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Waxing Gibbous Moon

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February 2015 Astrology Newsletter

There is no use trying,” said Alice. “One can’t believe impossible things.” “I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” — Lewis Carroll from Alice in Wonderland

The month of February begins on a mystical, romantic, inspirational, and creative note when Venus conjuncts Neptune in Pisces.  The first week of February would be an opportune time to tell those close to you how much they mean to you.  If there is a situation where you are at odds with someone, the soft, healing energy on February 8 when Venus joins Chiron in Pisces, could help you smooth things over.  Just be aware that with Mercury retrograde and with the sometimes fuzzy Piscean energy, you will need to make sure that your words and intent are very clear so there is no confusion.

At the same time, we are being called to let go of some of the things that we thought were true about ourselves and to be true to our authentic selves.  The month opened with the Sun conjunct retrograde Mercury in Aquarius opposing Jupiter in Leo prompting the questions:  What is true and what only seems to be true about me, my hopes and wishes, and my ability to achieve them.  How am I like everyone else and part of all humanity (Aquarius) and how am I my own, unique, very special person (Leo)?

Our cellular memory has been activated with Pluto’s long square to Uranus.  It is now intensified by the conjunction of Uranus with the South Node in Aquarius.  Old memories and ways of being are now challenged by innovative, even shocking, new ideas.  Something is slowly opening up in your psyche.  Use the time until February 11, when Mercury resumes direct motion, to reformulate and repurpose old memories into new workable solutions.   February 6th, when the Sun opposes Jupiter is an especially opportune time to start that process.

Watch for synchronicities and signs on February 3 when the full moon conjuncts Jupiter in Leo and trines Uranus in Aquarius.   Then act on your newfound knowledge on the 6th when the Sun opposes Jupiter.  It is as if the universe is challenging you to move into a time of celebrating yourself and to go forth confidently.  You will be able to finalize any loose ends or plans after Mercury ends its retrograde motion on the 11th.

On Valentine’s Day, Venus conjoins Mars in Pisces and squares the Moon in Sagittarius bringing lots of passionate, loving energy.   Let go of who “is right” and just enjoy the vibes.

There is a lot of action in the skies from the 18th through the 25th.  The new moon (moon conjunct the Sun) at 29 degrees Aquarius on the 18th is another super moon. Twenty-nine degrees is a significant degree in astrology.  It brings to mind a diver poised on the diving board, checking his or her form, and then jumping into the depths of the water when the time is right.  Later in the day, when the Sun and Moon move to zero degrees Pisces, the energy will have changed dramatically.  We will shift from being in our head into being more in our heart.

Mars and Venus form a new relationship cycle when Mars moves into Aries on the 19th, followed by Venus on the 20th.  You may actually feel the change in the energy around you —you, and those around you, will be fired up, energized, ready to break new ground and to move forward.  Of course, all of this Martian energy can also bring aggression, anger and rash actions.  Be aware of others’ agitated mood and reckless actions and make sure you are not giving out angry and reckless vibes yourself.  Drive carefully and mindfully.

The runaway Mars in Aries energy is tempered on the 23rd through the 25th when Venus and Mars trine Saturn, and the Sun conjuncts Neptune and squares Saturn.  This is a very good time to ground your new ideas and to lay a foundation (Saturn) that will carry your project or connection to the next level.

All in all the month presents you with a very positive atmosphere in which to believe “impossible things” (Neptune, Pisces, Venus and Moon) and to make them a reality (Mars and Saturn).

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