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Astrology Transits November 2019 – Soul Regeneration

Everybody’s wearing a disguise
To hide what they’ve got left behind their eyes
But me, I can’t cover what I am
Wherever the children go I’ll follow them
. —
Bob Dylan, Abandoned Love

The month of November is all about looking under what you think you see to understand the hidden mystery, grandeur and enlightenment that is part of the Scorpio/Pluto archetype.  Scorpio is the archetype of transformation through deep, intense, emotional engagement.

Scorpio holds the secrets behind sex, death and rebirth.  It is the sign of alchemy and of the phoenix rising from the ashes.  Just as nature is dying, it is time for us to take stock of those hidden parts of ourselves that need to be transformed and/or rebirthed.  Scorpio asks us to go into the abyss and to make friends with the unknown.

Happy birthday to all of my Scorpio readers who set an example on how to unflinchingly go into the abyss in order to grow.

October 30-31: Mercury Turns Retrograde Conjunct Venus at 27 Degrees Scorpio.  Mercury retrograde continues until November 20 when it turns direct at 11 degrees Scorpio.  Time once again time to back up your computer and to make sure your cell phone is turned off when not in use to prevent texts being sent to the wrong person.  Communications of all kind are now confused, misdirected or delayed.  It is a good time to clear out the clutter and repurpose things and emotions from the past

November 1:  Venus enters Sagittarius.  Venus in Sagittarius brings a much-needed element of lightness and optimism to the heavier Scorpio energy.  Take a trip, invest in new sports equipment or study something new under this transit.

November 1-15:  Saturn Sextile Neptune at 15 Degrees Capricorn/Pisces.  Saturn sextile Neptune gains power by the fact that Saturn is in its home sign of Capricorn and Neptune is in its home sign of Pisces (mutual reception).  Saturn, is the no-nonsense master of responsibility, while Neptune is a nebulous, idealistic artist that tends to float away from hard tasks and responsibility.  When these two, very different, planets contact each other in a pleasant way (sextile), we reap the benefits of both.  If you have an artistic or creative project that you haven’t been able to get off the ground, use Saturn sextile Neptune to complete it.

November 4-6: Mars square Pluto at 20 Degrees Libra/Capricorn.  This is one of those difficult aspects that makes you want to run for the hills or to pull the covers over your head and never leave the house.  The one-word explanation for this aspect is “crisis.”  Stay away from disagreements and confrontations as Mars rules “anger” and Pluto rules “control.”  It is doubtful if either side could win in such a confrontation.  Drive unobtrusively, be sure to yield the right of way, and refrain from driving slowly in the fast lane to minimize road rage.

The positive possibility of this aspect is that it can push you to leave that untenable job or relationship situation that has been causing you angst.  Those who have planets near 20 degrees of the cardinal signs (Libra, Capricorn, Aries and Cancer) will be most likely to feel this challenging energy; though Scorpio and Aries may also feel it.

November 8-10:  Sun Sextile Saturn and Trine Neptune at 16-17 Scorpio/Capricorn/Pisces.  In a few words these transits mean:  The drive to dream a little, with a touch of responsibility and reality, in order to further your dreams.  Nice!

Mercury Retrograde Sextile Pluto at 20 Degrees of Scorpio/Capricorn. Mercury Retrograde sextile intense Scorpio can reveal all kinds of hidden information, emotions or objects.  While this can be a good time to have those deep conversations with others, be aware that deep truth works both ways.  If you ask for the full truth from someone, you must be prepared to accept that truth.  Additionally, you must be ready to reveal your own deep secrets.  When Pluto is involved, things tend to be all or nothing.  Half-way efforts are not part of Pluto’s modus operandi.

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio can deepen intimate relationships, but use care when probing touchy subjects.  This is not a good time for accusations or blame, but rather for discussing sensitive topics toward deeper understanding.

If you are in a relationship that you know is really over, Mercury retrograde can help to reveal your hidden, true feelings about that relationship.  This transit is good for contemplating and reaching clarity about such a relationship.  Once Mercury moves direct you can take action.

November 12:  Full Moon at 20 Degrees Taurus/Scorpio with the Moon Trine Pluto. The Taurus/Scorpio full moon opposition presents a tug-of-war between your desire to hold on to people and things (Taurus) that are no longer beneficial or to let them go (Scorpio).  This Full Moon could stir up a lot of deep emotions, especially around relationships.

At the same time, Neptune is trine the Sun/Mercury conjunction showing the way out for any uncomfortable feelings brought to the surface by the full Moon.  Neptune trine Sun/Mercury favors communication and meditation.  If any conflict or emotional meltdown arises, remove yourself from the situation until you can become more mindful.

November 13-14: Sun Sextile Pluto at 21 Degrees Scorpio/Capricorn.  Use this potentially very helpful transit to change those circumstances that you have been unable to change before. Sun sextile Pluto can be extremely beneficial in achieving your aims, so long as you don’t “run over” others in your quest for power.  If you need to clean your house, car, basement or garage, this powerful aspect can make you a veritable cleaning/organizing machine.  On a spiritual level, Sun sextile Pluto is superb for deep thinking and for probing life’s mysteries.

November 20:  Mercury Stations Direct at 12 Degrees Scorpio.  Time to use those ideas and insights that came to you during Mercury retrograde.

November 19:  Mars Enters Scorpio.  Mars is the co-ruler of Scorpio and feels at home here. Mars in Scorpio gives you the drive to overcome previously unsurmountable difficulties.

November 26:  New Moon at 4 Degrees Sagittarius.  As always, the New Moon guides the shift in the prevailing energy.  Here, we are moving from the soul searching, deep-diving Scorpio into the lighter, optimistic energy of Sagittarius.  Such a great opportunity to take the understanding gained from the introspective, transformative Scorpio energy and use it to expand your wisdom.

* * * * * *

I will be speaking at A Spiritual Center, Third Street Center,, 520 S. Third Street, Carbondale, Colorado at 10:00 A.M., on Sunday November 24, 2019.  I will be discussing the coming conjunction of Saturn/Pluto, the solar eclipse on Christmas day and the upcoming stellium of 6 planets in Capricorn at the end of December.  Finally, I will discuss the shift of Saturn into Aquarius on March 22, 2020. 
Many of us have been experiencing a time of heightened anxiety and confusion in light of what is going on in the world.  I hope to give you an understanding of the astrological guidelines governing these world events, when we can expect the energy to ease up, and how you can best navigate the coming year.
There is no charge, but a donation to A Spiritual Center is appreciated. I’ll look forward to seeing you there.

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