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I will once again be doing readings in Aspen, Colorado at the Aspen Saturday Market on September 16 and 30 and at the Basalt Sunday Market in Basalt, CO every Sunday through September 30, 2017.

In will continue to do in-person astrology readings in the Roaring Fork Valley and telephone and Skype readings everywhere in the world.

Keep me in mind for fun entertainment for your summer parties and events.

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Partial Solar Eclipse in Gemini
June 01, 2011

The partial solar eclipse on June 1, 2011 falls at 11 degrees Gemini. The simple explanation for an eclipse is that an eclipse can only occur when the Moon moves between the earth and Sun in such a way that it blocks the image of the Sun as viewed […] Continue Reading…

13 comments to Partial Solar Eclipse in Gemini
June 01, 2011

  • Chigley

    Hi Ruby,

    My birth details are 3rd sept 1969 at 7.04pm in Melbourne, Australia.

    I have a couple of questions (one of them pertains to the June 15 Eclipse so you might want to answer this at a later date?) –

    My natal moon is at 7 degrees Gemini in the 3rd house and ruling my 5th house. Is the orb for this eclipse too wide ie: 4 degrees? Alot of my planets are around the 6 to 11 degrees.

    With the Lunar eclipse on the 15th June its going to be smack on my MC and squaring my AC/DC axis. I’m not really sure how this is going to play out. I finished a work contract at the end of April so it could stimulate my Career zone – I have found it difficult to find new job. I have also been having some father issues in the last few weeks so it could also have something to do with that.

    Do you have any ideas on how these 2 eclipses are going to play out?

    My life has been utter rubbish for what feels like the last 20 years so heres hoping these eclipses will push it in a better direction!


    • astroherb

      Dear C,

      I actually get the impression of quite a “happy” group of planets in your 3rd house on the June 1st eclipse, though they do square your Sun in Virgo. I would definitely get your resume out there right away, especially if your career field has anything to do with communications (very wide field). I don’t think the orb is too wide at all, especially when you consider the power of an eclipse and the square to your Sun as part of the picture. By the way, with your Sun in Virgo, try not to overthink things. Just send the resume (or whatever action you wish to take) with good vibes and let it go.

      As for June 15th it does indeed square your angles in quite a dramatic way. You may need to let some things go and readjust your personal presentation, any relationship issues and your career versus home dynamics. Some indication that you could have a career at home. Is that a possibility?

      And yes, I do think it also relates to your father issues. Time to let something go there also. Note Saturn in your 2nd house natally. Has father’s disapproval been holding you back in some way?

      Good luck.

  • arjun


    I just read your article on tomorrow’s eclipse. Tomorrow’s eclipse actually conjuncts my Ascendant. Could you tell me whether this would have a positive impact on my academic dreams ? I have been trying hard to get things off the ground for the last few years.

    I was born on 11th December 1982 @ 17.30 in Calicut (town), Kerala(State), India.

    • astroherb

      Hello Arjun, Use the eclipse on your ascendant to really project yourself out there toward your dreams. Using your gift for communication (1st house Gemini) keep trying to find ways to make your dream come true. I see the eclipse giving you power to make those dreams happen. Best of luck in your endeavors.

  • martinaallegria

    hi there,
    today is my birthday , may 31st, born 1960 in duesseldorf , germany, i do have a very hefty saturn influence in my chart already and was wondering if the eclipse tomorrow could possibly put me on a spin into a more prosperous business energy. also have been wondering if living in northern calfornia makes things a lot more difficult than they need to be. any insight would be very apreciated for this bright but confused gemini, merci

    • astroherb

      Happy Birthday Martina! This eclipse definitely has good potential to propel your career as it conjuncts your natal sun. Your 10th house natal chart is also beneficial for career. The eclipse will help bring out your natal promise. The strong Saturn in your chart makes me think that what may be holding you back is a lack of belief in yourself. It is sesiquadrate the midpoint of your natal Sun/Mercury, which would indicate challenges in that area.

  • PisceS-LeO

    I was reading this post and I really loved it. I’ve been reading posts all over about this particular eclipse of June 1st and I found that this post is the one or only one that really gave me what I was looking for. Thank you so much for your info, it is great and looking at my chart I learned a lot.
    This eclipse in particular squares Pluto in my 11th house, the JUNE 15th eclipse falls in my 5th and square my Sun in the 8th house, the JULY 1st eclipse falls in my 12th house and is square my Venus in the 9th house, and the NOVEMBER 25th eclipse will square my mars and my mercury in the 8th house, so as you can see I am a little concerned about all these squares all over. It’s kind of scary.

    So that is the reason why I ended up in here and I am SO GLAD! 🙂

    • astroherb

      PisceS-LeO, thank you so much for your comments regarding my article. I put a lot of effort into the article and am always glad when they help someone. It seems that there is a theme of transformation in your chart with regard to the eclipses (square to Pluto) and making peace with the past (July 1st eclipse in the 12th house) through higher mind activity (9th house Venus) such as philosophy, travel, spiritual pursuits, etc.

  • BJ

    Hi Astroherb;

    Just wondered about 2 issues to these 3 eclipses. One is; a huge new private venture business I started last year in July… with possibilites in Europe, UAE, and the USA. I have a team of partners I have been diligently working with since and it has been a lot of work. During this time, I met a really terrific guy albeit a lot of tumultous commications and misunderstandings and haven’t seen him since February. I miss him deeply, madly, passtionately but don’t think it salvageable at this point… he has been out with other women to make me jealous but I am not doing anything to retaliate… just wondered if you could give me just a little insight 🙂 Mine is February 22, 1970 6:17 am Wyo – his is Nov 21, 1956 (unknown birth) Oklahoma

    • astroherb

      BJ, You didn’t give me the city of birth for either yourself or the guy who was in your life so I cannot be sure of how the chart plays out. However, as near as I can see, his Saturn, Mercury, Sun and North Node all fall on your Neptune. That would indicate to me that you idealized him to a fault (Neptune). Also, whenever there is a nodal contact between two charts there is an irrestible pull between the two parties (whether for good or bad). As far as your career, the eclipse will not greatly impact it unless it is of a creative nature. If so, it could loosen things up and things could begin to move.

      • astroherb

        Deborah, This eclipse falls on your 7th/1st house axis and since there are many contacts I’m sure it will have an effect on you. As you know you have several natal planets in the 7th house so relationships are important to you. However, you have those planets square Uranus in Virgo on your 10th house cusp. All of the Gemini planets and the square indicate that a part of you really does not want to be committed and there is an issue with freedom. If you really and truly have matured to the point that your Uranus/Gemini energy is under control and you are okay with settling down, then please spend some time coming to terms with that idea. You may be attracting the wrong men because of unknown thoughts. On a positive note, all of the 7th house planets would indicate that you can most definitely be lucky in love.

  • jennirose


    Your information about the July 1 solar eclipse is great. I’d like to know how the planetary action will affect my chart since I have some planets in the affected areas: Born: September 6, 1953; 9:00 p.m.; Cuckfield, England, UK.

    I truly appreciate your expertise.


  • denizd

    Thank you for your articles, i am really enlightened and would like to learn more 🙂
    my sun is cancer and asc gemini..22 june 1982 – time :4 am. birth place : izmir turkey
    In which areas will I feel the effects of these series of eclipses?
    june 01, june 15, july 1 , nov 26 eheh, all will effect a lot right?
    I appreciate your help, regards..

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