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July 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse in Cancer

A large diamond in the first stages of the cutting process.”
Eclipse Sabian Symbol for 10 degrees Cancer

The early summer season promises to be quite eventful. It starts with the forward motion of Saturn on July 13, 2011 after its 4-1/1 month retrograde journey from 17 degrees Libra back to 10 degrees Libra. Saturn at 10 degrees Libra will make a square aspect (challenge) to the Sun/Moon eclipse conjunction at 9 degrees Cancer. In addition, the eclipse Sun and Moon are in square aspect to Uranus and in an opposition aspect to Pluto. These orbs (the difference in degree between two planets placement) are quite tight, which gives the eclipse added power.

Picture the Sun and Moon having a party. They have invited some very heavy hitting guests–Pluto, Saturn and Uranus. Actually looking closer, its probably not a party, but a business meeting held in the home (eclipse in Cancer)—a business meeting where each of the parties are challenging each other and each wants to be heard. The Sun and Moon seated at one end of the table are listening to everyone forcefully present their needs and trying to make sense of it all. Let’s take a look to determine what is really going on at this “business meeting.”

The Sun is the active, life giving light that represents a purposeful, directed and proud being. Let’s picture him setting at the head of the table. Next to him is the Moon, the light that contains our deepest personal needs, our intuitive, sentimental, introspective side. She doesn’t seem to be as strong as her partner, the sun, but her subconscious is very powerful. She gets things done through the emotions and uses her intuition to make sense of things.

At the far end of the table dark Pluto sits retrograde in Capricorn (opposition to the eclipse). He is all about control and transformation. Capricorn is about business, career and public appearances. Pluto reveals secrets and wants transformation at any cost. He is intense and has extreme will power.

Uranus at 4 degrees Aries is to the left of the eclipse. Uranus is a wild card ready to act, possibly in a volatile way. He says, “freedom is everything.” “Let’s just do something!” His hair is standing up and his eyes are a little wide. He is volatile, but inventive, and sudden change is his signature.

Dour Saturn at 10 degrees Libra is sitting 90 degrees (square) to the left of the eclipse. Saturn is careful and limiting. Work is his mantra. “Let’s slow down, work harder, keep our nose to the grindstone. We don’t want to jump to any conclusions.” He is the authority. Can you see how he would challenge the control that Pluto is wielding? Can you see how he is in opposition to everything that Uranus stands for? Oh my!

What are the Sun and Moon to do? They are sitting right in the middle of a grand square with the other very powerful planets. The Sun exerts considerable power but certainly has some powerful voices to contend with. The Moon may get moody or emotional and will make a heartfelt appeal to the other powerful guests. She will use her intuition to solve the puzzle and may change things several times.

The above was a quite whimsical way of explaining the eclipse dynamics, but there is a lot of truth to this silly little story. This eclipse is all about challenges toward bringing the warring parts of ourselves into alignment through a sometimes arduous process of self transformation.

This eclipse will set off some powerful energy that will raise conflicting needs. Emotions will run high, but they may not always be visible. Challenges abound. But as the Sabian symbol implies, we and our life’s work are like a diamond in the rough. Through the challenging energy of the eclipse we are being called to use the planetary energy to make our life the best possible. The planets are giving clues about navigating the energy of the eclipse:

Sun – stay purposeful, be yourself and appreciate yourself.

Moon – use your intuition and heart to guide you toward what you want.

Saturn – keep working hard, even when things are discouraging.

Pluto – use your will power to let go or transform what is no longer serving you.

Uranus – use your inventive mind and never be afraid of change or of being different.

I highly recommend a more in-depth, personal reading  Schedule an Astrology Reading or call me at (720) 362-3305.

I encourage you to leave a comment by posting your comment in the comment box immediately below this article. Though, I will not be able to respond to all of your comments, I will reply to a few.


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93 comments to July 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse in Cancer

  • BJ

    Hi, Astroherb;

    Guess I am doomed (2/22/70 6:17 am WY). I have a few 10 degree planets and some close to the 10-degrees. Hope I’m ok – it sure doesn’t sound GOOD. Holy Moly!!!!

    I thought things were supposed to get better??

    Thank you for the article.

    • Ruby

      BJ, nope you are not doomed. The article said “challenges” which doesn’t necessarily mean something horrible. Sometimes it is just things that happen that you need to handle. Sometimes it is inner changes that you need to make. Anyway, in your own chart the only contact to your natal chart from the eclipse and the grand cross is transiting Saturn is conjunct your natal Uranus in Libra in the 8th house (which, of course, is square the eclipse). This is, in essence, a conflict between the need of natal Uranus to be individualistic, freedom loving, rebellious, etc. being confronted by transiting Saturn which is all about rules, duty and responsibility. Not much common ground there. So you are challenged (square) to make adjustments to make it work. There may be some chaotic conditions that you need to deal with or you may need to respond to someone else’s need or problems; alternatively, it could be internal changes that need to be made.

  • 110intheshade

    This is the best explanation of the July 1 eclipse that I’ve read so far!! The eclipse falls on my natal Venus in 9 degrees Cancer which is conjunct my natal ascendant in 10 degrees Cancer. With these strange aspects, I am very worried about what this might mean for me. If you could provide any insight I would greatly appreciate it. DOB is 8/12/53, 2:55 am, Bronx, NY. I lost my job and my mother passed away within the last six months and I am a little anxious about anymore misfortune ahead. Thank you.

    • Ruby

      110intheshade, first of all I am very sorry about the loss of your mother.

      I can see by your chart that you have been through some very rough times. At the time of your mother’s death transiting Saturn was retrograding in square aspect to transiting Pluto and your natal Venus. This is a once in a life time type of transit and it affected you in the worst possible way. But you have already dealt with that “worst” as best you could. The good news is that you are most likely through the worst of it.

      The eclipse Sun and Moon are in your 12th house, just one degree from your Ascendant and conjunct your Venus also in the 12th. That speaks to the past and needing to make peace with it. With the conjunction to Venus it would be a very good day to sit in quiet and meditate on what has changed and ask to see the good in it.

      I think that once the Sun and Moon go into your first house you can use that energy to help you pick up the pieces and move forward in a positive way. Transiting Uranus is in your 10th house (career) squaring transiting Sun/Moon. Do the work finding a new job and you might be pleasantly surprised by something coming out of the blue. If you have not found a job by the time the Sun goes into Leo, that is a very good time to have your income improve.

      Hang in there. The beauty of astrology is that it points to cycles. A better cycle will always come.

  • moonbeam

    Excellent interpretation of the planets involved in this eclipse! I’m interested in this one as my sun is at 11Cancer in the 3rd where the eclipse will happen, my moon 0 Cap in 8th, (pluto will oppose me in the 9th) Saturn has been squaring me in the 6th forcing good diet and exercise! Uranus squaring from the 12th….not sure if I’m aware of that. I feel changes coming for me this year….kindof a balancing act with learning to transform my relationship to my siblings perhaps? We’ll see how it all plays out 🙂

    • Ruby

      Moonbeam, I think you have the right idea with your interpretations. I like the idea of transforming your relationships with your siblings. Pay especial attention to how you feel (Sun) in relationship to the emotions (Moon) around any situation. With Pluto (tranformation) in the 9th (higher thought) that is the type of energy that needs to be expressed.

