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Solar-Lunar Eclipse – Planetary Alignment with the Galactic Center

Year 2010 promises to be a year of dynamic, challenging, and exciting planetary energy!   In Year 2010 the planets align with the galactic center.  A 26,000 year cycle ends and a new Age begins.  Amazing, awe inspiring energy, indeed!

The new energy began with the December 16 new moon and grew in intensity at the December 21 solstice. Then on New Year’s Eve, we experienced a full moon/blue moon/lunar eclipse. That Moon urged us to let go of the things that we no longer need–relationships, unworn clothes or just outdated ideas.  Many of you have experienced an emotion-laden time.  It is not easy letting go!

On New Year’s Day, Mercury (communication) and Mars (energy) were retrograde (apparent backward motion).  Retrograde planets slow things down.  We go over old business. We become tired of the status quo and just want to move forward.

Forward action finally comes in the form of a solar eclipse shortly after midnight on January 15, 2010.  A Solar eclipse always occurs at a new moon.  New moons urge us to move forward into new actions and new ways of thinking.  It is time to begin new projects and to look at old problems and irritations in a new way.  It is time to improve your old job, find a new job or to create your own new job.  Entrepreneurship will flourish during 2010.

Saturn retrogrades on January 13 calling for us to redefine and reassess our goals, the roles we play and our life conditions.

Mercury begins forward motion on January 15 and Venus is in close contact with the eclipse point, both in Capricorn.  Communication, sales, commerce and transportation are stimulated.  However, because Capricorn energy is sober and painstaking, we cannot expect a dramatic rise in our fortunes. We can expect a slow rise from the low point.

This information applies to all sun signs, but those with planets in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) will feel the energy more intensely and for a longer period of time. Some people may feel the eclipse energy well into Year 2012.

Thought for Contemplation and Meditation:

The Sabian symbol for the eclipse at 25º Capricorn is:  “A nature spirit dancing in the mist of a waterfall.”  This beautiful image urges us to take time to celebrate lightness of spirit and fun (nature spirit dancing) in the middle of our challenges (the waterfall). “One must still have chaos in oneself to give  birth to a dancing star.”  Friedrich Nietzsche

In this dynamic, challenging, exciting time, set your aspirations in motion, work hard, but go with the flow.  Enjoy the easy times, the challenging times, the upheaval, and the chaos.  We truly are ushering in a new paradigm.

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1 comment to Solar-Lunar Eclipse – Planetary Alignment with the Galactic Center

  • Ruby

    Thank you for your comment. Though the article was written back in December 2009, I believe we are seeing much of that energy still. Of course Pluto moves extremely slow so we will be seeing his energy for a very long time.

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