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Astrology Transits November 2023–Light and Dark

I marveled at the beauty of all life and savored the power and possibilities of my imagination. In these rare moments, I prayed, I danced, and I analyzed. I saw that life was good and bad, beautiful and ugly. I understood that I had to dwell on the good and beautiful in order to keep my imagination, sensitivity, and gratitude intact. I knew it would not be easy to maintain this perspective. I knew I would often twist and turn, bend and crack a little, but I also knew that…I would never completely break. ― Maria Nhambu, Africa’s Child

In many ways, November 2023 is a month of extremes and opposites. Saturn turns direct on November 4 in Pisces. We should all feel an easing of the sense of restriction and limitation that has plagued so many of us since June 18 when Saturn turned retrograde. Saturn in Pisces speaks to taking a reality-based, cold, sober (Saturn) look at your dreams (Pisces) with an eye toward making those dreams come true. You can no longer afford to let your dreams float around you without direction. Retrograde Saturn in Pisces slowed everything down and gave you time to re-evaluate your life path. Saturn in Pisces direct demands that you take the necessary steps to bring your dreams to concrete fruition.

The period from November 11 through November 14, when Mars opposes Uranus and the Sun opposes Uranus in the fixed signs of Taurus and Scorpio is especially fraught with uncertainty, anxiety and sudden change. At the same time, the Sun and Mars are quincunx the North Node in Aries. If that isn’t enough, those aspects take place under a new Moon at 20-21 degrees Scorpio.

These aspects all point to a time of deep change and transformation ((new Moon in Scorpio)) with an overlay of frustration (Uranus) and anger (Mars).

Unexpected, irrational emotions can prompt you to take actions that are not in your best interests. Try to delay important decisions and enter into commitments with caution. Now is a time to keep your wits about you and to not get pulled into the firestorm (Mars).


November 2: Sun at 10 Degrees Scorpio Sesquiquadrate Neptune at 25 Degrees Pisces. The Sun in Scorpio in aspect to Neptune brings a watery, intuitive vibe that is good for dreaming and intuitive insights, but not so good for decision making.


November 2: Venus Quincunx North Node at 24 Degrees Virgo/Aries. Sun Opposition Jupiter at 10 Degrees Scorpio/Taurus. Venus in Virgo sees the flaws in your significant relationships and someone close to you may disappoint you. Venus quincunx the North Node helps you make a decision on whether the relationship is right for you or not. Sun opposition Jupiter brings a confident spin to everything, so wait a few days before making any life-changing decisions.


November 3: Venus Opposition Neptune at 25 Degrees Virgo/Pisces. Venus at 25 Degrees Virgo Sesquiquadrate Jupiter at 10 Degrees Taurus. Continue to put off making life-changing decisions with Venus opposition Neptune and Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter.


November 4: Saturn Turns Direct at 0 Degrees Pisces. Saturn finally stations direct. Hopefully, each of you tuned into the Pisces intuition and imagination during Saturn’s long retrograde from June 8 until today. Use Saturn’s clear and practical energy to help you manifest those Piscean dreams and desires.


November 4: Mercury Opposition Uranus at 21 Degrees Scorpio/Taurus. Mercury opposition Uranus is a short-lived aspect that can be challenging because of mental tension, and disruptive viewpoints. This too shall pass and even pass quickly.


November 6: Mercury Trine Neptune at 25 Degrees Scorpio/Pisces. Venus Trine Pluto at 28 Degrees Virgo/Capricorn. Venus trine Pluto brings intense relationship issues and feelings to the forefront. Mercury trine Neptune adds a layer of confusion to the mix. This is another time when it is best not to make long-term decisions. Rather, use this time to evaluate your relationships in order to make positive changes at a more opportune time.


November 8: Sun Quincunx Chiron at 16 Degrees Scorpio/Aries. You may be looking deeply at current and future relationships under the Sun quincunx Chiron aspect. Loyalties and truthfulness of others may be questioned. Continue to evaluate, but put off acting.


November 8:  Venus Enters Libra. Venus Quincunx Saturn at 0 Degrees Libra/Pisces. Venus in Libra quincunx Saturn in Pisces indicates the need for adjustments in your social life and your relationship to yourself and others. Venus quincunx Saturn can bring a bout of self-pity, alienation or loneliness. Though uncomfortable, this aspect can be used to make adjustments in how, why and when you relate to others.


