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Astrology Transits August 2019 – Creativity and Fun

Creativity is intelligence having fun. — Albert Einstein

August 2019 opens with the Sun, Venus, Mars and the Moon all in the fiery, creative, fun sign of Leo.  Early August is such a wonderful time to express yourself creatively, to try out your leadership skills and, perhaps most importantly, to turn your attention to having more fun and trying new forms of recreation and self-expression.

This lovely collection of fiery, artistic planets urges you to let your artistic side out to play.  Also, with Venus and Mars, the planets of love, in Leo, it’s a good time to turn up the heat in romantic relationships.  Leo is the sign of leadership.  Maybe its time to move out of  your comfort zone by asking that special someone you are attracted to on a date or out for a cup of coffee.

August 6-8:  Sun Trine Jupiter and Venus Trine Jupiter at 14 Degrees Leo/Sagittarius.  We haven’t had such a light-hearted, fun and easy aspect for a long time.  Enjoy this lovely energy by taking a fun trip (Jupiter/Sagittarius) with a loved one (Venus).  You can use the beneficent Sun, Venus and Jupiter vibes at work or in the public arena to promote an idea that has been under wraps until now.

August 11:  Jupiter Turns Direct at 14 Degrees Sagittarius.  All business and work matters will start to move forward now.  Jupiter has been in retrograde motion since April 10, 2019.  Projects and business matters that had shown great promise may have slowed down or almost disappeared between that date and now.  Breathe a big sigh of relief as it is now time to revitalize those projects and matters.  Jupiter is very strong in the sign it rules (Sagittarius) so optimism is at its highest point of the summer.

August 11:  Uranus Turns Retrograde at 6 Degrees Taurus. Retrograde Uranus in Taurus indicates a fear of showing the full extent of the need to be different and unique. Uranus loves to “upset the apple cart,” while the sign of Taurus prefers the status quo and doesn’t like sudden changes.  Uranus retrograde in Taurus spotlights the difference between these two different ways of seeing the world.  If Uranus and/or Taurus are strong in your birth chart, you may feel a little unsettled during Uranus’ retrograde period.  It may feel a little like stepping on the gas and the brake pedal at the same time.  Uranus will be retrograde until January 10, 2020.

August 15:  Full Moon at 22 Degrees Aquarius/Leo. The Aquarius full Moon brings a dynamic tension between the desire to go along with the group (family, friends, business groups, etc.) consensus (Aquarius) versus the need to express your own individuality and leadership talents (Leo).

August 16:  Mercury Square Uranus at 6 Degrees Leo/Taurus.  The electric Uranus energy challenging the planet of communication (Mercury) brings over stimulation and over active thoughts with a jumpy, stressful effect.  Practice taking deep breaths and, if possible, take a short walk in nature to counteract this over-stimulating energy.  Once you calm yourself down, use this active mental energy to jot down any “out-of-left-field” thoughts that come into your head.  Those thoughts just might lead to a profound breakthrough in something that has felt stuck.

August 18:  Mars Enters Virgo.  Mars in Leo exhibited a fiery, forward-moving energy.  Now, as it moves into Virgo, it is more subdued and more apt to think and analyze before acting.  My Virgo readers may find that they are evaluating those ideas or actions that were put in place last month.  The key phrase for Mars in Virgo is “measured action.”

August 21:  Venus enters Virgo.  You may be taking another look at how well the everyday parts of your life are functioning when Venus, the planet of love and money, moves into the analytical sign of Virgo.  The emphasis is on taking a critical look at what is working and what is not working in matters relating to work, money and love.  This is an opportune time to clear out the clutter in your life or home.

August 21-22:  Mercury trine Jupiter at 14 Degrees Leo/Sagittarius.  When the planet of communication (Mercury) trines the planet of travel, study and optimism it is a good time to travel or to study a special area of interest. 

August 23:  Sun Enters Virgo.  Time to turn your attention to issues of practicality, organization, and efficiency.  Your analytical powers are at an all-time high as Mars, Venus and the Sun form a stellium in Virgo that lasts until mid-September.  Work matters take center stage and you may find yourself to be extremely busy.  The Virgo stellium will remain until mid-September 2019.

August 30:  New Moon in Virgo. The new Moon in Virgo would be a great time to set your intentions and positive expectations toward health and work issues.  If your health habits leave a lot to be desired, now is the time to embark on a new, nutritionally sound exercise and eating program.


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