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My summer farmer’s market mini readings are over, but you can still book a reading with me any time.  Just send an email using the “Contact Me” button.

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Waxing Gibbous Moon
Waxing Gibbous Moon

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Astrology Classes – What We Offer is designed to be a resource for those who are passionate about astrology, but are frustrated because they wish they knew more. There is so much to learn—and sometimes concepts just seem so darn confusing. What is a planet? Is the sun a planet? What is a sign and how is a sign different from a planet? Houses? What are houses? And why do we need houses when we already have planets and signs? And on and on …..questions, questions and more questions!!

I hope to give you some answers and to have fun while we learn together:

Some of the resources I wish to provde for you are:

  • An online beginning astrology classes. Please send me an email if you are interested.
  • Listing resources to other available astrology classes
  • Tips on what you should look for in evaluating an astroogy class
  • Astrology websites I have found helpful
  • Astrology book reviews
  • Astrology software (free and the best commercial)
  • Having fun with current media and entertainment events
  • Taking a look at different current planetary configurations and how they might affect you.

and last, but not least, each month I will be offering:

  • A free one-on-one 30 minute tutoring session to one lucky person. Click here to register to win)

Astrologers are in high demand

The recent economic stories, the violence, the high divorce rates, they all challange and stress people everywhere. When this happens, people naturally seek assurance and security. One popular source of this is the neighborhood Astrologer.

Often when everything is going well and we have all our needs met we don’t think much about the future or what it might hold. We go on with our daily activities and naturally assume things will always be like this. In one sense, we are quite short sighted, and easily distracted. Our perception is heavily influenced by the sights, sounds and experiences we are exposed to and the thoughts these activate in our consciousness.

Then the current that we were floating along in suddenly changes course. The inevitable impermanence and change within life itself becomes unavoidable and impossible to ignore. We lose our boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife or we have new challenges at work or even lose our job. The source of these upheavals are infinite and experienced uniquely by each of us. When this happens, which it inevitably will, a growing amount of people turn to Astrology.

Train yourself to be the one reach out and assisting people with your knowledge and insight. Let the planets, and stars give you awareness into a world that most will never fully understand. Through learning from a competent astrology teacher in the a structured astrology class you will gain not only knowledge, but experience and confidence. Books are great, knowledge is great, but without experience its reach is limited. A good astrology teacher, and fellow classmates from your astrology class will help you blossom into a qualified astrologer.

Use the form below to get on the waiting list and recieve more information about online astrology classes using interactive voice chat and well structured lesson plans and text books.


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Learn Astrology and find Astrology classes

This website is here to help you Learn Astrology by finding the right Astrology classes. Learning Astrology can be rewarding, challenging and sometimes a little overwhelming but well worth the time and effort.  Since you have found yourself reading this page and there are no accidents, then there must be a valid reason! Maybe you will soon be ready to start learning and taking Astrology classes from qualified instructors.

Finding a good Astrologer is hard enough, finding a good Astrology teacher is even harder. Few people have the patience and knowledge necessary to be a successful Astrology teacher. We hope to help in your search, but we also need your help so we can update and review Astrology classes effectively.

If you know of a good Astrology class, leave a comment so we can follow up. If you are ready to join an Astrology class then also leave a comment so we can connect you to teachers.

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