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May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse in Gemini

I will first take a quick look at this eclipse in the context of its historical “roots” and then give you an idea of how the eclipse could relate to you and your chart.  Though many of you are very fearful of eclipses, they do not always bring dire events.  They do bring change.  Learning to deal effectively with the changes in your life is a valuable skill to help you navigate the rough spots.  Astrology is an outstanding tool to help you develop this skill.

Historical Information of Saros Series 14 South

The May 20, 2012 eclipse belongs to the Saros Series 14 South.  Every eclipse belongs to a “series.”  The eclipse that started this series occurred on August 29, 984 A.D. An eclipse carrying the signature of Saros 14 South will occur every 18 years. 

The original eclipse featured Jupiter on the midpoint of the new Moon/Pluto, with the new Moon on the midpoint of Mercury/Pluto and also on the midpoint of Mars/Saturn.  A planet on the midpoint of two other planets acts like a conjunction, combining the energy of all three planets. It is important to understand the planetary energy from the eclipse that started this Saros Series, because the energy carries over into the present eclipse as an overlay. 

Planetary Contacts of the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse

The current, May 20, 2012, eclipse sun and moon fall at zero degrees Gemini and are square Neptune in Pisces at 03 degrees.  Gemini’s ruler, Mercury is at 22 degrees Taurus conjunct Jupiter.  In addition, the eclipse falls on the fixed star Alcyone, which is at zero degrees Gemini in the Pleiades star cluster. 

This solar eclipse will especially impact those with planets at early degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius).  Because the eclipse is at zero degrees, it will also impact those who have planets around 27 to 30 degrees of the preceding fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius).  In addition, those with planets around 22 degrees of Taurus may feel some effect, especially as it relates to communication and/or earning money from some sort of communication.

How the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse Will Affect You

We must first start with the energy from the original eclipse of Saros 14 South:  Because of the Jupiter contact (expansion) with the New Moon (fresh start) and Pluto (power), this eclipse family tends to bring success after a period of hard work (Saturn contact).  The Moon-Mercury-Pluto contact brings the possibility of an obsessive (Pluto) idea (Mercury) finally being accepted (Jupiter).  During this eclipse, pushing for your ideas (even ones that have been ignored over and over) could bring an eventual breakthrough.  For instance, now is the time to rework that resume or business proposal and present it once again to finally have it noticed. 

Some caution is in order because of Mars in combination with Pluto.  Push too hard and you could have a case of “immovable object meets the brick wall” (Pluto) with overtones of anger (Mars) and even violence (Pluto).

Both solar and lunar eclipses denote a time of change.  Every solar eclipse falls on a new moon, so every solar eclipse is about starting something new and beginning a time of growth.  However, in order to start something new we must give up that which is no longer working for us.  This is where the pain often comes in.  For instance, a relationship that is no longer working must either be completely rejuvenated and rebuilt (Pluto) or it must be left behind to make room for a new relationship (new Moon).

Because the eclipse falls in Gemini, there is a very big emphasis on communication.  You are being called to communicate in a new way.  The way you have been communicating in the past may not be working.  Or, maybe you need to put more emphasis on communicating.  For those of you with a strong Gemini/Sagittarius emphasis in your chart—it may be time to go to the next level with your communication skills (writing, speaking, teaching, publishing, etc.).  Gemini’s ruler, Mercury (communication), at 22 degrees Taurus (a money and security sign) conjunct Jupiter (expansion) also gives the green light to such activities. The planetary wind is at your back and will help you along to the degree that you are willing to give up the habits or thoughts that have held you back.

The eclipse sun and moon are square Neptune at 3 degrees Pisces.  With a square to Neptune (illusion, delusion) things may not be as they seem.  Be especially aware of self deception and of others who want to deceive you.  Be sure that your anti-virus software and your computer firewall are working. Drug and alcohol use is most definitely not advised at this time. However, it is an especially good time to meditate and to get in touch with your spiritual side. 

The eclipse conjunct the fixed star Alcyone in the Pleiades cautions you to only be concerned about your own progress­, ­­­ not what others are or are not doing.  The story of the Pleiades is a story of seven sisters who were in competition with one another to the extent that it brought the downfall of all of them.  It also speaks to letting go of our attachment to the people, places, or situations that have passed from our lives and to move on and to forge better and stronger bonds in a new way.  For instance if you are still emotionally (Moon) tied to a relationship that ended a long time ago, now is an excellent time to let go of it and to move on (Alcyone).

