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Astrology Transits December 2021 — Truth as You See It

When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it–always. ― Mahatma Gandhi

Sagittarius energy adds a bit of a global or universal feeling to the December 2021 energy.  The month opens with the Sun in Sagittarius conjunct Mercury, with Mercury quincunx Uranus.  Ideas, especially new and even startling ideas, are flowing. Sagittarius and its ruling planet, Jupiter, relate to optimism, truth, higher mind and all things foreign. Sagittarius relates to “truth.” Not “truth” that others tell us is right. But our own Truth that we know to be true for us. The Sun connects with the South Node in Sagittarius for the last time until 2029. That connection coupled with the Taurus/Scorpio lunar eclipse from November 19 urges us to release old beliefs and old “truths” that are no longer relevant or true. This month:

  • Live your truth.
  • Try something new, whether new ideas or new actions.
  • Liberate yourself, drop burdens that aren’t yours to carry.
  • Find your sense of adventure in even the smallest things.
  • Expand your mind. Try reading a book that is outside your normal reading list.
  • Tune into abundance (Jupiter). Abundance is all around you.
  • Let more joy, laughter, and optimism into your life.

December 1: Neptune Turns Direct at 20 Degrees Pisces. Neptune can manifest more easily when it is direct. Especially when it is in its home sign of Pisces, as it is now.  Neptune can bring feelings of euphoria and bliss, but it can also bring feelings of loss of control, confusion, panic and hysteria. As I write this a new strain of the coronavirus has shown up in South Africa. Viruses are ruled by Neptune. Look for wild guesses, assumptions, speculation and confusion about what this really means.  Wild stock market swings are likely.

Neptune is also the planet of euphoria, creativity and romance.  We will all be better served by touring an art gallery or listening to inspiring music instead of giving into the darker, fearful side of Neptune.

December 3-4: New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 12 Degrees Sagittarius. Think exaggerated and expanded everything (Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter) under this Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse.  Because of the Neptune uncertainty (see above) our moods may fluctuate (Neptune) between euphoric optimism and abject dread. Stay the course and walk the middle line between the two extremes. This Sagittarius Solar Eclipse provides the perfect energy to manifest your desires. The explorative, optimistic vibes add just the right fuel to propel you forward when coupled with the Neptunian imagination.

December 13:  Mercury Enters Capricorn

December 13: Mars Enters Sagittarius.

I have always liked Mercury in Capricorn, because Capricorn grounds the sometimes-flighty energy of Mercury. Use this beneficial connection to further serious plans and ideas, especially regarding business matters.

Mars in Sagittarius Conjunct the South Node/Opposition the North Node forms a T-square with Jupiter.  Squares can be challenging, but this one adds the fuel (Mars) and expansive energy (Jupiter) to jump start your ideas and plans. Squares do require you to put in effort to reap the rewards. 

December 18: Full Moon at 27 Degrees Gemini/Sagittarius. Time to “speak your truth” under the Gemini Full Moon (opposite the Sagittarius Sun). You may receive exactly the information you were searching for. Because the Gemini Full Moon is trine Jupiter in Aquarius, be alert to any sudden flashes of insight that come your way. Gemini, as a dual sign, can present choices that need to be made.  “Shall I go?” or “Shall I stay?” or “What shall I keep?” and “What shall I let go of?” Jupiter can bring a layer of protection in whatever choice you make.

December 19:  Venus Retrograde Conjunct Pluto at 26 Degrees Capricorn.  See December 25 when Venus also conjuncts Pluto.  Today, with Venus retrograde, try not to obsess over any slights from friends or loved ones. A slightly miffed feeling could gain intensity and become a big, dramatic mess.

December 21: Sun Enters Capricorn. The grounded Sun in Capricorn until January 20, 2022, turns our attention to business, tradition and family. Decide that you have spent enough on holiday presents and decorations. Your pocketbook will love you! Instead, turn to tradition (Capricorn) to make the holidays bright.  One of my most memorable Christmases featured a decorated Cottonwood tree branch when we were snowed in. That’s the Sun in Capricorn!

December 23:  Nodes of the Moon Enter Scorpio/Taurus. There is a powerful, collective energy shift when the Nodes of the Moon change signs. On a personal level, the nodes help you align with your destiny. Those of you with your natal nodes in either Taurus or Scorpio will feel this shift the most as the Nodes move into Scorpio. NOTE:  The Nodes generally move backward through the Zodiac.

December 24:  Saturn Square Uranus at 11 Degrees Aquarius/Taurus. The Christmas holiday under a Saturn square Uranus aspect promises to be a study in unexpected events versus the need to present an old-fashioned, traditional holiday.  With the emphasis on the mutable Sagittarius/Neptune energy, I strongly urge you to keep those traditions that mean a lot to you, but to make allowances for surprises and an “anything goes” vibe.  Make a choice to have a fun and meaningful time (Sagittarius and Neptune), but keep your ability to laugh at disruptions (Uranus) and/or conflict (Saturn square Uranus).

December 25: Venus Conjunct Pluto at 25 Degrees Capricorn. Be careful with this one. Venus conjunct Pluto can bring on insecure feelings around close relationships. This is a classic indication of being prone to “looking for love in all the wrong places.” If you are in a committed relationship, the possibility of emotional manipulation can rear its ugly head. Instead, use this time to built a deeper level of trust and intimacy within the relationship

December 28:  Jupiter Re-Enters Pisces. Jupiter in Pisces is a great way to finish the month. Jupiter is the co-ruler of Pisces so it is strong here. This placement will bring back a sorely missed attitude of compassion and care for our fellow citizens. Pisces Sun signs will feel a renewed sense of purpose and optimism as Jupiter transits your sign. If you have the Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Pisces, now is the time to Go.For.It! Jupiter in Pisces can be enjoyed until December 27, 2022.

Moon Movement During December 2021: Note: The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.

December 1:       Moon enters Scorpio

December 3:       Moon enters Sagittarius

December 4:       New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse at 12 Degrees 22’ Minutes Sagittarius

December 5:       Moon enters Capricorn

December 7:       Moon enters Aquarius

December 9:       Moon enters Pisces

December 11:     Moon enters Aries

December 14:     Moon enters Taurus

December 16:     Moon enters Gemini

December 18:     Full Moon at 27 Degrees 28’ Minutes Gemini

December 19:     Moon enters Cancer

December 21:     Moon enters Leo

December 24:     Moon enters Virgo

December 26:     Moon enters Libra

December 28:     Moon enters Scorpio

December 30:     Moon enters Sagittarius


I will be presenting a summary of the planetary energy and what to expect in the year 2022 at the Spiritual Center in Carbondale, Colorado on January 9, 2022, at 10:00 am.  If you live in the Roaring Fork Valley, I would love to see you there. No charge to attend, but a donation to A Spiritual Center would be appreciated.

I will be teaching a beginning astrology class in early 2022 via Zoom.  Let me know if you are interested in attending. Reach out to me at


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