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First Quarter Moon

The moon is currently in Pisces

Taurus Solar Eclipse

If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s.  Joseph Campbell

This new moon solar eclipse belongs to Saros Series 16 South, which means that this April 28-29 solar eclipse contains the energy from that very first eclipse in the series that began at the South Pole on September 21, 1953.  In that first eclipse Neptune (compassion) was on the midpoint of the New Moon/Node (new beginnings toward life purpose) and Mars (energy and, unfortunately, sometimes anger) was on the midpoint of Uranus (sudden, life-shaking events) and Neptune (peace, love and a sense of our spirituality but also confusion and delusion).

When we tie the energy of that first Saros Series 16 South eclipse to the energy today, we can see that this second April eclipse has the power to mellow some of the harsh energy in the sky (the Grand Cross of Pluto/Jupiter/Mars and Uranus).  Think of the April 15 lunar eclipse and the Grand Cross as a necessary occurrence to release the pressure.  Even Mother Earth has been experiencing numerous earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in an effort to release built up pressure.  A significant amount of energy was released during the first part of April; and it is likely that an important part of your life may be changed forever.  Though often difficult, change will free you to move toward a more fulfilling path.

The April solar eclipse falls at 8 degrees Taurus bringing a grounding element to the overwhelming energy that we have been feeling.  Neptune, Chiron and Venus form a stellium (a grouping of planets) in Pisces.  It is as though the universe needed to shake us up so that we are willing to tune into our spiritual (Neptune), loving (Venus) side in order to heal (Chiron) ourselves and our planet.

The sign of Taurus is about security and grounding.  It’s also about being true to who you are and expressing your own values through walking your own, unique path.  Each of us has something special that we were meant to do.  (Look to the Sun sign, Moon sign, and the sign and house that contain the North Node to get an indication of what that path is.)

Because solar eclipses are always about a new beginning there is no better time to begin to move toward those things that you are drawn to (Taurus/second house = values).  What do you value and why do you value it?  How can you bring more of that energy into your life at this time?

This is especially important this year due to the traumatic, upsetting energy of the lunar eclipse and the Grand Cross.  Most of us are feeling a little shaken, a little disoriented, and yes, maybe even a little fearful.  It is my belief that the volatile energy that we have experienced is just the universe’s way of shaking us up so that we are willing to listen to our inner voice and intuition (Neptune).  We often make the mistake of thinking that we need to know each step to take to bring about our desired future.  We are unwilling to take the first small step and uneasy about making much needed changes.

This April solar eclipse in Taurus asks us to make a beginning, however small, toward those things that are in line with our true authenticity and values.   As Joseph Campbell stated, our path is usually not clear.  We don’t need to know the full path.  We only need to make a beginning!


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