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Astrology Transits September 2020 -Discernment

Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. ―Albert Einstein

Mercury entered Virgo on August 19, followed by the Sun on August 22, which began the shift into a quieter, more focused, introspective and analytical time.  The August Leo energy and Mars in its home sign of Aries revved things up, but we are now moving into a time of consolidation.  Mars will be strong in its own sign through January 2021.

Mars turns retrograde on September 10 at 28 degrees Aries, which intensifies its effect. Mars retrograde concentrates our anger and frustration, which can lead to unexpected outbursts from both you and others.  When planets go retrograde their energy is concentrated and heavier.  Thus, the movement is slower, but more potent. Between September 1 and September 12 when Jupiter turns direct, we will have seven planets retrograde.  Saturn turns direct on September 28.

A cluster of inconjunct aspects between Mars, Mercury and Venus and the Capricorn stellium (Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn) provokes frustration and impulsive behavior. Use the grounded Virgo energy to analyze and understand any potentially volatile situations, before you act. It is also beneficial to look at your self-imposed limitations (Saturn) in the cold light of reality.

September 1-5:  Mercury Sextile Venus at 22-30 degrees Virgo/Pisces. Sun trine Uranus at 11 Degrees Virgo/Taurus and Venus Opposing Saturn at 26 Degrees Pisces/Capricorn.  Communications with loved ones are favored during this time period, but Venus opposing Saturn urges you to use restraint when dealing with problematic relationships. This is  one of those rare times (at least in 2020) when communication, love and compassion are in abundance. Send someone a note of love or appreciation.  While you are at it, send another such note to yourself.  You have earned it and are worth it!

September 2:  Full Moon at 10 Degrees Pisces/Virgo.  The Pisces Full Moon is a call to balance your spiritual leanings with practical underpinnings. Moon in Pisces has a dreamy, ethereal vibe, which is pleasant, but unfocused.  Sun in Virgo pushes you to make your wishes, dreams and yearnings practical.  Moon in Pisces says:  “Let your emotions and imagination flow.”  The Sun in Virgo says:  “Yes, let them flow and then make concrete plans to bring your desires to fruition.”  Lovely!

At the same time the Sun is trine Uranus, Mercury is trine Saturn and sextile Venus, and Venus opposition Saturn.  Uranus wants excitement and freedom, while Mercury trine Saturn wants to stay the course.  Venus opposition Saturn reminds us to acknowledge our responsibilities and limitations.  The pull between freedom and excitement and limitation and responsibility is, and will continue to be, a major influence through the remainder of the year.  My advice is to break free of limitations, but to do so in a cautious, responsible mindful way.

September 3-4: Mercury Trine Saturn at 25-26 Virgo/Capricorn; Mercury sextile Venus; Venus square Mars at 26-28 Cancer/Aries; Mercury inconjunct Mars at 27-28 Virgo/Aries.  These are not the best days for personal relationships or negotiating contracts and agreements.  There is just too much challenging Mercury/Mars energy.  The Mercury/Saturn trine and Mercury/Venus sextile help, but the strong Martian/Saturn vibes tend to overpower the easy energy. Those of you with 22 to 28 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) will feel this energy the strongest.

September 5: Mercury enters Libra.  Mercury in Libra brings a certain diplomacy and smoothness to your interactions with others.  Now, until September 26,  is the time to work out tricky communication problems by using a diplomatic and fair approach.

September 6: Venus enters Leo. Express your creativity!  Celebrate your childlike ability to enjoy life and enjoy fun activities with those close to you while Venus is in Leo through the end of the month.

September 9:  Mars Turns Retrograde at 28 Degrees Aries Until November 14 at 15 Degrees Aries).  Mars rules our ego and our concept of how we are separate from others.  It sets boundaries based on how we see others.  Are they different from others?  How can others hurt us, etc.?  Our interpersonal relationships are passed through an egoic filter when Mars is strong. Instead of letting retrograde Mars separate us, let’s strive to use it to become the best we can be.  On a practical level, Mars retrograde can slow down business and material matters giving us a chance to reevaluate our plans.

September 10-11:  Sun Opposition Neptune at 19 Degrees Virgo/Pisces. Pay attention to your dreams and your psychic and intuitive insights.  This is not a good time to sign important papers.  Also be careful of being taking advantage of, as this aspect dissolves your normal boundaries. 

