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Planetary Positions

Current Moon Phase

Full Moon
Full Moon

The moon is currently in Sagittarius

Aquarius Full Moon


The Aquarius Full Moon at 1 degree Aquarius on July 23rd emphasizes humanity, breakthroughs and freedom. Over the next 28-day Moon cycle as we experience the Full Moon, free your mind to let go of pre-conceived ideas and dare to think with a fresh outlook.
An Aquarius Full Moon brings our attention to the community at large (including the global community) and reminds us that we are each part of something larger than ourselves. Under the Full Moon in Aquarius, contemplate how that homeless person, that misfit, that person of a different race or sexual orientation that you avoid is really your brother or sister in disguise.
Ask yourself: What does the concept of humanity mean to me? Is it more important to me to give my time and resources to those close to me or to humanity in general? What is the true meaning of a friend? Can I be true to myself while taking part in a group endeavor.

Enjoy stimulating conversations among like-minded friends under this sociable Full Moon in Aquarius. Abstract, free flowing thoughts and conversations can bring amazing breakthroughs under an Aquarius Full Moon.


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New Moon in Cancer – Nurture Yourself

The Cancer New Moon gives you a fresh start to better connect with your family and to nurture yourself. This New Moon emphasizes your emotions and your need to give and receive care and nurturing. Most of us are pretty good at caring for others, but not so good at nurturing ourselves During this emotion-filled New Moon in Cancer take time to think about how (or IF) you are nurturing yourself. Ask yourself what you need to nourish not only your body, but also your spirit, mind, heart and soul. If possible, spend time near water as you contemplate the wisdom of this New Moon as it starts a new cycle around fulfilling your deepest needs and desires.

Full Moon in Virgo


February 27:  Full Moon at 9 Degrees Virgo. The Virgo Full Moon opposite the Sun in Pisces presents a choice between physical matters, such as health, order, day to day matters (Virgo Moon) and visions, intuition, spiritual matters and escapism (Pisces Sun).  You may be torn between your need to work and be of service and your need for solitude and nurturing your spiritual health.  There is no need to make a choice.  Spend some quiet spiritual time and some organizing time to prioritize and set things right.  Both actions are spiritual and within the realm of this grounding Virgo Full Moon.

Watch for encouraging news regarding Covid-19 at, or near, this Full Moon in Virgo as the Sun moves over Neptune (which rules viruses) and then moves to conjunct Chiron, which can signify health and healing.

Moon Transits through the Signs

The Moon moves very quickly as it transits through all 12 signs of the Zodiac each month.  It only stays in one sign for approximately 2-1/2 days.  However, it is the supreme timer in astrology.  Often situations that have been on simmer for a long time will erupt or manifest under a potent Moon transit.  Also, because the Moon rules our emotions and our needs, it can be very revealing to track its progress through the sky each month.  Pay special attention to those times when the transiting Moon conjuncts, opposes or squares a natal planet or angle.  If there is no planetary contact you probably won’t notice anything.

When the Moon transits:

Aries    The Moon transiting through Aries brings a more aggressive, pioneering and active tone.  This is an excellent time to start something new, especially if it is a new moon—not so much if it is a full moon.  It might be a good time to start an exercise class as your body will want to move and you will be motivated to take action. The Aries Moon is better for short bursts of activity, rather than long term activity.  You could be a little rash during this time (depending on your natal planets) so you may want to watch your speech and actions to make sure you are not projecting yourself in an overly aggressive way.

Taurus   The Moon transiting the sign of the bull is concerned with security needs and with reveling in comfort and beauty.  The Moon in Taurus is a slow, steady energy.  You will get less than stellar results if you try to push someone when the Moon is in Taurus.  This can be a very sensual time.  It’s a good time to enjoy slow dancing with your partner, getting a massage, preparing and savoring home-cooked meals, gardening and hobbies.  Try to spend some time outdoors feeling the vibration of the earth.  It is also an excellent time to attend to practical details.

Gemini  The energy turns kinetic when the Moon transits Gemini.  We become restless, have a short attention span and want to be out and about.  Its great for communication in any form—lots of emails, text messages and telephone calls.  Watch out for sarcastic speech or less than straightforward talk, especially if the Moon contacts Mars.  Moon in Gemini can bring speech that is way-to-clever.  It’s a wonderful time to learn something new, go to the library, go on a short trip or flirt with someone you have had your eye on (including your spouse or significant other).

