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Astrology Transits June 2019 – Ideas, Duality and Family




I have put duality away. I have seen that the two worlds are one.— Rumi


No matter what people tell you words and ideas can change the world. — Robin Williams







I have used two quotes this month to honor the Gemini energy that is in effect most of the month. Gemini, the sign of the twins, is a mutable air sign that rules ideas, communication, connection, duality, playfulness and all mental pursuits.  The mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will feel the Gemini energy the most.

May ends with Mercury square Neptune at 18 degrees of Gemini/Pisces.  Along with the Mercury/Neptune aspect, Mercury opposes Jupiter at 19 degrees of Gemini/Sagittarius.  Be prepared for travel delays and garbled communication.

This aspect speaks to fuzzy thinking or a general feeling of spaciness.  “fake news” will be part of the conversations of the day.  Our job as aware and caring individuals is to separate the untruths from the truths and to make our choices accordingly.  It might be wise to put off any major decisions until after the new Moon on June 2nd. 

After June 22, when the Sun joins Mars and Mercury in the cardinal water sign of Cancer, we become more attuned to our emotions and matters related to family, home and security will take center stage. 


June 3: New Moon in Gemini at 12 Degrees.

The new Moon in Gemini gives a big boost to anything relating to ideas, thinking, words and relating to others through communication.  Those of you who are writers, composers, lecturers, etc. can use this new Moon to boost your ideas and to supercharge your activities during the month of June 2019.  Whether you are a writer or not, this Moon opens up inspired opportunities to transform your ideas into action.  Take time to play under this whimsical new moon.


June 4:  Mercury enters Cancer.


June 6-7:  Mercury Sextile Uranus at 4 Degrees Cancer/Taurus.

Put on your thinking cap and let the ideas flow without censure. While you’re at it, call up your open-minded friends and run your wildest ideas past them.  You may be surprised at the unusual, but possibly usable, ideas that you come up with.  Mercury (ideas) in the water sign Cancer (emotional fluidity) sextile Uranus (unusual, even weird) in the grounded earth sign of Taurus indicates a  high probability of those ideas having a beneficial germ of wisdom within.


June 9 to 21: 

Jupiter Square Neptune at 18 Degrees Sagittarius/Pisces

Saturn Sextile Neptune at 18 DegreesCapricorn/Pisces.

Idealism and religious extremism will be at a high level during this time period which could lead to heightened social and/or political conflicts.  Saturn sextile Neptune is a moderating influence on this head butting around beliefs and set opinions.  If you have 14 to 22 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) or 14 to 22 degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) prominent in your natal chart, be aware of the dangers of being stuck in your beliefs and idealisms.  Neptune as a spiritual pointer is much better used to practice and internalize the ideas of compassion and love for all sentient beings.  Your neighbor who has beliefs that are 180 degrees from your beliefs, still deserves your love and compassion (Neptune’s highest calling.)


June 9-10:  

Venus enters Gemini on June 9.

Sun Opposition Jupiter at 18-19 Degrees of Gemini/Sagittarius.

International matters will be in the limelight when the Sun opposes Jupiter.  Diplomatic matters may be blown out of proportion (Jupiter) with each side wanting to fulfill their ego needs (Sun).  Venus in Gemini does help to smooth out conflicts.  Venus in Gemini is also an excellent time to press forward with ideas around boosting your income, especially as it relates to any form of communication or connection with others.


June 13-16:

Mars Trine Neptune at 18-19 Degrees Cancer/Pisces;

Mars Opposition Saturn at 18-19 Degrees Cancer/Capricorn;

Mercury Opposition Saturn at 18 Degrees Cancer/Capricorn.

Watch for conflicts around social, political and religious belief systems to heat up, which could express in personal and public power conflicts.  With Mercury opposing Saturn you (and others) will not be shy about expressing your ideas.  However, Saturn is not easily swayed by Mars’ aggressive stanch.  Mars trine Neptune can muddy the very issues that are being discussed.  Your arguments during this time period could be much less than rational.

The best way to weather this time is to simply keep your own counsel and to practice the art of listening.  That is really listening (Mercury), not half listening while you indulge in your own daydreams (Neptune).  Put these skills to use on Father’s Day on June 16th.  Family gatherings are often testing grounds for how well you are doing in your spiritual development.


June 17:   Full Moon at 26 Degrees Sagittarius/Gemini.

The Sagittarius full Moon amplifies the themes of idealism versus rational thought that we have seen all through the month.  Because full moons are always a time of heightened emotion, be aware of the pitfalls of discussing politics or religion.  Instead, take advantage of this optimistic energy to study a spiritual or uplifting text or story and/or to write your own uplifting story.

June 18-19:  

Mercury Opposes Pluto at 21-22 Degrees Cancer/Capricorn;

Mercury Conjunct Mars at 21-22 Degrees Cancer/Capricorn;

Mars Opposition Pluto at 21-22 Degrees Cancer/Capricorn.

You may be asking:  “Who turned up the stress dial?’  Mercury rules communication and connections of all kinds, while Pluto rules control and intensity.  Mars is the planet of action, aggression and forward movement.  As always, the aspects in question are a mixed bag.  Confrontations (especially with angry words) are the order of the day.  However, Mars conjunct Mercury opposing Pluto can bring unprecedented success and the ability to move forward despite seemingly overwhelming obstacles.

You can get the most use from this transit by watching your reactions to those people, places and things that seem to be holding you back.  Let your reactions go, and just move forward despite all of the surrounding hurdles.


Next Month

Solar eclipse on July 2 at 10 degrees Cancer. 

Lunar Eclipse on July 16 at 24 degrees Capricorn/Cancer.

Mercury turns retrograde on July 6.


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