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November 25, 2011, Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Two Men Playing Chess”

Sabian symbol for the eclipse degree.

The November 25 Solar Eclipse falls at 02:36 degrees of Sagittarius with a polarity to 02:36 Gemini. This eclipse belongs to Saros Series 14 North, which started on April 29, 1074, with strong Neptune/Saturn and Venus/Uranus/Neptune energy. That first Saros 14 North eclipse brought in a time of great confusion (Neptune) and unexpected (Uranus), sometimes daunting energy (Saturn), which affected personal relationships (Venus) among other things. For those of you who have read my previous eclipse articles, you know that the energy around an eclipse at its beginning (that is on April 29, 1074) must be blended with the energy of the current eclipse.

The current eclipse continues the Neptune and Uranus energy. The Sun and Moon are square Neptune, Mars, and Chiron and inconjunct Jupiter and trine Uranus. The Moon is also parallel the North Node by declination. This eclipse continues the somewhat confusing energy started at the first Saros series (Neptune) and has a bit of unexpected, wild card energy (Uranus). However, it also has a spirit of optimism because the eclipse takes place in Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of optimism and abundance.

The Sabian symbol for the eclipse degree, “Two Men Playing Chess,” gives helpful clues about how to navigate this eclipse. Before, I explain that symbology, let’s first break down the planetary energy:

  • Sun/Moon square Neptune – This eclipse aspect highlights our dreams and our psychic abilities but also can bring confusion, delusion and illusion. A very positive outcome can be had by really tuning into our dreams and by being aware of synchronicities and messages from our subconscious. The trick is to be aware of the danger of self delusion and to be on guard against delusion toward us from others. Read the fine print and remember that “if its too good to be true” it probably isn’t true.

  • Sun/Moon square Mars – We may be more prone to anger and angry outbursts. The positive way to handle this powerful square to Mars is to transmute our anger into positive actions. What a wonderful time this would be to start an exercise program!

  • Mars square Neptune – A Mars/Neptune square could bring a lot of anger around others’ perceived misdeeds; or it could bring a sort of free floating anger/anxiety with no known cause. A good use of this energy is to convert it into action towards something that will help humanity (even in a very, very small way).

  • Sun/Moon square Chiron – What hurts and unhealthy habits have we been hanging to that are making our life challenging? Chiron is an asteroid that brings the message that disease, dysfunction and disorder, are our teachers. Chiron has a special affinity to Mars (see above Mars aspects). This is a good time to heal ourselves by using our Mars energy in a more positive way.

  • Sun/Moon inconjunct Jupiter – An inconjunct aspect (150 degrees) is like a constant friction. It feels like something needs to be fixed, but we can’t seem to fix it. We need to think about this one in more detail. The Sun and Moon are in Sagittarius. Remember that Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. So here we have Jupiter energy causing friction to Jupiter. The Sun and Moon are called the “lights” because they shine light on everything. This aspect is asking us to shine light on our problems and frictions in order to reap the benefits of the positive side of Jupiter. Similarly, we must be aware of the negative side of Jupiter which is out-of-control expansion with no regard to the outcome. Think of the housing boom and bust – a very Jupiterian phenomena.

  • Sun/Moon trine Uranus – Here the planet of freedom, individuality and revolution is highlighted in a flowing trine. Ask yourself, “where do I need to break away from that which is confining me.” Just remember that the confinement is often self imposed. It is also important to be aware of the Mars square mentioned above. You could be very prone to break away from something in a fit of anger that you would later regret.

Okay, back to the Sabian symbol, “Two Men Playing Chess,” and how it can be used to navigate the eclipse. Good chess players concentrate and plan their moves carefully. Even so, sudden upsets are common in the game. Competition can get out of hand and escalate causing angry feelings. Therefore to navigate this eclipse in the best possible way:

  • Think before you act.

  • Flow with any upsets, tomorrow is another day.

  • Monitor any angry feelings. Is the target of your anger really the cause?

  • Think positively, but be aware that ungrounded, out of control optimism can be detrimental.

  • Assert your need for freedom and individuality if you feel it is appropriate, but do it carefully and mindfully.

  • Above all, keep your focus on the big picture. Will your actions bring you toward your long-term goals or will they only bring temporary gratification?

I highly recommend a more in-depth, personal reading Schedule an Astrology Reading or call me at (720) 362-3305.

I encourage you to leave a comment by posting your comment in the comment box immediately below this article. Though, I will not be able to respond to all of your comments, I will reply to as many as I can.

