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Astrology Transits January 2020 – Anticipation


We spend January 1st walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, tracks to be patched. Maybe this year to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives not looking for flaws, but for potential ― Ellen Goodman


The astrological news this month is dominated by the Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on January 10, at 2:21 PM in New York City, NY (adjust for your time zone).  Full Moons always have the Moon and the Sun in opposition. Planets in opposition show a conflict between the two signs and houses in which they are located.  Here, we have the Moon in Cancer in conflict with the Sun in Capricorn.  Employed mothers may find that issues around working at a job or profession (Capricorn Sun) causes angst because part of you wants to be home full time nurturing your family (Moon in Cancer).  It can also bring up issues around your chosen career.  You may ask yourself: Am I being nurtured at my workplace, or am I just an unseen cog in the wheel.” 

In any case, Full Moons, whether an eclipse or not, are about letting go.  Something, someone or a situation has outlived their usefulness or relevance in your life, so adjustments need to be made.  A Full Moon Eclipse is an excellent time to work out such dynamics. 

January 1, 12.01 am  – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Moon conjunct Neptune at 16 Degrees Pisces.  Please, please pay special attention to the effects of alcohol and drugs on your system when the Moon is conjunct Neptune.  The Moon rules our emotions and Neptune rules our need to remove all boundaries and to just let things flow.  In addition, Neptune rules drugs and alcohol.  When it is prominent in your chart or transit chart, you are especially susceptible to the effects of any and all mind-altering substances.  As long as you don’t drive impaired, Moon conjunct Neptune is a great party aspect with nice romantic overtones.  Enjoy!

Areas that are prone to flooding could find a major water event during the time around this conjunction.

On a very positive note, Mercury conjunct Jupiter at 6 Degrees Capricorn is a great day to plan any business-expansion ideas.  Mercury (ideas) blended with Jupiter (expansion) in Capricorn (serious, reality-based plans) can help you advance towards success.

The time around January 1st is also highly favored for spiritual endeavors of all kinds.  Set your intentions and see what happens in the coming months!

January 7-8: Sun Sextile Neptune and Mercury Sextile Neptune at 16 Degrees Pisces.  As William Arthur Ward said:  “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”  Use this lovely energy to imagine your dreams into reality.

January 10:  Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 20 Degrees Cancer/Capricorn Conjunct Mercury at 20 Degrees Capricorn and Saturn-Pluto at 22 Degrees Capricorn.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipses are always highly emotional and powerful. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is an exceptionally powerful Full Moon because of the Mercury, Saturn and Pluto conjunction to the Sun (and opposition to the Moon).  Emotional (Moon) power struggles (Pluto) are possible, especially if you feel that you are being restricted or limited (Saturn) by someone or something. 

Because both the Moon and Pluto rule the collective and the masses, we could hear about global political power struggles and skirmishes around this time.  On a physical level, the pull of gravity is extra strong around all full Moons.  Because this Full Moon is opposed by Pluto, the earth may be subject to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions (Pluto rules the underground), as well as exceptionally high tides and water events (Moon opposing Sun).

The Cancer Lunar Eclipse will be felt most strongly by those with planets from 15 to 25 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Capricorn, Aries, Caner and Libra). Use this strong energy to understand your emotions (Moon).  What do you really want?  Who or what is standing in your way?  and How can you transform (Pluto) those obstacles into a place of power (Pluto) for yourself?

January 11-14: Sun/Mercury/Saturn/Pluto stellium in Capricorn Continues.  Uranus turns direct on at 2 Degrees Taurus.  Sun conjunct Pluto is exact on January 13.  Though Sun/Pluto aspects can bring power struggles and issues, there is an exciting upside to this powerful energy manifesting right after the lunar eclipse.  The Sun gives you the impetus to strive towards the best and to shine the light on what needs to be transformed (Pluto).  Additionally, Pluto gives you the will and fortitude to power through any obstacles.  Use this energy wisely and you could see big accomplishments as you move into 2020.

Each of us will feel more movement around us once Uranus turns direct, especially those of you with planets in the early degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Dare to move outside your comfort zone to explore new and exciting opportunities.

January 13:  Venus Enters Pisces. Venus brings a loving energy into the compassionate sign of Pisces.  Enjoy romance, spiritual pursuits and open-hearted giving during her journey through Pisces.

January 20:  Sun Enters Aguarius. Sun in Aquarius brings relief from the rather serious Sun in Capricorn energy we have been experiencing.  Groups and friends and all kinds of social gatherings dominate the scene.  Let go of some of the “should” and just enjoy the spontaneous energy of Sun in Aquarius.

