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Astrology Transits February 2019 – Reality with Flow

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. ― Lao Tzu

The theme this month is “facing reality while staying in the flow.” It is time to make a choice about what really matters to you and to move forward with that choice without becoming confused or disillusioned.  All through 2019 as Saturn moves toward an exact conjunction with Pluto, we are charged with tidying up our unfinished business.  We need to be prepared in order to best use the profound changes that are coming with the Saturn/Pluto conjunction and the Capricorn stellium in January 2020. 

January opened with Mars in its own sign at zero degrees Aries.  That was a big shot of energy.  However, as January wore on the energy seemed to be thwarted by the preponderance of the more-sluggish Capricorn (Saturn) energy.  Everything seemed to take more energy than we had anticipated and we ended up with an exhausted, burnt-out feeling.

The first half of February starts off with another energy burst with Mars square to Pluto.  However, this (Mars/Pluto) aspect is much more volatile and more problematic.  Road rage, angry outbursts and hot confrontations of all kinds are possible until mid-month. 

February 1-3: Venus trines Uranus at 28 degrees Sagittarius/Aries before entering Capricorn on February 3.  This fiery trine lends an easy, but active, flavor to normally disruptive Uranus.  There could be traces of a rather pleasant “devil may care” vibe so long as you know your limits and stay safe.  Once Venus enters Capricorn, she becomes much more serious and conformist.

February 10:  Mercury Enters Pisces.  Our thinking processes become less focused and our day dreams more pronounced.  Mercury’s journey through Pisces is a good time to use Saturn in Capricorn to make concrete (Saturn) plans (Mercury) in furtherance of your dreams (Pisces). 

February 12-13: Mars Conjunct Uranus at 28 Degrees Aries.  This aspect is great for innovation, determination and shaking things up.  If you have been putting off a task or project, this conjunction can snap you out of your doldrums.  You can, however, act without thinking under its influence.  Practice mindfulness in all your actions in order to avoid accidents and mishaps.  Be wary of getting involved in disagreements.  The energy is much too “hot” to rationally settle conflicts.

February 14:  Valentine’s Day 2019.  With the Moon (emotions) square Neptune (confusion, illusion, delusion) and inconjunct the Venus/Saturn conjunction, this is not the best day for romantic liaisons.  In addition, The Mars/Uranus conjunction points to a low flash point in any minor disagreements.  The Moon in opposition to Jupiter (big expectations) increases the likelihood that any such disagreements will be totally blown out of proportion.  It would be much better to postpone your Valentine’s celebration until Saturday, the 16th (see Valentine Day’s chart below) when Mars has moved into Taurus and further away from Uranus.

February 16: Venus Sextile Neptune at 14 Degrees Capricorn/Pisces.  Venus in soft aspect with Neptune lends a romantic, dreamy quality to their two-day connection.  It’s not so good for business matters, so relax and enjoy the lovely planetary beams.  The next day, when Venus conjuncts Saturn will be a better time to pursue your heart’s desire and to make progress toward your financial goals.  The key now, and all month, is to dream big, plan well, work hard and then to release and go with the flow.

February 18:  Venus conjunct Saturn; Mercury conjunct Neptune; Sun enters Pisces and Sun Sextile Uranus.  This is another day when it may be best to stick to the status quo, though Sun sextile Uranus can bring in some excellent ideas from out of the blue.  Pay attention to your thoughts for surprising gems of wisdom.

February 19:  Super Full Moon at Zero Degrees Virgo/Pisces.  This is another good time to practice integration of reality with the ability to go with the flow.  You might also consider organizing (Virgo) any cluttered areas while listening to inspiring music amid a collection of scented candles (Pisces).  Enjoy!The month ends with a few, rather minor, Mercury and Venus aspects that will be felt for only a short time.  Next month, Mercury turns stationary retrograde.

I will be giving an astrology talk at The Spiritual Center, The Third Street Center, 520 S 3rd St., Carbondale, Colorado, on Sunday, March 31, at 10:00 AM.  I hope to see you there!
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