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10 Things to Do When Venus is Retrograde:

1. Check in on your value system. Your values change over time.

Are your actions and daily conduct in tune with your current values?

Or are they in tune with what your parents or some other “authority” told you should be your values?


2. Are the people in your life meeting your needs?


If not, can you negotiate with them to bring about a better outcome?

If not, is it time to let go of the relationship?


3. Are you meeting the needs of those close to you?

If not, how can you be a better lover, friend or family member?

If you no longer wish to try to meet those needs, what is the best way to withdraw from the conflict?


4. Do you want more love in my life?

If yes, what can you do to attract a lover, friend or other supportive person into your life?


5. What is your relationship with your pets.

Your pets are a reflection of your relationship to the world.


6. When was the last time you took a good look at your financial picture?

Venus retrograde is custom made for taking another look at how you earn and spend your money. Any tidying up of your money matters will pay dividends when Venus resumes forward motion.


7. Are you surviving or truly living?

If life has become a drudgery pit, Venus retrograde can help you revitalize your everyday existence. First, do some soul searching and then act decisively after Venus goes direct.


8. Is it time to change your outer appearance to make it more in tune with who you are or who you are becoming?  Venus is all about beauty and outer appearance. The Venus retrograde pause can help you reassess your public face.

If so, how can you begin to make those changes?


9. How can you change your life to express your true values?

If you are having trouble discerning your true values, look to where Venus is in your natal chart, the second house of your chart and the houses with Taurus and Libra on the cusp.

And Most Importantly:

10. Do you really and truly value and love yourself?


The more you love and value yourself the easier it will be to implement all of the other Venus retrograde benefits.

Consider booking an astrology reading if you need help with assessing where you are now in your life and help with reaching your goals.


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