January 22:  Sun Square Uranus at 2 Degrees Aquarius/Taurus. You may feel at little edgy and restless during this transit.  Take a walk to clear that restive energy and let the unexpected, sometimes amazing insights flow.  Inventive insights are the order of the day under Sun square Uranus.

January 27-28:  Venus Conjunct Neptune at 16 Degrees Pisces.  Venus conjunct Neptune is joined by the Moon on the 28th when it moves into Pisces.  Treat yourself to a luxurious candlelight bath or engage in your favorite spiritual ritual.  Your intuition and creativity are high, so pay attention to psychic impressions now. 

Mars square Neptune on the 28th adds a punch to the contemplative energy.  You may be feeling tired but wired.  Give yourself permission to take some quiet time.


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Astrology Transits December 2019 – Shifting into Hope

Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.― Eckhart Tolle

With a solar eclipse and a concentration of energy in Sagittarius — and then Capricorn — we are looking at another power packed month.  All through the month, the careful Capricorn energy is balanced by several planets transiting the more exuberant sign of Sagittarius.  Jupiter in Capricorn now, also reflects the need to cautiously go out on a limb to try something new.

November 29-30:  Mercury Sextile Saturn at 17-18 Degrees of Scorpio/Capricorn.  Mercury sextile Saturn brings high mental discipline.  Use this grounded energy to complete difficult or tedious tasks or problems. It would also be a great time to finish that book you have been working on  forever.

December 2: Jupiter enters Capricorn. 

Venus sextile Mars at 8 Degrees Capricorn/Scorpio;

Venus conjunct South Node at 8 Degrees Capricorn;

Mars trine & sextile the Nodes at 8 Decrees Scorpio; and

Mercury sextile Pluto at 21 Decrees Scorpio/Capricorn.

Jupiter will remain in Capricorn until December 19, 2020.  Jupiter, the planet of expansion and optimism, finds his energy a little bit restrained in Capricorn, the sign of boundaries, reality and limitation.  However, Jupiter here will modulate the more serious Capricorn energy, while Saturn will modulate Jupiter’s sometimes over-the-top energy.

Wow, such a lot of energy between Venus, Mars, the Nodes, Mercury and Pluto this month.  Since it is mostly sextiles and trines everything should flow smoothly.  You can best use this energy to confidently move toward your goals, while remaining aware of any real restrictions and limitations around you.

December 7-8:  Sun square Neptune at 15-16 Degrees Sagittarius/Pisces. The Sun transiting the religious sign of Sagittarius square Neptune in the spiritual sign of Pisces draws our attention to all religions, ideologies and belief systems. Because squares are challenging energy, disputes can arise over the “best and correct” belief system.  Keep an open mind and realize the good in all systems.  Paraphrasing Dr. Fred, the beloved former pastor of Mile High Church of Religious Science in Denver:  “Religion is like a pyramid.  At the bottom there are strong divisions.  The higher you go toward the top the less the divisions matter.”

Sun square Neptune is a good time to zero in on the difference between your pipe dreams (Neptune) and what you can actually achieve (Sun).

December 9:  Mercury enters Sagittarius.  Mercury is 100% out of its retrograde shadow and ideas now flow freely.  Truth, or lack thereof, will be in the news all through the month.

December 10 to 14:  Venus conjunct Saturn and Pluto from 18 to 22 Degrees Capricorn.  Watch for the intensity to increase around politics, business and the financial markets.  Power plays between and among those entities will be front and center.  Venus rules money, Saturn rules one-upmanship and Pluto rules power and control.  You get the picture!

You will feel this energy the most if you have planets between 15 and 25 degrees of Taurus, Virgo, Pisces or Scorpio (the earth signs) or planets in those degrees in  Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra (the cardinal signs).  This charged energy is most apt to affect your financial life or your relationship life.  It will be an easier energy for the earth signs, but a little challenging for the cardinal signs.

December 11-12:  Full Moon at 20 Degrees Gemini/Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces. This Gemini Full Moon is known as the Long Night’s Moon.  The Full Moon in Gemini opposite the Sun in Sagittarius, the sign of travel and square Neptune, the planet of confusion, can cause travel mix-ups.  Keep your wits about you and be aware of your surroundings.  While travel can be a little dicey, spiritual contemplations can be highly rewarding.

December 14:  Jupiter Trine Uranus at 3 Degrees Capricorn/Taurus. Expect the unexpected with Jupiter trine Uranus.  Jupiter trine Uranus in the money signs of Capricorn and Taurus can bring unexpected financial opportunities.  Use this transit to try something new and to take small risks. Remember the emphasis now should be on slow, steady growth. Jupiter is somewhat restrained while in Capricorn so you don’t need to be overly concerned about going too far out there.

