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The summer farmer’s markets are over.

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Waning Crescent Moon
Waning Crescent Moon

The moon is currently in Libra

Mercury Retrograde December 2016



Mercury, the planet of communication, ideas and quick thinking is entering its shadow period before it goes stationary retrograde on December 19, 2016. We have all heard about Mercury retrograde and many of us have fears around what a Mercury retrograde will bring to our life.

It’s true that Mercury retrograde can bring:

  • Miscommunication. You thought you were meeting each other at 10th and Elm but one of you waits at 12th and Elm instead.
  • Glitches in all of your electronic devices: cell phones, computers, tablets, electronic thermostats, traffic lights, etc.
  • Slower reflexes and thought processes.
  • Travel problems: delayed or canceled flights, outdated maps or GPS instructions and booking errors. Be especially careful with distracted driving. Best to turn your cell phone completely off while driving.
  • Talking about cell phones, best to limit multi-tasking while on your cell phone—your brain is working slower and will not process information as efficiently during Mercury retrograde. This could result in running red lights, kitchen mishaps and a general lack of awareness of what is around you.

Here are some ways to successfully navigate the Mercury retrograde period:

  • Practice mindfulness.
  • Think before you speak.
  • Repeat appointments, addresses and directions out loud to help your brain remember and process information.
  • Back up your computer and make sure that any important paper copies are stored in a safe place.
  • Take care of any neglected car maintenance before Mercury turns retrograde on December 19.
  • Make sure that your virus scan software is up-to-date and working.
  • Use the Mercury retrograde period to rethink your plans and goals.
  • Revise those plans and goals as necessary.
  • Realign yourself to your highest truth about yourself, your goals and your life path.

Because both Neptune and Uranus will be out of their retrograde periods when Mercury turns direct on January 8, 2017, you will be in a great position to confidently move forward with your revised plans at that time.




Uranus Square Pluto

Uranus turned direct on December 13, 2012 after a six-month journey in retrograde motion.  Uranus has always fascinated me, since it is the planet that rules astrology and because it is very prominent in my birth chart.  Therefore, I began to seriously contemplate the planet Uranus and what it means for me and what it means for each of you.  However, because the energy of Uranus has been tied to the energy of Pluto over the last few years, we will need to understand the energy of the two of them together to make sense of what is happening now.

The power of Uranus has been clearly shown over the last couple of years as it has seesawed back and forth in square aspect to Pluto.  Uranus is now in the dynamic, active, and sometimes driven sign of Aries and Pluto is in the sign of traditional, ambitious, self-disciplined Capricorn.  To understand the action of these powerful planets in combination we must first take a look at them as individual planets.

Uranus is the planet of freedom.  It breaks chains!  It shakes things up.  It opens our eyes so we are forced to see the “elephant in the room.”  Uranus often acts suddenly—think volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, explosions, hurricanes and lightning bolts.  It is the planet of revolutions and revelations, sudden insights and independence.  It also rules inventions miracles, and magic.

Pluto is the planet of transformation.  It rules atomic energy, power, and control in any form.  It reveals those things that are hidden.  It works slowly and behind the scenes.  An apt illustration was given by my first astrology teacher.  She said something to the effect that:  “It is like termites are eating your house, but you are unaware of the destruction taking place.  Then one day your house simply sinks to its foundation because the supporting structure has been eroded and destroyed.”

But Pluto is also the planet of rebuilding, rebirth and regeneration.  It is the phoenix rising from the ashes.  Using the example from above as an analogy, once your “house” is completely destroyed, it is time to build a new, stronger house that is not subject to destruction by termites.  Upon reflection, you may admit that the old, fallen “house” no longer met your needs anyway.  You were attached to it because it was familiar and therefore seemed safe.

Always, always, always, there is a hidden blessing in the situation that has caused your suffering.  To the extent that you can stay detached from bemoaning the loss of the old situation; you will be able to see the new beginning that is inherent in the destruction of the old, no longer helpful person, place or thing.

Questions to ask yourself during a Pluto/Uranus square?

  • What have I been holding on to and defending that I need to let go of?
  • What have the big changes (or challenges) that have happened in my life revealed to me about my life and how I have been living it?
  • How can I tune into my inner courage in order to make the needed changes?

Good luck in your journey of freeing (Uranus) yourself from those situations that are crumbling around you (Pluto) and good luck in making a brave new start.