  • fiona

    Wonderful and accessible analysis of the July 1st Solar eclipse in Cancer. So glad I found your website.
    Thank you,

  • katmar65

    I am feeling this pretty extreme as the eclipse opposes my sun conjunct IC at 5 cap which of course hits my angles closely.
    I’m wondering if Jupiter is in a position to help by the trine to my sun at all?
    I would like to think the money crunch I’m currently feeling in my business has reached a crisis for positive change as the eclipse moves over my MC, as I feel unable to move.
    I would be grateful for any insight you could offer.
    Birth info – 12/27/65 12:25am San Bernardino, Ca.

    Thank you for your time!

    • Ruby

      Katmar65, As I ran the chart using the Koch chart system, Jupiter falls in your 7th house of close friends, advisers and partners. Perhaps there is someone close to you who would be of benefit in your business.

      Please note also that July 5, the Sun and Mercury will have moved into the 10th house. I think you will see a change in energy at that time. On the 15th Mercury has moved on and Venus joins the Sun. More positive reinforcement. On July 30 transiting Saturn moves into your first house. Hard work should start to pay off.

      Remember eclipses are challenges. The challenge can be horrible business conditions or it can be how do I handle things as I negotiate a recovery.

      • katmar65

        Thank you so much… I started to feel more positive reinforcement today, although it seems a long way to go before things become stable not to mention profitable.

        I am learning to have faith!

        I truly appreciate your sharing your knowledge!

        Thank you again…


      • Ruby

        Katmar65, you are so welcome. The blessing behind the bad times is that it does bring out our ability to have faith and, hopefully, to feel compassion for others who are going through a hard time. Best to you.

  • wanderingstar

    What can I expect from this solar eclipse? I don’t know how to determine how the eclipse will affect my chart. My birthday is 4/7/72. I was born at 5:25 pm in Raleigh, NC. Many thanks for any light you can shed on this..

    • Ruby

      Wanderingstar, The eclipse will fall in your 10th house and will oppose your natal Jupiter and transiting Pluto in the 4th house. It could actually bring something new with regard to career or public standing. It sets up tension with your 4th house planets. Those career matters could bring some king of tension in the home. However, with your natal Jupiter in the 4th it should mitigate that to some extent. The eclipse will square transiting Saturn and natal Uranus in the first and natal Mercury and transiting Uranus in the 7th. Some kind of changes could be coming with regard to how you express yourself, which will also reflect on your relationships with those close to you. Be sure to let others know what is going on with you. That is, talk to them. Truly a time of change, but not necessarily bad, just challenging.

  • OptiKari

    Yes. Def most comprehensive and I’ve read hundreds re:this trifecta of tough since early ’09. Am hopeful and optimistic however, 7/9/69 @2:35am SF, CA not showing too much promise in conjunction with July 1st, 2011. Past two years have been challenging to say the least. I pray July 1st-ish is nothing like June of ’92.

    Any thoughts or good white lighting appreciated 🙂

    Thank you for such knowledgable insight!!!

  • GSDk9

    Hi Astroherb-

    Major changes since eclipses in Dec. 26, 2010 including getting laid off work, needing to sell house, stress on relationships just to name a few. With July 1st eclipse any chance of progress in any of these areas? esp. selling home and new job? Oct. 11, 1965, 3:50am, Lucknow, India.

    Thanks..your feedback is most appreciated!!

    “Stressed to the max”

    • Ruby

      GSDk9, It does seem like the energy is changing around finding a job. The eclipse falls in your 10th house of career along with Venus and the South Node. Regarding career, you need to let go of the past when applying for new jobs. Your negativity around your career past can hold you back. All of the planets transiting your 10th house are going over your natal Jupiter. This is a good thing.

      The eclipse squares Uranus in your 7th house of close relationships. The stress has put your relationship in danger. There needs to be more heart to heart talks with those close to you. The job fear and stress are affecting everyone close to you causing each of you to feel like an island. True communication will bridge that. Also make sure that you are not coming across too stern out of fear and worry (eclipse squaring Saturn in the first). As far as selling the house, the eclipse opposes natal Pluto in the 4th house (home, real estate), that is still a little problematic, though it does seem like the improved job picture will help alleviate the problem in some way. What can you transform around the house situation? Whereever Pluto is by transit, complete transformation is needed.

  • Jemini

    Great analogy! Thank you for explaining this crazy eclipse so well. I really appreciate the clues of how to navigate our energies! I’m feeling strong and ready to meet it head on! Thanks again!
    DOB: 5/31/84 8:30am Winston Salem, NC

    • Ruby

      Hi Jemini, the only contact the July 1 eclipse makes to your planets is to your Jupiter in Capricorn and transiting Pluto also in Capricorn in your 6th house. The eclipse may accelerate the transformation you are experiencing with regard to your work (or service) life.

  • ayahu


    I don’t know if this may help you, or may help me, but I am a July 23rd cancer/leo cusp and I have been significantly effected by this horrible eclipse.

    My twin who has been with me all of my 24 years, lived with me, shared our accounts, house, lives, dogs, together, for many happy years, has decided to run off with the first boy who hasn’t dumped her.

    It’s interesting to see how people can be born 3 minutes apart on the same day and be effected differently but the same.

    I am the emotional cancer, she is the proud lion, unable to let go of her stubborn selfishness so we can all migrate in harmony.

    It is the end of my life, as she was the very air I breath and inherent in my existence to the basic foundations of human identity.

    Just thought I’d let you know how very true these words are above.

    It’s also been strenuous at work, as the raise they promised by June end got pushed back, forcing me into looking for employment elsewhere, all while my eternal companion abandons me and her dogs and the life we built together completely and with EXTREME suddenness.

    Sigh… just needed to vent.. hate eclipses.
    How can a twin live alone.. I don’t think it is possible, she has someone. Anything encouraging later on?

    She is leaving August 15th never to return to me again (as I in my stubborn leo pride wont be someone’s seconds when they find out the true reality of the world, sigh)

    • Ruby

      Ayahu, I am so sorry that you are feeling the negative effects of this eclipse. Just remember, that always, always, what we experience under these challenging aspects have some kind of gift within them. Often it is the opportunity for personal growth. That your twin left with extreme suddenness is the signature of Uranus, which is one of the planets involved in the grand square that is set off with this eclipse. Also, please reconsider your “stubborn Leo pride” as that is a signature of Pluto, who is also involved in this eclipse. Pluto wants us to transform something in our life. You are now very hurt so just take care of yourself for the time being. Later, when you feel better you can consider some of these points.

  • susana

    Your assessment of the July 1st eclipse is very insightful! Thank You! My name is Susana and since young adulthood I have been experiencing an array of misfortunes, ranging from illnesses, child bearing problems, bad marriage and presently unemployed. Against all odds I finished grad school at age 53, and I did it with honors and awards, however I continue to face great challenges. Is this eclipse bringing more havoc? I was born 05/14/1951 in Callao, Peru at 08:00am, I currently live in El Sobrante ,California. Thank you!

