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Astrology Transits March 2024 – Embrace the Mystery


Christian, Jew, Muslim, shaman, Zoroastrian, stone, ground, mountain, river, each has a secret way of being with the mystery, unique and not to be judged ― Rumi

The planets are giving us a break this month as shown by a number of sextiles and trines and very few squares or other challenging aspects. Sextile and trine aspects are an easy flowing energy that facilitate whatever you are trying to accomplish. The downside is that you may be tempted to ignore them. Sextiles and trines become a missed opportunity unless you put in the effort needed, Squares and oppositions challenge you, while sextiles and trines bring ease without pushing you.

The emphasis on Pisces through most of the month is subtly coaxing you to tune into the mystery of life. Honor your spirituality, intuition and creative genius during this Piscean time.

The big news this month is the March 25, 2024, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 5 Degrees Libra at 3:00 AM EST. This Libra Lunar Eclipse can be rather challenging with transiting Venus, Jupiter and the North Node forming a Yod pattern. Yods are called the “finger of God” aspect and indicate that a certain amount of fate is present. You may feel that you are being pushed forward into a new normal.


March 1: Sun Sextile Jupiter at 11 Degrees Pisces/Taurus and Venus Sextile Chiron and the North Node at 17 Degrees Aquarius/Aries. This is such a good time to challenge and heal your feelings of shame or inadequacy. The Sun sextile Jupiter brings a sense of confidence and optimism. Venus sextile Chiron provides intuition and good energy around healing relationship rifts. Venus sextile the North Node favors advancing your evolutionary intent.


March 3: Venus Square Uranus at 19 Degrees Aquarius/Taurus. Venus square Uranus brings sudden, exciting events or encounters. You may meet a very interesting person or group, or an out-of-the-blue money-making opportunity could suddenly appear. Keep your eyes open and be willing to expend the effort needed to manifest such an opportunity.


March 4: Mercury Sextile Uranus at 19 Degrees Pisces/Taurus. Following up with yesterday’s startling energy, Mercury sextile Uranus points to unusual, stimulating conversations and mind opening ideas. Pay attention to “hunches” as they could contain gold.


March 5-6: Chiron Conjunct North Node at 17 Degrees Aries. Mars Sextile North Node and Chiron at 17 Degrees Aquarius/Aries. Mars sextile the North Node and Chiron adds a sense of urgency to act on those things that you know to be in your best interest, even if they bring up painful memories (Chiron). Mars sextile Chiron acts as a freeing catharsis to the old pain. Let yourself feel the anger, then release it and see it floating away into the ethers.


March 9: Sun Sextile Uranus at 19 Degrees Pisces/Taurus.  A yearning for a bit of excitement is common when the Sun is sextile Uranus. You want to make changes and are ready to implement new habits. The Sun in Pisces wants to escape from routine, while Uranus in Taurus urges you to break free no matter the consequences. Enjoy heightened intellectual breakthroughs, but be wary of impulsive actions.


March 9: Mercury Enters Aries. Fast thinking, fast movement and fast cars are all hallmarks of Mercury in Aries. Slow down and practice patience. You may be more accident prone now. Mercury enters its retrograde shadow period on March 18 and turns retrograde on April 2. Mercury in its retrograde shadow calms things down, but can add missed signals in conversations.

March 9: Mars Square Uranus at 19 Degrees Aquarius/Taurus. Mars square Uranus is the diciest aspect this month. Everything and everyone are jittery (Uranus) and agitated (Mars), including you. Curb your tendency to be impulsive and aggressive. Instead, use this innovative, active energy to breakthrough obstacles in an innovative (Uranus) way. This crazed energy should dissipate by March 18.

March 10: New Moon at 20 Degrees Pisces. New Moon Sextile Uranus at 20 Degrees Taurus.  What a unique New Moon! The Pisces New Moon is part of a Pisces Stellium that rolls from 11 degrees Pisces to 27 degrees Pisces. In addition, all of the planets are within 90 degrees of each other. Without a doubt, the focus is on:

  • Personal freedom with Pluto, Mars and Venus in Aquarius.
  • Spiritual new beginnings and honoring your intuitive, creative gifts (Moon, Sun and Neptune in Pisces).
  • New ideas and new way of thinking, acting and looking at the world (Mercury, North Node and Chiron in Aries), and
  • Abundance of innovative, yet grounded enthusiasm (Jupiter and Uranus).