December 17-21:  Mars in Scorpio Sextile Saturn/Pluto at 19-21 Degrees Capricorn.  Mars sextile Saturn is a superb aspect to help you to act on something you have been putting off.  However, with Pluto as part of the picture there is some danger that you will find yourself going over (and over and over) old slights and hurts until you become unreasonably angry.

December 19:  Sun Transits 26-27 Degrees Sagittarius at the Galactic Center.  The Sun transiting the center of the Milky Way (the Galactic Center) opens you up to cosmic truths.  Your subconscious mind is activated facilitating the release of old emotional wounds and traumas.

December 19-20:  Mercury Square Neptune at 15-16 Degrees Sagittarius/Pisces.  Mercury square Neptune fosters lies, deception, false beliefs and confused thought patterns.  Its best to put off signing important legal, personal or financial documents until Mercury moves on after December 22.  If you need to make travel arrangements, double check your reservations and itinerary.  Its best not to initiate any important conversations at this time if it can be avoided.

December 20:  Venus enters Aquarius.  Venus will be in Aquarius though January 13, 2020. Venus in Aquarius allows you to break out of a rut as you will be attracted to the new, unusual, and innovative.  If you have been in a relationship that is less than optimal, Venus in Aquarius allows you to view such relationships dispassionately.  Most importantly, Venus in Aquarius helps you to love yourself, despite what others might think.

December 21:  Venus Square Uranus at 2 Degrees Aquarius/Taurus.  Venus and Uranus are in mutual reception (i.e. in each other’s signs) making their connection more challenging than normal.  Tensions may be sparked between friends or people within social groups.  The good news is that the discord could leave as quickly as it started.

December 22:  Winter Solstice  The word solstice comes from Latin sol “sun” and sistere “to stand still.” In the northern hemisphere, the Sun’s path has reached its southernmost position before it starts to move north once again. The winter solstice celebrates the Sun’s rebirth.  It is believed to hold powerful regenerative energy and is an opportune time for self-reflection.  Light a candle or attend a solstice bonfire celebration to honor this time of “moving into the light.”

December 25:  Solar Eclipse at 4 Degrees Capricorn. 

This Christmas Day solar eclipse features the Sun and Moon as part of a stellium (4 or more planets) in Capricorn including Jupiter, South Node, Saturn and Pluto.  Use this time to envision how you want year 2020 to be as solar eclipses bring in new energy.  The Sun and Moon conjunct Jupiter and the South Node bring helpful energy for making changes in your life.

December 30:  Mercury Trine Uranus at 2 Degrees Capricorn/Taurus.  The year ends with the Sun and Jupiter conjunct in Capricorn and along with the Mercury/Uranus trine.  Though these lovely connections are temporary, they do end the year on an upbeat note.  Mercury trine Uranus is sure to bring insights galore and can liven up your New Years celebrations.  Enjoy!


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Astrology Transits November 2019 – Soul Regeneration

Everybody’s wearing a disguise
To hide what they’ve got left behind their eyes
But me, I can’t cover what I am
Wherever the children go I’ll follow them
. —
Bob Dylan, Abandoned Love

The month of November is all about looking under what you think you see to understand the hidden mystery, grandeur and enlightenment that is part of the Scorpio/Pluto archetype.  Scorpio is the archetype of transformation through deep, intense, emotional engagement.

Scorpio holds the secrets behind sex, death and rebirth.  It is the sign of alchemy and of the phoenix rising from the ashes.  Just as nature is dying, it is time for us to take stock of those hidden parts of ourselves that need to be transformed and/or rebirthed.  Scorpio asks us to go into the abyss and to make friends with the unknown.

Happy birthday to all of my Scorpio readers who set an example on how to unflinchingly go into the abyss in order to grow.

October 30-31: Mercury Turns Retrograde Conjunct Venus at 27 Degrees Scorpio.  Mercury retrograde continues until November 20 when it turns direct at 11 degrees Scorpio.  Time once again time to back up your computer and to make sure your cell phone is turned off when not in use to prevent texts being sent to the wrong person.  Communications of all kind are now confused, misdirected or delayed.  It is a good time to clear out the clutter and repurpose things and emotions from the past

November 1:  Venus enters Sagittarius.  Venus in Sagittarius brings a much-needed element of lightness and optimism to the heavier Scorpio energy.  Take a trip, invest in new sports equipment or study something new under this transit.

