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Astrology Transits June 2023 – Communication and Connection

Your words are your unique creation and they become what you see and experience in your life — Master Chunyi Lin

Our words and, indeed, all of our ideas, the spoken and written word and all other kinds of communication and connection become extra important as we move into Gemini season. Gemini and its ruler, Mercury, are how we connect to the outside world through all of our senses.

Gemini has a strong affinity to the number “two,” since it relates to our two hands, two lungs, twins, etc. As a fun exercise this month, pay attention to all things around you that come in twos. You might be surprised by the outcome.

A noteworthy shift occurred last month on May 16th when Jupiter moved into Taurus, where it will stay for one year. Jupiter is about expansion and Taurus is about our values, our finances and our security. I am feeling optimistic that Jupiter in Taurus will lighten the collective mood around financial matters and that we will be able to feel more secure and optimistic during Jupiter’s stay in Taurus. One caution:  Do not overspend. Jupiter can make you a little too ready to overbuy and overspend. Use your Saturn to question and to curb those impulse purchases.

June 1: Mars Quincunx Saturn at 7 Degrees Leo/Pisces. The quincunx aspect calls for adjustment. Because the two planets are unable to relate to each other, there is always a feeling that something has to be adjusted. In addition, Mars wants action and wants it now, while Saturn wants to slow things down so you will do the wise and responsible thing. Overall, use discipline and be willing to make adjustments where needed.

June 2: Venus Trine Neptune at 27 Degrees Cancer/Pisces. Let yourself relax and dream when Venus is trine Neptune. You may see the world through rose colored glasses now, so it isn’t the best time to make serious or long-range decisions.

June 3: Full Moon at 13 Degrees Sagittarius Opposition Sun at 13 Degrees Gemini. Sagittarius is the sign of the seeker and the quest for knowledge. The Sagittarius Full Moon brings a much-needed dose of optimism and belief that things will somehow get better, while the Sun in Gemini opens us up to new ideas and better ways of thinking about things.

June 4: Mercury Conjunct Uranus at 20 Degrees Taurus. Your mind (Mercury) is working overtime when Mercury is conjunct Uranus. You may feel the need to express unusual, or even radical, (Uranus) ideas (Mercury) at this time. Jot down any inventive ideas now as Mercury conjunct Uranus can bring all kinds of mental breakthroughs.

June 5: Venus Opposition Pluto at Zero Degrees Leo/Aquarius. Be careful in relationship matters when Venus is opposition Pluto. The intensity is high and unwelcome truths or potential conflicts may be delivered in a controlling or overly forceful manner.

June 7:  Venus Trine North Node at 2 Degrees Leo/Taurus. You are tuned into who is giving you support and who isn’t supportive when Venus is trine the North Node. It may be time to alter your interactions with certain friends, family members and/or acquaintances.

June 9: Mercury Sextile Neptune at 27 Degrees Taurus/Pisces. Make a vision board when Mercury is sextile Neptune. Your intuitive talents are front and center now and your imagination is at its highest level.

June 11:  Mars Sesiquiquadrate Neptune at 12 Degrees Leo/Pisces. The sesiquiquadrate aspect indicates that a turning point is imminent in a situation. Decisions must be made now, whether you are ready or not. Mars sesiquiquadrate Neptune can be especially stressful because Mars demands action, while Neptune just wants to escape. Use Mars’ active energy to move forward and to push past obstacles. Putting off decisions or needed actions can bring a compulsive, obsessive edge to the situation. Decisions made under duress are rarely wise. Instead, take time out (Neptune in Pisces) to pull back from the situation until you can make a rational, well-thought-out decision.

June 13: Venus Quincunx Saturn at 7 Degrees Leo/Pisces. Pull back from the social scene when Venus is quincunx Saturn. Use this time to look at your relationships (Venus) and loyalties (Saturn). Ask yourself whether your relationships are on track and beneficial to you. If not, try to fix it when Mercury is sextile Venus on June 17.

June 15: Mercury Square Saturn at 7 Degrees Gemini/Pisces. Mercury square Saturn shows up in a similar way to retrograde Mercury. Transportation and communication matters (Mercury) are problematic (Saturn) and delays are possible. You may be feeling limited and judgmental. The energy is much better on the 17th, so defer important meetings a couple of days if at all possible.

June 17: Mercury Sextile Venus at 11 Degrees Gemini/Leo. Mercury sextile Venus fosters a spirit of compromise and agreement. Social conversations flow easily and interactions with others are harmonious.

June 18: New Moon at 26 Degrees 43 Minutes Gemini. The Moon in Gemini urges us to be open to new and unusual ideas and concepts. You will be more talkative and more willing to share your ideas during the Gemini New Moon. Just be sure that you not only share your ideas, but also that you really listen to others. Communication and connection are about both talking and listening.

June 18: Sun Square Neptune at 27 Degrees Gemini/Pisces. Try to take it easy as much as possible when the Sun is square Neptune. You may be feeling extra tired and run down and your decision-making abilities are at a low point. Instead, read or listen to inspirational messages and go to bed early. Both daytime and night time dreams may bring needed messages from your subconscious now.

June 21: Sun Quincunx Pluto at 29 Degrees Gemini/Capricorn. Mercury Sextile Mars at 18 Degrees Gemini/Leo. Mercury Sextile Chiron at 19 Degrees Leo/Aries. The quincunx aspect calls for adjustment. Your ego needs (Sun) may be challenged by someone else’s need to take control (Pluto). Listen to your heart when Mercury is sextile Chiron. Your inner knowing is speaking to you now.

June 25-26: Mercury Square Neptune at 27 Degrees Gemini Pisces. Mercury Quincunx Pluto at 29 Degrees Gemini/Capricorn. Your imagination is working overtime when Mercury is square Neptune. Your intuitive powers are high, but you can easily be taken advantage of through confusion, misperception or deceit. Leave important decisions for another day. Examine your thoughts and concepts when Mercury is quincunx Pluto. You may have to make adjustments to your thinking.

June 25-26: Mars Square Uranus at 21 Degrees Leo/Taurus. Mars square Uranus is one of those red alert aspects that advise caution. The urge to take unwise chances is strong and your impulse meter is at the danger point. Avoid angry confrontations and potentially dangerous situations. Think before you act, as you are more accident prone at this time.

June 28-29: Sun Trine Saturn at 7 Degrees Cancer/Pisces. Venus Trine Chiron at 10 Degrees Leo/Aries. Sun trine Saturn brings rewards from past work or responsibilities. Venus trine Chiron brings opportunities to establish more positive relationships with others. Use your intuition and you will know just what to do.

June 30: Mercury Trine Saturn at 7 Degrees Cancer/Pisces. The month ends on a helpful Mercury trine Saturn aspect. You will find it easier to organize and you will be blessed with rational and logical thinking.

Moon Movement During June 2023: Note: Dates given are for New York City, NY. The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.

June 1:   Moon in Scorpio

June 3:   Moon enters Sagittarius

June 3:   Full Moon at 13 Degrees Sagittarius

June 5:   Moon enters Capricorn

June 7:   Moon enters Aquarius

June 9:   Moon enters Pisces

June 11: Moon enters Aries

June 13: Moon enters Taurus

June 15: Moon enters Gemini

June 18: New Moon at 26 Degrees 43 Minutes Gemini

June 18: Moon enters Cancer at 6:57 am EDT

June 20: Moon enters Leo

June 23: Moon enters Virgo

June 25: Moon enters Libra

June 28: Moon enters Scorpio

June 30: Moon enters Sagittarius


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