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Astrology Transits January 2024 – A Blank Page

Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one. — Brad Paisley

Calendar year 2024 promises to bring lots of change and even some chaos. However, the ability to embrace and be open to change will bring some surprisingly beneficial results.

The year 2024 in Chinese astrology is the year of the Dragon. Chinese astrology portrays it as a year full of creativity and new ideas, with returning prosperity. Chinese astrology fits with Western astrology in many ways.

Calendar year 2023 was so very challenging for so many of us. Pluto in the last degrees of Capricorn was especially challenging to those with late degrees of the Cardinal signs, since it was in late Capricorn and formed a square to late Aries, Cancer, and Libra Suns. As it moves into Aquarius on January 21, the energy will dramatically shift. However, Pluto moves so slowly that we usually don’t feel it’s energy on a day-to-day basis. But when it aspects a natal planet it is felt, often in a big way.

Uranus in Taurus all year was a planetary contest of wills. Uranus likes change, while Taurus really doesn’t like change at all. The fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius were right in the middle of the tug of war.

If you have always wanted to learn astrology, I have two classes starting in January. One is for those who have no, or very little, astrology knowledge. The other is a once-monthly astrology practice class where you can learn and practice more advanced astrological skills. Scroll to the end of this email for specific details on the two classes.

Overall, I think 2024 will be easier to navigate and will feel more optimistic and expansive. The big caveat is that you need to stay loose and learn to go with the flow. Change is here. The more you fight it, the harder it will feel. Focus on what you want in 2024 — not what you don’t want. Enjoy year 2024!!


January 1: Venus Square Saturn at 3 Degrees Sagittarius/Pisces. If you have been wanting to sit with another person to map out your expectations for each other during the coming year, Venus square Saturn is the time to have that discussion. Just be aware that Saturn can make you seem a little cold or uncaring. Use Venus to project caring and love as you map your New Year journey together. If you’re not feeling the love, take some time to be alone to improve your relationship with yourself. Venus rules both love and money, so this would be a good time to tune up your financial situation for the coming year.


January 3: Mercury Direct at 22 Sagittarius. Since Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius has been in opposition to Gemini, the sign of communication, this retrograde has been especially potent. Take what you have learned (Sagittarius) and realistically apply it as Mercury moves into Capricorn on January 14.


January 4: Mars Enters Capricorn. Mars, the planet in action, likes being in Capricorn, the sign of hard work, realistic expectations and success and is said to be “exalted” when in Capricorn. Mars in Capricorn until February 12 is a great time to finish old projects or to begin something new. The drive of Mars coupled with the steadiness of Capricorn promises a high likelihood of success.


January 6: Sun Square Chiron at 15 Degrees Capricorn/Aries. The Sun is your identity, while Chiron shows where you have been physically or emotionally wounded. Sun square Chiron challenges you to become aware of your wounds and to grow and learn from the negative events in your life. Be kind to yourself as old issues come to the surface of your consciousness to be worked on once more. Because the square occurs in the Cardinal signs, issues around career or expressing yourself fully in the world, may be especially relevant.


January 8: Mercury Square Neptune at 25 Degrees Sagittarius/Pisces. Mercury square Neptune can feel a lot like Mercury retrograde. Your thinking may be distorted, discussions may go sideways and instructions you receive and give may be unclear and ambiguous. Use this energy to write out your dreams so they can be manifested by your subconscious.


January 9: Sun Trine Uranus at 29 Degrees Capricorn/Taurus. Mars Sextile Saturn at 4 Degrees Capricorn/Pisces. Trines and sextiles are easy, flowing energies. Sun trine Uranus has you fired up ready to make changes, while Mars sextile Saturn brings a burst of focused energy. A word of caution with this easy energy is that you will tend to coast along and not take advantage of them. Take meaningful action and you have the recipe for success.


January 11: New Moon at 20 Degrees Capricorn Square South Node at 20 Degrees Libra and North Node at 20 Degrees Aries. New Moon Trine Uranus at 19 Degrees Capricorn/Taurus. The sign of Capricorn relates to structure, authority, ambition and career. The New Moon in Capricorn at the beginning of a new year is perfect for assessing your goals and for implementing changes to manifest those goals. The South Node is about looking to the past to understand what worked or didn’t work. The North Node is about moving forward with what is pertinent to your life now.

The New Moon trine Uranus can spark some “out-of-the-blue” and/or unusual events that can move you forward. Remember: Uranus events can be disruptive, but they are beneficial in getting you out of ruts and stale situations.

January 12: Mars Trine Jupiter at 5 Degrees Capricorn/Taurus. Mars trine Jupiter is custom made for taking actions that will bring the hoped for results. Your energy is high (Mars) and so is your confidence and optimism (Jupiter). Add personal effort and you have the key for big achievements.


