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Astrology and New Year’s Resolutions

Its New Year’s day. As I sit here musing about the new year and the resolutions that many of you will be making, I decided to add some astrological insight to the mix. Many of us start the New Year with great gusto and vow to change everything “bad” about ourselves. While that is a good intention, astrology would say “not so fast.”

It would be wise to assess your own birth chart for your ability and need for such resolutions. Then use that knowledge, along with knowledge of the transiting planets in relation to your birth chart, to decide:

  1. What is my likelihood of sticking with my resolution?

  2. How can I pick a resolution that will really fulfill me as a person—not a resolution that is based on other people’s expectations of me?

 Let’s look at each of these questions, one by one:

1. What is my likelihood of sticking with my resolution?

This question asks that we look at two issues. How calm is your birth chart at this time? Are you being overwhelmed with planets transiting your birth chart. In particular, if you have several outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) transiting key points in your birth chart, you are probably very busy just keeping up with those energies. If you were to make a lot of resolutions you are just setting yourself up for quadrupled stress. That stress can lead to various health issues. A much healthier approach would be to resolve to learn all you can about the energies evoked by the outer planets and how you can work with their energy. Maybe it would be better to wait until things have quieted down in your chart to make new resolutions.

Second, some sun and moon signs are better at sticking to resolutions than others, for example:

Earth Signs. If you are a person with many planets in earth signs you have a greater chance of sticking to any long-term commitment to a New Year’s resolution.

Capricorn will stick with a resolution because they absolutely hate to fail and to lose face. If you are a Capricorn tell everyone you can about your resolution so that you have something to live up to.

Taurus will stick to a resolution so long as it is not too demanding. It is important that a Taurus Sun or Moon generously reward themselves as they move toward completion of their resolution.

Virgo can be quite focused and can be very good at making and keeping resolutions. Their downfall comes when they perceive that they have not been perfect. The thought of that imperfection can so upset them that they abandon their resolution altogether. Virgos must build a small cheat factor into their resolutions—that is, “even though I wasn’t perfect, I can still complete the resolution.

Water Signs.

Scorpio (and those with many planets in Scorpio or a strong Pluto), out of all the signs, has the best chance of sticking with a resolution. For absolute will power no one can compete with a Scorpio. They will stick to something that is important to them against all odds. The key is for them to completely commit. Once they have done so, get out of the way, because chances are they will complete their resolution with flying colors.

Cancer as a Cardinal water sign has the ability to be very strong in starting something. It is important for Cancer to implement a resolution when they feel emotionally centered. The biggest obstacle to a Cancer in completing their resolution lies in their emotional ups and downs. A key strategy for Cancers is to track the movement of the transiting Moon around the zodiac. When the Moon is closely aspecting a natal planet (especially natal Moon), they need to be careful not to abandon their resolution.

Pisces will often find it hard to stick to a resolution. They would do best to see the resolution in broad, universal terms and to frame their resolution as working toward the ideal rather than as a hard, pinpoint target. They do much better when the resolution is framed in that manner.

Air Signs.

Gemini can be easily distracted from their goals. Always curious, and always seeking new information, it is not easy for a Gemini to stay focused. Geminis do best in keeping a resolution when they pick short term goals. That is, instead of saying I will lose 20 pounds this year, it would be better for a Gemini to set a goal of one pound in two weeks. When the two weeks are up they can set a new goal (and possibly a new diet).

Libra can be somewhat wishy washy when deciding between two options. They are also the sign most likely to let others influence them. However, once they set there minds on a goal and are fully committed to it, they are often very good at accomplishing their goals.

Aquarius as a fixed air sign is usually very good at following through to reach their goals. Aquarians do especially well if they work with a friend or in a group that has a common goal connected to their resolution.

Fire Signs.

Leo as a fixed fire sign can really become enthusiastic about their goals. However, to keep their resolution over a long time span, they need to keep a spirit of play, fun and creativity within their goals. It would also be very helpful if they had a cheering section to applaud their every move.

Sagittarius do best in meeting their goals by following their intuition and higher mind on what goals to set and how to achieve them. When they can attach a higher meaning to a goal, it serves to give them the push to reach whatever goal they set for themselves.

Aries as a cardinal fire sign is very goal oriented and has no trouble enthusiastically taking up a new cause or goal. The trouble lies in being able to sustain the enthusiasm over time. Aries are the best in the zodiac when it comes to starting things. However, when things get boring or routine, they would really much rather go marching off to the next challenge.

How can I pick a resolution that will really fulfill me as a person—Not someone else’s expectations of me?

Look to your natal moon and your progressed moon (the sign, house and aspects) to find the area of your life where emotional fulfillment is imperative. Next, look to your ascendant and first house (natal and progressed) to determine what your expression of yourself is, and is evolving to be. Be especially wary if the proposed resolution is something that shows up in your 7th house (relationships), 11th house (friends) or 4th house (family). It may be something that the people in your life wish for you, but may not be exactly what you wish for yourself.

2 comments to Astrology and New Year’s Resolutions

  • Andy B.

    Hello AstroHerb, Great blog you have here, very informative. I’m getting the feeling that this is going to be a very important year for me. I’m starting out a new career in property management after spending a few years in grad school, when I dealt with a bout of anxiety after a epileptic seizure I had on July 21st, 2006. Making lots of resolutions for change, but doing it one step at a time. That’s the best way to set goals. Although I’m a little concerned about some aspects I have coming up, especially in regards to Pluto and Uranus aspecting my ascendant. Will it impact health, homelife, career? My birth data is May 13th, 1982, born 11:11PM EST in Miami, FL. Thanks for the service that you provide us! Andy B.

    • Ruby

      Andy, this IS a very important year for you. You are right in the middle of a Saturn return in your 9th house of higher education. It certainly shows that you will be moving from the world of college into a more serious time of building a career. With natal Pluto (power and control) in Libra (diplomacy) in your house of career you should do well in property management. You are tough enough to manage well, but diplomatic in the way you do it. Transiting Pluto is sitting right on your ascendant. This is also asking you to grab the reins and go for it. Pluto usually brings some angst as we need to transform ourselves in ways that often do not feel comfortable. Indeed, your appearance could even change as Pluto moves into your first house.

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