September 12:  Jupiter Stations Direct at 17 Degrees Capricorn. Jupiter turning direct is cause for celebration.  All of those ideas and projects that just couldn’t seem to pick up steam during the summer, will now get a shot of energy.  Unpack those projects from the mothballs and let them manifest. Both Jupiter and Saturn end their retrograde periods this month.

September 13-15: Sun trine Pluto at 21-23 Degrees Virgo/Capricorn; Venus square Uranus at 9-10 Degrees Leo/Taurus. Sun trine Pluto is fabulous for bringing hidden matters and motivations out into the light so they can be resolved. 

September 16-18: New Moon at 25 Degrees Virgo Square the Lunar Nodes and Trine Saturn in Capricorn; Mercury square Jupiter at 17 degrees Libra/Capricorn.  The New Moon conjunct the Sun in Virgo is square the Nodes of the Moon.  This begins a one-month cycle where the emphasis is on self-improvement, health and healing. This is a stellar combination in which to start a health program, especially one centered around “food as medicine.”  The steadying Saturn influence urges you to focus on establishing long-term healthy habits. 

Mercury in Libra square Jupiter in Capricorn (then square Pluto and Saturn) asks you to use diplomacy and a balanced outlook to improve communication with those who do not share your viewpoints.  Mercury square Pluto points to words with an “atomic bomb effect,” so choose your words carefully.

September 19-21: Mercury Square Pluto at 20-22 Degrees Libra/Capricorn; Sun Inconjunct Mars at 27-28 Degrees Virgo/Aries. Venus Inconjunct Jupiter at 17 Degrees Leo/Capricorn. Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are often inconjunct other planets through the end of the month.  Inconjunct aspects are recurring annoyances that call for the need to make adjustments.

September 22:  Sun Enters Libra at the Autumn Equinox.  What a great opportunity to practice the Libran ideals of harmony, balance and fair play!  The skills we build will come in handy on October 13 when the Libran Sun is in opposition to feisty Mars in Aries.  We each need to make a decision to choose compromise and negotiation (Sun in Libra) over anger and conflict (Mars Retrograde in Aries).

September 27:  Mercury Enters Scorpio.  When the planet of ideas, communication and logic enters intense Scorpio, it’s time to do some deep thinking about your place in the world in relation to others. Use Mercury in Scorpio’s investigative skills to get to the bottom of any situation that has confused or vexed you.

September 29:Saturn stations Direct at 25 Degrees Capricorn; Retrograde Mars Square Saturn at 25 Degrees Aries/Capricorn.

Finally, Saturn, the planet of responsibility, limitation and hard work, begins to move forward after being retrograde since May 10. Saturn’s transit through Capricorn will end on December 17, when it moves into Aquarius and joins Jupiter at zero degrees Aquarius at the solstice on December 21.  Use the time between now and the solstice to review and take action on those things that you need to take responsibility for. Remember, Saturn always rewards you in its own time.

Mars retrograde in Aries square Saturn may cause frustration and tension.  Impulsive Mars wants to quickly move forward, while Saturn says “just a minute, you need to move forward only in a more measured, responsible way.”

Moon Movement During September 2020:  Note:  The exact time when the Moon moves into a new sign will vary depending on where you live.

September 1:      Moon enters Pisces

September 1:      Full Moon at 10 Degrees Pisces/Virgo

September 3:      Moon enters Aries

September 6:      Moon enters Taurus

September 8:      Moon enters Gemini

September 11:    Moon enters Cancer

September 13:    Moon enters Leo

September 15:    Moon enters Virgo

September 17:    New Moon at 25 degrees Virgo

September 17:    Moon enters Libra

September 20:    Moon enters Scorpio

September 21:    Moon enters Sagittarius

September 23:    Moon enters Capricorn

September 26:    Moon enters Aquarius

September 28:    Moon enters Pisces

September 30:    Moon enters Aries


STAY TUNED:  I plan to teach a beginning astrology class via Zoom beginning sometime in October.  Let me know if you are interested.

I will not be at the Aspen Saturday Market this year due to COVID-19 restrictions.  However, I  and Claudia (my tarot reader friend) will be at the Basalt Sunday Market every week through September and would love to see you there.  Claudia and I are both wearing masks and face shields and have hand sanitizer available to protect your-and-our safety.  We look forward to seeing you there.In addition, I continue to offer readings by telephone and Zoom.  Sign up by sending me an email.  All half-hour and hour readings include an MP3 or MP4 recording.  Payment is by Paypal. Reserve your reading








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