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Astrology Transits March 2019 – Creativity & Spirituality

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free — Michelangelo

The Sun in Pisces quietly ushers in a more contemplative, spiritual, dreamy, artistic quality.  Creativity, imagination and intuition are at an all-time high.  After the conflicts and dramas of the last two months this shift is felt as either a welcome relief or as disorienting and confusing; probably both.  Indeed, Pisces and its ruler, Neptune, are often regarded as harbingers of confusion, delusion and illusion.  The flip side is that Pisces and Neptune bring high spiritual gifts, amazing insights, creativity and the gift of brilliant imagination.

The Piscean energy is being played out through the background of a sextile from Neptune in Pisces to Saturn in Capricorn.  Saturn’s energy could not be more different than Neptune’s energy.  Capricorn represents definition, limitation, structure and practical endeavors, while Neptune in Pisces is all about dreams, visions and the blurring of boundaries.  All through the year 2019 we are tasked to balance these conflicting energies.  The more we can do so, the more productive the year will be.

March 1: Venus square Uranus 29 Degrees Capricorn/Aries. Venus square Uranus is a crazy quilt of energy.  Uranus brings us creative, erratic and unexpected energy, while Venus is beauty, value and all relationship matters.  You may feel total confusion around those you are in relationship with.  Or, alternatively, you may be questioning everything you thought you knew about those in your life.  Questions such as, “Now why did they do that?” or “What did they mean by what they just said?”  Luckily, Venus moves into Pisces later in the day, when it enters Aquarius.

March 5:  Mercury Retrograde at 29 degrees Pisces.Mercury moves in apparent backward motion in Pisces until March 28.  Retrograde planets give us time to review, revise and repair.  Be wary of fuzzy thinking and lack of discernment during Mercury retrograde in Pisces.  As always, you would be wise to back up your computer and to make sure your computer virus protection is up-to-date.  Once Mercury moves forward after March 28, it will be time to move forward with your revised plans, especially plans associated with communication, ideas or connection. 

March 6:  Pisces New Moon Conjunct Neptune.  New Moons are always an opportune time to start something new or to move forward with revised plans. With such an abundance of Piscean energy, you would be advised to wait to attend to practical matters.  This Moon is much more suited to engaging in something Neptunian.  There has never been a better time to dream, dance, envision, or to paint, sing, pray or meditate.  A trip to the ocean or sitting by a mountain stream would be an ideal way to use the Piscean/lunar/Neptunian energy.  The veils to other realms are parted, so pay attention to messages from your mind, body or soul and, indeed, from other realms.  Those of you who have lost loved ones and/or pets may find symbols of connection from your departed loved one at this time. Because this is such a moist and watery Moon, flooding and unexpected water events could be in the news. 

March 6: Uranus enters Taurus.  Uranus was in Taurus from May to December of last year before it retrograded back into Aries. Uranus always radiates giant cosmic waves when it interacts with another planet or point in the Zodiac.  Uranus’ re-entry into Taurus promises to shake up and create unexpected changes around earthy things (Taurus) and earth-centered technology.  When Uranus was in Taurus last summer, we experienced massive volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and fires (Uranus plus Mars).  Uranus is a wild card so it is hard to know exactly what will happen, but one thing is certain, it will bring chaotic, out-of-the-blue changes.  Think back to what happened last summer to get a preview of how it will work in your life when it moves through Taurus until 2026.  In addition, Uranus has a strong connection to freedom and revolution.  It will have the most effect for those of you who have personal planets in the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Uranus).  The fixed signs will be ready to make strong, freedom-oriented changes in their life during the next six years.

March 14-19: Mars in Taurus Trine Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.  You could get a burst of energy (Mars) enabling you to move forward in a significant way.  Progress will require hard work (Saturn) and deep commitment (Pluto) to your goals.  The earthy Taurus/Capricorn energy is especially good for monetary progress in business and career matters.

March 20:  Full Libra Supermoon at Zero Degrees Libra/Aries.  This Libra Supermoon is all about relationships.  It throws a spotlight on your “I Am” (Aries) versus your relationships (Libra).  Are you able to meet your own needs while in a relationship?  How far will you go to maintain an unfair (Libra) relationship?  Or, are you not giving enough time and effort to your close relationships?  If there is a lot of relationship conflict in your life now, consider the fact that it could mirror your own inner disconnect.  Three of the remaining eclipses of 2019 will fall in Cancer, which light up the relationship issues shown by this Libra full supermoon.

The Libra Supermoon occurs at the same time as the Spring Equinox.  It marks the beginning of the astrological new year and the beginning of spring.  The word “equinox” comes from the Latin word for equal night.  The Sun in Aries is conjunct Chiron at this equinox/full moon.  It emphasizes the opposing pull of yin/yang, light/dark and feminine/masculine energies.  Chiron, known as the “wounded healer” promises healing through the use of wisdom and maturity to heal our divisions.  Chiron in Aries, the sign of action and warrior energy, asks us to take action where needed to bring about healing of out-of-kilter situations.  I find it extremely profound that this Chiron in Aries energy is connected to the Libra/Aries Supermoon.  It portends the possibility, and the extreme need, to balance our need for relationship (Libra) with our need for self-projection (Aries).

March 27:  Mercury Stations Direct Conjunct Neptune at 16 Degrees Pisces.  This is another strong Piscean aspect.  Not the best day for clear thought, but another great day to pay attention to spirits, angels, intuitive insights and experiences of deja vu.

I will be giving an astrology talk at The Spiritual Center, The Third Street Center, 520 S 3rd St., Carbondale, Colorado, on Sunday, March 31, at 10:00 AM.  I hope to see you there!


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