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Astrology Transits November 2022 – Transformation

Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one. — Marianne Williamson

The energy shifted on October 23 from diplomatic, “go along, to get along” Libra into the intense, probing energy of Scorpio, when both the Sun and Venus moved into Scorpio. We are all feeling the need for deep change, both on a personal and collective level. The October 25, Scorpio Solar Eclipse heightened the transformative theme. That eclipse was quincunx Jupiter at one degree Aries. Jupiter in Aries wants to act, and to act big and to act fast. The solar eclipse at 2 degrees Scorpio (along with Venus at 2 degrees Scorpio) said: “Not so fast. We need to act, but we need to make adjustments (quincunx) first. Something isn’t right here, and it needs a deep transformation, not just surface improvement.”


In addition, Mars turned retrograde on October 30 in Gemini. Retrograde Mars      becomes heavy and everything slows down. Aggressive, angry feelings are strong and do not dissipate as quickly as they would under a direct Mars. Since you will find it harder to push forward under a retrograde Mars, use this time to solidify your foundation and your plans, so you will be in good position to act once Mars turns direct on January 13, 2023.


The Full Moon Taurus Lunar Eclipse on November 8 asks us to reflect on our values (Taurus) and to honor our security needs (Taurus) along with the need to change. See November 8 below for more of my thoughts on the lessons of this eclipse season.


November 2:  Venus Conjunct the South Node (Venus Opposition the North Node), Quincunx Chiron at 13 Degrees Scorpio/Aries. Its time to let go of the need for unhelpful and/or painful relationships of all kinds. Opportunities exist for positive relationships that support and nurture you. Fate (the Nodes) can bring someone wonderful into your life once you let go of the old, unhelpful connections. 


November 5:  Sun Quincunx Chiron at 13 Degrees Scorpio/Aries. Sun Conjunct the South Node at 13 Degrees Scorpio and Opposing the North Node at 13 Degrees Scorpio/Taurus. You can realize deep, profound truths about your life now. Pay attention to your dreams and put your memories in their proper place. Realizing the truth of who you are now, not who you were in the past, lets you positively move forward.


November 5:  Venus Opposition Uranus at 17 Degrees Scorpio/Taurus. Venus opposition Uranus is an exciting, but unpredictable time. Go with the flow and enjoy the wild ride. You will especially feel Venus opposing Uranus in the realm of love, values and monetary issues. Just watch the crazy stock market gyrations for a while, if you want to see this opposition in action.


November 7: Venus Square Saturn at 18 Degrees Scorpio/Aquarius. Reality! Venus square Saturn removes the “rose colored glasses” and forces you to evaluate your relationships and your everyday life in a dispassionate, reality-based manner. If fits with the transformational theme of November 2022.


November 8: Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse at 16 Degrees Taurus at 4:01 am EST. Sun Conjunct Mercury at 14 Degrees Scorpio. Sun and Mercury Opposition Uranus at 16 Degrees Taurus/Scorpio. 


The chart for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the US Election Day, November 8, 2022, is about letting go, fate, and sudden, unpredictable events. Uranus (sudden events, surprises, upsets) is conjunct the Taurus Eclipse Moon (change and emotional letting go), conjunct the North Node opposite the South Node (fate), Mercury, Sun and Venus. All those planets form a T-square to Saturn. Anything can, and probably will happen. Because of the Scorpio/Taurus axis, the biggest election issues are sexuality and abortion, hidden agendas, and security/money matters.

The Sabian symbol for 16 degrees Taurus is:

An old teacher fails to interest his pupils in traditional knowledge.

MEANING: The inadequacy of past knowledge in time of crisis.


I feel that this eclipse season is about letting go and letting fate (the North and South Nodes) play out as they will. Of course, that doesn’t mean that we don’t work hard toward our desired outcome. It means that once we have done all we can, it is time to release the outcome into the void with the expectation that all will be well. 


We are in a time of extreme change and transformation. The old ways of thinking and old ways of doing things are no longer adequate (Uranus). However, the transition from one phase to the next is about the unknown and, thus, always feels scary. 

November 10:  Mercury Square Saturn at 19 Degrees Scorpio/Aquarius. Venus Trine Neptune at 22 Degrees Scorpio/Pisces. Narrow, limited thinking is strong when Mercury is square Saturn. Venus trine Neptune accelerates the need to escape. Be kind to yourself – maybe a long, luxurious bath is called for under these challenging aspects.


November 11: Sun Square Saturn at 19 Degrees Scorpio/Aquarius. Venus Quincunx Mars at 24 Degrees Scorpio/Gemini. This is a good day to finalize any decisions that you have been grappling with.


November 14: Sun Trine Neptune at 22 Degrees Scorpio/Pisces. Venus Trine Jupiter at 29 Degrees Scorpio/Pisces. The Sun trine Neptune gives you abundant intuition, imagination and creativity, while Venus trine Jupiter brings a sense of bliss and optimism.


November 16: Venus Enters Sagittarius.


November 17: Mercury Enters Sagittarius. Venus and Mercury entering Sagittarius lightens the heavy Scorpio energy. Find some time to enjoy travel and/or an adventure, even if it is via books or travel videos.


November 19: Mars Square Neptune at 22 Degrees Gemini/Pisces. This is another “escape” aspect. Mars pushes, while Neptune just wants to escape. Give yourself permission to take some quiet time for yourself. On the 21st, when the Sun trines Jupiter, you will, once again, feel confident, optimistic and ready to conquer the world.


November 22: Sun Enters Sagittarius.


November 23: New Moon at 1 Degree Sagittarius. You’ve explored the depths during the Scorpio/Taurus eclipses. Now it’s time to let go and to think of lighter subjects. Travel, higher mind study and sporting events are favored.

November 27-28: Mercury and Venus Quincunx Uranus at 16 Degrees Sagittarius/Taurus.  Mars Trine Saturn at 19 Degrees Gemini/Aquarius. Mercury quincunx Uranus brings an abundance of fresh, unconventional ideas, while Venus quincunx Uranus could bring an unusual, creative person or project into your life. Mars trine Saturn helps you stay grounded and to make sense of everything that is going on.


Moon Movement During November 2022: Note: Dates given are for New York City, NY. The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.


November 1:       Moon in Aquarius

November 2:       Moon enters Pisces

November 4:      Moon enters Aries

November 6:      Moon enters Taurus

November 8:      Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse at 16 Degrees Taurus

November 9:      Moon enters Gemini

November 11:     Moon enters Cancer

November 14:     Moon enters Leo

November 16:     Moon enters Virgo

November 19:     Moon enters Libra

November 21:     Moon enters Scorpio

November 23:     New Moon at 1 degree Sagittarius

November 25:     Moon enters Capricorn

November 27:     Moon enters Aquarius

November 29:     Moon enters Pisces




The summer markets are closed and I am enjoying some downtime to recuperate from the busy summer. I am planning to teach a beginning astrology class in the near future. I am also gathering ideas to host a monthly astrology practice session for those who know some astrology. Stay tuned, as I will be letting you know via this newsletter when my plans are more concrete.


I am still doing astrology readings by telephone or Zoom. My readings consist of transits, progressions, solar arc directions and solar return (year ahead) in relation to your birth chart. One-hour readings are $160 and half-hour readings are $80. Readings are recorded and payment is by PayPal, Venmo or Square. Send an email to to schedule your reading.

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