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Waxing Gibbous Moon

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Astrology Transits July 2021 – Challenging Yet Sublime

Let’s meet at a place where the darkness meets light. And let’s tear the heart of both apart and let’s intertwine their veins until they are inseparable. Let’s stand on the chaos we have created at that moment and kiss each other, throwing ourselves into the Oblivion.— Akshay Vasu

The planetary energy this month is a curious juxtaposition of challenging, energetic, self-actualizing, confusing and subline.

June 25: Neptune Turns Retrograde at 23 Degrees Pisces. Though not everyone will notice the energy shift, Neptune retrograde until December 2, 2021, has a measurable effect on the collective mood. Whether Neptune Retrograde is noticed or not, the entire period of its retrograde movement is good for tuning into your intuitive, psychic self.  Practice sensing your environment using your sixth sense, as well as your customary five senses during this long retrograde Neptune period.

The spiritual lesson inherent in Neptune retrograde in Pisces is to:

  • let go of limits,
  • forgive yourself and others,
  • practice a wider and greater perspective on all matters,
  • allow the higher spiritual energy of Neptune in Pisces retrograde to heal your loss.

Neptune is not about doing. It is about being and attunement to all that is.

June 27:  Venus enters Leo. Let your inner child out to play while Venus transits Leo through July 21. If Venus is transiting your fifth house, it can also be helpful for romance, creativity and all matters relating to children.

June 30-July 3:  Mars Opposition Saturn at 12-13 Degrees Leo/Aquarius Square Uranus at 13 Degrees Taurus. Challenging times are here when the planet of anger, fire and action (Mars) is opposed by the planet of limitation, responsibility and tradition (Saturn).  Add to that the square to the planet of freedom and breakthroughs (Uranus) and you have the recipe for a chaotic, tension-filled period. The fixed signs will feel the combustible, seemingly unresolvable energy the strongest. Watch for political demonstrations and protests, violence, soaring heat and fire danger.

July 4-9:  Mercury Square Neptune at 23 Degrees Gemini/Pisces. Venus Opposition Saturn and Square Uranus at 11-14 Degrees Leo/Aquarius/Taurus. The advice from above is still in force in the period from July 4 to 9. In addition, Mercury square Neptune brings a big dose of confusion and foggy thinking to the mix. The worrisome aspects are made even worse when transiting Moon conjuncts Uranus, squares Mars and opposes Saturn on July 4th.

On a personal level, try to keep your cool and stay away from tension-filled venues from June 30 through July 9. We are all more accident prone under this planetary configuration, so always take time to think before you act.  Above all, know that this too shall pass.

July 9-10: New Moon at 18 Degrees Cancer. The Cancer New Moon emphasizes our emotions and our need to give and receive care and nurturing. Most of us are pretty good at caring for others, but not so good at nurturing ourselves  During this emotion-filled New Moon in Cancer take time to think about how (or IF) you are nurturing yourself. Ask yourself what you need to nourish not only your body, but also your spirit, mind, heart and soul.  If possible, spend time near water as you contemplate the wisdom of this New Moon as it begins a new cycle around fulfilling our deepest needs.

July 11:  Mercury enters Cancer. As Mercury moves out of its home sign, Gemini, and into Cancer our thoughts stabilize and are less scattered and stimulating.  Mercury in Cancer turns our thoughts to home, family, real estate matters and security. Mercury in Cancer until July 27 is custom made to make plans to implement and manifest the changes that you started under the New Moon in Cancer.

July 13: Mars Conjunct Venus at 20 Degrees Leo. Self-actualization is the name of the game under this delightful Venus conjunct Mars in Leo. Mars and Venus conjunct favor love, romance and business matters. But most of all, it is about loving yourself.  Learn to love, appreciate and promote your own unique qualities when Venus and Mars are conjunct.

July 13-15:  Mercury Trine Jupiter at 2 Degrees Cancer/Pisces.

Sun Trine Neptune at 22-23 Degrees Cancer/Pisces.  The sweet energy of Mercury trine Jupiter and Sun trine Neptune brings a short, but welcome reprieve from the harsher energy of this month.  Use this time to heal family wounds or to just simply enjoy outings with your family.  A beach vacation might be just the ticket to take advantage of this watery, light hearted, mellow energy.

July 16-18:  Sun Opposition Pluto at 24-25 Degrees Cancer/Capricorn. Sun opposition Pluto brings intense encounters with others. Beware of power struggles, especially with those in authority. If you find that relationships, machinery and other possessions are breaking down at an alarming rate, it is because those things that have been held together with a hope and prayer, must now be fixed or abandoned. Do not put yourself in situations where violence or force could erupt and keep life simple during this time.  Despite these rather alarming warnings, Sun Opposition Pluto is a very productive transit in which to make fundamental, sweeping changes that will vastly improve your life in the long run.

July 18-21:  Mars and Venus Conjunct in a Yod aspect with Pluto and Neptune at 23-25 Degrees Leo/Capricorn/Pisces. A Yod aspect is formed when two planets are sextile each other with a third planet inconjunct each of them. The Yod has traditionally been known as  the “finger of God” aspect because there is an element of fate or the unknown inherent in the configuration.  Sextiles are easy energy, while inconjuncts indicate that an adjustment needs to be made.  This particular Yod may stir up idealism (Neptune) that is met with authoritarian control (Pluto). It will be interesting to see what plays out in the news and on the world stage.

July 23: Full Moon at 1 Degree Aquarius.  An Aquarius Full Moon brings our attention to the community at large (even the global community) and reminds us that we are each part of something larger than ourselves. Under the Full Moon in Aquarius contemplate how that homeless person that you avoid is really your brother or sister in disguise.  Ask yourself: What does the concept of humanity mean to me?  Is it more important to me to give my time and resources to those close to me or to humanity in general?  What is the true meaning of a friend?  Can I be true to myself while taking part in a group endeavor.

Enjoy stimulating conversations among like-minded friends under this sociable Full Moon in Aquarius. Abstract, free flowing thoughts and conversations can bring amazing breakthroughs under an Aquarius Full Moon.

July 29: Mars Opposition Jupiter. Time to fight — or much, much better — time to direct the Mars fighting spirit into positive enterprises.  You can accomplish a lot when you take charge of this wonderfully energized Mars opposition Jupiter.

Moon Movement During July 2021: Note: The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.

July 1:    Moon in Aries

July 3:    Moon enters Taurus

July 5:    Moon enters Gemini

July 8:    Moon enters Cancer

July 9:    New Moon at 18 Degrees Cancer

July 10:  Moon enters Leo

July 13:  Moon enters Virgo

July 15: Moon enters Libra

July 17: Moon enters Scorpio

July 19: Moon enters Sagittarius

July 21:  Moon enters Capricorn

July 23:   Moon enters Aquarius

July 23:   Full Moon at 1 Degree 26’ Aquarius

July 25: Moon enters Pisces

July 28:  Moon enters Aries

July 30:  Moon enters Taurus


Claudia and I (Aspen Intuitives) have a booth at the Aspen Saturday Market, the Basalt Sunday Market and the Carbondale Mountain Fair.  Stop in to say hello if you attend any of these events. I hope to see you there.

I finished teaching a beginning astrology classes on March 25, 2021.  Let me know if you are interested in attending another class sometime this summer. In addition, I plan to hold a once-monthly astrology meet-up where we can explore all things astrological.  At this time, I am taking a much-needed break, but will resume such activities after the summer outdoor markets are over. Reach out to me at

I gave a Zoom talk on Chiron on May 23 at the Carbondale Spiritual Center. You can view it on YouTube at

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