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29 comments to November 25, 2011, Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

  • GSDk9

    Thank you for your kind and genuine responses! I’ve been struggling with a job loss since early this year and with trying to sell the house. No luck with either as yet. Seems like Saturn putting lots of roadblocks up. Even considering starting an online business. Any chance of success with work or house sale by chance? Hoping new eclipse brings some progress. October 11, 1965 Lucknow India 3:50am. Thanks so much!

    • Ruby

      Hello GSDk9, it is good to hear from you again. I’m sorry to hear that things are challenging for you. The November 25, 2011 eclipse will fall on your natal Venus and Mars in your 3rd house of communication and will oppose your N Node in Gemini in the 9th house. There is definitely a connection here to any form of communication, which could include an online business. A solar eclipse always has a feeling of a new start in some way. So, in any case, I would look at something new regarding communication. Jupiter is sitting in your 8th house. You might even be able to attract seed money if you need to.

      Saturn is sitting right on the midpoint of your Sun/Mercury conjunction in your 2nd house. You will usually feel a planet’ energy the strongest at the midpoint of any two or more planets. I believe that money matters could begin to get better once Saturn moves past this point when it will come into a tighter conjunction with Mercury. (Notice that Mercury continues the communication theme.) It will move past the Mercury conjunction on December 13. You should see an easing in money matters after this time.

      As for the house, Pluto has been sitting in your 4th house of home for a very long time and will continue there for years. The usual methods will not work as well with Pluto sitting there. With Pluto you need to think “transformation.” Is there some way you can drastically change how it is being marketed or can you even change its use, at least temporarily?

      • GSDk9

        Dear Astroherb-
        Thank you for your thoughtful reply! Had a strange occurrence with the job situation. I was offered a position only to be told that the funding was lost for it. I was then offered a somewhat lesser position with the same employer and am now waiting clearance for salary. Seems some companies are discriminating against the unemployed by offering the very lowest salary possible (even to those with 20+ years of experience). Praying that this goes through this time.

        As for the house, had a buyer interested a few months back who then lost total interest and now may have some interest again. Here’s another hot/cold, now you have it/now you don’t situation! Praying that this person can re-spark their interest so the house can be sold as well.

        This has been a crazy ride with Saturn & Pluto! It has felt like feet being locked in cement. That’s why I’m trying to get creative and use my skills to start an online business. With Mercury Rx approaching, concerned about signing contracts with house and/or job for fear of more instability ahead. Hope & pray for the best!

        Thank you so much for your support and kind words!

      • Ruby

        Hello Beth, remember that with Mercury retrograde, it means that communication can be garbled. The message doesn’t get through clearly. You can help mitigate the effects of Mercury Rx by going over the key provisions of the contract with the other person. That is, “I heard you say …..” “Is that correct?” Follow up emails with phone calls where appropriate, etc. Good luck.

  • denizd

    I am very glad for your useful article. I am cancer, asc gemini, 22 june 1982 at 4 am izmir turkey, In which part of my life will it effect most ? I am single, and will it have an effect on my marriage ? 🙂
    Thanks in advance

    • Ruby

      Hello Denzid, The November solar eclipse will fall in your 7th house of long-term, close relationships conjunct natal Uranus. This could help bring in a new close relationship. The thing you need to realize is that with Uranus in Sagittarius in the 7th house, you need to have a partner who will allow you a certain amount of freedom. That is, you need time and space to do your own thing away from the other person. A clingy person would not bring long-term happiness for either of you. Given the right person, with your Sun and Moon in Cancer you do have a lot of love to give.

      Saturn has been transiting your natal Pluto in Libra in your 6th house. You must be working very, very hard at something. You may be rewarded once Saturn moves further past your Pluto

  • sue71

    Hello,and thank you for your astrology articles.
    I am a Pisces Feb 24th 1971(5am)Dublin Ireland, Sag Asc, I know this upcoming eclipse will conjunct my chart rulers = My Jupiter/Neptune cinjunction in Saggitarius which are square my natal sun , I know TR Pluto is also sextile my natal Sun right now which may be triggered by this eclipse.When ever my chart rulers are activated via my progressed moon there is always drama!!
    I would like to know about my personal life, I met a great guy late May this year ( 21st Sept 1963, Dublin Ireland, Time unknown) he is in an unhappy marriage and we have fallen in love but refuses to leave his kids, I ended it with him weeks ago but he remains in contact. I guess I want to find true happiness and am tired of these “Non runners” of men, Do you see any happiness anywhere for me in the new year ? Also career prospects, looking to launch a new online business. Much appreiciated, thank you. Sue71.

