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Astrology Transits April 2022 – Hope Amid Shadows

Hope drowned in shadows emerges fiercely splendid – boldly angelic. ― Aberjhani, The River of Winged Dreams

April is an active month in the cosmos. Jupiter conjoins Neptune in Pisces on April 12, followed by a Taurus new moon solar eclipse on April 30. Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces is an exceptional event that is so sorely needed in this time of uncertainty and fear. Jupiter is expansion, optimism and a sense of being able to look forward instead of backward. Neptune is about our spiritual connection, unconditional love and the sense that we are all one. Both planets are right at home in the sign of Pisces, which tends to amplify and strengthen the energy of both.

However, because both Neptune and Pisces project a somewhat nebulous, foggy image, they do allow our fears to sometimes run away with us. I urge everyone to use the positive vibrations and to let fear go. In this time of great transition on our planet, the more we can hold onto our own spiritual high self, the more we can help the planet and all of its inhabitants.

The new moon Taurus solar eclipse on April 30, presents an opportunity to let go of unhealthy and limiting beliefs around scarcity and our tendency to hold on too tightly to what we have. A fist tightly closed is not able to let more abundance in. The more we can let go and trust in the abundance and goodness of the universe, the more we can have. So let us “eclipse” those negative thoughts and let our true abundance in during this cosmically active month.

April 1:  New Moon at 11 Degrees Aries.  What a wonderful time to start new ventures and to promote business ideas or projects! We have all been feeling a little lethargic due to the Piscean emphasis. Now, with this New Moon in Aries we begin to feel that dynamic, action-oriented Aries energy. We are like our gardens that are just now waking up and all of the plants are ready to grow, grow, grow. In addition, this Aries New Moon is conjunct Mercury and Chiron. This would be a good time to implement an exercise program to improve your health (Chiron in Aries) and to spread the word about any project or idea that you are passionate about (Mercury in Aries).

April 10: Mercury Square Pluto at 28 Degrees Aries/Capricorn.  Mercury squares Pluto and then moves into Taurus late in the day. Be cautious when discussing “loaded” or delicate matters with others when Mercury is square Pluto. Mercury, the planet of communication, can become quite obsessive and controlling when connected to Pluto, the planet of power and control. One astrologer described it as “words with an atomic bomb effect.”

On April 11 Mercury enters Taurus and talk turns to our physical resources and whether we are living our values. This vibe will also show up in the political arena and in the news stories.

April 12:  Sun Sextile Saturn at 23 Degrees Aries/Aquarius. You can accomplish a lot when the Sun is sextile Saturn. Work matters are favored now, because the Sun brings energy and Saturn brings self-discipline and organization. This would be a good day to tackle those tasks you have been putting off, as success is favored.

April 12: Jupiter Conjunct Neptune at 24 Degrees Pisces. Jupiter conjunct Neptune is also sextile the North Node in Taurus and trine the South Node in Scorpio. Neptune and Jupiter co-rule Pisces and are very strong when transiting here. Both planets are spiritual. When in Pisces your dreams, empathy, compassion, intuition and creative abilities are enhanced. Spread your light and good vibes over the troubled world situations.

April 14: Mars Enters Pisces. Mars in Pisces is a rather strange transit. Mars, a combustible fire sign, feels disoriented, irritable and weak when transiting water sign Pisces. Fire plus water equals steam, which dissipates easily.  Since your energy level may be lower than usual, its best not to start new projects until Mars enters Aries on May 25. Mars in Aries is very energetic and forceful, so you can make up for lost time then, as far as accomplishments are concerned.

April 16: Full Moon at 26-27 Degrees Libra.  This Libra Full Moon is opposite the Sun in Aries. Inherent in the Libra/Aries axis is the push me/pull me energy of me and my wants and needs, versus you and your wants and needs. In addition, the Sun and Moon form a T-Square with powerful Pluto at 28 degrees Capricorn. By the next day, the Moon has moved into Scorpio adding an emotional element to the already fraught energy (see April 17 below). Try to avoid escalating any touchy subjects until the energy smooths out after the 19th when the Sun moves into Taurus.

April 18:  Sun Square Pluto at 28 Degrees Aries/Capricorn. You may feel like you are inside of a pressure cooker when the Sun is Square Pluto. Squares in astrology are considered to be challenges. You may be challenged by other’s expectations of you, machine breakdowns, authority figures in your life or your own sense that something major needs to change in your life. Think of this transit as a warning bell that something needs to be remedied. Doing so can turn a challenge into a blessing.

