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Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
June 15, 2011

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” – Lao Tzu
The June 15, 2011 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Calls for a “Letting Go” of Something
The June 15, 2011 Lunar Eclipse on the Sagittarius Moon/Gemini Sun axis brings an emotional time, possibly having to […] Continue Reading…

25 comments to Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
June 15, 2011

  • Armaan

    Very interesting and useful article once again! Thank you for showing us ways to express the energy of the eclipse.

    I’ve been through so many changes. Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and now Uranus transits over my Sun. Eclipses conjuct my Moon. Now, this one conjucts my Asc. Let’s see… Hope someone gets in my life.

    Keep on the nice “work”. 😉

    • Ruby

      Dear Armaan,

      Thank you for the kind words. Yes, with that many outer planets I can see that you have definitely gone through lots of changes as those transits denote not only changes but total transformation. If you work with the transits of the outer planets, you will find yourself in a better place when it is over. Hard to believe sometimes when we are going through it though.

      Astroherb a/k/a Ruby

  • Ann

    I’ve superexcited about this eclipse as my intuition has been lighting up like an antenna about someone special walking into my life after this eclipse.I’d like to know what you think, I have 16 degrees in gemini,26 degrees Libra rising,moon in 12degrees aquarius,north node in 17 degrees taurus…..

    • Ruby

      Ann, though I didn’t have enough information to give a difinitive answer, I do know that when we give up things which aren’t working for us we make room for something better to come in. That is what much of this eclipse season is about. Your sense of intuition is important, so let it help you find that special someone.

  • gkrosman

    I love your article on this upcoming June 15th eclipse. I have been trying to apply it to myself and am unsure… My sun and acendant are in Sagg. My moon is in Gemini. My mercury is in Sagg. My Venus is in Scorpio and my Mars is in Pisces…. What does this eclipse mean for me? Thank you, Gail

    • Ruby

      Gail, if any of your Sagittarius or Gemini planets are close to 24 degrees, this eclipse will have special emphasis for you. In any case, with a Sagittarius ascendant and the Sun and Mercury in that sign, you will be undergoing changes in how you express yourself to the world. Does your public presentation fit who you really are inside? Or, is it time to present a more authentic you? With the Moon in Gemini (most likely in your 7th house) the changes that you make in yourself will be reflected in your relations with significant others in your life. Are most who are close to you meeting your needs?

  • LarimarRoses

    Very interesting article: thank you for sharing it with us! I am especially appreciative of the fact that you took care to outline the south node/north node influences and how they may be felt with the eclipse. I have only seen this from a *few* Astrologers before, one being Celeste Teal in her book on Eclipses.

    This eclipse will occur in my 3rd house, conjunct my 21* Uranus; sextile my 24* Sun in Aquarius in the 5th (and maybe even my 28* and 29* Jupiter/Venus in Aquarius given the allowance of an orb for a sextile). I’m not exactly sure how it’s going to play out, yet, but I am hoping for some progress. The June 1st eclipse (in my 9th) brought mixed results; on one hand, I began two courses of study with a professor I admire and respect, on subjects that are intellectually stimulating for me. On the other hand, I realized that I was once again caught up in a pattern of self-defeat in most other areas of life, thanks to my very own self-talk and beliefs. As this eclipse is drawing closer, I’m feeling a need to re-organize and even clean out beliefs that no longer serve me. There is a sense that I have gotten away from what matters to me… I want to get back to a place of authenticity! =)

    • Ruby

      LarimarRoses, thank you for your comments. I am familiar with Celeste Teal’s book and do use it as a reference from time to time. I became interested in the Nodes many years ago. When I began my advanced studies of the Nodes in Steven Forrest’s apprenticeship retreats, I began to realize the absolute power of their influence in a birthchart. I use the Nodes in all of my evolutionary astrology readings. Because the eclipse is occuring in your 3rd house, both the 3rd house and the 9th house (once again) are activated. The third being the Gemini house in the natural Zodiac is all about learning for learning’s sake, while the 9th is about more serious study, which is made more a part of yourself. The eclipse could also bring up issues with brothers and sisters (or learning from them in some way) if you have any.

      The series of summer eclipses all have the theme of letting go of that which no longer serves you and reaching for that which is more useful to you. I applaud you in your efforts in this regard.

  • gkrosman

    My Moon is in Gemini at 24 Degrees in the 7th House. You said that this eclipse therefore will have special emphasis for me.. Could you please explain? (Rising: Sagg 14, Sun Sagg 17, North Node Capri 5) Thank you, Gail

    • Ruby

      GK, Yes the eclipse Sun will be right on your Moon in the 7th and the eclipse Moon will be in your first house. Thus, it creates a polarity (opposition) between your desire to present yourself in a certain way to the world versus how those who are close to you (7th house and 7th house moon) expect you to be. The eclipse will highlight this dynamic. Because it is a lunar eclipse, emotions could run high around the issue, but it is highlighting something that is important to your evolutionary development. On a more mundane level there could be emotional changes regarding those who are close to you.

  • dixiechick

    Hi Astroherb,
    Her Midheaven is in 8deg Gemini, Sun is in 12deg Gemini (10th house), Chiron in 21deg Gemini (10th house), Saturn in 18deg Sagg (4th house), Uranus in 25deg Sagg (4th house)
    My ex girlfried and me had parted ways sometime early this year. I got to know from your blog that there were lunar and solar eclipses in Gemini Sagg around that time too! That got me all interested in gathering information about how eclipses effect us.
    His Sun is in 27Deg Sagg (2nd house), Moon is in 15deg Sagg (2nd house), Saturn is in 24deg Sagg (2nd house), Mercury in 25deg Sagg (2nd house),Uranus in 26deg Sagg (2nd house) and Chiron is in 26deg Gemini (8th house).