November 1-15:  Saturn Sextile Neptune at 15 Degrees Capricorn/Pisces.  Saturn sextile Neptune gains power by the fact that Saturn is in its home sign of Capricorn and Neptune is in its home sign of Pisces (mutual reception).  Saturn, is the no-nonsense master of responsibility, while Neptune is a nebulous, idealistic artist that tends to float away from hard tasks and responsibility.  When these two, very different, planets contact each other in a pleasant way (sextile), we reap the benefits of both.  If you have an artistic or creative project that you haven’t been able to get off the ground, use Saturn sextile Neptune to complete it.

November 4-6: Mars square Pluto at 20 Degrees Libra/Capricorn.  This is one of those difficult aspects that makes you want to run for the hills or to pull the covers over your head and never leave the house.  The one-word explanation for this aspect is “crisis.”  Stay away from disagreements and confrontations as Mars rules “anger” and Pluto rules “control.”  It is doubtful if either side could win in such a confrontation.  Drive unobtrusively, be sure to yield the right of way, and refrain from driving slowly in the fast lane to minimize road rage.

The positive possibility of this aspect is that it can push you to leave that untenable job or relationship situation that has been causing you angst.  Those who have planets near 20 degrees of the cardinal signs (Libra, Capricorn, Aries and Cancer) will be most likely to feel this challenging energy; though Scorpio and Aries may also feel it.

November 8-10:  Sun Sextile Saturn and Trine Neptune at 16-17 Scorpio/Capricorn/Pisces.  In a few words these transits mean:  The drive to dream a little, with a touch of responsibility and reality, in order to further your dreams.  Nice!

Mercury Retrograde Sextile Pluto at 20 Degrees of Scorpio/Capricorn. Mercury Retrograde sextile intense Scorpio can reveal all kinds of hidden information, emotions or objects.  While this can be a good time to have those deep conversations with others, be aware that deep truth works both ways.  If you ask for the full truth from someone, you must be prepared to accept that truth.  Additionally, you must be ready to reveal your own deep secrets.  When Pluto is involved, things tend to be all or nothing.  Half-way efforts are not part of Pluto’s modus operandi.

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio can deepen intimate relationships, but use care when probing touchy subjects.  This is not a good time for accusations or blame, but rather for discussing sensitive topics toward deeper understanding.

If you are in a relationship that you know is really over, Mercury retrograde can help to reveal your hidden, true feelings about that relationship.  This transit is good for contemplating and reaching clarity about such a relationship.  Once Mercury moves direct you can take action.

November 12:  Full Moon at 20 Degrees Taurus/Scorpio with the Moon Trine Pluto. The Taurus/Scorpio full moon opposition presents a tug-of-war between your desire to hold on to people and things (Taurus) that are no longer beneficial or to let them go (Scorpio).  This Full Moon could stir up a lot of deep emotions, especially around relationships.

At the same time, Neptune is trine the Sun/Mercury conjunction showing the way out for any uncomfortable feelings brought to the surface by the full Moon.  Neptune trine Sun/Mercury favors communication and meditation.  If any conflict or emotional meltdown arises, remove yourself from the situation until you can become more mindful.

November 13-14: Sun Sextile Pluto at 21 Degrees Scorpio/Capricorn.  Use this potentially very helpful transit to change those circumstances that you have been unable to change before. Sun sextile Pluto can be extremely beneficial in achieving your aims, so long as you don’t “run over” others in your quest for power.  If you need to clean your house, car, basement or garage, this powerful aspect can make you a veritable cleaning/organizing machine.  On a spiritual level, Sun sextile Pluto is superb for deep thinking and for probing life’s mysteries.

November 20:  Mercury Stations Direct at 12 Degrees Scorpio.  Time to use those ideas and insights that came to you during Mercury retrograde.

November 19:  Mars Enters Scorpio.  Mars is the co-ruler of Scorpio and feels at home here. Mars in Scorpio gives you the drive to overcome previously unsurmountable difficulties.

November 26:  New Moon at 4 Degrees Sagittarius.  As always, the New Moon guides the shift in the prevailing energy.  Here, we are moving from the soul searching, deep-diving Scorpio into the lighter, optimistic energy of Sagittarius.  Such a great opportunity to take the understanding gained from the introspective, transformative Scorpio energy and use it to expand your wisdom.

* * * * * *

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Astrology Transits October 2019 – Balance and Transformation

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony. – Thomas Merton

The month of October begins with the Sun, Venus and Mercury in the sign of Libra.  Libra is known as the sign of balance.  However, this is not quite right.  Libra is the sign that is striving toward balance.  It is true that Libra has a hard time making up their minds.  This is because they very much want their decisions to be fair and balanced.  Once a Libra has made up their mind, they are able to move forward quickly and decisively.  In the meantime, it can be painful to their friends and loved ones to watch their weighing and balancing.

