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Astrology Transits September 2017 – Calm after Chaos

Many a calm river begins as a turbulent waterfall, yet none hurtles and foams all the way to the sea.— Mikhail Lermontov


The aftermath of eclipse “season” has left many of us a little shaken, confused, energized, emotional, worried and antsy — you name it and chances are most of us have felt it. It sometimes felt like a runaway train or a trip down a dark tunnel. Because retrograde Mercury and Mars were in the planetary picture we also had to cope with mixed, missed messages, misplaced anger and a generally fiery atmosphere.

I would like to say that all that has changed, but it hasn’t completely — yet. The first half of September reenacts much of the eclipse energy:

Retrograde Mercury Conjunct Mars Trine Uranus very close to the eclipse degree. The erratic, crazy (Uranus) overheated (Mars) energy that we dealt with all summer continues with a dose of fate thrown in (North Node) along with a smidgen of garbled communication (Retrograde Mercury).

Because Mercury is retrograding (back toward 29 degrees Leo) and Mars is moving forward (toward the eclipse degree), they were conjunct at the eclipse degree of 28 Leo, re-activating the energy of the solar eclipse. Any issues brought about by the eclipse could reappear until after the second week in September.

Be aware of this energy over the next couple of weeks. Angry words over mistaken circumstances are a definite possibility, as are unexplained, unexpected surprises that come from out of the blue possibly causing a crisis situation.

Jupiter in Libra Trine Uranus in Aries. When the planet of truth (Jupiter) meets the planet of freedom (Uranus) we are apt to hear some pretty interesting stories from the news media. As chaotic as this energy can be, its positive side is to bring new openings of all kinds. We are feeling more in the mood to start things and to take a chance. As I mentioned in previous newsletters, this can be beneficial if you exercise a little Saturn caution. The Sun in Virgo will assist you in doing your due diligence around any risky ventures or impetuous decisions.

Mercury Stationed Direct at 28 degrees Leo on September 3. We have just experienced one of the most striking Mercury retrograde periods ever because of Mercury’s retrograde over transiting Mars at the 28 degrees Leo eclipse degree. Mercury retraces its path and enters Virgo once again on September 9.

Mars Enters Virgo on September 5. I expect that we will all feel the energy shift at that time. The calm, earthy Virgo energy tones down the overheated fire emphasis that we felt all summer. The energy becomes calmer and smoother and we are not so prone to making unwise, emotional decisions. Use the month of September to make plans and develop strategies for moving forward with any ideas for new beginnings that were spawned by the solar eclipse.

Venus Conjunct the Eclipse degree of 28 Leo on September 18. Relationship issues are brought to light. We are challenged to repair or replace those relationships that are no longer working. Venus in Leo shouts from the house tops: “What do you want in a relationship.” “Are you getting it?”

The Sun Enters Libra on September 22 at the Autumn Equinox, where it is joined by Mercury on September 30. Take time to be quiet and to fully feel the waves of balance moving around and through you. After the long, hot summer this is an opportune time to center yourself to heal from the storms of life.

On September 30 Pluto Stations Direct at 16 Degrees Capricorn Trine Mars at 16 Degrees Virgo. Watch for news around the government and big business to take center stage. It could get interesting in the US with budget discussions on the table. Lots of control issues and anger accompany this one.

On a personal level, this is a cue to move forward in your quest for transformation. Since Pluto, the planet of transformation went retrograde on April 20, 2016, lots of unseen, unknown ideas, thoughts and plans were taking place in your subconscious. When Pluto turns direct you will begin to see your way forward to manifest some of those ideas in a concrete and visible way. Pluto works underground and hidden so we usually don’t understand the “behind-the scenes” shift it is quietly bringing about it our lives. Pluto is a very slow mover so it is a long-term proposition.

Venus enters Virgo on August 30. With the Sun already in Libra, the sign of relationships, Venus in Virgo is ushering in a time when our closest relationships are in focus. Once again it is all about “What do you want in a relationship.” “Are you getting it?” “How can I make it better?”

Let’s all pat ourselves on the back for making it through the intense summer of 2017!

Astrology Readings
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