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Astrology Transits April 2020 -The Gift and the Shadow

All the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow.Leo Tolstoy

Life has taken a big turn since the last time I touched base with everyone via this newsletter. Someone compared our current situation to “watching a bizarre sci-fi movie,” which it certainly feels like sometimes. Because so much of our collective attention is focused on the COVID-19 crisis and the resultant financial insecurity, I am going to spend part of this newsletter astrologically addressing that phenomena.

First to set the stage: 

  • Neptune rules the immune system, influenza, danger through contagious disease and influenza-like illnesses.  In its highest light expression, it expresses as compassion for all. In its shadow expression it rules obstruction of the truth, widespread confusion and delusion.
  • Pluto rules viruses, death, the masses and the process of transformation.
  • Uranus and Saturn together rule panic and fear.
  • Mars rules fevers, anger, aggressive action and accelerates conditions.
  • Saturn rules pneumonia, limitation, worry, fear and responsibility.
  • Jupiter rules optimism, excess of all kinds and pneumonia.
  • Gemini and Mercury rule the lungs, pneumonia and lung troubles.
  • Moon rules dropsy, coughs, the masses, change, and fluctuations

It is my belief that the corona virus started on November 28, 2019, when the Moon was opposition Neptune and sextile the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.  Saturn and Pluto have been moving together in Capricorn for many months.  Those two heavy planets together rule government, business, education and the health care system. Capricorn rules the patriarchy, the 1%ers, and materiality over caring and humanity.

Saturn and Pluto moving together off and on for many months represent a seismic shift that has been slowly building.  I have been watching them for two years.  I knew something life changing was about to happen, but could not determine what it was.  Now I know.

Pluto, the planet of transformation, never projects his energy in a small way.  His energy is more aligned with annihilation — then a process of rebuilding.  Such rebuilding is always more secure and sustainable than the old, crumbling ideas and structures.  Saturn, the planet of limitation and responsibility, lets us know that austerity and responsibility will be needed to bring about this needed transformation.

The Saturn and Pluto energies came into sharp focus on January 12, 2020, when the South Node, Jupiter, Sun, Pluto, Saturn and Mercury were all in Capricorn.  Such a concentration of planets in Capricorn indicate a change in the structural regime, power plays, and the transformation and limitation of everything.

The last super full Moon in Virgo on March 9 opposite the Sun and Neptune in Pisces accelerated the need for healing and ushered in a health and healing crisis.  Pisces rules the immune system and one’s personal vulnerability.  The Virgo full Moon in opposition to Sun and Neptune illuminated the upcoming health crisis.

Our current situation is scary and promotes fear (Saturn), and we question the motives and knowledge of those in control (Pluto).  However, in so many ways, it has a positive overlay.  Our materialistic, alienated way of life was unsustainable, not only for us, but also for the health of Mother Earth herself.  Saturn, and then Mars, now in the air sign of Aquarius, bring a need for connection to others and to our earth.  We truly are our brother’s keepers.  We now realize that our actions can mean life and death for ourselves, for those around us and even to Mother Earth.

Stay safe and reach out to someone in your life by telephone or online. By doing so, you are letting Saturn express his highest good.  Giving in to fear and lack is letting Saturn express in his negative mode. Remember, that every planet, sign and house in astrology has both a positive and a negative meaning.  Now, more than ever, is the time to focus on expressing the positive and minimizing the negative.  Secondly, always remember that nothing can happen to you that is not shown in your birth chart.  Though untold numbers of people will suffer from the current COVID-19 crisis, many, many others will benefit. Be kind to yourself, take precautions and focus on the higher good for all.  Above all, remember the above Tolstoy quote:  “All the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow.”  The shadows of life serve to make the light even more beautiful.

March 30-April 1:  Mars Enters Aquarius; Mars Conjunct Saturn at 0‑to‑1 Degrees Aquarius.  Saturn entered Aquarius on March 21 and is now joined by Mars.  This is a paradigm-shifting movement and conjunction.  Saturn in Capricorn (often conjunct Pluto) was concerned with government, control, limitation, big business, and ego-driven materiality. Capricorn and Pluto in Capricorn were involved with political parties and common beliefs that structured (Saturn) the beliefs of a society.

