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November 2015 Astrology Newsletter


There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.― Desiderius Erasmus

The nodes of the moon have been on the Aries/Libra karmic axis for the last year and one-half, which has brought many lessons and situations regarding close relationships of all kinds. Money matters and social interaction were also in focus. Many people have met their soul mates during this time, while others have learned hard, but important, lessons around relationships. (Of course, a soul mate relationship can also bring an abundance of learning opportunities.) This energy was especially strong during the last lunar and solar eclipses in September.

The Karmic axis of the North and South Nodes has now moved into Virgo (North Node) and Pisces (South Node) at 28 degrees of those signs. Remember, the Nodes move counterclockwise through the chart and are always in opposition to one another. This can create a push me/pull me situation where we vacillate between two choices or courses of action. However, the positive outcome is that the Nodes in Virgo/Pisces until early May 2017 create opportunities to make your dreams (Pisces) and “what ifs” into reality (Virgo). If you have the North Node in Virgo in your natal chart you will be having a nodal return during the next 18 months. It is an opportune time to review and renew your objectives around service, work, health and spiritual objectives.

The South Node in Pisces gives you imagination, intuition, creativity and the ability to dream big dreams and to sense opportunities. Negatively, it can bring confusion, delusion and illusion. The North Node in Virgo gives you high analytical, organizational and reality checking abilities. Negatively, it can bring the tendency to nitpick and worry about small details and, most importantly, it can prevent you from seeing the big picture.

When you balance the energy of the two Nodes it is clear that you now have an 18-month window of opportunity in which you can see the big picture and can dream big (North Node in Pisces), while maintaining your ability to analyze and reality check your ideas. The energy could be summed up as “dream big while keeping your feet on the ground.” It will also be a good time to fix, stabilize and heal relationships, situations and conditions.

Look to the houses in your birth chart holding the transiting Nodes to understand where the energy is the strongest. Those of you with planets between 25 and 29 degrees of the mutable signs (Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini) will be especially affected. Because Chiron and Neptune are both transiting Pisces there is abundant potential for great healing and spiritual insights. If you have a lingering health problem it could be a good time to look for the right healing modality. Alternative healing methods in conjunction with allopathic medicine are especially favored. However, be wary of the tendency to escape unpleasant truths by disappearing into sleep, drugs or fantasy.

On November 1, Mercury enters Scorpio where it stays until November 20. Our thinking processes now become more focused and intense. Then on November 11 when the new moon is in Scorpio our emotions follow suit.

On November 6 the Sun sextiles Pluto at 13 degrees Scorpio/Capricorn and Mercury trines Neptune at 7 degrees of Scorpio/Pisces, releasing deep wells of intense, inner energy. Especially favored is compassionate conversations geared toward healing deep rifts and separations. If you feel estranged from someone important in your life, this could be a good time to try to bridge the gap.

The new Moon on November 11 is at 19 degrees Scorpio, while the Sun sextiles Jupiter at 18 degrees Scorpio/Virgo. These aspects bring healing, wholeness and prosperity into your life. This is an excellent time to set your intentions for the 18-month Nodal transit of Virgo/Pisces.

Venus enters Libra on November 8 followed by Mars on November 12 is a good time to negotiate agreements and to settle any ongoing disputes. November 13 when Venus is sextile Saturn and Mercury is sextile Jupiter is an especially good day for negotiating sticky issues. Until the 18th of November this energy can also be very helpful in working out relationship differences.

Be sure to finish your negotiations before November 20 when Venus squares Pluto at 13 degrees of Libra/Capricorn. The super charged emotional intensity of the Venus/Pluto square is not conducive to settling relationship issues. Be careful with regard to money and investment matters at this time also.

Activities concerning work and career are favored on November 22 when Mars sextiles Saturn at 6 degrees Libra/Sagittarius.

You may find yourself feeling like “Catty Cathy” on November 24 at the Full Moon in Gemini. Ideas will be overflowing and you may want to be active and on the move.

To summarize, the shift of the Nodal axis brings in another astrological cycle. Because the nodes are fairly slow moving, many other cycles will play out during the Nodes’ 18-month transit of Virgo/Pisces. The North Node is a karmic indicator of your life purpose. Any contact of the North Node with a planet or important point in your chart is worthy of your close attention. The overlying theme of this nodal cycle can be summed up in this quote from Jonas Salk, who discovered the polio vaccine:

Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.

* * * * *

Astrology Readings

Many of you have inquired about my astrology readings. My full readings cover your current solar return year ahead, the current transits and your progressions. My astrology readings are $125 for one-hour readings and $65.00 for half hour readings and include a recorded MP3 of the reading. Readings will be done via telephone in the U.S. and through online chat for all others. Payment is through Paypal.

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