    • Ruby

      Susana, first of all you should be very proud of yourself for finishing grad school especially with honors. Kudos to you!

      This eclipse will take place in your first house of personality and how you project yourself to the world. Its conjunction to Uranus could point to sudden changes and a need to break free from something that has been holding you back. As transiting Pluto is in your 7th house opposing the eclipse, I wonder if your ex is still in your life in some way. If so, the energy from that could be holding you back.

      The eclipse will also square transiting Uranus that is tightly conjunct your natal Jupiter in the 10th house. Something could pop loose regarding career, possibly requiring a move. Be sure you have your resumes out there as something could shake loose. Uranus is a wild card so one can never be sure.

      This eclipse will bring challenges, but sometimes we just need to roll with them. When the dust settles, it also has the potential to put you in a better place. Above all, please consider that transiting Pluto opposing your natal Uranus. Strong energy there that you need to eliminate.

  • susana

    Forgot to mentioned that I have two natal planets in Cancer in the 1st, Venus at 3 degrees, conjunct Uranus at 6 degrees. Is this bad?

  • susana

    Astroherb, thank you so much! In the past year I began to explore astrology at a deeper level. I noticed that the last eclipse to fall close to this degree was June 30, 1992, and this coincides with the beginning of all of my problems. Suddenly, I became ill and I was forced out of the company I was sure I would retire from, then I was diagnosed with a degenerative condition (dystonia cervical and rheumatoid arthritis). By 1993 I was sent home to basically be on permanent disability. My father encouraged me to go back to school and I did. I refused to stay home and feel sorry for myself. In 2000 when I graduated from Cal, my father died, a loss I cannot overcome to this day. By 2003 I finished grad school and started to tech at SFSU and Contra Costa College. I teach at CCC during the fall and spring semester only on a part time basis. On the other hand, I remarried my ex and had another daughter (Scorpion, ascendant Leo) now 29 years and suffering from a mental illness. Both of us are caring for her, but the home environment is extremely tense. I feel like I want to walk away and just leave. I am very restless as my daughter is going thru her Saturn return, and my husband a Sagittarian, ascendant Leo is also very irritable, outspoken and mute at the same time. The three of us are just at an edge and constantly arguing. I feel like I am swimming against the current. Also we just put our house for sale because my husband was laid off about two years ago and is currently working at a substantially reduce pay. So I feel very trap, I love them very much and I do not know what to do. At the same time I am trying to finish a novel I want to publish soon, but I cannot concentrate on a final draft. Thank you again, any suggestions?

    • Ruby

      Susana, I would need to look at your whole chart, transits, progressions, etc. in order to give you a good assesment of how to deal with the energy. I certainly sense that you are on overload with everything. If there is any way at all that you could get away for awhile (a low cost vacation perhaps) it would be so beneficial. With the Pluto and Uranus energy that is affecting your chart and the daily challenges of your life you need clear thought. A break from the challenges would help that. It is very, very hard to think straight when one is in overwhelm mode. If nothing else, just make it a rule that for a certain time every day you get to be by yourself to rest, take a hot bath or whatever nurtures you. Please take good care of yourself.

  • supriyaa14

    What is gonna happen in my life due to this solar eclipse? I don’t know how to determine how the eclipse will affect my chart. My birthday is 14/07/1983 birth time is 11:00 AM, place:- Satna, India.. last few years have been really tough on me.. i hope this brings some relief and happy times.. 🙂

    • Ruby

      Hello Supriyaaa, The eclipse falls in the 12th house in a wide conjunction with your Cancer ascendant (how you present yourself to the world). It may bring up things from the past that need to be cleared out paving the way for you to express yourself in a much lighter more joyous way. The eclipse also opposes transiting Pluto in the 6th house of work and service. It looks like things have been very hard and confusing in the area of your daily work. As Pluto is now moving past your birth planets such matters should be easing up a little for you. It is possible that you will look for a new job or new kind of work sometime this year as the eclipse is also highlighting Uranus in the 9th conjunct your 10th house of career. Jupiter by transit is in your 10th house of career. It should help smooth the way in career matters. However, there could be some career disruptions (unless you have already had a change or loss of job). In that case it most likely brings something new.

  • supriyaa14

    I am so sorry.. my Birthdate is 14/04/1983.. i wrote 07 instead of 04 in the last post.. :: 🙂

  • Fleur


    Thank you for those great interpretations! I love reading them.
    I am a bit scared for this eclips. I have been through a lot the last two years. Nothing is the same! Hubby left, hurtfull divorce (I did not want it, but I had no choice), childeren in co-parenting, missing them terrible, sold (had to) my house, moved in to a small appartement, changed jobs from part time to full time … and it all started with an eclips. So is it getting better of even more harder? … well it is the last in the cappie/cancer so perhaps things will clear up soon … I do hope so. I was born 5 Januari 1970, in Antwerp Belgium, 4,13 PM.
    Thanks again for this great place! Love reading this.

    • Ruby

      Fleur, This eclipse fell in your first house of personality and how you present yourself to the world. It is time for you to let go of the past and really focus on yourself for a change. All of that nurturing that you had been giving to others (Cancer ascendant) needs to be focused on you. It is time to find some joy in learning to appreciate yourself and how wonderful you are. I know that this is hard after going through such rough times, but that is what the eclipse is saying. This is further reinforced by the eclipse opposition to your 7th house Sun/Venus. Relationships are very important to you and you put a lot into your relationship. You need to heal the relationship to yourself before you will be ready for a new relationship. When you are ready, I feel quite sure that one will be there for you (Sun/Venus). The eclipse also opposed Pluto on the 7th house cusp. Your old relationship had been ailing for quite some time and either needed to be transformed or ended. Things would only have gotten worse since your partner was not willing to do the hard work indicated.

      Regarding work, keep your eye out for something better to come up as I do see more changes around career. With the Sun in Capricorn you have natural business ability and could be an asset to an employer.

      All in all there are still challenges ahead because of the grand cross that was set up by the eclipse. However, I believe the worst is over for you. The challenges now will be about rebuilding your life so that it is even better than before.

  • minxerelli

    hello! i just found your site. i was searching for this exact topic as i believe i am feeling the effect of these june/july eclipses! i am a newbie so please excuse my ignorance. i would like to know where this july 1 eclipse falls on my chart too, if you had the time/interest. my DOB is 10/23/69 Philadelphia, PA 1:42am. thank you! victoria

    • Ruby

      Minxerelli, the eclipse fell in your 11th house of friends, goals groups and hopes and wishes. It could bring out some energy around those areas. Aim big (goals) and you may be able to achieve something you have always wanted. There will be challenges along the way because of the grand square that was in effect. However, it could be worth it. The eclipse squared Saturn in your Libra stellium (group of planets) in the 2nd house of money, value and resouces. Saturn went direct in mid-June after being retrograde for quite some time. You should find it is now a little easier to earn money and to get paid what you are worth after some rather hard times in that area for quite some time.