November 11: Mars Opposition Uranus at 21 Degree Scorpio/Taurus. Mars opposition Uranus is a dangerous transit. Everyone is feeling restless and irritable and tempers are on a short fuse. Others may challenge you and disruptions are common. Take frequent deep breathes, keep your own counsel and learn to disengage from other’s anger. Because Mars opposition Uranus occurs in the fixed signs of Taurus and Scorpio, there is a real danger of digging deep into your own feeling of righteousness without a spirit of compromise. Tread carefully in all areas of your life. Fixed signs (Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo) are especially affected by this transit.


November 13: New Moon at 20 degrees 43 minutes Scorpio. The Sun, Moon and Mars in Scorpio are all in opposition to Uranus in Taurus at the Scorpio New Moon. Because Scorpio is the sign of deep transformation and the Moon rules your emotions, this Scorpio new Moon may bring up unwelcome and/or troubling thoughts, feelings and desires. The Scorpio new Moon in opposition to Uranus brings intense inner tension and restlessness. The Scorpio New Moon trine Neptune will spark all of your escapist and addictive tendencies, so be extra careful not to indulge in unhealthy food, drink or drugs at this time. Instead, be kind to yourself and tune into your deepest self in a gentle, supportive way.

November 13: Sun Opposition Uranus at 21 Degrees Scorpio/Taurus. Venus at 5 Degrees Libra Sesiquiquadrate Uranus at 21 Degrees Taurus. The disruptive energy continues when the Sun is opposition Uranus. Surprises and upsets are the norm and anything can happen suddenly and unexpectedly. Be especially careful of accidents and refrain from engaging in arguments with others.


November 17: Sun and Mars Conjunct Trine Neptune at 25 Degrees Scorpio/Pisces. The Sun trine Neptune stimulates your inner intuition, idealism and dreams, while Mars trine Neptune brings the necessary drive and actions to fulfill those dreams and desires. What do you really want your life to stand for (North Node)? Use this dynamic configuration to bring you closer to your life purpose.


November 21: Mars Sextile Pluto at 28 Degrees Scorpio/Capricorn. Mars sextile Pluto brings a renewed sense of energy and drive. Actions taken now can have surprisingly beneficial results. Just be careful not to push too hard or to try to control others. Use this energy to direct your own actions.


November 22: Sun Enters Sagittarius. If the last 22 days have seemed a little testy and challenging (maybe an understatement), we all get a reprieve when the Sun enters Sagittarius. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so the Jupiter qualities of expansion, enthusiasm and the quest for knowledge and adventure applies. Enjoy this Sun in Sagittarius transit by going to someplace you’ve never been before, reading a book in a subject new to you or explore different cultures, religions and/or philosophies.


November 23: Sun and Mars Square Saturn at 1-3 Degrees Sagittarius/Pisces. Under Sun square Saturn ask yourself thorny questions such as: “How much responsibility do I need to take, especially as it relates to others?” “Do I really need to work so hard?” “Why don’t I have time for socializing and fun?” Use this somewhat demanding and difficult transit to examine your relationship to responsibility, work versus leisure time and the very structures (Saturn) of your life. On a happier note, Sun square Saturn is extremely helpful in organizing your life to make it easier.


November 26: Venus Quincunx Uranus at 20 Degrees Libra/Taurus. You crave more excitement and variety in your life when Venus is quincunx Uranus. Be careful not to jeopardize long-standing relationships due to a short-lived feeling of discontent.


November 27:   Full Moon at 4 Degrees 51 Minutes Gemini. The Gemini full Moon and Sagittarius Sun form a T-square with Saturn in Pisces. This Gemini Full Moon stimulates your ideas and conversations. Now is a good time to evaluate your beliefs (Sagittarius Sun) and to take some concrete steps (Saturn) to bring your everyday life into alignment with your beliefs and aspirations (Sagittarius). Many of you may be considering additional training in an endeavor that is near and dear to you. Some of you will be considering teaching what you know. Let go of what you don’t need to make room for such activities.

Moon Transits November 2023: Note: Dates given are for New York City, NY. The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.

November 1:    Moon enters Cancer

November 4:    Moon enters Leo

November 6:    Moon enters Virgo

November 9:    Moon enters Libra

November 11:   Moon enters Scorpio

November 13:   New Moon at 20 degrees 43 minutes Scorpio

November 13:   Moon enters Sagittarius

November 16:   Moon enters Capricorn

November 18:   Moon enters Aquarius

November 20:   Moon enters Pisces

November 22:   Moon enters Aries

November 24:   Moon enters Taurus

November 26:   Moon enters Gemini

November 27:   Full Moon at 4 Degrees 51 Minutes Gemini

November 29:   Moon enters Cancer



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