* * * * * *

I will be offering mini eclipse readings on a limited basis for $25 for a 20 minute reading. Because I can only do a limited number of these mini readings, all readings will be on a first come, first served basis.

Schedule your reading by sending an email to
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18 comments to May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse in Gemini

  • denizd

    I am gemini rising with sun in cancer. As far as I read your article, I think thsi eclipse will have an huge impact on me.
    my birthday is 22 june 1982, izmir,turkey Time: 4 am. I would like to learn more from you.
    I really appreciate your work, and articles.. thanks in advance.

    • Ruby

      Hello Denizd, What house system are you using for a Gemini rising chart? Using the Koch, Tropical zodiac, I show an ascendant of 12 degrees Taurus. If you have an ascendant near zero degrees the eclipse would have a big effect on your outer appearance and how you perceive yourself. In any case it does aspect your natal Jupiter in the 6th house of work. It seems that the work area has been very difficult for you for quite some time. The eclipse could bring some changes in that area. It will take effort, but there is a little bit of assistance in the chart. Good luck.

    • Ruby

      Hello Denzid, Using the time adjustment as I understand it, I show a 01 degree Gemini ascendant. The solar eclipse and transiting South Node will fall in your 12th house right on your ascendant and will oppose your natal Uranus in the 7th house of relationships. It seems that you will be undergoing many changes in how you present yourself to the world. Thede changes could have an effect on your relationships, so be mindful of that.

      Also, as you may be aware, transiting Saturn has been going back and forth over your natal Pluto in the 5th house of love, creativity and children for quite some time. This is a very potent combination and it has probably left you feeling somewhat defeated. When it finally moves forward after June 25 and then passes your Pluto after August 6, you should start to feel some relief in those areas of your life.

  • GSDk9

    Hi AstroHerb-

    Could you please tell me how or if this eclipse will have any effect on me? DOB Oct. 11, 1965, Lucknow India. Keep getting close to finding employment but something goes wrong at the end and it doesn’t go through. Heard Venus Rx will also cause delays and difficulties. Any chance this eclipse will aid career? Thanks so much for all you do!

    • Ruby

      Could you please give me your time of birth, so I can see what area of your chart has transits to it:

    • Ruby

      Hello GSDk9, The May 20, 2012 solar eclipse falls in your 9th house of philosophy, religion, higher learning, publishing, etc., conjunct your North Node It is opposing your Venus/Mars/South Node in Saggitarius in the 3rd house of communication. It seems that there is something you know from the past that can be used to your advantage. It would be something to do with communications, teaching, publishing etc. With your Gemini midheaven you most likely do have talents in some of those areas.

      The thing that has been holding you back is transiting Saturn, which has been going back and forth over your Sun in your second house of earnings. Saturn will be turning direct on June 25, would should allow you to find a position.

      Also, Venus is now transiting your 10th house of career. When it and the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury transit your 10th house and your 10th house Jupiter, you should be rewarded with a good job. You should start to notice improved job prospects after June 8, 2012.

  • denizd

    Hello astroherb
    thanks for your quick response, there was a summer time adjustment, could you help with my chart 🙂
    Izmir Turkey 06/22/1982 04:00 – Adjust -3.00 ST 20.48 Lat 38.25 Long -27.10

  • GSDk9

    Oh sorry… birth time is 3:50AM.

  • GSDk9

    Thank you so much AstroHerb! You have given me hope of things improving soon. Hopefully with both Saturn turning direct on June 25th and Venus Rx also ending June 27th the path will open up for employment opportunities. I have definitely been feeling blocked with finding employment and of course finances. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out what else do I know from my past that could be used for promotion of career. I had developed a website and even published articles around late Oct./Nov. 2011 to promote a coaching business but have not succeeded in growing that biz at all. Someone told me that I established my website/published articles at a very inauspicious time during a solar eclipse (Nov. 11) so it has not gotten the exposure it needed to succeed. First of all could this be true? And secondly, what would I have to do to change this? I have worked very hard towards trying to establish this business but have seen no results.