January 13: Mercury Enters Capricorn. Mercury in Capricorn brings wise and careful thinking conducive to productive planning. Carefully evaluate new ideas and seek knowledge where needed, especially regarding career and business matters.


January 14: Venus Quincunx Uranus at 29 Degrees Sagittarius/Taurus. Events and people around you may seem disorganized, unpredictable and even chaotic. However, the insights you gain now, could open up an exciting new path.


January 15: Sun Sextile Neptune at 25 Degrees Capricorn/Pisces. Artists, musicians and all creative people, take note. Sun sextile Neptune brings intuition, creativity and imagination to the forefront. The sign of Pisces enhances your creativity, while the sign of Capricorn grounds your inspiration and brings it down to earth. Enjoy this dreamy, yet purposeful, time.


January 19: Mercury Trine Jupiter at 6 Degrees Capricorn/Taurus. Mercury trine Jupiter is excellent for teaching, learning and brainstorming. Your thoughts (Mercury) are positive (Jupiter), yet grounded and security conscious (Capricorn/Taurus). However, Venus Square Neptune, at the same time, cautions you to avoid making big decisions for a few daysLearn and brainstorm now, but act in a few days.


January 20: Sun Conjunct Pluto at 29 Degrees Capricorn. The Sun conjunct Pluto today certainly calls for caution and mindfulness. Clashes with authorities or authoritarian people, broken down machinery and other “crises” are not uncommon under this aspect. However, Sun conjunct Pluto is superb for deep soul searching and for rooting out subconscious triggers and hang-ups.

Pluto moves into Aquarius on January 20, 2024, where it will stay (except for a brief retrograde in the fall) until 2044. Pluto in Aquarius promises to bring long lasting, startling, innovative changes around technology and our concept of brotherhood/sisterhood. Aquarius sun signs or ascendants may feel their entire worldview changing during this slow-moving transit.


January 23: Venus Enters Capricorn.  Venus, the planet of blessings received, is in Capricorn until February 16, 2024. Use Venus in Capricorn to make and strengthen connections with business partners, suppliers and co-workers. Venus in Capricorn is also conducive to launching and promoting an artistic venture.


January 25: Full Moon at 5 Degrees Leo, Sun at 5 Degrees Aquarius. T-Square Jupiter at 6 Degrees Taurus. The Full Moon in Leo focuses our attention on individualistic pursuits versus going along with the group. As the Full Moon forms a T-square with Jupiter in Taurus, we are advised to be true to our values (Taurus) while walking the tight rope between our individual ego needs (Leo) and the needs of the group (Sun in Aquarius). Easy right???

January 27: Sun Square Jupiter at 8 Degrees Aquarn square Jupiter can be very beneficial. It gives you the optimism, energy and drive to accomplish big things. Just be careful not to take on more than you can handle.


January 28: Venus at 6 Degrees Capricorn Sextile Saturn at 6 Degrees Pisces and Trine Jupiter at 6 Degrees Taurus. Venus sextile Saturn is an easy energy that brings the steadiness of Saturn to the ease and love of Venus. Venus trine Jupiter adds the frosting on the cake by adding a sense of optimism and well being. Both finances and relationships thrive when Venus is Trine Jupiter.


January 29: Mars Trine Uranus at 19 Degrees Capricorn/Taurus. Mars trine Uranus can bring breakthroughs, but it can also bring breakdowns. This is a volatile, freedom-loving, revolution provoking transit. Ask yourself: What do I need to break away from? Where is my inner being demanding freedom? The answer can be external circumstances, but it is just as often internal restrictions and limitations (Capricorn) that you are placing on yourself for no good reason.

Moon Movement During January 2024: Note: Dates given are for New York City, NY. The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.

January 1:     Moon in Virgo

January 2:     Moon enters Libra

January 5:     Moon enters Scorpio

January 7:     Moon enters Sagittarius

January 9:     Moon enters Capricorn

January 11:   New Moon at 20 degrees 44 minutes Capricorn

January 11:   Moon enters Aquarius

January 13:   Moon enters Pisces

January 15:   Moon enters Aries

January 18:   Moon enters Taurus

January 20:   Moon enters Gemini

January 22:   Moon enters Cancer

January 25:   Moon enters Leo

January 25:   Full Moon at 5 Degrees 14 Minutes Leo

January 27:   Moon enters Virgo

January 30:   Moon enters Libra




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I am still doing astrology readings by telephone or Zoom. My readings consist of transits, progressions, solar arc directions and solar return (year ahead) in relation to your birth chart. One-hour readings are $160 and half-hour readings are $80. Readings are recorded and payment is by PayPal, Square or Venmo. Send an email to to schedule your reading.

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