    • Ruby

      Hello Sue71, With your Jupiter/Neptune in the 11th (hopes and wishes and friends) square your Sun in Pisces you have a tendency to over idealize certain others in your life and/or to see them as you wish to see them not necessarily as they are. The man you referred to has his Sun on your Pluto and his Saturn on your Moon. There would probably always be the power struggle over leaving his marriage or, if not that, something else. His Saturn on your Moon is not conducive to a happy relationship as it would always have a dampening effect on your emotions. His Uranus is opposing your Sun, also a little bit of a warning sign.

      As for another relationship right away, the lunar eclipse of December 10, 2011 falls on your natal Mars in your 12th house cusp and is in aspect to your North and South Nodes. That, plus Pluto transiting your first house would point to a time when you need to work with and acknowledge your own personal power rather than to submerge yourself in a relationship. Though the nodal involvement could possibly point to someone from the past coming back into your life, only you can assess whether it is worth the trauma.

      As for your online business, your solar return chart for 2012 shows positive energy around anything involving communication (3rd) house. However, Saturn is retrograde in your 10th house of career. It would be an excellent time to build the business, but success may not come until later.

  • arcadi90

    My marriage will be celebrated in the month of December, I was born on February 12, 1970 I am in an important turning point in my life. Could you please tell me how the eclipse of Novembre 25 might have an impact on me? Thanks for all your explanation and the important work of clarification that you bid.

    • Ruby

      Arcadi, I am unable to give a precise answer because you did not give your place or time of birth.

      The November 2011 eclipse will fall on your natal Neptune square your natal Venus and square your transiting Neptune/Chiron conjunction. The hurts from the past are being reviewed. You may feel that you have been betrayed or that someone is not being forthcoming with you. At the time of the lunar eclipse on December 10, 2011, transiting Mars will be conjunct your South Node so it is clear that you are re-evaluating the past (possibly with a tinge of anger in your evaluation). With the nodes and Chiron involved it is good to evaluate things. However, I would caution you to not make any decisions until after the holidays. With Neptune so strong in the picture it is not a good time to make far reaching decisions.

      • OfftheWall

        Thank you for the reading astroherb. I’ll come back to this time and again as the effect of the eclipse unfold itself in the next couple of month.

  • OfftheWall

    The eclipses in June/July hit me very hard…a personal relationship ended. In fact, this experience has awakened my awareness of eclipses. What should I expect from the next one around the corner? both the November 25th and the December 10th eclipse. DOB: 01/09/1977 at 2:00 am, P-au-P, Haiti.

    • Ruby

      Dear OfftheWall, First, as I said in my last newsletter, an eclipse will not affect you unless you have planets or chart points such as the ascendant that are in aspect to the eclipse. The reason the June/July eclipse hit you hard was because the eclipse was square your natal mars and square transiting Pluto and Uranus, which could bring a time of anger, frustration and sudden separations.

      Transiting Pluto is now almost exactly conjunct your natal Mars. Be careful not to get into power struggles and angry situations. As for the eclipse of November 25, it falls in your first house of self squaring your moon and transiting Mars in the 10th house and your natal Venus and transiting Neptune/Chiron in Pisces in your 4th house. I would advise taking a wider view of things that happen and to be careful of emotional outbursts in the workplace. The square to Chiron/Neptune and Venus in your 4th house gives you an opportunity to heal old hurts, which could bring very positive results. The eclipse generally signals for you a time to be more lighthearted and optimistic and to shake yourself free of the heaviness as much as you can.

  • carpediem

    Hello Astroherb,

    I find your articles very interesting .

    I have a tight natal conjunction of Saturn (3.30 Sag), Juno, and Mars/Venus midpoint in the 2nd house. Solar Eclipse of 25th November is conjunct them, within less than 1 degree orb. Saturn rules my 4th house and 3rd. I also have Sun at 6.37 in Virgo in 10th house- so the eclipse will conjunct my Saturn in the 2nd and square my Sun in the 10th. I have been looking for a job for several months already, and my financial situation is terrible. Do you think the upcoming eclipse will somehow help me to get a job, and thus improve my financial situation, or it can make things even worse?

    What about this solar eclipse on my natal Juno and venus/mars midpoint…Can this eclipse somehow improve my relationships?

    Any respond will be much appreciated.

