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Astrology Transits July 2017 – Action and Power

Every day we have plenty of opportunities to get angry, stressed or offended. But what you’re doing when you indulge these negative emotions is giving something outside yourself power over your happiness. You can choose to not let little things upset you.  Joel Osteen


The dominant energy throughout the month of July 2017 is power and anger.  How we use our power and how we let others usurp our power and/or control us. Lock step along with the power issue is the question of how we handle the anger that arises from those power issues.

The month opens with Mars in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn.  Mars is activity, anger, aggression, combativeness and “me first” “then you.” Pluto is the planet of power, control, transformation, revealer of secrets and single-minded determination.

Opposition aspects present a tug-of-war dynamic. They set up an either/or scenario.  When one side of the opposition is feeling good and on top of the situation the other side is feeling down and trying to regain dominance (picture a teeter/totter up and down, up and down).

Also prominent this month are dual T-squares in cardinal signs denoting the desire to take action and to get things moving.  All of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) will be zapped but Cancer and Capricorn will feel it the most because of the Cancer/Capricorn opposition.

Because the sky is a continuously changing picture, the aspects will shift a little throughout the month and become stronger or weaker, but the overall energy will remain.

July 4 brings Mercury square Uranus.  Lots of volatility here around ideas and communication.  Watch for brilliant ideas or conversations or maybe just far-out crazy, unpredictable, erratic communication that startles and shakes you up. Sound familiar?

Also on July 4th Jupiter quincunx Neptune urges you to use your optimism and faith (Jupiter) to achieve your dreams and aspirations and to attune to your highest self (Neptune).  The quincunx is an aspect of irritation.  It is like a fly buzzing in your face that won’t go away or an alarm clock that just keeps blaring away.  It isn’t in your face like a square, but you must attend to something to make it useful and to make the nagging go away.

On July 5th and 6th the Sun square Jupiter can bring too much of a good thing.  Overload and overwhelm are followed by a tendency to idealize and to ignore warning signs when the Sun trines Neptune. The high spiritual side of these aspects is that there is  no better time to connect with your true self and to get in touch with, and to progress toward your true life path.

The powerful full Moon in Capricorn on July 9 sets off the T-squares and the potent line up of Pluto opposing Sun and Mars.  This formidable energy can bring earthquakes, explosions, fires and other natural upheavals as well as all manner of human-caused calamities. On a positive note, this powerful Moon can shake things loose, get you unstuck and propel you towards making any needed changes in your life.  You will know what those changes are.

On July 17 Mars squares Uranus and then the Sun squares Uranus on July 20.  Danger abounds.  We want
excitement and change and rebellion runs rampant.  This is a signature for accidents, wars (don’t be alarmed even neighborhood conflicts qualify) and upheaval.  It is also a signature for brilliant ideas, stunning breakthroughs, technological advances and breath taking insights.  The key here is to let the energy move you forward without destroying everything that has already been built.  Use Saturn retrograde, which is trine Uranus, to modulate the overly stimulating atmosphere and to set limits.

More of the same is the watchword on July 23 when the Leo new Moon conjuncts Mars (and of course conjuncts the Sun)and fosters emotional (Moon), aggressive (Mars) feelings.  On July 24 when Mercury trines Uranus pay attention to hunches and “crazy” ideas, which might actually be crazy or might be brilliant and of genius level.

You might ask:  “Where is the silver lining in all of these crazy, angry, power hungry planets this month?’  Here are some thoughts to help you use this month’s energy in the most optimum way:

  • The impetus to action is at an all time high – use the energy to move forward on any well-thought-out plans,
  • The push to change the status quo is going through the roof. This is an especially beneficial energy for those who have been stuck in some way. The planets are now giving you a literal “kick in the pants” to act and change and move.
  • The need to take control of your life can be truly life changing in a positive way. The saying that “you are in control of your destiny” now takes on new and important meaning.
  • Listen to your “crazy” Uranus-inspired ideas. Many of them will be truly crazy, but there is most likely a spark of genius in at least one of them that can be useful.
  • At the Leo new moon start something new. Your creativity will be at an all-time high, and your leadership qualities are ready to be tested. Leos, in particular, need to pay attention!
  • Finally, just go with the flow. Take precautions, but don’t become fearful.

When all is said and done you might look back on the month as one of the most exciting times of your life!

