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Jupiter Direct/Venus Direct

Both Jupiter and Venus turn stationary direct on November 18, 2010. Both planets turning stationary direct at the same time has only happened five times in the last 300 years. Jupiter turns direct at 23Pisces29 and Venus turns direct at 27Lib29.

We will first discuss Venus.

Venus went retrograde (in apparent backward movement) in Scorpio on October 8, 2010 and continued retrograde until it moved back into Libra. As mentioned above, Venus will be at 27Libra43 (Libra is the sign of relationships) on November 17, 2010, prior to going direct. During its retrograde motion I have had an unusual number of clients with certain relationship issues. Especially prevalent are those clients who have experienced an old love coming back into their life under Venus retrograde. Or, the opposite situation, where a relatively new love in someone’s life is questioning whether to go back to an old lover.

Venus rules feelings of love, attraction, beauty and values (thus also money and possessions), so her retrograde motion has affected all of these areas. Thus, a Venus retrograde period is a time of going back over our values and fine tuning what we value, what we are looking for in a relationship and how we are earning our money or acquiring our possessions. Anything relating to Venus will seem to be slowed down. A retrograde period is normally not a good time to boldly move forward with the things that the retrograde planet rules.

Once Venus goes direct, we will once again be able to move forward and make decisions in love matters, relationship matters, and money matters. We will have more clarity on what we really value.

In the case of Jupiter retrograde:

Jupiter went retrograde on July 23, 2010, at 3Aries24. It will finally go direct on November 18, 2010 at 23Pisces30. Jupiter direct in the sign of Aries stimulated us to think big and to follow through with action. Aries is a fiery, action-oriented sign and Jupiter rules expansive, positive energy.

Jupiter rules travel, mind expansion, college, metaphysics and spiritual pursuits. He is also one of the business planets. A positive Jupiter aspect is one of the best indicators of business activity and success.

Therefore, it is quite apparent that Jupiter retrograde has been a factor in the very slow recovery of the economy.

Jupiter direct after November 18, will bring a much needed boost to the struggling economy. We can all use a Jupiter direct boost to our finances and out optimism.

With both Jupiter direct and Venus direct after November 18, be prepared to bring your dreams out once again, brush them off and proceed forward. I predict the forward motion of both Venus and Jupiter will bring a big sigh of relief to all of us on many, many levels. Enjoy!

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14 comments to Jupiter Direct/Venus Direct

  • AJD

    Thank you for all of the insightful and timely information you have provided at your site. I will be experiemcing the lunar eclipse in Gemini on my natal moon sign which was disseminating at the time of my birth in opposition to Venus in Sagittarius at that time. I don’t know how this will play out but I am very grateful for all of the information you have so generously provided here. All the best to you and yours on this holiday and always.

    • Ruby

      An eclipse on your natal Moon will usually bring up some emotion regarding the sign and houses that it impacts. Of course, in Gemini, the full emotional impact will not be felt, since a natal Gemini Moon is more cerebral rather than emotional. Because your natal Moon was disseminating, you have been called to deal with letting go of things that no longer matter all of your life. The purpose is to let go of not longer needed things so new exciting things, people and events can come in. Its opposition to Venus in Sagittarius, calls for re-evaluating what you really value.

  • nova_12.21

    Im curious how to read my birth chart. I was born Dec. 21st 1984 around 5:45pm. I had an old love come back into my life on Nov. 15th and we really made some life changing moves on Nov. 18th which since then had caused me some confusion in my current relationship. The strange thing about it is he is my exact polar opposite. June 21st, 1984. Circumstances are preventing us from being able to communicate. Since this meeting I have noticed some major changes in my life goals and what really makes me happy. What would you say???

    • Ruby

      Since I don’t have your birth date, I am unable to determine what house of the chart your planets. I earlier thought it was a security risk to post birth dates, but my computer guru tells me that it is okay since your email address does not show. However, I would bet the circumstances you described have to do with the transiting sun hitting your natal Pluto and then your Saturn and South Node. This could bring a change in your life goals. South Node could definitely point to a karmic happening. Also notice his Neptune conjunct your sun. Do you feel that you knew this person in a past life? Also, please read my article about Venus retrograde. The times you mention coincide quite well with the retrograde and forward motion of Venus in Scorpio/Libra recently.

  • nova_1221

    whats is a karmic happening?

    • Ruby

      I am not sure what the context of your question is. As it refers to a chart and transits it would just be that a transit (especially to the nodes of the moon) could set in motion a karmic condition from the past.

  • nova_1221

    From the past being in my current life?

    • Ruby

      Yes, in other words a nodal transit would bring things from the past (or past life if you so believe) to light causing a karmic condition to express itself. For instance, this person coming back into your life could have been prompted by a transit to the nodes.

  • nova_1221

    can you tell me anything with the dob’s?
    06.21.1984 and 12.21.1984

  • nova_1221

    I am trying to find some insight on this. Do you think the lunar eclipse will affect me? I provided my dob for myself twice! thank you!!!

    12.21.1984 at 5:45 PM central time

  • nova_1221

    I am trying to find some insight on this. Do you think the lunar eclipse will affect me? I provided my dob for myself twice! thank you!!!

    Dec. 21 1984 at 5:45 PM central time

  • Gigi

    Funny…during the Venus retrograde, 3 men I dated earlier this year all contacted me out of the blue. I am curious about an on-again off-again relatiponship with a male over the past 2 1/2 years. I want it to move forward, but he keeops going back to an old girlfriend and can’t make up his mind. He is not ending things with me, but not progressing either. I am seriously considering walking away and feel the plkanets may be pushing me to do so. 5/14/65, 11:37am, Balto., MD
    Thanks! Love your site!

  • cindyloohoo

    Hi! My natal chart has Venus in Virgo at zero degrees, so my luck with money has sucked. Will this Jupiter direct/Venus direct help my financial picture any? Or am I doomed with the bad cosmic state of my Venus in Virgo?


    • Ruby

      Hello Cindy, Venus in Virgo at zero degrees absolutely does not condemn you to a life with bad money luck. A planet at zero degrees does seem to cause situations where you need to act (react) to situations. It will often feel like being thrown into the water when you can’t swim!

      Venus in Virgo may cause you to over analyze situations and drive yourself and others toward a perfection that does not exist. It is impossible to give guidance about what is going on in your chart around money without knowing your full chart.

      However, Jupiter direct will trine your Venus, which should make things flow more easily. Remember though, trines are not a free ticket, as you need to put in the effort to reap the benefit. Also, Venus is a receiving energy so be sure not to drive the easy energy away by over analyzing any good that comes into your life.

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