Mars activates whatever it touches.  When it was in Capricorn, it activated the aforementioned energies. Now, as Mars moves to Aquarius and conjuncts Saturn, we are being forced to pay attention to where we are as a society and where we want to be.  We are learning that what we do on a daily basis affects all homo sapiens and all other earthly beings.

April 3:  Venus Enters Gemini; Mercury Conjunct Neptune at 19 Degrees Pisces.  Venus in Gemini until August 7, bodes well for communication and negotiations required to work out the massive problems associated with the COVID-19 outbreak.  Venus will turn retrograde at 22 degrees Gemini on May 13.  Venus in Gemini and Mercury conjunct Neptune is a loving, communicative, compassionate energy.  Use this energy to reach out to those who you have been out of touch with for some time or to volunteer in some way. 

April 6-8:  Mars Square Uranus at 4-6 Degrees Aquarius/Taurus; Mercury Sextile Jupiter/Pluto at 22-25 Degrees Pisces/Capricorn. Mars square Uranus signals a feisty, argumentative, chaotic time full of social upheavals, impatience and anger (Mars) around an unstable financial outlook  and conflicting values (Uranus in Taurus).

Mercury sextile Jupiter and Mercury sextile Pluto are wonderful for research and deep diving into possible treatments or cures for COVID-19.

April 7:  Full Moon at 18 Degrees Libra/Aries.  This Libra full Moon is a supermoon.  It is closer to the earth than any other full Moon this year.  Hopefully, we will have a clear sky, as it should be spectacular!

Astrologically, at the time of the Full Moon, Mars (action and aggression) is square Uranus (chaos and upheaval). Expect lots of discord between the federal, state and local governments and much disagreement about the best way to proceed.  Uranus, as the planet of breakthroughs, could force new ways of thinking about problems and new, innovative inventions being tested.

April 13-16:  Sun Square Jupiter/Pluto/Moon at 24-26 Degrees Aries/Capricorn. There could be large mood fluctuations (Moon/Jupiter) and also fluctuations in the need to act (Sun in Aries) versus the need to control situations (Pluto in Capricorn).  Stay calm and do something that you DO have control over.

April 22:  New Moon at 3 Degrees Taurus.  The new Moon in Taurus speaks to our resources and what we value.  It makes a square to Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn/Aquarius.  The square is about the need to move forward boldly (Jupiter) balanced with the need to do so within the bounds of reality (Saturn).

April 25:  Mercury Square Pluto at 25 Degrees Aries/Capricorn. Lots of mental intensity and troubled thoughts now, with a possible touch of paranoia and overly controlling tendencies.  Not a menu I would be interested in.  Much better to use this time to plan constructive avenues of action under our new reality.

April 26:  Pluto Retrograde at 25 Degrees Capricorn.  Pluto turns retrograde until October 15, 2020.  Next month Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn will also turn retrograde.  It could bring a period of needed respite where we can all catch our breath and re-evaluate the new reality.

April 30:  Mercury Conjunct Uranus at 6 Degrees Taurus. We could experience radical and/or experimental ideas or inventions that lead to a breakthrough.  Money matters may be subject to wild ideas and news, but solutions could also move forward in a surprising way.

Moon Movement During April 2020: Note:  The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.

April 1: Moon in Cancer
April 2:  Moon enters Leo
April 4:  Moon enters Virgo
April 6:  Moon enters Libra
April 7:  Full Moon at 19 degrees Libra
April 8:  Moon enters Scorpio
April 10:  Moon enters Sagittarius
April 12:  Moon enters Capricorn
April 15:  Moon enters Aquarius
April 17:  Moon enters Pisces
April 20:  Moon enters Aries
April 22:  Moon enters Taurus
April 22:  New Moon at 3 degrees Taurus
April 25:  Moon enters Gemini
April 27:  Moon enters Cancer
April 29:  Moon enters Leo

For those who wonder, I am still doing astrology readings.  All of my readings during this time of social distancing are done via telephone or Zoom.  You can schedule a reading by sending me an email.

