our earth.  We truly are our brother’s keepers.  We now realize that our actions can mean life and death for ourselves, for those around us and even to Mother Earth.

Stay safe and reach out to someone in your life by telephone or online. By doing so, you are letting Saturn express his highest good.  Giving in to fear and lack is letting Saturn express in his negative mode. Remember, that every planet, sign and house in astrology has both a positive and a negative meaning.  Now, more than ever, is the time to focus on expressing the positive and minimizing the negative.  Secondly, always remember that nothing can happen to you that is not shown in your birth chart.  Though untold numbers of people will suffer from the current COVID-19 crisis, many, many others will benefit. Be kind to yourself, take precautions and focus on the higher good for all.  Above all, remember the above Tolstoy quote:  “All the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow.”  The shadows of life serve to make the light even more beautiful.

March 30-April 1:  Mars Enters Aquarius; Mars Conjunct Saturn at 0‑to‑1 Degrees Aquarius.  Saturn entered Aquarius on March 21 and is now joined by Mars.  This is a paradigm-shifting movement and conjunction.  Saturn in Capricorn (often conjunct Pluto) was concerned with government, control, limitation, big business, and ego-driven materiality. Capricorn and Pluto in Capricorn were involved with political parties and common beliefs that structured (Saturn) the beliefs of a society.

Mars activates whatever it touches.  When it was in Capricorn, it activated the aforementioned energies. Now, as Mars moves to Aquarius and conjuncts Saturn, we are being forced to pay attention to where we are as a society and where we want to be.  We are learning that what we do on a daily basis affects all homo sapiens and all other earthly beings.

April 3:  Venus Enters Gemini; Mercury Conjunct Neptune at 19 Degrees Pisces.  Venus in Gemini until August 7, bodes well for communication and negotiations required to work out the massive problems associated with the COVID-19 outbreak.  Venus will turn retrograde at 22 degrees Gemini on May 13.  Venus in Gemini and Mercury conjunct Neptune is a loving, communicative, compassionate energy.  Use this energy to reach out to those who you have been out of touch with for some time or to volunteer in some way. 

April 6-8:  Mars Square Uranus at 4-6 Degrees Aquarius/Taurus; Mercury Sextile Jupiter/Pluto at 22-25 Degrees Pisces/Capricorn. Mars square Uranus signals a feisty, argumentative, chaotic time full of social upheavals, impatience and anger (Mars) around an unstable financial outlook  and conflicting values (Uranus in Taurus).

Mercury sextile Jupiter and Mercury sextile Pluto are wonderful for research and deep diving into possible treatments or cures for COVID-19.

April 7:  Full Moon at 18 Degrees Libra/Aries.  This Libra full Moon is a supermoon.  It is closer to the earth than any other full Moon this year.  Hopefully, we will have a clear sky, as it should be spectacular!

Astrologically, at the time of the Full Moon, Mars (action and aggression) is square Uranus (chaos and upheaval). Expect lots of discord between the federal, state and local governments and much disagreement about the best way to proceed.  Uranus, as the planet of breakthroughs, could force new ways of thinking about problems and new, innovative inventions being tested.

April 13-16:  Sun Square Jupiter/Pluto/Moon at 24-26 Degrees Aries/Capricorn. There could be large mood fluctuations (Moon/Jupiter) and also fluctuations in the need to act (Sun in Aries) versus the need to control situations (Pluto in Capricorn).  Stay calm and do something that you DO have control over.

April 22:  New Moon at 3 Degrees Taurus.  The new Moon in Taurus speaks to our resources and what we value.  It makes a square to Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn/Aquarius.  The square is about the need to move forward boldly (Jupiter) balanced with the need to do so within the bounds of reality (Saturn).

April 25:  Mercury Square Pluto at 25 Degrees Aries/Capricorn. Lots of mental intensity and troubled thoughts now, with a possible touch of paranoia and overly controlling tendencies.  Not a menu I would be interested in.  Much better to use this time to plan constructive avenues of action under our new reality.

April 26:  Pluto Retrograde at 25 Degrees Capricorn.  Pluto turns retrograde until October 15, 2020.  Next month Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn will also turn retrograde.  It could bring a period of needed respite where we can all catch our breath and re-evaluate the new reality.

April 30:  Mercury Conjunct Uranus at 6 Degrees Taurus. We could experience radical and/or experimental ideas or inventions that lead to a breakthrough.  Money matters may be subject to wild ideas and news, but solutions could also move forward in a surprising way.

Moon Movement During April 2020: Note:  The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.

April 1: Moon in Cancer
April 2:  Moon enters Leo
April 4:  Moon enters Virgo
April 6:  Moon enters Libra
April 7:  Full Moon at 19 degrees Libra
April 8:  Moon enters Scorpio
April 10:  Moon enters Sagittarius
April 12:  Moon enters Capricorn
April 15:  Moon enters Aquarius
April 17:  Moon enters Pisces
April 20:  Moon enters Aries
April 22:  Moon enters Taurus
April 22:  New Moon at 3 degrees Taurus
April 25:  Moon enters Gemini
April 27:  Moon enters Cancer
April 29:  Moon enters Leo

For those who wonder, I am still doing astrology readings.  All of my readings during this time of social distancing are done via telephone or Zoom.  You can schedule a reading by sending me an email.