April 18:  Mercury Conjunct Uranus at 14 Degrees Taurus. Mercury conjunct Uranus can be an exciting, stimulating day full of lightning-bolt flashes of intuition (Uranus) and mental breakthroughs (Mercury). It can also bring an edgy, nervous feeling, so just flow with the energy. The steady Taurus energy helps to calm any overwrought feelings, letting the insights come in smoothly.

April 19:  Sun Enters Taurus. The Sun transiting in Taurus until May 20 slows things down. The focus is now on your money, your values and your love nature. Take time to enjoy nature, plant a tree, take a long leisurely hike or plant a garden while the Sun is transiting Taurus. Also favored is solidifying your money and financial goals.

April 24-25: Mercury Square Saturn at 24 Degrees Taurus/Aquarius. Mercury Sextile Neptune at 24 Degrees Taurus/Pisces. Mercury Trine Pluto at 28 Degrees Taurus/Capricorn. Mercury square Saturn can lead to pessimism and heavy, depressing thoughts. However, Mercury sextile Neptune lets you withdraw from the world through your imagination and can strengthen your spiritual practice. Mercury trine Pluto helps you understand that you do have the power (Pluto) to change things. This would be a good time to write a letter to government officials or your local newspaper setting forth your ideas about improving something you are concerned about.

The mostly pleasant vibes continue on April 27 when Mercury is sextile Jupiter at 27 degrees Pisces/Taurus and Venus is conjunct Neptune at 24 degrees Pisces. This is a continuation of the helpful cosmic rays that I mentioned at the beginning of this newsletter.

April 28: Mercury Trine Pluto at 28 Degrees Taurus/Capricorn.  You may have a breakthrough that helps you solve a thorny issue under this favorable Mercury trine Pluto aspect. Pluto deepens Mercury’s thinking and communicating patterns and their earth-sign positions helps to ground any ideas that appear. It is also a good time to go deeper within your own psyche.

April 29: Mercury Enters Gemini. Mercury remains in Gemini until May 10, when it turns retrograde and begins its journey back into Taurus.  Mercury loves being in its home sign of Gemini, so everything having to do with communication and transport is favored during this time. Make those phone calls, send those emails and take out that old, unfinished manuscript so you can finish it.

April 30: New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse at 10 Degrees Taurus. This Taurus Solar Eclipse relates to values and resources of all kinds. It is about your personal finances, personal possessions and resources and your feelings of worthiness (or lack thereof). It will prompt reactions around safety, security, comfort and wanting everything to stay just as they are without change. However, because a solar eclipse is about change and new beginnings, you are prompted to step outside your comfort zone and to embrace changes in the above areas of your life.

Because Taurus is ruled by Venus, this pushing toward change, may also relate to your relationships. It asks you to evaluate whether your relationships are meeting your needs. And, if not, how can you make them better?

April 30: Venus Conjunct Jupiter at 28 Degrees Pisces. Venus conjunct Jupiter in Pisces is one of those aspects that you wish could continue forever. It promises to be an optimistic, dreamy kind of day with overtones of spiritual and compassionate love for all. Enjoy now, because next month as the focus shifts to Mars in Aries, the energetic feeling becomes more aggressive, active and purposeful.

Moon Movement During April 2022: Note: Dates given are for New York City, NY. The time of the Moon’s movement into a sign will vary depending on where you live.

April 1:   New Moon at 11 degrees 30 minutes Pisces

April 2:   Moon enters Taurus

April 4:   Moon enters Gemini

April 7:   Moon enters Cancer

April 9:   Moon enters Leo

April 12:  Moon enters Virgo

April 14:  Moon enters Libra

April 16:  Full Moon at 26 degrees 45 minutes Libra

April 15:  Moon enters Scorpio at 8:22 pm EST

April 20:  Moon enters Scorpio

April 18:  Moon enters Sagittarius

April 20:  Moon enters Capricorn

April 23:  Moon enters Aquarius

April 25:  Moon enters Pisces

April 27:  Moon enters Aries

April 29:  Moon enters Taurus

April 30:  New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse 10 degrees Taurus 28 minutes


As I do every eclipse season, I am discounting the price of my regular astrology readings that are booked between April 1 and April 30.  My hour-long astrology readings are reduced from $150 to $135 and my half-hour astrology readings are reduced from $75 to $70.  You must book your reading between April 1 and April 30 and must mention the code words “ECLIPSE SPECIAL.” Send an email to to reserve your spot.

My readings consist of your transits, progressions, solar arc directions and solar return (year ahead) in relation to your birth chart. Readings are by telephone or Zoom and are recorded.  Payment is by PayPal.


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