Cancer   When the Moon transits Cancer think “emotion.”  Even those not normally emotional can become overly emotional at this time with sudden mood swings.  You may become sentimental and engage in thoughts of “what might have been.” Home becomes important and you may not want to venture out much, preferring to stay home and eat comfort food.  You may want to nurture others or have a strong desire for others to nurture you.  Give yourself permission to take warm bubble baths, talk to your friends about what is bothering you and to spend some time near oceans or lakes if you can.

Leo   The Moon transiting Leo brings out the desire to be a star, to have fun and to party.  Everything is perceived in a big way.  This is another flirty Moon just for the fun of it.  It’s a good time to experiment with your hair and manner of dressing and to experiment with a more dramatic look.  Practice your grand entrance, tell a dramatic or funny story to your friends, or show off your stuff in some way.  Play on the floor with your children.  This is a wonderful time to showcase your creativity and individuality.

Virgo  The Virgo Moon favors health matters, de-cluttering, organizing and self-improvement.  Take advantage of the Virgo Moon to tackle tasks that require concentration, patience and an ability to focus on details. Clean out a drawer, deep clean the refrigerator or organize your desk under this Moon.  It’s a great time to think through and analyze a vexing situation to come up with practical solutions.  This Moon favors starting a weight loss or health regime.  Write out the steps you are going to take and organize your supplements or routine to make it happen.  Watch a tendency to nitpick and to become overly critical at this time.

Libra  The airy, social Libra Moon favors anything that you do with others.  It’s a good time to brain storm with others, settle disputes and to just socialize.  Anything to beautify yourself or your surroundings is strongly favored at this time.  Conversations can be very enjoyable at this time, but watch a tendency to initiate an argument for the mental stimulation it provides.  Conversely, it is a good time to mediate, negotiate and compromise.  The Moon in Libra is especially auspicious for giving a speech or presentation, or to talk to your boss about your ideas.  Finally, the Libra Moon favors relationships of any and all kind.

Scorpio  The intense Scorpio moon transit is good for deep thinking, especially about the mystery and meaning of life.  Like the Cancer Moon, it is very emotional; however, the emotions are much deeper here.  Superficiality in any form is abhorrent to the Scorpio Moon; so engage in deep conversations and skip the small talk.  It is an excellent time to develop your own power through eradicating your unproductive fears and habits.  The Scorpio Moon gives you the courage to root out and cure long-buried hurts and traumas using deep healing techniques.  Intimate relationships can become more passionate and intense.

Sagittarius   When the transiting Moon moves into Sagittarius, we go from deep introspection to an adventurous, enthusiastic, active, restless and outgoing mood.  The Moon in Sagittarius can make you very outspoken and blunt in your speech, so think before you speak.  However, it is good for speaking your truth.  Try to get outdoors, ride horses, hike, ski, bike or walk, etc. and/or spend time with animals.  You need to move the body at this time.  You would really enjoy meeting with friends and talking over philosophical matters at this time.  Travel is highly favored during this moon transit.  You will bring a natural curiosity to your travels.

Capricorn  There could be a feeling of drawing back, catching your breath and making sure that there is a firm foundation under things.  You would not be prone to making reckless decisions at this time.  On the contrary, the Capricorn Moon transit is an excellent time to make plans and to build a structure for your plans.  You could be more reserved in expressing your emotions.  Business and career matters are favored.  Send out resumes, network and study investment opportunities.  The serious Capricorn Moon can bring on depression, so focus on productive actions not on what isn’t working.

Aquarius The Aquarius Moon energy is very different than it was when transiting Capricorn.  Now there is a feeling of wanting to break out of a rut.  This can lead to wonderful, startling new insights or to a reckless urge for change at any cost.  Be aware of leaving established, but stale, situations under this transit unless you have thought it through carefully.  Sometimes it is better to try to revive the situation, rather than leave it.  I have especially noticed that people will suddenly quit their job (or get fired if you have created too many waves) or leave a relationship under this transit.

Pisces  You are more sensitive to your feelings when the Moon transits Pisces and can be more empathetic and compassionate toward others and (hopefully) yourself.  There is a danger of becoming overly involved in other’s problems.  Your psychic powers may increase during a Pisces Moon transit.  It’s an especially good time to meditate, and to immerse you in music, spirituality, dance, film photography, movies or plays.  A tendency toward escapism could lead to watching too much television, overindulging in alcohol, drugs or food, or sleeping for too many hours.  You also may be more susceptible to fraud or delusion during this time.