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The summer farmer’s markets are over.

I will continue to do in-person astrology readings in the Roaring Fork Valley and by telephone and Skype everywhere in the world.

Keep me in mind for fun entertainment for your winter parties and events.

Planetary Positions

Current Moon Phase

Waxing Crescent Moon
Waxing Crescent Moon

The moon is currently in Pisces

Transit Calendar

I have posted below the planet transits for each month of the year for all of 2018.  An explanation of  how to read the calendar is shown in the interpretation file.

Calendar December 2017

Interpretations December 2017

Calendar January 2018

Interpretations January 2018

Calendar February 2018

Interpretations February 2018



Calendar May 2013

I am going to use the date of May 25, 2013, for my illustration.  First notice the time zone used for the calendar centered at the very top.  I used a chart for New York City, United States, to prepare the calendar.  It is shown as EDT + 4:00, which stands for Eastern Daylight Time.  This will change when the time changes to EST (Eastern Standard Time) in the fall.  The + 4:00 is the difference in time between New York City and the standard measure of time the GMT  which is 0:00 degrees.  Thus, the calendar shows planetary transits 4 hours later than they would be for GMT.  You will need to adjust the time for your own time zone.  If your time zone shows a plus (+) you add the time to the GMT time.  If your time zone shows a minus (-) you subtract the hours from the GMT time zone.

Next, look at the upper right corner of the day and you will see the Moon is in Sagittarius.

The calendar shows the aspects of the transiting planets to each other.  For example the May calendar on May 25, 2013, the day of a lunar eclipse based on GMT time, shows:

Tr-Tr    Mars sesiquadrate Pluto (which means that transiting Mars is sesiquadrate transiting Pluto.  This aspect acts a little like a square, so you know that there is some rather challenging energy on that day.


Tr-Tr    Moon inconjunct the South Node  (transiting Moon is inconjunct transiting South Node)

Tr-Tr    Moon trine Uranus, Square Chiron (transiting Moon is trine transiting Uranus and square transiting Chiron)

Tr-Tr    Moon opposition the Sun, Square Neptune (transiting Moon opposes the transiting Sun and is square to transiting Neptune)

Now, if you look at the bottom of  May 25, 2013 you will see that there is a lunar appulse eclipse and that it happened at 0:24 am EDT at 4 degrees 08 minutes Sagittarius.

When you look at the 26th of May you will see that the Moon’s ingress (entry) into Capricorn was at 5:28 pm.  You will also see that the Moon was Void of Course starting at 6:22 am.  Everything pauses during a Void of Course Moon.  The telephones become more silent and there is a pronounced stillness in the atmosphere.



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