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Astrology Transits October 2018 – Volatile Venus/Mars Issues


October opens with the Sun and Mercury in Libra, the sign of justice and fairness.  In addition, Venus, the ruler of Libra, is very strong as she turns retrograde and makes important connections throughout the month of October.  Mercury rules communication and Venus rules women and all things related to women, including women’s sexuality and the feminine archetype in general.

In addition, Venus aspects Mars at various times during the month.  Mars rules the masculine archetype.  It relates to male sexuality, action, aggression (including sexual aggression), wars and competition.

Is it any wonder then that the United States news is consumed with the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court and the he/said, she/said allegations of sexual abuse? Though I have studied and practiced astrology all of my life, it sometimes just blows me away how astrology, over and over again, is right in tune with what is happening in our life and in our political, world system.

October 2, Cancer Moon opposing Pluto and Mercury square Pluto.  Moon opposing Pluto brings intense, emotional encounters with others.  Discussions (Mercury) can quickly turn confrontational and intense (Pluto).  Back away from any conflicts until the energy is weaker and more conducive to compromise.

October 5, Venus Turns Retrograde at 10 Degrees Scorpio.  Venus, will be retrograde until November 15, 2018, when it turns direct at 25 degrees Libra.  All planets become more intense when in retrograde motion because they are at their closest point to the earth. Venus rules love, desire, sensuality and intense feelings, as well as money and blessings received.  Though stronger, a retrograde Venus can suppress your feelings and/or cause projection of feelings onto others.

October 8, New Moon at 16 Degrees Libra Square Pluto in Capricorn. This Libra new Moon promises to be challenging.  Beware of compulsive, out-of-control emotions during this intense new Moon.  Also beware of emotional power struggles that can manifest as guilt, jealousy and manipulation.  You can use this Moon in the most positive way by going inside yourself to do an unflinchingly honest self-analysis. Pluto square the Moon can give you the courage to correct anything ugly that pops out.

The Libra new Moon is also inconjunct Neptune in Pisces.  Inconjunct aspects act like an annoyance that won’t go away.  This aspect illuminates how and where you are deluding yourself about emotional and/or partnership matters.

October 10, Venus at 10 Degrees Scorpio Square Mars in Aquarius.  This is a partial replay of the energy of September 10 when Venus was in a T-square with Mars and Uranus.  It pits the god of war (Mars) against the goddess of love (Venus).  While physical attraction with another is high, the tension and competitiveness of a Venus/Mars contact can bring out resentments and arguments.  Both physical attraction and tension may be in play, in which case making up could be exciting.

Mercury opposing Uranus on the same date lends a scattered, nervous vibe to the energy of the day.  Watch what you say, because you are prone to erratic, unexpected thought processes and statements.  Watch for volatile announcements and news regarding the Supreme Court nomination during the several days before and after these aspects.

October 11, Sun Square Pluto at 18 Degrees Libra/Capricorn.  More intensity on tap with a feeling of being in a pressure cooker.  Simmering issues with authority figures can come to the fore at this time.  The best way to use this energy is to make significant changes to old, unproductive, self-sabotaging patterns of behavior that have outlived their usefulness.

October23 and 24, Sun Moves into Scorpio Conjunct Venus in Opposition to Uranus and the Full Moon in Taurus.
Wow!! The drama continues and high volatility prevails!  Be wary of entrenched positions, especially around emotional matters.  Both the Sun and Moon are in fixed signs, which aren’t inclined to give an inch on matters that are important to them.  They form a grand square with the North and South Nodes.  The battle you want to win may have its roots in very old resentments, or even in past life residues.

Once again, it is best to let go of trying to fix others.  Enough of your own issues will surface during this time to keep you more than occupied.

Both the Sun and Moon form helpful aspects to Saturn in Capricorn.  Use this energy to tend to practical matters and to take responsibility where needed.

October 30 and 31, Venus Retrograde Opposing Uranus in Taurus, Square the North and South Nodes in Leo/Aquarius.

This could be a defining moment for the #MeToo movement and the ongoing debate around sexual abuse issues.  Uranus is a wild card and the Nodes denote a karmic connection.  The “chickens may come home to roost” as the saying goes.

November 6, US Election Day Aspects:

Venus retrograde square Uranus — Somewhat similar to Venus opposing Uranus (see October 30 and 31 above).  Expect the unexpected!

Jupiter trine Chiron — Too much of something and the desire to bring in healing energy.

Venus trine Mars — Mildly helpful energy in working with the volatile Venus/Mars polarities.

Sun trine Neptune — Elements of confusion and complacency prevails.  WE MUST ALL VOTE.  It is much too easy to blow off our civic duty under this aspect.

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