Astrology Newsletter March 2020 – Confusion or Opportunity






In the mist of difficulty lies opportunity — Oprah Winfrey







As the month of March opens, we are in a state of confusion, delusion and illusion.  The truth seems to be foggy and in short supply. Those are all keywords for the Neptune/Pisces energy that predominates this month.  As Neptune interacts with Pluto in Capricorn, news of the corona virus dominates the news.  Pluto rules viruses and Neptune rules the immune system and influenza.  Uranus is also  involved in influenza-type illnesses.  Pluto rules the masses, so it is no wonder that the coronavirus is quickly becoming a global emergency.

Though scary, there is a good possibility that after the Full Moon on March 9, the onslaught of new cases and the risk factor will moderate.  Full Moons always indicate a peak in energy, so even though there could be a peak in cases leading up to the Full Moon, valuable information will be gained and mitigation and treatment plans will appear after the Full Moon.

March 2-4:  Venus Square Saturn 27 Degrees Aries/Capricorn. If you have planets near 27 degrees of any of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) you will most likely strongly feel this square.  When the planet of love and money meets the planet of limitation in a challenging square aspect, you can expect a pull-back of energy in some way. Look to the houses in your natal chart that hold those signs to see how it will affect you.

In general, you can expect worry or limitation around your money and possessions. Close relationships may also hit a snag.  Venus wants fairness and Saturn says “no way, you just have to face the music of what is out there.”  The planets together urge you to take responsibility for your life and move forward as best you can.

March 4:  Retrograde Mercury moves back into Aquarius until March 16th

March 5:  Venus enters Taurus. Venus rules both Taurus and Libra, so it feels powerful here in one of its “home” signs.  Taurus relates to our values and what security means to us.  Venus moves through Taurus until April 3.  Use this time to re-assess your values and your security needs.  What do you have in your life that doesn’t support those values?  What causes you to feel secure? Or insecure? 

Venus, the planet of beauty, in Taurus urges you look at your home, clothes and outer appearance.  Do your home, clothes and appearance reflect the true you?  This isn’t about “keeping up with the Jones” or about status.  It is about outwardly expressing your true values. 

March 7-9:  Sun Conjunct Neptune at 18 Degrees Pisces. Neptune is very strong in its home sign of Pisces.  Therefore, all things Neptunian and Piscean are emphasized when the Sun shines its light on Neptune.  There are two major effects of Sun conjunct Neptune.  The very positive effect is that it ramps up our ability to feel compassion and to “put ourselves in other’s shoes.”

The more negative possibility is that it sets up a strong need to escape from everything. Watch out for compulsive, addictive actions including, but not limited to, using food, drugs or alcohol to escape from reality.  A much more productive way to use this energy is to access  your inner guide through meditation, long baths or walking in nature near water.  Sun conjunct Neptune when properly utilized can lead to psychic breakthroughs regarding your life purpose and goals in life.

Venus Conjunct Uranus at 4 Degrees Taurus. Venus conjunct Uranus (sudden events) can bring surprises and breakthroughs around love, relationships and money (Venus).  However, its most important function is to shake you out of complacency regarding those things that bring you a feeling of peace, joy and security (Taurus) in your life. Expect the unexpected (Uranus) in those matters!

On the political front, look for even more deeply entrenched partisan positions when our values (Taurus) are shaken up (Uranus) by the transit of Venus (what we hold dear.)

March 9:  Full Moon at 19 Degrees Virgo Opposing Neptune in Pisces. Moon trine Jupiter, Trine Mars and Trine Pluto.  The Full Moon illuminates all of the Neptunian/Piscean energy that was discussed above.  However, the Moon in Virgo and the trines to Mars, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn bring a much-needed element of reality and analysis to the events taking place in our psyche and outside in the news world.

This full moon will help us get a handle on the coronavirus outbreak.  Use the analytical Virgo Moon to make sense of the sensational news stories and the governmental spin.  Capricorn energy is completely about “reality”, we are being asked to balance our emotional response with the reality of the situation. This Virgo Full Moon could very well bring the peak of the coronavirus spread.  After all, the full Moon represents a culmination point.

March 10: Mercury Turns direct at 28 Degrees Aquarius. Mercury direct tells us that its time to act on those things that were put on hold during Mercury’s retrograde motion.  If you used the Mercury retrograde energy wisely, you spent some time re-thinking, re-working and re-doing your ideas and plans.  It is now time to put those revisions into action.

