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Astrology Transits May 2024 – Building Slowly but Surely

“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day. —A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh”


Last month under the strong Aries (and Mars) energy, the message was to push forward, to start new things and to be courageous and daring. Now, as the planets move into Taurus, the mood has changed. Now, the emphasis is on building, persevering and patiently building a foundation under our goals and aspirations. The message of Taurus is about attending to what we value. Letting things unfold as they will and quietly, one-step-at-a-time, moving forward


The lesson of Taurus can be felt in the earth, the trees, the life-giving droplets of water and the changing of the seasons. Everything is changing, yet the earth remains. Last month the earth-shaking conjunction of Jupiter/Uranus shook up the status quo. Earthquake activity increased dramatically as did our individual outlook on life. The message is to let yourself move and change while staying grounded like a tree. Such a stance will allow you to embrace the new, while remaining in your center of being.


April 25: Mercury Turns Stationary Direct at 16 Degrees Aries. Everything that has seemed confusing and delayed begins to move forward with more clarity when Mercury turns direct.

May 1: Venus Square Pluto at 2 Degrees Taurus/Aquarius. Venus square Pluto can bring some rather heavy energy around relationships and self-esteem. You are challenged (square) to look at yourself in relation to others. Flaws in your relationships may show themselves now. Use Pluto’s transformative power to probe beneath the surface and to find and eliminate hidden areas of strife. Puto urges us to look deeply rather than to put a temporary band aid on problematic interactions.

May 3: Mars Sextile Pluto at 2 Degrees Aries/Aquarius. Abundant energy coupled with the will and courage to take action are the hallmark of Mars sextile Pluto. Don’t push others. But do pull out all of the stops and take bold action to move full speed ahead toward your goals.

May 6: Mercury Conjunct Chiron at 21 Degrees Aries. Mercury conjunct Chiron offers excellent energy for clearing the air around past grievances. Aries gives you the courage to confront issues head-on rather than continuing to stew about them.

May 7: New Moon at 18 Degrees Taurus Sextile Saturn in Pisces. Sun Sextile Saturn in Pisces. The Sabian symbol for the Taurus New Moon is “A new continent arising out of the ocean.” This is a powerful image of new opportunities and an entirely new way of looking at the world. The Sun and Moon conjunct in Taurus will be moving over the point of the rare Jupiter/Uranus conjunction of April 20, 2024. This Taurus New Moon brings:

  • Brings stability, common sense, grounding, and a focus on security. Taurean success is achieved slowly and steadily, one step at a time,
  • Saturn brings hard work, responsibility, longevity and honoring what you have already experienced and learned, and
  • Pisces brings intuition, imagination and the ability to dream and to see beyond the five senses.

May 13: Sun Conjunct Uranus at 23 Degrees Taurus. Venus Sextile Saturn at 17 Degrees Taurus/Pisces. The Sun conjunct Uranus brings a little zip and sparkle to your everyday activities. You are ready to make changes and your mind is brimming with innovative ways to implement new habits. Venus sextile Saturn brings good judgment and the ability to stick with those changes.

May 15: Mercury enters Taurus. Mercury in Taurus until June 3rd lends a grounded, methodical and practical bent to our ideas and communication. Mercury can sometimes bring scattered thought processes, but when Mercury is in Taurus, the mind is active, focused and on-point. Use Mercury in Taurus to make strategic long-term plans that will provide the foundation for financial matters for the entire year.

May 17: Mercury square Pluto at 2 Degrees Taurus/Aquarius. Mercury square Pluto lets you see beneath the surface. You may find yourself questioning everything now, as you want to know and understand hidden motivations and why something is happening. Though this is a good aspect for probing your subconscious, the downside is that obsessive and paranoid thoughts may be foremost in your mind. Remember: You are not the center of the universe and what happens around you is not inherently directed at you.