The energy begins to shift on October 3 when Mercury enters Scorpio.  Mercury is joined by Venus entering Scorpio on October 8.  Finally, the Sun enters Scorpio on October 23.  The personal planets in the intense, secretive and instinctive sign of Scorpio nudge us to dig deeper into the motivations of ourselves and others.  Look for secrets and the dark, deep truth to be revealed during these Scorpio transits.  Such an interesting planetary synchronicity during the US impeachment inquiry and the Brexit machinations!

October 3: Pluto Turns Direct at 20 Degrees Capricorn.  Pluto retrograde in Capricorn since April 24, 2019 now begins the slow process of turning direct.  Pluto moves at a snail’s pace (250 years to go around the zodiac) so many of you will not have been aware of Pluto’s retrograde motion.

However, if it is sitting on any of your personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars), you will most certainly have felt its slow, grinding, profound effect.  Also, those with planets in Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra are now tuned into Pluto’s transformative vibrations.  Pluto’s long retrograde this spring and summer had a deep, life-changing effect on your life.  You were forced to slow down and to take a contemplative look at your life.  Those life areas that have become problematic or are no longer needed are transforming in some way or may even be removed from your life.

Pluto direct urges you to make those changes in your life that you know, in some hidden part of yourself, must be made.  Such changes are quite often difficult and emotionally stressful to make. But make them you must, if you want your life to progress in a productive way.

October 3: Mercury enters Scorpio.  Mercury in Libra had an easy time of it.  Light-hearted, collaborative discussions were easy when airy Mercury was in the equally airy sign of Libra.  Mercury in Scorpio is much different.  Now, the focus is on rooting out deeply buried secrets and on solving life mysteries.  Use this energy to further your understanding of your own deeply buried traumas and secrets.  A note of caution is warranted however.  Keep those things close that you do not want revealed to others.  This is truly a time when “loose lips sink ships.” (This is especially true when Mercury goes retrograde on October 31.)

On the US political front look for all kinds of buried information to be revealed to the public.  Old, supposedly solved, events will be brought out into the open to be rehashed once again.

October 4:  Mars enters Libra. Mars’ aggressive, active, pugnacious stance is somewhat softened during its journey through Libra.  Mars here is more apt to show some diplomacy or to retreat rather than declare all-out war and to escalate conflicts.  However, never forget that Libra is the sign of “the iron fist in the velvet glove.”  Mars here may seem uncharacteristically mild, but it may be biding its time until it can strike in a more effective way.

On the positive side, Mars in Libra is excellent for resolving contentious issues.  Mars makes it easier to speak up about unfair issues and Libra adds the desire and need for diplomacy.

October 8: Venus enters Scorpio.  Venus moves out of her home sign of Libra into the intense, passionate, deep sign of Scorpio.  Issues around jealousy and the resulting dramatic scenes can result.  Positively, Venus in Scorpio can help you re-connect to your romantic partner in a deeper, more committed way.  Mars in Libra and Venus in Scorpio are in mutual reception (in each other’s sign), which enhances the expression of both planets.

October 13: Full Moon at 20 Degrees Aries/Libra.  Now is the time to evaluate where you have been, where you want to go and what you want to accomplish in the coming lunar month.  Ask yourself:  “What do I want to accomplish in the next 28 days?”  “What do I need to let go of or adjust in order to accomplish my new monthly goals?”  The sign of Aries adds a fiery, active vibe to this full Moon.  The active Aries energy pushes you out of your comfort zone to help you accomplish previously unreachable goals.



October 23:  The Sun enters Scorpio.  Happy Birthday to all Scorpios.  When the Sun is in your sign it is time to shine.  Enjoy!

October 27: New Moon at 20 Degrees Scorpio. This Scorpio Sun/Moon conjunction in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus can feel chaotic and dicey, especially for the fixed signs (Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo). Both Scorpio and Taurus are fixed signs that do not like change, while Uranus is the poster child for unexpected, out-of-the-blue change.  Power struggles, both internal and external, can ensue.

At the same time, Mars in Libra is square Saturn in Capricorn.  Tread lightly and wait for a less intensely charged time to bring up any problematic issues, especially those relating to power, control and sexual issues.



October 31:  Mercury Turns Retrograde at 27 Degrees Scorpio. Old issues relating to trust (or mistrust), abandonment, commitment and sex are in focus under a Scorpio Mercury retrograde.  The self-growth question is: “How have I been sabotaging myself?”  This is not a time to share your deepest thoughts and feelings with others.  Keep your own counsel until after November 21 when Mercury turns direct.


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