      The eclipse also opposed transiting Pluto in your 5th house of love, children and creativity. Those areas of your life may continue to be very hard. Wherever Pluto is, something needs to be completely transformed.

      The eclipse also squares your Moon and Chiron in the eighth house and also squares transiting Uranus in the eighth.

      I hope this provided some insight.

  • paganheart

    Thank you for wonderful writing about the Eclipse. I am new to astrology, and have just begun to look into it more, mainly because of all the eclipses in the last month. I was born June 15, 1975, DOB 1:18AM Dallas, TX. I know that there has been some major stuff going on in my chart, as there is in my life, but I wish to be able to follow the cycles more. If you have any suggestions, I would be grateful for your help. Its fasinating to read through all the comments section and see all of your great help. I guess really if more of us believed in following all the cycles in our charts, maybe the world would move to a more interesting place, and I still believe it it.
    Many Blessings…

    • Ruby

      Paganheart, The June 15 eclipse fell right on your natal Sun in the 4th and on the transiting Nodes so it does have special importance to you. The Nodes are complete evolutionary astrology reading so are beyond the scope of a quick comment. It also trined natal Uranus in your 8th house. Something within you needs to be freed and you need to feel at home once again in your own home. The July 1st eclipse confirms this statement. The solar eclipse squared transiting Uranus in your first house of self expression. It also squared your natal Pluto and transiting Saturn in the 7th house of close relationships. An important relationship has been under seige to the extent that it needed to be completely transformed or ended. Hard stuff that has left you with the need to express yourself in a more free and authentic way.

      I do totally believe that when we are in tune with the cycles, have some self awareness, and are ready to change and bend with the energy that we do get through the hard times easier and are able to find more joy in the easy times.

  • GSDk9

    Hi Astroherb-

    I know you tend to get swamped with reading requests and you are very generous with responding to all you can. I would be very grateful if you are able to give me some feedback about how the upcoming eclipses or transits etc. might help move my life along. I’ve been stuck for so long and wondering if I’ll get a job soon or be able to sell my house. My life feels very ‘anchored’ and wondering when there might be opport. to be freed.

    october 11, 1965 lucknow, India 3:50am

    Thank you so much!

  • FullMoon

    I am a Sun in Cancer/Asc. in Sag/Moon in Capricorn gal and the last two years have been crazy! My DOB is 7/18/1978 Birth time is 5:20 p.m., Columbus, Ga. Any help you could give me would be most appreciated.

    • Ruby

      FullMoon, the transit that stands out when I look at your chart is Pluto in Capricorn conjunct your natal Moon and transiting Saturn conjunct your natal Pluto in the 10th house of career. Your ideas about value and resources is undergoing a complete change due to these transits. Transiting Uranus is part of the picture because it squares natal Moon and opposes natal Pluto. You may have had to move or change your residence somehow. Difficult times indeed. However, I’ll bet with your optimistic Sag ascendant that you have continued to move along with a smile on your face for the most part. That is good. A smile helps us through everything.

      The July 1 eclipse made contact with all of those planetst. When Saturn moves beyond 14 degrees of Libra you will start to feel some relief. Pluto contacting your Moon will take awhile to move on, but a Capricorn moon is somewhat cautious and conservative as a rule. So those changes in income or values will be something you can take in stride.

      The eclipse at 9 Cancer fell in your 8th house of other people’s money so if you need to get financing of any kind it looks favorable, especially when the Sun and Venus move to near 19 degrees Cancer (around July 7 through 24) conjunct your natal Jupiter/Sun conjunction. You may also receive money that someone owes you, an insurance settlement etc.

  • lotuspond

    Hi there! I would like to have your insight very much! I have many challenges right now and my birth chart is January 28, 1953 4:25pm Brooklyn, NY
    Can’t wait to see what you come up with! I have Moon and Uranius in Cancer in the 12th house -natal chart.
    Interested in the eclipse info and anything else that strikes you. I could email you too.

    • Ruby

      Lotuspond, The eclipse fell in your 12th house conjunct natal Uranus. That would indicate that the eclipse may stimulate events that will help to free yourself from something from the past. It was in opposition to transiting Pluto in your 6th house. Something regarding work and service to others needs to brought up and looked at also. The eclipse square to transiting Saturn in Libra in your 3rd house and to transiting Uranus in your 9th house would indicate that you are being asked to look at communication and mind in a whole new way. There is a part of you that wants to free yourself from other people’s dogma and yet you feel duty bound to carry on as you always have.

      I also noted that you will soon be experiencing a Jupiter return (in your 10th house of career on March 22, 2012. Transiting Jupiter is now within orb of your natal Jupiter. How do you want the next 12 plus years of your life to look regarding career (or some public project)? Now is the time to put the pieces in place.

      Transiting Saturn is coming up to a Saturn return with your natal Saturn at 27 degrees Libra. How do you want the rest of your life to look, especially with regard to home and security issues. Now is the time to put some thought into that also. The eclipse may be bringing any or all of these issues to light.

  • Uzone

    Thanks for the very comprehensive and humorous insights into this eclipse. I have had a lot of anger and sadness coming up in the last month and today ( day of eclipse here in Australia) I have asked my husband to take some time this evening to clear some of the issues arising for me in our relationship and would like to do it in a way that isn’t dumping on him – tricky with all these heavy weight planets around. I am a Libra and he is Aquarian : ) We have been through a lot in our 20 years together and are both attending womens and mens groups respectively and working through our own stuff. Scorpio is my ascendant so things are a little intense and I am traveling through my Saturn return. My moon is in Taurus. Mars and North Node and MC in Leo.Pluto and Uranus in Virgo. Sun and Mercury in Libra.Neptune and Venus in Scorpio. Saturn and South node in Aquarius. Jupiter and Chiron in Pisces. Any suggestions or words of support ?? Thanks

    • Ruby

      Hello Uzone, It is quite hard to try to come up with an accurate interpretation without knowing the degrees of the planets, etc. Also, if you are going through a Saturn return it seems that Saturn would need to be in Libra, not Aquarius. Please clarify, and I will try to give you a brief insight.

  • GSDk9

    Dear Astroherb-

    Thank you so much for your response! You hit the nail on the head with every point. Some things I didn’t even realize. As for the house situation, I am trying to make additional changes inside the house to hopefully get a serious buyer. There is a double whammy in trying to sell a house in this bad economy along with more pounding from the planets above! You have given me alot to think about.

    God bless you. You have such a kind and generous heart.

    • Ruby

      GSDk9, thank you so much for letting me know that. Just remember that these heavy, hard transits upset everything, but we are usually better than ever once they are finally over. There is hope though it seems like the good doesn’t come as fast as we want it to.

  • mas819

    Thank you for this explanation. This entire year has been rocking me (and not in ways I’m enjoying). An unexpected pregnancy, a miscarriage, loss of job, can’t get new one, and just Tuesday boyfriend broke up with me. 8/19/77 7:35AM Lafayette, LA…any hope that things will turn up for me? It’s clear changes are rocking and clearing my life out, but I kind of need a job stat! And I’d love to have life work with me instead of seemingly against me for a while! Thank you.

