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Astrology Transits June 2017
Compassion Vs. Anger

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. — Dalai Lama

June comes out swinging with a strong Martian note combined with a heart centered need to connect and relate to others. As Mars finishes his journey through Gemini he is:

In opposition to Saturn,
Sextile the North Node,
Sextile Venus and Uranus, and
Square Chiron.

If that weren’t enough, he is also out-of bounds by declination. Any planet that is out-of-bounds becomes very strong and asserts itself in no uncertain terms. In a natal chart an out-of-bounds planet can appear to be the most important planet in the chart because of its assertive nature.


Let’s break down this Martian energy:

Mars Opposing Saturn is like stomping on the gas pedal while stepping on the brakes. There is a strong impetus for action, anger and aggression from Mars. At the same time, Saturn tries to reign in this fiery energy by urging us to reconsider, slow down and limit ourselves. The energy is a little (maybe a lot) schizoid. Think before you speak or act and realize that those around you are also feeling this crazy energy. Give others a wide berth and the benefit of the doubt.

Mars Sextile Venus and Uranus is a high energy, sexual vibe. You can get a lot done under this configuration and it is an optimum energy for starting things. However, it also makes you prone to rashness, so think before you act.

Mars Square Chiron urges us to consider how our actions will affect others and, at the same time, to protect ourselves against other’s hurtful actions.

Mars enters Cancer on June 4. Mars in Cancer brings heightened emotions that can trigger emotional overload around old emotional issues issues, especially old family issues, and home and real estate. The concept of patriotism and love for country can reach a flash point due to differing viewpoints. Think feelings and emotions combined with confrontations, anger and aggressiveness. Once again, use restraint when dealing with others, especially around sensitive issues. The Mars flash point is very low.

Mercury and Venus Are in Mutual Reception on June 6 easing the tensions somewhat. A mutual reception occurs when a planet and another planet are in each other’s signs. In this case Mercury is in Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, and Venus is in Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury. A mutual reception assists the planets involved, because there is an ease and understanding between them. In this case, communication flows easily and we feel more love for others.

Also on June 6, Uranus at 27 Aries is trine the North Node at 27 Aquarius and sextile the South Node at 27 degrees Leo. Lot of action here (Aries). Pay attention to any insights you get during this aspect. You may find the solution to a long-standing problem or gain valuable insight on something that has been vexing you.

June 9 is another day when a lot is happening in the skies. The full moon in Sagittarius is conjunct Saturn and square Neptune. At the same time, Jupiter is awakening from its backward motion as it turns direct at 13 degrees Libra.

The full Moon Conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius can trigger an emotional reaction around anything that you perceive is holding you back. Watch for issues around truth (or lack thereof) both in your personal life and in the news. Something that you have let slide can now take on an amplified emotional investment under this full moon.

Full Moon square Neptune adds a bit of confusion or even double dealing to the mix if you are not acting at your highest spiritual level. On the flip side, this is an outstanding time to tune into your higher consciousness and to withdraw from the mundane chatter around you through yoga, meditation or other spiritual pursuits.

Neptune stations retrograde on June 16 at 14 degrees Pisces. It will be in retrograde motion until November 21, when it will station direct at 11 Pisces. For those of you with strong Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio energy, Neptune’s retrograde period brings a time of enhanced connection to your psychic abilities.

The Sun enters Cancer on June 21, joined by the new moon on the 24th, when there is a square to Chiron. This is another emotional period, especially for water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces). Issues around family, home, parents and real estate are front and center. There is high tension around those issues, but also the ability to heal some of the rifts that are present (Chiron).

Though Mars energy never really went away, its energy will dominate once again when it forms a charged t-square with Jupiter and Pluto at the end of the month. Watch out for:

Jupiter square Pluto (joined by the new moon on the 24th) brings over confidence (Jupiter) and the sense that you can do no wrong.  Any tendency to be overly dominant or aggressive (Pluto) is magnified 10 fold.  Watch how you act and stay away from those with such tendencies.  Small tiffs can easily escalate into a roaring inferno (Mars).  Overconfidence can cause rash, ill considered decisions.  Judgmental thoughts and actions will predominate and religious intolerance will be palpable.

Mars opposing Pluto square Jupiter ups the ante considerably.  As stated earlier Mars is very strong in June.  I picture this T-square as a bully with his hands on his hips and his legs firmly planted just daring anyone to confront him.  The slightest confrontation can precipitate unforeseen circumstances.  Be safe and pray for our world leaders during this long hot summer.

Mars trine Neptune on the 26th adds a note of compassion and spiritual caring to the volatile T-square.  This is a clear indication that the best way to counteract the out-of-bounds Mars, Pluto, Jupiter energy is to keep your wits about you, practice compassion toward others, even the bully, and use your intuition to stay centered and safe.

Be aware that this challenging energy has a very positive upside.  It can push us forward to confront our fears, take on new challenges and to burn any bridges that need to be burned.

If you need help navigating this challenging month, contact me at for an astrology reading.

Wishing you forward movement (Mars) without the anger and aggressiveness (Mars) of this exciting but challenging month!

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