    • Ruby

      Hello again GSDK9, Yes, the solar eclipse of November 11, 2011 was a hard time for you and others. However, it doesn’t affect what is now. The thing I love about astrology the most is that it helps point you to the low points and the high points. A low point doesn’t last forever, just for awhile. The energy has changed and is changing more. The danger for you and others who have gone through such hard times is that we forget to be optimistic and become very beaten down. As an astrologer, I am very heartened by the signs of more postive energy in the charts of many people who have been through the very hard times of the last several years.

      I would again stress the Gemini/Sagittarius energy that is pervalent. Are you writing articles for your website? It would be wise to study search engine optimization. I have noticed that when I write articles, I become very busy because I rank higher in Google. No articles, no web business. Further, Gemini energy will often point to doing two different things at once. It isn’t an either/or situation. Stay positive, the energy really is changing.

  • Aqyarius40

    Dear AstroHerb –

    I’ve been unemployed for 2 years now. Really bad situation that appears to have no end in sight. According to my Placidus chart, (not Natal chart) Gemini is my 10th house, my Midheaven is at 23 Taurus and transiting Saturn has been in my 2nd house for three years.

    Here’s my question: Do you foresee any possibility I might gain employment with the Solar Eclipse, Jupiter and VenusRx all in Gemini in my 10th house OR do you think I have to wait until Saturn turns direct in my 2nd house? Also, you said anyone with planets at 23 Taurus will feel some effect. Does that also apply to the Midheaven which is not a planet?

    DOB: 1/26/62 @ 6:58pm NYC

    Many thanks.

    • Ruby

      Dear Aqyarius40, The transits to your chart are acutally very favorable to finding a position or to creating your own position. Jupiter on the Midheaven is significant. Transits to the angles of the chart can sometimes be more important than a transit to a planet. The solar eclipse is a new moon/sun conjuction. Time to try something new. Your 6th house is packed with Aquarius planets, showing that you enjoy an inventive, non-traditional workplace. Your 10th house Taurus desires the security of a stable career. Can you re-invent yourself to get both?

      The lunar eclipse of June 4 and Venus transit the Sun on June 5 will trine your Jupiter in the 6th house. Time to get really active in finding that new position!! I show transiting Saturn retrograde in your 3rd house (not 2nd). In any case, you have some major good luck planets active at this time, I wouldn’t worry too much about Saturn.

  • jackieland24

    Hi Astroherb,
    Can you tell me how this eclipse will have an impact on me? DOB 12/24/74 11:24PM in NJ. As always, I greatly appreciate it!

  • GSDk9

    Thank you so much for your encouraging words! The last few years, but especially the past 1 year has been really tough and you are right.. the optimism goes out through the window when you keep facing block after block. I look forward to sharing some good news in the future with you. Thank you again so much for taking the time to do this. Wish you a busy and prosperous season!

  • GSDk9

    Dear AstroHerb-

    Could the May 20th eclipse, which falls in my 3rd/9th houses, have to do with car problems? I’ve taken my car to 3 places and no one can figure out what is causing the problem.
    Thank you!

    • Ruby

      Hello GSDk9,

      Yes, the May 20th eclipse absolutely has to do with car problems. The third house, Mercury and Gemini all have a correlation with cars. With the square to Neptune in Pisces (confusion, things not being clear, veils) it is no wonder that it was hard to find the cause.

      • GSDk9

        Thank you AstroHerb! That explains it.. unfortunately mystery still remains with what to repair. Looks like at some point soon, will have to get another vehicle. Probably best to wait till Venus Rx is over too. These eclipses are crazy!

  • tcocktail

    Born: 6/21/1960, 4:14AM , cleveland, Ohio

    This has been a horrible year for me. A year ago in February I started teaching group fitness class and in October I started at another gym so i am teaching two places as parttime job. This eclipse is interesting. I have three planets at critial degree Born with Gemini at 29 degrees, my ascenent at 29 degree Moon at 29 degrees Tarus in the 12th. Venus at 29 degrees Gemini. Then Mars at 0 Degrees tarus
    It seems that there re profound changes going to happen. What are your thoughts?
    Thank you

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