    • Ruby

      Hello mas819, I am so sorry for the rough time you are having. Transiting Saturn has been contacting your natal Pluto in the 2nd house of earnings for quite some time. It has finally went direct and things are on their way to easing up in the money department. By July 26 Saturn will have moved past its tight conjunction with Pluto bring some relief, and then by Sept. 24 your 2nd house of earnings is transited by Venus. If you have not found a job by that time, you should be pulling out all the stops to find a job then because a positive change in money matters is indicated at that time. You have Jupiter in your 10th house of career. It should offer some protection to you when hunting for a job. Sort of an angel on your shoulder thing. Remember this when interviewing, people like to see a positive attitude and thinking of Jupiter can help.

      Your chart shows talent in communications and writing. Is there a way you could do freelance work in those areas until you find something permanent?

      Also, Neptune and Chiron are transiting your 6th house of work conditions. Things are not always what they seem on the work front, so ask good (but not negative) questions when you are interviewing. Good luck to you.

  • livlight

    Hi, thank you for your time and expertise in these answers. i am feeling like i would like to take advantage of this energy to better myself and utilize sharpened intuition as to my next steps, mainly in regard to vocation. i would appreciate any suggestions. i have a grand square transiting and natal with the eclipse conjunct natal uranus which is part of square. 3/18/52 6:28 a.m. denver co. i again thank you.

    • Ruby

      Livlight, You do indeed have a lot going on in your chart at this time. Though you didn’t mention it, you also have a Saturn return coming up, with transiting and natal Saturn part of the grand square. What I see in your chart is change on many levels, not just career. A possible move of residence, alteration in close relationships and, of course a radical change in who you present yourself to be (Uranus conjunction your Aries ascendant).

      It is time to let your true self show. With a Pisces Sun in the 12th you are extremely intuitive, but have hidden this aspect of your self. With so many cardinal planets in your chart the Piscean side of yourself has not been able to shine. Note that transiting Neptune and Chiron are conjunct your Venus in Pisces and North Node in Aquarius in the 12th also. The North Node in Aquarius indicates that in this life your purpose is to let the quirky side of yourself show and to be who you are, whether others like it or not. Your Moon in Sag shows that to be happy you must be involved in something that broadens your mind – metaphysics, travel, religion, spiruality, etc.

  • nirinjan


    My birthday is tomorrow, July 1st I’m wondering what’s in store for me during this eclipse. I have a 9 degree Cancer Sun, Mercury at 3 degrees of Cancer (both in the 11th house) and Uranus at 4 degrees of Libra in my 2nd house. ( 7/1/70, 8:58am, Danbury CT) I’ve had difficult time of things over the past year but have felt things shifting intensely since that first eclipse in June. Any thoughts on what’s being highlighted in my chart during tomorrow’s eclipse?

    • Ruby

      Nirinjan, I believe that there has been a shift for you. The eclipse fell in your 11th house of goals, hope and wishes. In addition, transiting Saturn in your 2nd house went direct in the middle of June. There should be an easing in your money picture. It also signals that you can now move forward toward any important goals that have been on hold (11th house). When Jupiter moves into your 10th house next spring career matters should take a big upswing also. Please make time for creativity and play. Pluto transiting your 5th house could turn you into a “all work, no play” kind of person.

  • Hermes Daughter

    So glad I discovered you. What a great site! I’ve never read a better description of a T-Square. You’ve made it possible to see the energies. This eclipse falls on my ascendant (9 degrees Cancer) and I’ve had the most frantic days of late; it’s scaring me. I wonder how I’ll survive. Things are falling apart, though I got a job offer yesterday. Weird. Still, I worry… With natal Sun conjunct uranus and saturn, life is an emotional roller coaster anyway. If you can comment, it would help me so. My birth date is May 29, 1943. OMG! 1943! Thank you very much. I know astrology somewhat so can comment here lots more.

    • Ruby

      Hermes Daughter, The eclipse fell in your 1st house opposing transiting Pluto in the 7th. I really feel that you are getting a better sense of yourself even through the upsets. However, there is someone in your life who you are either worriedabout or who is trying to suppress you in some way. There are lots of Mars contacts at this time (transiting Mars conjunct your Sun) and transiting Uranus conjunct natal Mars in the 10th in Aries. Busy, busy, but probably also anger coming at you from nowhere. With the transiting Uranus conjunct natal Mars in the 10th be careful of rash actions, speeding tickets etc. Though things, like the job may come from out of nowhere.

  • Apollo686

    Hi astroherb,

    Ufff!!! I thought things were supposed to gradually get better. I’ve been hit and pumpled again and again by all these eclipses occurring in Gemini and now Cancer (Natal 6/8/86 4:38 am, Tehr, Iran).

    The one in December was horrible…and left me with severe infection issues that I am dealing with still at the moment. I had a breakup that same day as well. It was profound b/c it was Saggitarius/Gemini and I have my three most important signs in Gemini.

    This one is in Cancer…and I have my Mercury and Venus in Cancer! Ahhh. When will this end?! And how profound will this one be??

    • Ruby

      Apollo686, the December eclipse fell right in your 1st/7th house axis on your natal Uranus (sudden happenings) so it does indicate the breakup. The current eclipse also highlights your 7th house of relationships as part of the grand square. Pluto (transformation and hard choices (Capricorn)) is now transiting your Neptune (rose colored glasses) in the 7th house. That would indicate that you need to be more careful in your choice of partners.

  • Hermes Daughter


    Fogot to mention I was born in Chapel Hill, N.C. at 8:20 AM (War Time). Date, again: May 29, 19…43 🙂 Thanks!


  • Puredarkangel107

    Very good information about the eclipse that is happening later today…How is this going to impact me?? The lunar eclipse we had a couple weeks ago..I felt that one big time so just curious how a partial solar eclipse is going to…12/12/83 12:21am Gillette,WY I have been studying my chart a lot more and just trying to understand the deeper aspects of Astrology since I find it very relaxing and comforting and so far has proven to me time and time again how it truly is a blue print to your life…

    • Ruby

      Puredarkangel107, The July 1, 2011 eclipse would have opposed natal Mercury and squared natal Mars. You may havefelt yourself becomming extra argumentative or scarcastic during that time. It probably will not have a major effect on your life.

  • Storyteller13

    As a traditional storyteller,

    I absolutely love the wonderful images you painted in my mind of this amazing ecplise pattern in cancer that we can yield the benefits from if we are willing to sit at the table.

    Personally, I am at the table and completely trusting the process. Thank you for the creative play of symbols that keep it simple and get to the heart of the matter. You gave great perspective and there is nothing better than a good strategy when you have to get down to business!

    All of these planets mean business and we might as well jump in the water. You have inspired me to register and explore my options on the services and classes you offer. This is a first!

    The Westwinds Storyteller

    • Ruby

      Storyteller13, Thanks for your thoughts. I love the words “all of these planets mean business and we might as well jump in the water.” I am finding more and more that as we work with the energies of the planets instead of against them we come out so much better in life. Sometimes we just need to surrender and, as you said, trust the process.