March 11: Venus Enters Pisces. Venus in Pisces is one of my favorite combinations. Venus, the planet of love, brings a lovely overlay to the already dreamy, spiritual and compassionate vibes of Pisces. My only caution is to make sure that new friends and lovers are who they say they are and that they are worthy of your attention.

March 17: Sun Conjunct Neptune at 27 Degrees Pisces. Sun Square Moon in Gemini Early in the Day. The Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces is spiritually strong. It is a good time to let your compassion flow. Ask: Where in my neighborhood can I spread a little bit of good cheer. It could be as simple as smiling at a stranger or as involved as working at the local charity of your choice. Be aware however, that you are much more sensitive now, so shield yourself from negative energy as much as possible. With the Sun conjunct Neptune square the Moon in Gemini it would be a good day to journal your innermost thoughts.

March 19: Sun Enters Aries. Let the action begin. The Sun in Aries until April 20 speeds everything up. It makes us feel energized, bold and courageous. It’s a great time to start a new business venture, start a new exercise program or begin anything that you didn’t feel confident undertaking before.

March 21: Sun Sextile Pluto at 1 Degree Aries/Aquarius. You can accomplish a lot when the Sun is sextile Pluto. The Sun in Aries supplies the gas to get things moving and Pluto amps up your willpower to stick with your project.

March 21: Venus Conjunct Saturn at 12 Degrees Pisces. You may be reviewing your relationships when Venus is conjunct Saturn. You are now more interested in the practical aspects of your relationships rather than the fuzzy, feel-good aspects. It’s always good to re-evaluate and repurpose, but be careful not to become too critical. This is also a good time to evaluate your financial matters. Ask yourself: Do my investments need to be shifted a little? Do I need to set up a budget and savings plan in order to reach my financial goals?

March 22: Mars Enters Pisces. Mars in Pisces is a rather peculiar energy. Mars is uncomfortable in Pisces. Mars wants action and is an assertive, even angry, energy. Pisces is subtle, indirect, peace-loving and acts in a more quiet and gentle manner. Because your physical energy may be lower than normal now, try to pace yourself rather than force speedy completion of projects. Be aware that Mars in Pisces can bring deceitful and shady people into your sphere of influence.

March 24: Venus Sextile Jupiter at 15 Degrees Pisces/Taurus. Venus sextile Jupiter is one of those aspects that we wish would stick around forever. It is peaceful, benevolent and optimistic. Relationship and financial matters are favored at this time.

March 25: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 5 Degrees Libra at 3:00 AM EST. Partnership and financial matters are illuminated under the Lunar Eclipse in Libra. Matters such as balancing household or business chores, what is “fair” (Libra) and how much should I give to maintain my relationships are some of the questions that will be asked now. Though airy Libra is not an emotional sign, this full moon lunar eclipse can stir up all kinds of emotions.

March 28: Venus Sextile Uranus at 20 Degrees Pisces/Taurus. Spring fever could set in strongly when Venus is sextile Uranus. You want adventure, new horizons and stimulating, even unconventional, friends. Venus sextile Uranus would be a good time to throw a small party or host a book club meeting. Just be aware that under the rays of Uranus anything can happen.

Moon Movement During March 2024: Note: Dates given are for New York City, NY. The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.

March 1:         Moon in Scorpio

March 2:         Moon enters Sagittarius

March 4:         Moon enters Capricorn

March 6:         Moon enters Aquarius

March 8:         Moon enters Pisces

March 10:      New Moon at 20 Degrees 16 Minutes Pisces

March 10:      Moon enters Aries at 8:19 pm

March 12:      Moon enters Taurus

March 14:      Moon enters Gemini

March 17:      Moon enters Cancer

March 19:      Moon enters Leo

March 22:      Moon enters Virgo

March 24:      Moon enters Libra

March 25:      Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 5 Degrees 7 Minutes Libra

March 27:      Moon enters Scorpio

March 29:      Moon enters Sagittarius


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