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Astrology Transits February 2021 – Connection

I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship. I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings. My wisdom flows from the Highest Source. I salute that Source in you. Let us work together for unity and love.Mahatma Gandhi

As we all know, there are still a lot of problems and concerning news out there, particularly around Covid and the US political scene.  However, in many, many ways, we have turned a corner.  Jupiter in Aquarius brings a much-needed dose of optimism and calls for us to think big — not small.  Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus off-and-on all year will continue to “stir the pot.”  But by their very nature, Juniper in Aquarius contacting Uranus in Taurus brings well-reasoned, even startling scientific and financial breakthroughs.  Overall, the first half of 2021, is a time to optimistically move forward, while maintaining a stable and grounded base.  Financial affairs can be subject to major and unexpected shifts.

February 1:  
Sun Conjunct Jupiter at 10 Degrees Aquarius Sun Square Mars at  10-12 Degrees Aquarius/Taurus
Venus Enters Aquarius
Mercury Retrograde at 26 Degrees Aquarius

The Sun conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius brings us a lighter, more optimistic vibe, while Sun square Mars in Aquarius could shine a light on anger and aggressive tendencies.  Use this aspect to focus on what makes you angry and why.  Whenever the Sun touches another planet it shines light on that planet’s energy. Venus in Aquarius allows you to look at charged situations through a loving lens.  It is also a good time to consider what makes you unique and special.  What unusual talents have you been hiding that the world could sorely use?

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, along with four other planets, has decided that more time needs to be spent contemplating the Aquarian archetype of tolerance for human diversity and for honoring your own uniqueness.

February 1-17: Saturn Square Uranus at 5-7 Aquarius/Taurus.  This square has been felt to varying degrees since the first of the year.  It was part of the energy that made the January 6 US capitol insurrection and the unrest on January 20 at the US inauguration so chaotic and concerning.  Saturn square Uranus will be in effect all year, becoming especially strong now, on June 16 and on December 24.  Despite the uncomfortable manifestations of this energy, it has some positive uses.

  • It helps us come to grips with the unsettling need to honor the old while letting go of it and embracing the new.
  • It challenges us to see and value those unlike us and to emphasize similarities instead of the differences.
  • It nudges us to find our tribe.  No one is an island.  We are so much stronger when aligned with others. If you don’t fit with those you hang out with, find a new tribe.
  • It challenges us to connect to others even when we are not physically close (Zoom anyone?).

Remember, this energy will be in force all year, though its intensity will wax and wane.

February 4-7:  Venus Conjunct Saturn at 4-6 Degrees Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus. Venus conjunct Saturn feels like a wet blanket thrown over our hopes and wishes.  That, coupled with Venus/Saturn square Uranus in Taurus is a downer, especially around money matters. This could bring about angst regarding Christmas bills or the delay in receiving your government stimulus check.  Use the time wisely by re-calibrating your financial income and outgo and setting up a new, realistic budget.

February 8:  Sun Conjunct Retrograde Mercury at 20 Degrees Aquarius. Sun conjunct Mercury would normally indicate positive and productive communication.  However, because of retrograde Mercury it can bring communication snafus, travel issues and personal and business negotiation failures. Positively, it slows things down so you can reassess what is working and what is not.

February 10-12:  Venus Conjunct Jupiter at 11-13 Degrees Aquarius. This is a “bluebird” day with regard to relationships of all kind.  You feel eager, optimistic, outgoing and friendly.  It could also be a good time to buy a lottery ticket, especially if you have the Sun, Moon, Jupiter or Venus near 11-13 degrees of Aquarius.

February 11:  New Moon at 24 Degrees Aquarius. With six planets in Aquarius at the New Moon, consider letting go of those friends who are no longer good for you and to honor those friends, groups and relationships that are uplifting and positive. Though this New Moon in Aquarius can seem challenging for those with late degrees in Taurus, Leo and Scorpio, it can open up a whole new world of success through networking.

February 13-14:  Mercury Retrograde Conjunct Venus and Jupiter at 14 Degrees Aquarius and  Mars Sextile Neptune at 19 Degrees Taurus/Pisces. We are blessed with a couple of pleasant aspects for Valentines Day.  Mercury conjunct both Venus and Jupiter has a lovely, optimistic, communicative feel. Mars sextile Neptune in Pisces opens your channels of perception and sensitivity and adds a romantic aura to your celebration.  Enjoy this Valentines Day by connecting to your loved ones in a more open and caring way.

February 19:  Venus Square Mars at 23 Degrees Aquarius/Taurus. Aquarius is about new horizons and Taurus is about your values.  This tense square could just be the ticket to push you toward fulfilling your life’s passion. The Moon in Gemini assists discussions with your friends and social groups to help you with an implementation plan.

February 24:  Mars Trine Pluto at 26 Degrees Taurus/Capricorn.  With the Moon in Leo and Mars Trine Pluto, its time to be creative, childlike and to generally lighten up.  Mars provides a burst of energy to fuel your activities. Enjoy this  “get out of my way, I’m ready to move forward” energy.

February 25:  Sun Sextile Uranus; Venus Enters Pisces and Jupiter Trine the North and South Nodes.  Sun sextile Uranus is an exciting aspect that has you fired up to make changes and start new habits, while Jupiter trine the Nodes could bring good news.

February 27:  Full Moon at 9 Degrees Virgo. The Virgo Full Moon opposite the Sun in Pisces presents a choice between physical matters, such as health, order, day to day matters (Virgo Moon) and visions, intuition, spiritual matters and escapism (Pisces Sun).  You may be torn between your need to work and be of service and your need for solitude and nurturing your spiritual health.  There is no need to make a choice.  Spend some quiet spiritual time and some time organizing and setting things right.  Both actions are spiritual and within the realm of this grounding Virgo Full Moon.

Watch for encouraging news regarding Covid-19 at, or near, this Full Moon in Virgo as the Sun moves over Neptune (which rules viruses) and then moves to conjunct Chiron, which can signify health and healing.


There Are Now Two Date Options to Choose From:

Thursday afternoon at 1:00 pm Mountain Standard Time, from Thursday, February 18 to March 24, 2021.  I have room for one or two more students in this class.

Saturday afternoon at 2:00 pm Mountain Standard Time, from February 20 to March 26, 2021. I have room for four students in this class.

$210 for 6 weeks payable by Paypal.

I will also be starting an evening class in March for people unable to make either of these sessions.  Find out more:

To secure your spot go to and feel free to ask any questions. Also please leave your Birthdate, Birthtime, and Birthplace so I can set up your chart.

Moon Movement During February 2021: Note:  The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.

February 1:        Moon enters Libra

February 3:        Moon enters Scorpio

February 5:        Moon enters Sagittarius

February 7:        Moon enters Capricorn

February 9:        Moon enters Aquarius

February 11:       New Moon at 23 degrees Aquarius

February 12:       Moon enters Pisces

February 14:       Moon enters Aries

February 16:       Moon enters Taurus

February 19:       Moon enters Gemini

February 21:       Moon enters Cancer

February 24:       Moon enters Leo

February 26:       Moon enters Virgo

February 27:       Full Moon at 9 degrees Virgo

February 28:       Moon enters Libra


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Many of you have inquired about my astrology readings.  My full readings cover your current solar return year ahead, the current transits and your progressions. My astrology readings are $150 for one-hour readings and $75.00 for half hour readings and include a recorded MP3 of the reading.   Readings are via telephone and via Zoom online.  Payment is through Paypal.

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