  • Travelvixen

    Thanks for this excellent commentary on the eclipse! I’ll be returning often to this website. I think this eclipse lands right on my Cancer acsendant, yikes. My birthdate is 25/12/63, 5:13 pm in Regina, Canada. I’ve been through so many changes already. Can you please tell me that I should ‘welcome’ this eclipse?? Many thanks.

    • Ruby

      Travelvixen, This eclipse did land right on your ascendant and on your North Node in Cancer. The overriding message with the eclipse on the North Node is that it is time to nurture yourself. With your South Node in Capricorn you are the one who always makes sure that everything is organized and working for everyone else without regard for how you feel. Thus, people will begin to see you in a different way (eclipse on Asc).

      The eclipse also squared transiting Uranus and natal Jupiter in Aries in your 10th house. A change could be coming regarding your career or how you relate to the public. You may be feeling that you need more freedom or room to navigate in those areas. I believe any changes you make will be somewhat protected by the natal Jupiter. Also of note is that the eclipse squared transiting Saturn in your 4th house. Any further changes may affect both your home life and career life.

      All of these changes can bring you to a better place in how you lead your life even though the path to get there can be rather rough.

  • nebulous

    This is a wonderful post, I love the way you explained the interaction of the planets in a very accessible way. Is it possible to tell me how this eclipse will be affecting my life? I am almost feeling as if there is a separate self in me that just woke up. Like I want to break free but I am established and have commitments, wanting to change but being intimidated by losing what is safe and familiar. Also feeling the pressures of others expectations, and like they do not listen or see me. My birthdate is 5/19/83, 4:41pm, San Benito, TX. Many thanks!!!!

    • Ruby

      Nebulous, I’m glad you enjoyed my website. This eclipse should have benefitted your career or how you appear to the public as it fell in your 10th house on your natal Venus. If you are feeling you need a change in that area, the eclipse energy could have pushed you towards a change. The eclipse also squared your ascendant and transiting Saturn in Libra in your 1st house. This would partially account for how you are feeling–wanting to move forward but feeling responsibilities (Saturn). Of course, the eclipse also squared Uranus (the planet of freedom) which is in the 6th house of work and service conjunct your 7th house of relationships. Close relationships feel as if they are holding you back now and taking too much effort. I would advise you to work on your own changes in a methodical way (Saturn in 1st) and as it becomes more clear to you what you really want for yourself you will have a better foundation to use in going after the freedom you are now seeking.

      Further, the eclipse squared transiting Pluto in Capricorn in your 3rd house of communication conjunct your 4th house of home. Pluto brings a complete transformation on many levels but it does this over a long period of time. Take your time to slowly determine what it is you really want. Uranus strongly aspected can make us burn bridges that we didn’t mean to burn. If you take it slowly you will know you are doing the right thing when you make any long lasting changes.

  • bookbabe

    Greetings from Boulder, and thank you for the article. The “story” is very helpful. Like many others, I too am interested in greater detail how this eclipse might effect me. Cancer happens to be my ASC; I would imagine that is significant? Also, I have had a number of sudden losses this past 6 months: my long-term relationship ended and my partner moved abroad; I was laid off from my job; a burgeoning relationship “went offline”, or kind of got hijacked, by circumstances, and is now on hold, or undefined, or… something… I know you have many requests, but if you could give me any insight, it would be most appreciated. I know that this is a time of great transition for me, but there has been alot of suddeness, and alot of Neptune-ness about it. Anything that could help me navigate would help! 9/23/69, 1:05 a.m., Denver, CO.

    • Ruby

      Bookbabe, It is always nice to hear from another Coloradoan. The eclipse fell in your 12th house in Cancer square transiting Pluto in your 6th house. The 12th house is the Pisces house in the natural wheel. Pisces is ruled by Neptune which is why you are feeling a Neptune effect. Its a good time to look into the past and get rid of any attitudes or emotional hangups that no longer serve you. The eclipse opposition to transiting Pluto shows the loss of the job. Most likely you were working very, very hard before you lost your job.

      The eclipse also squares transiting Saturn conjunct Uranus, Mercury and Jupiter in your 4th house. Belt tightening for sure. But note that Saturn will be moving into conjunction with your natal Jupiter by the end of July. Looks like some easing on the homefront.

      The eclipse squared natal Uranus in the 10th. Sudden career changes. However note that transiting Jupiter at 4 degrees Taurus will soon conjunct natal Saturn in the 10th house. Somewhat the same energy as noted in the paragraph above. If you have not already found a job, you need to put renewed effot into it as the chances are improving for finding something suitable.

  • tarac

    Hi Astroherb~

    I would much appreciate your input regarding how the esclipse will affect me. I have been exploring with astrology recently but really have no clue on how to decipher the alignments, etc. My birthday is 11.15.1976 at 10:00 a.m.

    Thank-you in advance.


    • Ruby

      Hello Tarac, The eclipse and transiting Venus fell in your 7th house of relationships in opposition to transiting Pluto in your 1st house. You are changing on a profound level in how you project your self to others (PLuto in 1st) which will have an effect on how you relate to the significant others in your life. If you are not already in a relationship the eclipse could make you more open to one. If you are in a relationship it is a good time to let the other person know more about your true self though there could be some power struggles along the way. As you change (Pluto in 1st), it will have an effect on close relationships so it is good to keep (sympathetic and loving) others informed about your feelings.

      The eclipse also squared natal Pluto and transiting Saturn in your 9th house of philosophy, religion, travel and other mind expanding activities. You will be digging deeper into heavy issues such as “why am I here” and “what does it all mean” etc. The key is to ask the questions, but to not get mired in any negativity regarding those matters. With your Sun in Scorpio you can tend to think too deeply sometimes to the point where you become depressed. However, all in all these transits, though sometimes hard, will eventually take you to a much better place in life.

  • tarac

    Ah, forgot place…newnan, GA

    username tarac

  • jennirose

    Hi Astroherb,

    Great information about the solar eclipse! I’d appreciate your input on any details on how the solar eclipse today will interact with me as I have several planets that may be positioned to be affected. Birthday: September 6, 1953; 9:00 PM; Cuckfield, England, UK.

    A sincere thank you for your expertise.

    • Ruby

      Jennirose, The eclipse fell in your third house opposing transitin Pluto in your 9th. It opposes transiting Saturn in your 6th house and transiting Uranus in your 12th house. However, because it did not closely aspect any natal planet. It will have minimal effect on you. Transiting planets, including eclipses, only have an effect when they connect with a natal planet.

  • Farrah

    Hi – One of the best write-up on the eclipse that I have read so far. My dob is 26 April 1962 born at 2.45 in New Delhi India. I have gone through terrible upheavals in life till recently, my second marriage suddenly ended in separation in 2009 after 11 years. Wonder what I have in store for me. Pleeeese tell me something about what the future holds for me.
    Thank you and Best Personal Regards to you Bless you for bringing information and hope to so many people

    • Ruby

      Farrah, I am glad you enjoyed my article on the July 1st eclipse. You didn’t tell me whether the time of birth was 2:45 am or pm. I used AM for this interpretation because Saturn would have been conjuncting natal Pluto in your 7th house of relationships in 2008 and 2009, which would explain the separation from your wife. Let me know if it was PM.

