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Who Will the March 2016 Solar Eclipse Affect


The March 8/9 2016 solar eclipse occurs at 18 degrees Pisces.  It will have the most effect on those who have planets near 18 degrees (13 degrees to 23 degrees) of any of the mutable signs.  It will be:
  • conjunct those with planets near 18 degrees of Pisces,
  • opposing planets near 18 degrees of Virgo, and
  • square to planets near 18 degrees in Gemini and Sagittarius.

The eclipse will have the greatest effect on those who have planets conjunct the eclipse.  You are compelled to pay attention to the matters indicated by the planet(s) conjunct the eclipse. in the area of life denoted by the house in which the eclipse occurs.

If the eclipse is square your planet(s) a challenge has been issued.  You will need to take action to resolve the highlighted conflicts.

When the eclipse is in opposition to your planet(s) someone or something is standing in your way.  You will need to find a way to work around or with the opposition to resolve the conflict.

The are of your life the eclipse will affect if it falls in your:

First House – It affects your outer appearance, how you let others perceive you and other’s perception of you.

Second House – Your values, your money, how you spend and earn your money.

Third House – Your communication, school, teaching, learning, your immediate neighborhood.

Fourth House – Your family, your home, your ancestors, your spiritual and family foundations.

Fifth House – Your love affairs, your children, your creative activities and the expression of your individuality.

Sixth House – Your job, your job surroundings, volunteer work, the daily grind, health and healing and your pets.

Seventh House – Your relationships, marriage and business partners, and legal matters.

Eighth House – Taxes, insurance, crisis, inheritances and money received by means other than a job.

Ninth House – College, metaphysics, religion, travel, and any other higher mind activities.

Tenth House – Career, public standing, your employer, honors or disgrace and profession.

Eleventh House – Hopes and wishes, friends, followers and groups such as societies, clubs and organizations.

Twelfth House – Bad habits, your secrets and secret activities, introspection, and transforming old belief systems.

A picture of the solar eclipse for the GMT time zone is shown below: