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Astrology Transits April 2019 – Energized and Active

Passion is energy.  Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. — Ophrah Winfrey

April begins with a shift from dreamy and somewhat confused, to active and energetic. The Sun and Chiron in Aries are joined by the Moon on April 5 and Mercury is now moving direct. The first week in April is an opportune time for new beginnings, setting goals and actively moving forward toward manifesting those goals.

April 5: New Moon at 15 Degrees Aries. Though this is a great time to move confidently forward with plans, you do need to be careful not to rush headlong into anything. Assess the pros and cons before blindly and tempestuously acting. Aries energy can sometimes cause you to act before engaging your mind.

April 9: Jupiter Turns Retrograde at 24 Degrees Sagittarius. The transiting Moon squares Jupiter as Jupiter stations retrograde. Jupiter will remain in retrograde motion all summer, until August 12, 2019. This would be a good time to re-assess your hopes and wishes, and your goals for the future. Trim those ideas that were just wishful thinking and expand those ideas that have a good chance of manifesting. United States’ negotiations with foreign countries could become stalled.

April 10: Sun square Saturn at 20 Degrees Aries/Capricorn. The Sun square Saturn brings tests and challenges. You will feel restricted, overworked and bogged down in responsibilities. The best way through this energy is to keep your nose to the grindstone and try not to take other’s criticism to heart. Feelings of isolation, sadness and discouragement may bring depression. Just know that “this too shall pass” and that successfully getting through this challenging energy will be one more step toward eventual success and mastery.

At the same time, Venus conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. This is a lovely aspect that can help diffuse the tensions of Sun square Saturn. Take time to count your blessings and to meditate on the goodness in life.

April 13: Sun Square Pluto at 23 Degrees Aries/Capricorn. Your plans and ego needs meet a brick wall. Powerful people or authority figures can initiate a crisis or conflict. Because of the intensity of this transit, it is best to maintain your equilibrium and deal with any conflict as calmly as possible. The more you understand that the conflict is triggering your own deeply buried psychological issues, the easier it will be to move through this challenging time. Such understanding will let you emerge with a greater self-understanding and sense of inner power.

Because Pluto is also conjunct the South Node at this time, there is also a high probability that your reaction will be fueled by karmic connections to something that happened in a past life that is being replayed in this lifetime.

The Sun trine Jupiter on April 12 and 13 could add fuel to the fire or, alternatively, add a touch of humor to the highly-charged atmosphere. The best advice is to keep your head, see the humor in the situation and walk away from any power struggles.

April 14: Venus Sextile Pluto at 23 Degrees Pisces/Capricorn. Thank goodness, this Venus transit calms things down and lightens them up just a little.

April 17: Mercury enters Aries. Mercury in Aries brings the return of quick, clear thinking. Our thinking processes were cloudy and unreliable all through March. Mercury in Aries brings back the full command of our thinking processes.

April 19: Full Moon at 29 Degrees Libra/Aries. This is an interesting full Moon because it falls at the critical 29 degrees. A full Moon at 29 degrees of any sign would indicate a change in energy. It confirms that the unfocused energy of last month is finally gone. The focus is now on action and moving forward.

April 20: Sun Enters Taurus and Venus enters Aries. We get more “go power” with the entry of Venus into Aries. When the Sun enters Taurus, our thoughts turn to money, security and financial matters, while Venus in Aries ramps up the action. This is a good time to take steps to further your financial/security profile.

The energy slows down at the end of the month when Pluto, and then Saturn, move into retrograde motion in Capricorn.

April 24: Pluto Stations Retrograde at 23 Degrees Capricorn until October 4, 2019. You may not feel the energy of Pluto retrograde in your day-to-day life. However, because Pluto rules deep transformation of your hidden fears and traumas, you may find that you are digging deeper into your psychological life to find answers.

April 29: Saturn Stations retrograde at 20 Degrees Capricorn until September 19, 2019. Saturn retrograde can make you feel frustrated, burdened, fearful and discouraged. Saturn retrograde can be a blessing if you use this time to take responsibility, carefully plan and do the required work. Look at it as a way to take more time to get rid of outdated, unproductive habits. One thing is for sure, as much as Saturn is a taskmaster, it also rewards your honest efforts.

We do not feel the effects of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto retrograde as actively in our everyday life as we feel retrogrades of the faster-moving planets. The effects are there, but the action is not as visible as it would be during a Mercury, Venus or Mars retrograde. However, because Jupiter and Saturn rules business, there will very likely be a slow down in business matters.

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