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Waning Gibbous Moon

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Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse Comments

Hello everyone,

I appreciate all of your comments to my recent eclipse articles. Just wanted to let you know that I will reply as I can. I am getting an amazing number of comments and simply can’t keep up. I will get back to you as soon as possible though. Many thanks. Astroherb

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11 comments to Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse Comments

  • cherie

    Hi! I am confused about the eclipseon Jan 4,2011 and how it affects me. Bday: Oct. 9 , 1984. 6:54pm. I am a Libra but I have a lot of Capricorn in my chart. Any info would be helpful and appreciated.

    • Ruby

      Cherie, the January eclipse will square your Libra Sun and Mercury and will also square your Moon in Aries. Work and career are highlighted. Though squares are regarded as being challenging, you can accomplish a lot in those areas due to the added emphasis of the eclipse in your 10th house of career. Be aware that you may feel like escaping from things at times due to the square activating your 12th house moon.

  • Vanessa4

    I am interested to know the impact of the upcoming solar eclipse and 2011 in general. The last two years have by far been the most challenging of my entire life. In short, I lost everything monetarily, however my interior world has grown stronger. At this stage in life I identify much more with my Pisces ascending, not so much my Capricorn Sun. Any input as to why?
    Sacramento California 1/14/1966 9:35 a.m.
    HaPpY NeW YeaR!

    • Ruby

      Vanessa4, I think that even more than either eclipse, what is really impacting your life right now is transiting Pluto conjunct your Capricorn Mercury, paralleling (at nearly the same degree North or South of the equator) your natal Pluto, and semi-square Neptune. Pluto, as the planet of transformation, can sometimes be quite brutal as it transforms you. It is probably good to identify with your Pisces ascendant and to use your Neptune in the 9th house of spirituality. However, be aware that this could lead to a form of escapism, which will keep you from working fully with the difficult energy. I sympathize. I do know from personal experience, however, that a rough Pluto transit can in the long run put you in a much better place than you ever dreamed possible. The medicine is awful, but the outcome is good. Blessings.

      • Vanessa4

        Thank you so much for your insight. I do not feel so “out there” after reading your assessment. 🙂 How long should I expect Pluto to transit while bringing me to my knees? Lol… It edifies me to hear the outcome is good. As odd as it sounds, I feel my entire life up to now has been in preparation for this new and profoundly significant time in my life journey. Since you have had similar personal experience, perhaps you understand…Again, I thank you! ~V~

      • Ruby

        Vanessa4, thank you for your input. Unfortunately, Pluto transits last a long time. The good news is that it won’t always be lit up by a another transiting planet. I plan to write an article on Pluto in Capricorn soon, since so many are affected by it. As I was cruising along doing mini readings and mainly focusing on the eclipse, I kept thinking “the eclipse cannot possibly cause the kind of things that people were expressing.” So I began to notice that transiting Pluto was prominent in many people’s charts. Anyway, hopefully that will give more guidance to you and others. If you sign up for my newsletter, you will get a notification when the article comes out.

  • sammycakes

    THANK YOU for your generous work. The last Lunar eclipse in June brought dramatic attention to behaviors I needed to change. It also brought a break-up with the man I was trying to have a baby with. Official at another eclipse on Sept 9th.
    He – 9/24/67 @ 5:23 pm/San Francisco, Ca
    Me – 12/8/68 @ 6:24 am/Las Vegas, Nev

    With my moon in Pisces and Venus in Scorpio, “letting go” doesn’t come naturally. Last night I believe will be the last time I see my Mom after her 10 year struggle with Alzheimers. The EX had been such a support through this. Have intuition (or delusion?) my karmic piece with him is not complete. Please advise how I can positively use the energy of this eclipse. Honestly, I’m so emotional about my Mom’s death I could use something to look forward to…it will get better, right?

    • Ruby

      Sammycakes, First, I am so sorry about our mother. Her illness must have been very hard for you. Regarding your Ex, you two have a rather karmic relationship so that is why you feel the relationship is not fully over. No matter if you continue to see him there will always be a pull between the two. You both have Neptune in your 12th house. Aside from being karmic, it would have the effect of each of you idealizing each other. Unfortunately, it also causes some delusion in the relationship. Something may seem off, but you can’t put your finger on it exactly. In addition, his Saturn is on your South Node so there is something that you need to learn from him.

      The unpleasant news is that Pluto is transiting your first house. That is transformation in the extreme and can bring a difficult time. The good news is that once you go through the pain and the transformation, you will find that you come out in a much better place. Stay positive as much as you can and affirm that the changes are necessary to bring you to a new place in your life.

  • Oneworld

    Keep up the great work Astroherb!!!
    Just wanted a word or sentence to give me some hope!!! Born March 24 1969 in Toronto, Canada at 4:18 p.m. SO appreciate your insight – understand your busy – but if you get the chance – GOD, would love a reply – especially how the Lunar Eclipse/Solar Eclipse might positively impact my life!!! Thank you and blessings, Oneworld

  • Diana6970

    Hi Astroherb.. First of all. I love reading your work.. Your wisdom is beyond your years and I know the dedication that must have taken. My aunt was an astrologer and I enjoyed being her student for some years..She has moved tho so I keep up with what my schedule allows. I need some guidance on how to deal with these eclipses.I feel triple whammied and I am at the end of my rope.This year I was told someone even put a hex on me to make matters worse.. I am engulfed in depressed emotions since the loss of one of my sons and I never quite made it back.I used to be so positive it nauseated people. This last eclipse affected my job again and I am near homelessness with four kids. Faith is all I have right now but I cant say I always have a grasp of my thoughts of an easier way out tho I know that wont help any of us. I couldnt do that to my kids but I still am ULTIMATELY stressed and scared. I was born 6/9/70 at 5:40 am in Islip NY, Southside hospital. I can see u have an overwhelming amount of requests but if u can find a few minutes to respond, you just might help more than u know..No pressure of course!! Thank u for the educating astrology!! God Bless.. Diana

    • Ruby

      Diana, I enjoyed hearing about your astrology studies with your aunt.

      It certainly sounds like you have been going through some very hard times. My sympathy to you on the loss of your son. I cannot even comprehend how difficult that must be.

      Regarding the planets, as you may know many of the planets involved in these stressful times are moving very slowly. Thus, it takes awhile for the negative energy to move on. A few times to watch for periods of helpful energy are August 31 until the end of Sept. 2011 there are some indications of an improved money picture as transiting Mars is conjunct your natal Venus in the 2nd house of money during that time. Around Oct 14 there is a really nice line up of planets in your 5th house of creativity opposing transiting Jupiter in the 11th house of friends, groups and goals. Is there anything creative you could do during that time to raise extra money? Also, think how friends could help? With Jupiter there it shows that friends could bring some benefit. You never know who is aware of a job opening or a self employment opportunity or whatever. A good option during these times might be some sort of self employment. Think creatively.

      Then November 14, 2011 through Dececmber 8, 2011 that same beneficial group of planets are in your 6th house of work. Opportunities could show up at this time. Though they may or may not be career-quality jobs, they at least could bring you benefit.

      Around January 11, 2012 the Sun is in your 8th house of other people’s money opposing natal Venus in the 2nd house. Money could come from insurance settlements, IRS refunds etc. Also, if you need public assistance, please do not hesitate to ask for it. It is only temporary. By February 12, 2012 several planets transit your 10th house of career. If you have not found a long-term, suitable job by this time gather up all of your resources and really put yourself out there to find a good, long-term position. Your solar return shows that you can begin to make real progress by the middle of your birthday year (January 2012 on).

      All in all, I would say just take what you can for work until better times return. The one thing that you need to realize that these hard transits usually leave people in a better place once they make it through the bad times.

      Good luck and God bless you,

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