    • Ruby

      Carpediem, I would say that the solar eclipse of November 25 in your 2nd house conjunct your natal Saturn and square your sun in the 10th would indicate that it is time to re-evaluate how you value yourself. When you have been out of work for a long time your self esteem and self confidence takes a huge beating. The eclipse (Sun and Moon energies) is a powerful message to not give into the pessimistic, under valuing quality that a 2nd house Saturn can give you. Work on valuing yourself and put emotion into it. Focus on what you want and not on what you don’t want. Spend time every day focusing on how valuable you are (hard for a 2nd house Saturn to do). Begin by affirming what a hard worker you are and how much effort you put into a job (Saturn in 2nd and Sun in Virgo). With that energy you are a true blessing to any employer. A more positive and self-affirming attitude will let them know that.

      As for the eclipse conjunction to Juno and your Venus/Mars midpoint, it could bring more passion into your relationships. Juno can signal a long term relationship, but with Juno involved, make sure that it is a relationship of equality.

      Good luck in your job search. You absolutely have valuable skills to offer a future employer.

  • sue71

    Hello Astroherb again,
    Pleae can you look at my chart 24th FEb 1971 5am Dublin Ireland to tell me how this November eclipse will effect me, I kow it conjucts my natal Jupiter/Neptune conjunction and PR.MC.
    Please can you tell me about my year ahead for relationships (Currently single)and work/career direction. I had written to you earlier(Nov 17th)
    Would very much appreciate your insight,
    Thank you ,Susan .

  • carpediem

    Hello Astroherb,

    I was really looking forward to your response.
    You are absolutely right-indeed, my self-confidence and esteem is not high at all, which is unlike me. This is strange, as I am a very confident person in life. However, to my surprise, not when it comes to “selling myself” during an interview.

    What kind of equality do you mean in “make sure that it is a relationship of equality.”?

    Also, what do you think about this situation: The Lunar eclipse of 10th Dec is conjunct a guy’s( that I am seeing) Descendant. Currently, it is not a “full-time” relationship-it is in a transition phase. So I was thinking may be we will end it, or may be finally make it a deeper commitment. The outcome is quite contrasting. Judging by transits, transiting Neptune will start trining his Sun (rules his 3rd house, and sign of his Moon), and transiting Jupiter (1st house ruler) is opposite his Sun, and after it turns direct, it will re-enter his 5th house. Also, his Solar Arc Mercury (7th house ruler) is conjunct his ASC- so I am thinking may be we will form a relationship? Though I am not quite good at figuring out what breakup transits are.

    P.S. I am interested in eclipses since 1st of July this year. That Solar eclipse was on my natal Moon in 9th. I was studying for the last 3 years, it was really tough for me, and I was almost sure I did not pass my final exams to get my degree. This would change whole my life. Everything was dependent on my results basically-it could either be really good news, or I would be devastated. Luckily, on the eclipse day, I got my result- I passed- it did change my life. Also, the same eclipse was conjunct my friend’s Sun. She was doing the same exams, but did not pass. However, later she got proposed by her boyfriend and is getting married in 3 weeks. So yes- I believe the eclipses can be very powerful.

    Any comment will be much appreciated.


    • Ruby

      Carpediem, Juno rules long-term relationships, but it is more in the sense of the “business” of the relationship rather than the romantic aspects. I was just alerting you to the fact that if this relationship turns “long-term,” it is good to establish the roles you want to play in the relationship before your respective roles become solidified.

      It is extremely difficult to give an accurate opinion of the outcome of any situation without a full birth chart. However, my guess is that with the information you have given me that the relationship is more apt to deepen rather than be broken apart. I wasn’t able to compare his chart with yours so there is a big unknown about whether your interactions with each other are conducive to a good, long-term relationship. Uranus, and sometimes Mars, will often be prominent in break-up charts. Saturn can either denote a stable, long-term relationship or a hard, un-fulfilling relationship (or both) that will eventually disentegrate. It all depends on the planets involved and the interaction of the whole chart(s).

      Good luck.

  • Elizabeth Erwin

    My natal Jupiter is at 1 degree Sagitarius (cusp of my tenth house is 28 degrees Scorpio I believe). Having been unemployed since early 2010, I am very hopeful that my efforts to rejoin the employed will have some help from this eclipse? I believe that my houses were determined using the Koch system and given that I was born in the far north U.S., my tenth house is farily small, and not at the top of my chart. Also, Pluto has been sitting on my natal Saturn – forever it seems… at 5 degrees Capitcorn. When does my life start to move forward again? I am a Pisces (12 degrees) with a Capricorn rising (29 degrees). Can you give me any hope? I just came across this web site and am excited to start learning from it!

    • Ruby

      Elizabeth, The November 25 solar eclipse falling in your 10th house of career conjunct your natal Jupiter signals a time of letting go of what has gone before and moving toward a new phase of life. Because a solar eclipse is on a new moon it signifies (among other things) that it is now time to move towards something new. In this case a new work life.

