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Solar Eclipse in Aquarius – Breaking Out

When she transformed into a butterfly,
the caterpillars spoke not of her beauty,
but of her weirdness.
They wanted her to change back into what she always had been.
But she had wings.
Dean Jackson, The Poetry of Oneness

This partial solar eclipse at 27 degrees Aquarius is like a brilliant opening in the universe.  The February 15 solar eclipse is part of the Saros Series 1 South that started on August 24, 1729.  This family of eclipses has the nature of the New Moon with Mercury, Mars and Jupiter.  The eclipse family brings this ancient energy into the present day.  If this eclipse falls prominently in your birth chart, it will bring you new ideas (Mercury), optimism (Jupiter) and the urge to take action (Mars).  Keep these energies in mind as we look at the current eclipse chart.

The chart for this solar eclipse shows:



Sun and Moon conjunct at 27 degrees Aquarius.

Mercury conjunct the eclipse at 25 degrees Aquarius.

Uranus at 25 degrees of Aries in sextile to Mercury and the eclipse.

Pluto in Capricorn sextile Jupiter at 22 degrees of Scorpio.

Part of Fortune 11 degrees Leo (same degree as January 31, 2018 eclipse).

Mars at 12 degrees Sagittarius square Neptune at 13 degrees Pisces.



Do you see how this Aquarius solar eclipse has some of the same energy as the very first eclipse in this Saros series with a little extra added?


Putting all this together, this eclipse is a message from the universe to breakout, breakthrough, awaken, and to express originality, innovation and independence.  It is the cosmos signal to you that it is time to break out of your cocoon despite what the naysayers might believe.  Altogether, this is fantastic energy for breaking out of a rut and moving boldly toward your hopes and wishes. 


The downside is that this energy can upset your natural rhythms leading to hyperactivity and insomnia.  Also, be aware that because Uranus is sextile Mercury and the Sun/Moon, expect the unexpected.  Startling events and news of such events can happen out of the blue.  Possible water news such as flooding and tsunami warnings (Neptune) could be in the news.  Follow up events that happened around June 21, 2017, could be revived at this time.


The best way to handle this intense, yet exciting, energy is to:


  • Pay attention to and listen to sudden insights that appear to you out of the blue.
  • Realize that startling news can surface at any time.
  • Stay loose and go with the flow.
  • Always keep your goals in mind.
  • Let go of what is no longer serving you. Be ready for new opportunities.


Due to Uranus, this eclipse can be volatile.  Uranus is a wild-card planet that cannot be predicted.  But it can also bring surprising insights and opportunities.  Solar eclipses are about letting go of what is no longer serving you.  Clearing your life of unnecessary and unhelpful influences will allow you to take of advantage of any new opportunities that come your way.

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3 comments to Solar Eclipse in Aquarius – Breaking Out

  • Ruby

    I would love to hear how this Aquarius solar eclipse is affecting you. Eclipses can be tricky because the energy is so concentrated. This eclipse, in particular, has a lot of volatility connected to to that can bring challenges. However, even if this eclipse brings challenging energy to you, the message remains the same. Use the challenges to break out of a rut and to move forward. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Mary Lou Boulay

    My brother and I am waiting patiently for our court case opening up between these two eclipses. Our elder sister 74 tricked our widowed mother into leaving 3 family trusts under her juriisdiction. She forged and stole from each trust. We are waiting for resolution and justice and our portion. It deals with millions and a good family. There are five children altogether. Her birthday is (edited for security). I would love to schedule a reading with you. We are all elderly. She is the eldest and a thief all her life.

    • Ruby

      Eclipses have a way of bringing things out into the open, so I am not surprised that you are asking this question now. Your sister has Neptune in the second house of money. This will often show someone who does not have a good money sense or someone who has a less than responsible attitude toward money. For others who are reading this, it can also mean someone who earns their money in a creative or spiritual occupation. We have to very careful when reading a chart.

      In the case of your sister, her Moon is also in Pisces in the 8th house of other people’s money. My hunch is that she started out just being confused or lax with the money and it escalated from there. In any case, the January 2018 eclipse fell in her first house of self, as will the February 15 eclipse.

      I would be happy to consult with you regarding this matter. I will need your birth date, birth time, birthplace and the city and state where you are now living. If You can send that information to me using this link under Contact Me in my website: I have a special price on eclipse readings of only $55 for each one-half hour reading or $110 for each one-hour reading. That is a 20% saving over my normal rate. You must sign up before February 15, 2018 to take advantage of this special. I look forward to helping you with this issue.

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