      Transiting Jupiter will be conjunct your Sun in the 2nd house until the middle of March 2012. This could be a good time for enhanced earning. Be sure to present yourself in the best possible way to any employers as you could reap financial rewards during this period.

      The July 1 eclipse fell in your 5th house of love and creativity and opposed transiting Pluto in your 11th house. It also opposed natal Mars and transiting Uranus on your 2nd house cusp and squared natal Saturn in your 8th house. Is there an ongoing battle with your wife over money or the children? If so, this would be a good time to more permanently resolve things. You do need to be careful with anger at this time as transiting Uranus conjunct your natal Mars can make you feel and act quite volatile.

      • Farrah

        Dear astroherb, thank you so much for your reply.I am so grateful to you for replying. However my time of birth is 2:45 pm and not am.(dob 26April 1962). Sorry for not being clear about the time. Please please tell me if I would ever have a future partner ever. My first husband passed away and my second marriage also ended in separation in 2009. I live with my two teenage daughters in a foreign country. I am employed but very lonely. God bless you for all your help. Farrah 26 April 1962 2:45 pm

    • Ruby

      Farrah, I reran your chart for 2:45 pm. I don’t believe your will have a new relationship soon. Transiting Uranus is conjunct your natal Mars in your 7th house of relationships. That would indicate that you need to take the separation to the next level (divorce) before there is room for a new person in your life. If you are able to get that cleared up, it looks like December 17, 2011 to January 23, 2012 is the best time to meet someone in the near future.

  • Farrah

    Time of birth is 2:45 Sorry for the error

  • sundance

    Wondering how long the eclipse will affect me–been dealing with a bad flare-up of hemolytic anemia and am ready for it to move on!! Too many choices of what to do and none of them seem to work. Sun and Uranus both powerful forces for me– 07/31/1958 12:20am New Mexico

    • Ruby

      Sundance, I am so sorry about your medical condition. Though I do not do medical astrology, I noticed that Venus and Mercury will be transiting over your 6th house Neptune on October 13. That might be a good time to try to get more definitive answers from doctors about your condition and any possible breakthrough (transiting Uranus) treatment options. Whenever, Neptune appears in the 6th house in a birth chart it is often very hard to get diagnosis and treatment options from your medical advisers. Uranus could help in that regard.

      The July 1 eclipse fell in your 2nd house of money and other resources in opposition to transiting Pluto in the 8th house. This could indicate problems with your insurance company or possible medical disability claims. However, it also indicates that you could be victorious in such matters if you stay determined. I wish you luck in your quest for better health.

  • sweetapple

    There are so many aspects with my natal chart! I am surprised I haven’t felt anything remarkable yet…I wonder why that is. I have a Libra moon 12 degrees (thus conjunct trans. Saturn, square Sun and Moon), natal venus conjunct mars at 5/6 degrees (thus conjunct trans. Uranus, square Pluto!). The eclipse felt on my 4h house, my natal moon is on the 7th, venus and mars on the 1st…Im wondering what it all means…are there any clues you can give me? 🙂 02/09/85, 8:29 am, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Thaaaaks!

    • Ruby

      Hello Sweetapple, Eclipses do not always bring dramatic happenings. Sometimes the effects are more subtle. Also, remember that the planets forming the T-square are slow moving (Saturn) to very slow moving (Uranus and Pluto). Transiting outer planets often build up energy over a long time span. You may see more of an effect when transiting Uranus exactly conjuncts your natal Mars/Venus in the 1st for instance. You may be actively pursing personal freedom and self expression at that time. Here again though you need to look at everything in the chart. Pisces ruling the first house would smooth that reaction somewhat. In fact, I would caution you not to miss the urging to present yourself to the world in a more dynamic way, which is what the eclipse square transiting Uranus and natal Mars/Venus is urging you to do.

      Similarly, transiting Uranus conjunct natal Moon is urging you to scrutinize partnership and relationship mamtters. Do not be totally swayed by your “nice” Libra Moon. Saturn is a reality check. It doesn’t need to be dramatic. Etc. with Pluto in the 10th.

  • Cappyflare

    Hello, thank you so much for your explanation, you made it so much easier to understand the astrological reasoning behind the chaotic energy I’ve been experiencing. What would you say is a healthy way to deal with this? My birth date is 12/29/81, I was born in Houston, TX at 12:55PM.
    I feel like I don’t even recognize myself, and lately have a sense that doom is around the corner, along with the feeling that the grass may be greener on the other side, etc. Temptation is a big theme so it seems, but that’s been gradually intensifying ever since the end of December. I would really appreciate any advice you may have.

    • Ruby

      Hello Cappyflare, First regarding the issue of temptation and “the grass is greener” syndrome, I believe there are two things to explain it. First, I believe that part of this longing may be a spiritual longing disguised as something else. Your 9th house Sun has been conjunct transiting Pluto for quite some time. Transiting north node has also been conjunct natal Neptune in Sag in the 9th house. Pluto and Neptune are the planets of temptation and longing. Such contacts in the 9th house often brings a sort of nameless longing. Very often it is an existential longing or a sort of “is that all there is.” Delving deeper into philosophy, metaphysics, or spirituality may bring you some answers and relief.

      Second, transiting Saturn is at the midpoint of natal Vertex and Saturn and transiting Vertex is conjuct natal Saturn. The Vertex can often bring someone into your life unexpectedly, though the contact is often short lived. They often bring a lesson with them.

      Third, as transiting Saturn comes closer to natal Pluto in your 7th house of relationships around the middle of October you really will need to evaluate any present relationship in the harsh light of reality. Points of friction will need to be brought out in the open and discussed and a complete transformation will need to be made in the relationship. That is, how can we bring it back to where it once was, and, are we willing to do that hard work.

  • Diana6970

    Hello Astroherb! You are quite the impressive astrologer!! I really enjoy reading your article.. I came across your site by searching the July 1 eclipse. As busy as you are, could you take the time to tell me a little bit.. Hopefully some good news somewhere soon.. I have had quite the struggle for what seems like eternity. The eclipses have been nailing me for years!!! I was born June 9,1970 in Islip New York at 5:40 a.m. I wish I could interpret how these eclipses affect me, but I’ve been too busy just trying to keep up with life.. I lost a son back in 2001 and I have never been able to fully come back.I was able to see certain aspects i his or my chart..But future predictions are so different..I am a single mom of four others and right now,I need some good news.I keep losing jobs every time I turn around..We are facing homelessness and I really would LOVE to hear things will get better(and have it be true!!)If you have some extra time..please..I need to fill my head with better thoughts. Thank you SO MUCH!!