March 13-14: Mars Sextile Neptune at 18 Capricorn/Pisces; Sun Sextile Pluto at 24 Pisces/Capricorn. This is another time when the intense, yet stable energy of Mars and Pluto in Capricorn is enhanced by our ability to see through the fog with a lens of compassion and empathy for everyone.

March 19-20:  Sun Sextile Saturn at 29 Degrees Pisces/Capricorn. Sun sextile Saturn is an easy energy focused on combining our need for practicality, responsibility and stability with our need to stay in touch with our creativity, compassion and empathy.

March 21:  Sun Moves into Aries at the Spring Equinox.  Spring Equinox is the beginning of the astrological year as the Western astrological system is based on the seasons with zero degrees Aries as the beginning. Time to energetically start (Aries) new projects.

Saturn Moves into Aquarius. Saturn’s movement into Aquarius begins the shift of planetary energy from heavy earth-bound energy into a lighter, airy emphasis.  Saturn in Aquarius is about putting a stable foundation under your business and personal plans combined with a twist of innovative, forward-looking ideas.  Use the time from March 21 until May 10, when Saturn turns retrograde, to lay a firm foundation under your innovative ideas and plans.

March 22-23:  Mars and Jupiter Conjunct Pluto at 23-24 Degrees Capricorn.  Hold on to your hats!  Mars, Jupiter and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn can bring a resurgence in aggression, violence and upheavals. Keep your cool and avoid provoking those around you.

March 24:  New Moon at 4 Degrees Aries Conjunct Chiron.  What an excellent time to start a new project!  Put aside your hurts and fears of failure (Chiron) and just go for it.

March 30:  Mars Moves into Aquarius and Conjuncts Saturn at 00 Degrees Aquarius on March 31. Think of having one foot on the gas and the other foot on the brake when you think of this aspect.  Mars is “go, go go” and Saturn is “wait a minute, make sure you have planned and that you understand the impact of what you want to do.”

The longer-term importance of this transit is the beginning of the movement of energy from earthy Capricorn into airy Aquarius. The shift begins a slow transfer of energy into air and fire signs throughout the next two years.

Moon Movement During March 2020: Note:  The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.

March 4: Moon in Cancer

March 6:  Moon in Leo

March 8:  Moon in Virgo and Full Moon on March 9

March 10:  Moon in Libra

March 13:  Moon in Scorpio

March 15:  Moon in Sagittarius

March 16:  Moon in Capricorn

March 18:  Moon in Aquarius

March 21:  Moon in Pisces

March 23:  Moon in Aries and New Moon March 24

March 26:  Moon in Taurus

March 28:  Moon in Gemini

March 31:  Moon in Cancer

Astrology Transits February 2020 – Honor Your Uniqueness

Why fit in, when you were born to stand out. — Dr. Seuss

The Sun resides in Aquarius as February begins, which highlights the Aquarius/Leo axis.  Leo is about individuality and marching to your own guidelines.  Aquarius is about groups and working within the confines of other’s needs.  There is, therefore, a dynamic tension this month on expressing your own unique “specialness” while working within the needs of those around you.

The emphasis shifts on February 19 when the Sun enters Pisces.  At the New Moon in Pisces on February 23 there are four planets in Pisces (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune).  Mid-February, with its emphasis on Pisces and with Mercury retrograde, is a great time to step back, breathe deeply and re-orient yourself toward your new visions and goals for the year.  Yes, 2020 will have its share of challenges, but there are also many indications toward an energy shift, particularly in the first and last parts of the year.  Jupiter, now in Capricorn, pushes us to consolidate what we have accomplished by moving confidently, optimistically forward (Jupiter) in a measured, grounded way (Capricorn).

February 1: Saturn and Pluto conjunction. Saturn and Pluto form their last conjunction before Saturn moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius on March 22nd.  Though Saturn retrogrades back to 25 Capricorn this summer, it will not form another conjunction with Pluto until June 15, 2053.  We truly are living in a historical time — contemplate the fact that Saturn will not conjunct Pluto in Capricorn again for approximately 250 years.

February 2-4: Venus Sextile Saturn and Pluto at 23-25 Degrees Pisces/Capricorn. Venus is not only the planet of love, but also the planet of money.  Venus in an easy connection to Saturn and Pluto, paves the way to build a firm foundation under your dreams.  You can especially anchor and stabilize the changes you made to transform yourself during Saturn and Pluto’s long stay in Capricorn.