    So does that mean that he may “re-enter” my life or vice verse? Because I have since then always had this feeling that this might not be the end! Just a feeling.
    Thank You 🙂

    • dixiechick

      I meant ex boyfriend!! Sorry…

    • Ruby

      Dixiechick, there is a possibility that he could reenter your life. The Nodal axis is hitting all of those Gemini/Sag planets and that will sometimes bring someone in. S. Node someone from the past. N. Node someone new. It seems to me that with so many of his planets on your Uranus in Sag. that there was an issue with freedom versus commitment. It is possible that the two of you took turns expressing those two sides. Still there is a pull between the two of you.

      • dixiechick

        Thank you so much for replying Astroherb! 🙂
        Yes we did have this issue.

        All this is really interesting… but at the same time quite complicated and difficult.
        None of our North and South nodes fall on Saggi nor Gemini.
        My North node is in Scorpio and South node in Tarus (8th house)
        and his North node is in Leo and South node in Aquarius (5th house)
        I don’t understand what to make out of it.

      • Ruby

        Dixiechick, I meant that the transiting Nodes are on the natal planets. Whenever there is an eclipse the transiting Nodes are involved. If the Nodes are not within a certain orb of the lights there can be no eclipse. So—-the transiting Nodes are just as much a part of the eclipse energy as the Sun and Moon.

  • deboraheden

    Bithday june 15th 1968 My asc is 9 sag, sun 24 gem, moon 24aqua, venus 22 gem, mars 25 gem, merc 29 gem square Uranus/Pluto in 11th house. It has been a really hard 18 mths 4 me and I have been single for 9 years. I had to let go of man in mid may who I really believed loved me. We haven’t seen each other since Jan 2010. All this time I thought he felt the same but would not respond to my emails( complex situation ) & on the 17th may sent me a really hurtful email and said he doesn’t want to be friend. I have cut off from him.
    I do not understand why love and relationships elude me. I would really aprc8 your opinion on this lunar return I have already let go of past. Is there any hope for me

  • deboraheden

    Sorry astroherb I meant lunar eclipse.

  • sunshine

    hi astroherb, I found your article very interesting too 🙂 thx! I think, this eclipse should have an influence on me, I’ll see it in the next days (or weeks)…I’m a gem sun 7deg with asc in gem 13deg & mercury in gem 26deg. my 7house neptun is in sag 21deg…greets!

    • Ruby

      You may notice something, especially with the Mercury/Neptune opposition activated by the eclipse. It should be quite mild though unless the node activates the Neptune. Then you could see someone come into your life. With Neptune there you would tend to idealize others so look at them through a reality lens.

  • s-angelique-s

    Hi beautiful! Your insight into this full moon is the best I’ve come across online. There’s an astro party going on with me it seems. Full Sag moon is conjuncting my 3rd house mercury, venus & south node in sag while Sun, Mercury & Venus are conjuncting my 9th house gemini north node. WOW!! What come to mind on this? I appreciate your feedback. Thnks! 🙂

    • Ruby

      Hi s-angelique, Something around communication is being activated. With the N Node in 9th there may be something you have written that needs to be published. Or, in some way, you need to take your communication talents a step further. Also, are you considering college or a trip–some kine of mind expanding activity?

  • darjeelingtee

    Hi Astroherb and thanks for the enlightening article.

    I suspect tomorrows eclipse will provide an interesting period for me; Sagittarius ascendant (5° conjunct Uranus and Jupiter) with both the moon and Neptune also in Sagittarius (22° and 27° respectively) opposite my natal north node at 24° Gemini. According to my calculations my moon and north node should lie approximately on the eclipse axis. Given the proximity of my natal moon to this axis I anticipate changes to my living situation/personal life. Such changes are backed up by current transits to my IC/4th house by Uranus and my upcoming solar return (D.O.B. 21/07/83 17:20, London).

    With the eclipse axis falling across my 1st/7th house polarity one also envisages emphasis on the search for balance between autonomy and dependence, perhaps between my needs and those of another.

    All in all an interesting period as always 😉

    Keep up the good work, Darjeelingtee :o)

    • Ruby

      Darjeelingtee, it is nice to hear from you again. I think you have read the eclipse meaning pretty good for yourself. I would like to point out also that the eclipse right on the nodes indicates that the time is ripe to work on unresolved issues from the past.

  • ali_e_ali_i

    I’m fairly new to astrology, but this post really hit a cord! I thought I was ok with being single for so long….turns out I’m not!! I have a gut feeling that something is coming as my ascending is 3 degrees Gemini. Jupiter, Uruans and Neptune were all in Sagittarius at 7, 7 and 28 degrees respectively and my ascending node is in Gemini 25. My 7th house is in Sag too! Am I on the right track? Feels like there’s an awful lot going on!!!
    This is an amazing website and exactly what I’ve been looking for!!

    • Ruby

      Ali, Yes, you are on the right track. Neptune and the South Node (if I understand you right) would be within orb of the eclipse as would your North Node on the ascendant. That could definitely bring someone into your life, perhaps a relationship with a fated quality to it. I would be a little careful about the contacts to your Neptune as that could cause you to over idealize them or overlook their faults to your detriment. Use your Saturn to check the “reality” of any new relationship.

      Thank you for your kind words about my website. I put a lot of work into writing meaningful articles so it is very nice to get positive feedback. I would love to hear your comments about any subjects you would like me to address.

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