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Waning Crescent Moon

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Astrology Transits June 2020 – Eclipse Season

“Three things cannot be long hidden.  The Sun, the Moon and the truth.” ― Buddha


Oh, what a month full of exceptional planetary energy!  As I am writing this, I’m looking out at a gorgeous spring day with new life, lush greenery and a sunny sky overlain by dark, foreboding rain clouds.  This scene feels like a metaphor for the upcoming month. The planetary highlights of the month are:

  • the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on June 5 in the signs of Sagittarius/Gemini,
  • the New Moon Solar Eclipse on June 21 in the sign of Cancer,
  • Mercury turns retrograde on June 18 at 15 degrees Cancer,
  • the ongoing squares between the Sun and Venus in Gemini to Mars and Neptune in Pisces, and
  • The North and South Nodes changing sign from Cancer/Capricorn to Gemini/Sagittarius.

I don’t even know where to begin with all of this energy.  However, the emphasis is on communication, ideas, and being heard versus an impatient, angry energy (Mars), overlain by a need to stay calm and to determine the truth before we act. Add to the mix ongoing squares between planets in communicative Gemini and planets in nebulous, foggy Pisces and you end up with a mess of misinformation (Sun in Gemini) and angry confrontations (Mars in Pisces).  As you read the following planetary placement descriptions, it is clear that the planetary placements describe the current news stories.

May 31:  Moon at 29 Degrees Virgo Square North and South Nodes in  Gemini/Sagittarius.  The Moon expresses our emotions and feelings.  The Nodes of the Moon in our natal chart show a karmic connection.  In the chart of a country, they tell us something about the emotions of the collective.  There is a strong public need for truth (Sagittarius) and truthful communication (Gemini). The Nodes will remain in Gemini/Sagittarius for approximately 18 months.

June 1-3:  Retrograde Venus Square Mars at 13-15 Degrees Gemini/Pisces. On a personal level, this volatile, challenging energy can bring conflict with others in your life.  Venus is what we like (or love), while Mars is how we get what we like.  Be careful not to sabotage a loving relationship by projecting too much feisty, pushy energy towards those you love.  Because Mars is a warlike planet and Venus represents how you love yourself, you may even be in a war with yourself.  Be aware of a tendency to think such thoughts as “I’m too fat, no one will love me.”  “I’m too old.”, etc.

The intensity level goes up on the 3rd when the Sun is conjunct Venus and both are square Mars and Neptune.

June 1-10: Sun Square Mars from 11-20 Degrees Gemini/Pisces. It is obvious with this challenging volatile energy during the first two weeks of June that you (me and everyone else) are feeling edgier than usual and ready to do battle.  Mars (action, and sometimes warlike actions) in Pisces (our ideals) urges us to stand up for what we believe.  The Sun in Gemini square Mars is a challenge to speak out (Gemini) against those actions and mindsets that go against what we know to be right.  Expect the emotional, even violent, unrest to continue for quite some time.

June 5: Lunar Eclipse at 15 Degrees Sagittarius/Gemini.  Sun and Moon Form a T-Square to Mars in Pisces.  This is a nervous, emotional, impatient, edgy energy.  A T-Square aspect is a dynamically challenging aspect that demands new ways of problem-solving. Everything is amplified under this Sagittarius Eclipse. The Moon in Sagittarius demands to know the truth, while the Sun in Gemini wants to gather facts and, above all else, to be heard. Once again, the idealistic, compassionate sign of Pisces tenanted by war-like Mars demands action, and action now, even though confusion and misinformation (Pisces) are rampant.

June 12-13:  Mars Conjunct Neptune at 20 Degrees Pisces.  When aggressive, action-oriented Mars meets Neptune, the planet of confusion and misinformation, you may feel agitated, confused, exhausted and just generally out-of-sorts.  The best way through this draining energy is to use the positive qualities of these two planets.  Mars would like you to do something active:  take a run, punch a punching bag or even vigorously clean the house.  Neptune’s higher vibrations favor meditation, yoga, being near water, or even a long, soothing bubble bath.

June 18: Mercury Turns Retrograde at 15 Degrees Cancer.  Mercury retrograde in Cancer until July 12 adds to the general sense of confusion that is so prevalent this month.  The sign of Cancer brings our attention to matters of self-preservation, nationalism and protecting those in our family and/or “tribe.”  Mercury retrograde in Cancer indicates that we have more time to redo those things that are no longer working, especially around family and home issues.

June 21: Annular Solar Eclipse on the Solstice at 0 Degrees Cancer. This important Cancer solar eclipse brings an energy shift around home, family, nurturing and national pride. An eclipse at zero degrees is especially important as it shows a shift, a change, and a desire to start something new or to look at something in a new way.  An eclipsed Sun is a signal that it is time to question your motives and actions.  Ask yourself if your understanding is correct and whether the choice you made was the correct one.  If not, this Solar Eclipse is an especially good time a make a change.

nd think big, as you make plans for your new reality.  We may all begin to understand that there really will be a pot of gold after the thunderstorm.  However, Mercury in hard aspect to Jupiter and Pluto warns us to temper our expectations.

June 22:  Neptune Turns Retrograde at 21 Degrees Pisces Until November 30.  Neptune retrograde in Pisces gives us more time to assess the coronavirus risks and cures.  It also tells us that we need to re-assess our spirituality and compassion.  A good thing to ask ourselves during this long summer is:  “What would Jesus (or the Dalai Lama, or Martin Luther King, or any spiritual or compassionate leader) do?’

June 24:  Venus Turns Direct at 5 Degrees Gemini.  Any relationship blips that appeared during Venus retrograde, can how be worked out and solutions can be found.

June 27:  Mars enters Aries.  The month ends on a progressive, forward-moving note with Mars in Aries.  You may feel a surge of energy and a strong need for action with this transit, especially if you have early degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) in your chart. During Mar’s transit through Aries through early January 2021, everyone may be feeling more anger and aggression, so act accordingly.

June 30:  Sun Conjunct Mercury Square Chiron at 9 Degrees Cancer/Aries.  This square brings an abundance of possible problem-solving and healing ideas though there may be challenges in their implementation.

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