Mercury enters Pisces and forms a positive contact with Uranus.  Pay attention to intuition, hunches and “flashes of insight” during this favorable time.

February 7:  Venus enters Aries.  Now is the time to take big strides in your money-making activities.  It is also an opportune time to pursue that elusive someone that you would like to get to know better.

February 9:  Full Moon at 20 Degrees Leo. What a lovely full Moon!  Leo rules play, creativity, children and expressing yourself fully in an unrestrained, dramatic way. The Sun in the opposite sign of Aquarius is about giving yourself permission to be as unusual and quirky as you would like to be.  After a long period of Saturn in Capricorn, we are all craving the energy of this full Moon.  Rest assured, however, there is still plenty of earthy Capricorn energy to keep you grounded.  Enjoy!


February 16:  Mars enters Capricorn.  Action-oriented, impatient Mars has been in Sagittarius since January 3.  Fire planet Mars in fire sign Sagittarius has brought on a lot of anger and aggressive movement. You may have felt more anger than usual and/or more anger has been directed at you than usual.  Capricorn cools off the over-heated energy of Mars.  Hopefully, we will all be more inclined to think before we act and maybe, just maybe, it will temper the overly aggressive drivers that have been in the news lately.

February 17:  Mercury turns retrograde at 13 Degrees Pisces. Mercury retrograde in Pisces gives you a superb chance to rethink your dreams.  Your imagination is at a high level during this Mercury retrograde, so let yourself rethink and reimagine your hopes and wishes. Mercury turns direct on March 10 at 28 degrees Aquarius.

February 17-19: Jupiter Sextile Neptune at 17 Degrees Capricorn/Pisces. Jupiter Sextile Neptune in the signs of Capricorn and Pisces brings a lovely patch of easy energy.  Optimism (Jupiter) blends with spiritual idealism (Neptune).  The sign of Pisces brings an other-worldly vibe, while the sign of Capricorn keeps you grounded and realistic.  This is another time when information from your higher self and spiritual guides will easily flow into your consciousness.

February 19:  Sun in Pisces. Celebrate the Sun in Pisces by spending more time contemplating and then implementing your dreams, imagination and visions.  The New Moon in Pisces (see below) is an especially opportune time to do so.

February 23:  New Moon at 4 Degrees Pisces. As the Moon transits into Pisces, it conjoins the Sun at 5 degrees Pisces.  At the same time, it forms nice, easy connections to Mars and Uranus.  New Moons are when we plant the seeds.  When the New Moon connects to the planet of action (Mars) and the planet of breakthrough ideas (Uranus), magical things can manifest.



Wednesday, February 12 through March 18, 2020, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
$210 for 6 weeks
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The Spiritual Center
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This class is for total newbies, and for those who know some astrology, but have a hard time putting it all together.

We will start with the basics and by the end of the class, you will be able to read and understand your birth chart and to have a basic understanding of how transits affect you. Visit my class information page for more information.

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Astrology Transits January 2020 – Anticipation


We spend January 1st walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, tracks to be patched. Maybe this year to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives not looking for flaws, but for potential ― Ellen Goodman


The astrological news this month is dominated by the Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on January 10, at 2:21 PM in New York City, NY (adjust for your time zone).  Full Moons always have the Moon and the Sun in opposition. Planets in opposition show a conflict between the two signs and houses in which they are located.  Here, we have the Moon in Cancer in conflict with the Sun in Capricorn.  Employed mothers may find that issues around working at a job or profession (Capricorn Sun) causes angst because part of you wants to be home full time nurturing your family (Moon in Cancer).  It can also bring up issues around your chosen career.  You may ask yourself: Am I being nurtured at my workplace, or am I just an unseen cog in the wheel.” 

In any case, Full Moons, whether an eclipse or not, are about letting go.  Something, someone or a situation has outlived their usefulness or relevance in your life, so adjustments need to be made.  A Full Moon Eclipse is an excellent time to work out such dynamics. 