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Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse Comments

Hello everyone,

I appreciate all of your comments to my recent eclipse articles. Just wanted to let you know that I will reply as I can. I am getting an amazing number of comments and simply can’t keep up. I will get back to you as soon as possible though. Many thanks. Astroherb

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Living in uncertain and volatile times like these can be challenging. We never know what the future will bring or the best plan of action for navigating the daily challenges.   For me, it has always helped to have a knowledgeable guide provide insight into my personal birth chart and the current astrological influences at work.  A gifted astrologer can shed light on aspects of  your personality that you may not be consciously aware of.  An Astrology reading is a valuable tool for adapting and rolling with the waves of uncertainty that we all face in life.  When you are searching for self-knowledge or facing uncertainty,  there is nothing better than to receive a full natal astrology reading.

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Would you like to understand how the past (in your family of origin or in a past life) is affecting your happiness and effectiveness now and what to do about it? The seeds of the present are all displayed in your birth chart.  A skilled and experienced astrologer can bring out  insight and wisdom about hidden influences that are  shaping  your current perceptions and actions.

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Sometimes you just need a little guidance to make it through life’s rocky spots; or maybe everything is going fine, but you aren’t sure what your next step should be.

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If you are going to plan a special event (a wedding, special party, business event, etc.) and would like help determining the best time to hold it for optimum success an electional astrology reading can help. If  you want to find the best time to sell a home, start a business or schedule surgery or any other time related issue I recommend electional astrology.

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Have you met a special someone and want to know how you relate to each other, both the good and the problematic and you would like to know how to keep your relationship strong? Or are you currently in a relationship that seems to have become flat or worse?

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Maybe you have just had a birthday and would like to know more about the kind of a year you will have this birthday year.

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For one reason or another you may not know your birth time.  It is possible to have your chart birth time rectified.  I offer in depth and accurate chart rectification.

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Steven Forest Astrology Retreat

Steven Forrest Evolutionary Astrology Apprenticeship Retreat

September 24 through September 28, 2010

 I have just completed an absolutely wonderful week at the Steven Forrest Evolutionary Astrology Apprenticeship Retreat in Calistoga, California. I arrived at the San Francisco Airport on Friday, September 24 and took the Airport Express bus to the Sonoma County Airport where I was picked up by Dawn, who was helping set up the retreat at Mountain Home Ranch. As I had never seen the Golden Gate Bridge before, it was a big thrill to go over the bridge on the way to the Sonoma County Airport. Seeing the beautiful bridge above the sparkling water, I just knew I was in for a wonderful time!

 The ride on Airport Express to the Sonoma County Airport took a long time because of the Friday evening traffic and the road construction. However, by 6:00 pm I was at Mountain Home Ranch eating appetizers and meeting my fellow retreat members. Then at 7:00 pm it was my first dinner at Mountain Home—the first of many absolutely wonderful, fresh, home grown meals that I was to have at the Ranch.

 I met my roommate who had been selected for astrological compatibility by Joyce Van Horn of Gossamer Rings, the organizer of all of Steven Forrest’s Calistoga, California retreats. We were assigned to the rustic cabin called “Beauty.” “Beauty” as it turns out is a cabin with a history. She had fell into a gulch twice and had to be hauled back up the hill and reset until she finally ended up at her present location in the trees just up the hill from the main lodge.

 Saturday morning Steven Forrest began his presentation and we all began our wonderful journey into some very fascinating information about the Moon. As Steven mentioned, the Sun has stolen all of the glory as far as astrological interpretations, and the Moon has been somewhat ignored. However, when you consider that the Moon is the focal point of a person’s happiness, you realize how very, very important it is for astrologers to understand the Moon and its importance when interpreting a client’s birth chart.

 Steven’s lectures began Saturday. The first lecture was about the out-of-bounds Moon and its significance in the birth chart. Like all out-of-bounds planets the Moon can “take over” the birth chart. Due to the Moon’s orbit, only certain people will be born with an out-of-bounds Moon.

 The next lecture was about the eight phases of the Moon as it goes through its monthly journey. Understanding these phases in depth vividly explained the needs of the Moon (and, consequently, our emotional needs) as it goes through each phase. We then learned about how each phase of the Moon is acted out in an individual birth chart and the evolutionary challenge of each phase.

 On Monday, we began an in-depth study of the progressed Moon through the eight Moon phases. A knowledge of the progressed Moon as it goes through the phases allows us to chart our course as we begin and finish major projects in our life. Understanding that the Moon takes approximately two and one-half years to complete each phase is crucial for a full understanding of our life cycles.

 On the final day of the retreat Steven interpreted the Moon in a few charts of the Evolutionary Astrology Apprenticeship students.

 Then, sadly, the magical retreat was over and it was time to go home.

 Stay tuned for several in-depth Moon articles about some of the topics I have briefly discussed in this article.