May 18: Sun Conjunct Jupiter at 28 Degrees Taurus. Venus Conjunct Uranus at 23 Degrees Taurus. Mars Conjunction North Node at 13 Degrees Aries. The planets are active today! The Sun conjunct Jupiter is a “feel good” aspect that combines the impetus to take constructive action (Sun) with the optimism and expansive view (Jupiter) to envision and set in motion a positive life course. Mars conjunct the North Node brings you closer to your goals and purpose. The signs of Aries (action and courage) and Taurus (slow, steady, focused) combine to project the blessings and abundance of Jupiter into the future.

May 19: Sun Sextile Neptune at 29 Degrees Taurus/Pisces. Your powers of observation, both conscious and subconscious, are enhanced when the Sun is sextile Neptune. Your creativity, intuition and imagination are at a high level. You may see everything through rose-colored glasses now, so enjoy the feeling, but don’t commit to long-term contracts or agreements. Just enjoy this dreamy day.

May 20: Sun enters Gemini. Everything related to communication, writing, teaching and learning are favored when the Sun is in Gemini until June 21st. You may find yourself taking more short trips and even car shopping when the Sun is in Gemini.

May 22: Sun Trine Pluto at 2 Degrees Gemini/Aquarius. Powerful transformative energy is in force when the Sun is trine Pluto. Because both the Sun and Pluto are in air signs, your mind will be brimming over with ideas and possibilities. Set your intentions now, as it will be much easier to follow through with your plans under Pluto’s intense focus.

May 23: Full Moon at 2 Degrees 55 Minutes Sagittarius at 9:52 EST. This Sagittarius Full Moon is generally favorable for travel, study and other mind enhancing activities. Try to learn something new or plan an amazing trip under this expansive full Moon. Other aspects at this time are:

Venus Conjunct Jupiter at 29 Degrees Taurus. 

Venus Sextile Neptune at 29 Degrees Taurus/Pisces. 

Jupiter Sextile Neptune at 29 Degrees Taurus/Pisces

Venus enters Gemini.

These are excellent aspects, especially Venus conjunct Jupiter. Venus conjunct Jupiter relates to “blessings received” (Venus) with expansion (Jupiter). Venus and Jupiter sextile Neptune adds the beneficial ingredient of imagination and intuition (Neptune). Because Venus, Jupiter and Neptune are all at 29 degrees, it feels like a pause, or catching your breath, before moving into something new. Enjoy.

May 25: Venus Trine Pluto at 2 Degrees Gemini/Aquarius. Venus trine Pluto adds a certain intensity to your interactions with others. New romantic relationships undertaken now may have a fated quality to them. Wait until this transit passes before entering any long-term commitments.

May 25: Jupiter enters Gemini. Jupiter in Gemini gives a boost to your communications, short trips, teaching, learning and writing. Your interactions with others are blessed with a spirit of optimism and cooperation.

May 27: Mars Conjunct Chiron at 22 Degrees Aries. Pound a pillow if you need to when Mars is conjunct Chiron in Aries. Your frustrations may be near to the surface at this time, bringing anger, but also the possibility of healing old wounds. This would be a good time to begin a study of martial arts in order to release excess energy.

Moon Movement During May 2024: Note: Dates given are for New York City, NY. The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.

May 1:         Moon in Aquarius

May 2:         Moon enters Pisces

May 4:         Moon enters Aries

May 6:         Moon enters Taurus

May 7:         New Moon at 18 Degrees Taurus

May 8:         Moon enters Gemini

May 10:       Moon enters Cancer

May 13:       Moon enters Leo

May 15:       Moon enters Virgo

May 18:       Moon enters Libra

May 20:       Moon enters Scorpio

May 23:       Moon enters Sagittarius

May 23:       Full Moon at 2 Degrees 55 Minutes Sagittarius at 9:52 am EST

May 25:       Moon enters Capricorn

May 27:       Moon enters Aquarius

May 29:       Moon enters Pisces

May 31:       Moon enters Aries


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