January 1, 12.01 am  – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Moon conjunct Neptune at 16 Degrees Pisces.  Please, please pay special attention to the effects of alcohol and drugs on your system when the Moon is conjunct Neptune.  The Moon rules our emotions and Neptune rules our need to remove all boundaries and to just let things flow.  In addition, Neptune rules drugs and alcohol.  When it is prominent in your chart or transit chart, you are especially susceptible to the effects of any and all mind-altering substances.  As long as you don’t drive impaired, Moon conjunct Neptune is a great party aspect with nice romantic overtones.  Enjoy!

Areas that are prone to flooding could find a major water event during the time around this conjunction.

On a very positive note, Mercury conjunct Jupiter at 6 Degrees Capricorn is a great day to plan any business-expansion ideas.  Mercury (ideas) blended with Jupiter (expansion) in Capricorn (serious, reality-based plans) can help you advance towards success.

The time around January 1st is also highly favored for spiritual endeavors of all kinds.  Set your intentions and see what happens in the coming months!

January 7-8: Sun Sextile Neptune and Mercury Sextile Neptune at 16 Degrees Pisces.  As William Arthur Ward said:  “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”  Use this lovely energy to imagine your dreams into reality.

January 10:  Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 20 Degrees Cancer/Capricorn Conjunct Mercury at 20 Degrees Capricorn and Saturn-Pluto at 22 Degrees Capricorn.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipses are always highly emotional and powerful. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is an exceptionally powerful Full Moon because of the Mercury, Saturn and Pluto conjunction to the Sun (and opposition to the Moon).  Emotional (Moon) power struggles (Pluto) are possible, especially if you feel that you are being restricted or limited (Saturn) by someone or something. 

Because both the Moon and Pluto rule the collective and the masses, we could hear about global political power struggles and skirmishes around this time.  On a physical level, the pull of gravity is extra strong around all full Moons.  Because this Full Moon is opposed by Pluto, the earth may be subject to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions (Pluto rules the underground), as well as exceptionally high tides and water events (Moon opposing Sun).

The Cancer Lunar Eclipse will be felt most strongly by those with planets from 15 to 25 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Capricorn, Aries, Caner and Libra). Use this strong energy to understand your emotions (Moon).  What do you really want?  Who or what is standing in your way?  and How can you transform (Pluto) those obstacles into a place of power (Pluto) for yourself?

January 11-14: Sun/Mercury/Saturn/Pluto stellium in Capricorn Continues.  Uranus turns direct on at 2 Degrees Taurus.  Sun conjunct Pluto is exact on January 13.  Though Sun/Pluto aspects can bring power struggles and issues, there is an exciting upside to this powerful energy manifesting right after the lunar eclipse.  The Sun gives you the impetus to strive towards the best and to shine the light on what needs to be transformed (Pluto).  Additionally, Pluto gives you the will and fortitude to power through any obstacles.  Use this energy wisely and you could see big accomplishments as you move into 2020.

Each of us will feel more movement around us once Uranus turns direct, especially those of you with planets in the early degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Dare to move outside your comfort zone to explore new and exciting opportunities.

January 13:  Venus Enters Pisces. Venus brings a loving energy into the compassionate sign of Pisces.  Enjoy romance, spiritual pursuits and open-hearted giving during her journey through Pisces.

January 20:  Sun Enters Aguarius. Sun in Aquarius brings relief from the rather serious Sun in Capricorn energy we have been experiencing.  Groups and friends and all kinds of social gatherings dominate the scene.  Let go of some of the “should” and just enjoy the spontaneous energy of Sun in Aquarius.

January 22:  Sun Square Uranus at 2 Degrees Aquarius/Taurus. You may feel at little edgy and restless during this transit.  Take a walk to clear that restive energy and let the unexpected, sometimes amazing insights flow.  Inventive insights are the order of the day under Sun square Uranus.

January 27-28:  Venus Conjunct Neptune at 16 Degrees Pisces.  Venus conjunct Neptune is joined by the Moon on the 28th when it moves into Pisces.  Treat yourself to a luxurious candlelight bath or engage in your favorite spiritual ritual.  Your intuition and creativity are high, so pay attention to psychic impressions now. 

Mars square Neptune on the 28th adds a punch to the contemplative energy.  You may be feeling tired but wired.  Give yourself permission to take some quiet time.


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