  • rss_ndrsn

    I am new to this site and i want to ask what the solar eclipse has in store for me. I was born on june 22, 1987 in manila, philippines between 12-1 am. I have been living in canada since 2005, when my family migrated there. Since May, 2009, i have been suffering from unknown disease that lately seems to be proper diagnosis is closed.
    Also, my unresolved personal issues are highlighted now. I want to move on with my life but i am having problems doing so because all of my personal problems are tied with each other, like i will not be able to solve one unless i solve the other one. Also, isn’t cancer should be popular right now. I do not think i am.
    At work, it is very chaotic as my coworkers envy me because i am getting more hours than them, and one of them is mad at me because he wants to change shift with me but i do not want to. This scenario at work really forces me look for another job. Although i have never really heard them say those things, i just know their motives. I do not want to fullfill their wishes or help them as i have problems of my own and i can sense their bad intentions.
    A lot of astrology sites that solar eclipse marks a period of change and time of transformation. If that’s the case, i want to make the most out of it but don’t know how. I hope you can help

    • Ruby

      rdd_ndrsn, Transiting Pluto is conjunct your natal Neptune on the cusp of your 10th house of career. That indicates possible control from someone else that is confusing to you. I would urge you to not fantasize about what others are saying or doing as it is certain that you have no way of really knowing (Neptune). I believe also that you are projecting a certain sense of power that others are reacting to; however, it is their problem not yours. I do not think that you are overly projecting that sense of power.

      Transiting Uranus conjunct your Aries ascendant was also part of the eclipse dynamics. Your transformative job is to really “get” who you are and to let others see that self. That courageous, warrior energy that is part of your birthright. Transiting Saturn in your 7th house of partnerships is in opposition to that Uranus/Ascendant conjunction. Can you be strong, and yourself despite what others think? Especially those close to you. How do you balance that courageous energy with others feelings? That is the challenge this year.

      Your solar return Sun in the 6th house of health in Gemini indicates that it is a year to keep pursuing an answer to your health problems. You may be able to have a breakthrough. Also, look to the past, hereditary issues, etc. Study and research and communication with others can bring answers this year.

  • Travelvixen

    Many thanks for answering my inquiry. You are right regarding career as I’m currently looking for work. I initiated a new life path when I recently sold my home to start over in a new city. It’s kind of scary, but I’m embracing the changes as I build on a new foundation. I take comfort in your comment that I will end up in a better place with these changes.

  • ashleysmolnik

    Hello – I feel like I stumbled on your site for a reason. I was just noticing the beautiful moon peaking at me through the window, and started googling.

    July has been so tough on me. Started the night of July 1st. Horrible pains struck me and the next morning, the 2nd, I was being rushed to the ER. Kidney stones, for the second time. (This time in the left kidney, I had them in ’07 in my right kidney) It’s been hell all July, dealing with pain and then withdrawal from my opiate pain killers, (I was rushed back to the ER from my pounding heart on the 12th) but yesterday (the 13th) and mostly as the night came on, and early morning (now the 14th), I felt a big strength and rush of positive energy, and that’s when I noticed the moon, and it always makes me smile. Any time I feel a rush of energy and strength I’m drawn to the window and it always happens to be a bright shining full moon.
    My date of birth is 4/1/1989, April 1st, 1989, at 5:33 pm, in Dallas, Texas. April fools Aries baby with moon in Aquarius 🙂
    I’ve been a big follower of astrology since I was a little girl for some reason, but unfortunately I know of noone to help me with the details. I’ve read all I could on the subject, though.

    Right now is a tough time in my life, and it’s been rough as hell. My boyfriend of two years and I have to move out of my mom’s house in September since she’s selling her house, and we were planning to go to Washington, state.. but lately I’ve had a feeling not to go, so we’ll probably be staying in Nebraska, at least for now until we figure things out. I was planning on breaking up with him and maybe going to Washington alone, because I’d met someone there that I thought I was very interested in, but since July hit, I’ve had a change of heart, and have found myself realizing I don’t think I could be without my boyfriend of two years. It’s just been really confusing. Since my birthday in April my mind has been changing so much.

    Anything you could tell me about myself or my present situation or any advice would be immensely appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this and thank you so much in advance. <3

    Ashley Smolnik

    • Ruby

      Ashley, I finally had time to look at your chart. Transiting Pluto is conjunct your natal Uranus in the 4th house of home so it is a very strong indication that you will be moving. There is a lot of confusion and angst around it, but it is time. The hard events we must face under these heavy transits will eventually bring you to a better place. The Seattle and Portland areas actually look very good for you as it puts Jupiter in a place of prominence in your chart. Also, it could be beneficial to your relationship to your current boyfriend.

      Though you and he do not have a lot of beneficial contacts, if you wish to keep this relationship it could help. Part of the problem right now is that transiting Saturn is in Libra in your 1st house. Because his planets fall here also, it shows that you do not have much patience with him at this point in time. That will eventually clear up somewhat. However, the general lack of beneficial contacts between the two charts will continue.

      Transiting Uranus is in your 7th house of relationships showing you have a general restlessness around relationships. You will have this for a long time so you need to decide what you want. You probably need freedom at this time, more than a committed relationship.

      Hope this helps. Good luck.

  • ashleysmolnik

    Ahh and maybe I should mention, my boyfriend of two years is a Libra like you, born October 19th, 1989, at 12:46 am. 🙂
    You guys really are the greatest guys. Such hearts and honesty, such patience and balance. My boyfriend and I are best friends, it’s just been a bit hard in the relationship department because well, we are literally opposites! Me being a fireball and him being the coolest cucumber. But, I’m realizing I don’t think I could be without him.


  • happy singh

    my birth date is 30th dec 1965 ,10.45pm ,ahmedabad , July 1st 2011 eclipse will be positive or negative for me please guide

    • Ruby

      Happy Singh, like so many others, your chart is somewhat affected by the squares of several outer planets. Transiting Pluto is conjunct your natal Sun in the 4th house of home. There may be transformative changes around the home, though overall it seems to have some benefit. Transiting Jupiter is in your 8th house opposing transiting Saturn in your 3rd. You could be receiving money or gifts from someone. You may be quite busy this year with short trips, communication of some sort (possibly with siblings). Siblings may require extra concern and attention this year.

  • AK42

    This site is great, I enjoyed it very much.
    By these coming eclipses of June 1st, June 15th, and July 1st, it seems that I am doomed to failure. I was born on Dec.7th, 1957, and my natal chart is follow:
    -Rising Sign is in 20 Degrees Cancer
    -Sun is in 15 Degrees Sagittarius
    -Moon is in 20 Degrees Gemini
    -Mercury is in 06 Degrees Capricorn
    -Venus is in 00 Degrees Aquarius
    -Mars is in 19 Degrees Scorpio
    -Jupiter is in 24 Degrees Libra
    -Saturn is in 16 Degrees Sagittarius
    -Uranus is in 11 Degrees Leo
    -Neptune is in 03 Degrees Scorpio
    -Pluto is in 02 Degrees Virgo
    -N. Node is in 10 Degrees Scorpio

    After 20 years of marriage life and having 2 children, in middle of March 2011, my wife asked for divorce, and I was trying to convince her for reconciliation, and it was working somehow OK – However as we got to these eclipses, she got more decisive and more determind to end up the marriage. Can you please help and advise me if my marriage is ending. I realy appreciate any advice that you may provide.

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