      In your case, it is important to look for work that has meaning for you if at all possible (natal Jupiter in Sag.). Also, at the time that your unemployment began Uranus was conjunct natal Mercury in Pisces in your 2nd house of earnings. Another indication that the status quo was no longer working in your life.

      Transiting Pluto is now at 06 degrees of Capricorn and is moving past your natal Saturn. Things should ease up a little with the Pluto energy though you may feel it again in September 2012 for a brief period when Pluto retrogrades back to 06 degrees Cap.

      Finally, as Mercury goes direct on December 14 it will be transiting your 11th house of goals and hopes and wishes. The Sun will be in the 11th from from Dec 6-Dec 31. That is a time to really focus in on your goals. Think positively and visualize the goals and be careful not to think too small.

      Usually when we look back at a sudden life change we can see how it furthers our life in some way. By focusing on what you really want (more than just a job to pay the bills) we come one step closer to getting it.

  • elizabeta

    love your articles, and many thanks for sharing your valuable insights. I am a Virgo, Asc. Libra (9-14-1974, 6:10am, Belgrade, Serbia) and am finding myself quite anxious in this eclipse season, specifically in regard to the upcoming Full Lunar Eclipse on the 10th. The Lunar Eclipse of December 2010 really kicked my butt (partner’s dishonesty coming to light in a very shocking way) and I think I’m still recovering from it. What is your take on the Lunar Eclipse this year? I’ve gone through so many changes since the last one that I’m really hoping for an easier ride this time around…
    Much gratitude, elizabeta

    • Ruby

      Elizabeta, The 2010 December lunar was indeed a hard time for you. There were some pretty significant Saturn\/Pluto energy in effect with transiting Saturn (limitation, hard lessons learned) square natal Saturn conjunct Pluto (something needs to be transformed and often something being revealed) and Mercury in your first house of self and opposing your house of relationships. Because of this opposition it was time for your partner’s dishonesty to be revealed.

      This eclipse has Saturn conjunct your natal Uranus in your first house. Uranus is also transiting your 7th house of relationships. I believe that this points to a time of freeing yourself (Uranus) from that relationship and to fully moving on. Lunar eclipses generally will point to something in your life that has come full circle and needs to be released to let in something new that is more in tune with who you have become. Because of last years transit of Saturn to Pluto and the profound changes it brought, you are no longer who you used to be. It is time to celebrate that difference and to kick up your heels a little-have fun and heal the hurt (transiting Chiron in your 5th house of love and fun).

      Transiting Pluto is now in your 4th house of family, so there may be some family issues that you will have to deal with, but overall you are entering a time of greater self assurance and freedom of being.

  • a3hourtour

    Hi. My birthday is Saturday the 10th, the day of the eclipse. (12/10/54, Los Angeles, CA; 10:35 am)
    In 1973 shortly after this eclipse, my father had the first of a series of heart attacks and had passed by May, 74. As I was 19, that affected me as loss of home (I was living with him at the time.)
    In 1992, on the exact date, my boss told me I would no longer have a job in 6 months time and to look around. That changed and I was moved- went from teaching at a high school to teaching at a middle school.
    Both times, life changing events, that were externally driven and had huge consequences.
    Any thoughts on what I can expect with this eclipse? I have one eye on my 89 yr old mother in a nursing home at present.


  • Ele72

    Hallo astroherb,
    Thank you for the article. This eclipse was in my 11th house of goals ,hopes and friends, and Conj. my natal SUN, Mercury and Neptune. (Birthday 24/11/1972 Athens GR). Since i ‘ ve been single for a year now my wish is to find someone to share my dreams with…a new beginning..My Solar return for the year has 4 planets (sun, moon, mer, ven) in 5th sr house. What do you think ?
    Thank you in advance

    • Ruby

      Dear Ele72, I think you have a very good chance of finding love this year. However, you need to be aware of a couple of things. The 11th house is about the hope for love received and the 5th house is about love you have to give. With such an emphasis of planets in your solar return 5th house, I would urge you to not just focus on finding a relationship, but to also focus on fun and creativity. Transiting Pluto has just gone over your Capricorn ascendant and is moving towards a conjunction with Jupiter in the first house. It is definitely time to take stock of how you project yourself to others, including possible love interests. Time to lighten up on the seriousness of life and the need to be in charge, etc. of the Capricorn ascendant and to let yourself out to play a little more. Your Sagittarius Sun/Neptune/Mercury conjuction will love it.

  • Ele72

    Dear astroherb
    thank you for your replay, have a great New Year, take care.

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