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Waxing Gibbous Moon

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Lunar Eclipse October 18, 2013

An eagle and a large white dove are revealed constantly changing into each other.

Sabian symbol for the Sun at 26 degrees Libra


This lunar eclipse happens on October 18, 2013 at 7:38 pm EDT (October 19, 2013 at 0:38 am GMT).  In this penumbral eclipse 76% of the moon will be in the Earth’s shadow.

The Moon at 26 degrees Aries is opposed to the Sun at 26 degrees Libra setting into motion the themes of aggression versus cooperation, self versus partnership, and love versus war.  It will most strongly affect those of you who have planets at 20-29 degrees Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer.

The focus is on relationship issues.  It is time to look at the balance between giving and receiving in your close relationships and partnerships.  Are you giving too much without receiving in roughly equal amounts; or are you doing all of the work of the relationship?

The eclipse creates action (Aries) with the need for a sense of balance (Libra).  In other words, take action, but don’t go overboard or take action without weighing (Libra) the options.   Lunar eclipses can bring a high emotional (Moon) state, so it is best not to act on your feelings until after November 5 when the strongest vibes from the eclipse season is over.

As with all lunar eclipses old, outworn ideas, things and people may leave, or need to leave, your life.  Those things that are eliminated through the eclipse will create a void that can be filled with greater power, energy and purpose.

It is wise to consciously think about how you will fill that void with the new energy that will come in with the solar eclipse on November 3;

  • It is good to put some thought into what you can or can not hold onto;
  • Why you should or should not try to hold onto it.; and
  • Finally what can you bring into our life at the November 3 solar eclipse that will more perfectly utilize your gifts (South Node) in furtherance of your life purpose (North Node)?

Though the eclipse energy can be uncomfortable, it does cleanse your life of those things that are no longer working in order to make room for better things.  Use the energy positively for best results!


I will once again be offering mini eclipse readings at a special price from October 18 through November 18, 2013.  Send me an email if you are interested.

I would love to hear any comments or questions you may have.  Just sign in and then leave your comments.  I will answer as many as possible.


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9 comments to Lunar Eclipse October 18, 2013

  • jackieland24

    Hi Astroherb!

    I wanted to see how this lunar eclipse will affect me, specifically in my relationship. My DOB is 12/24/74 at 11:24pm and his DOB is 3/22/70 (time???).


    • Ruby

      Hello Jackieland, Since I did not have the birth place or time for the other person in the relationship, I can only tell you what I see in your chart. The October 18 lunar eclipse fell in your 8th (Moon) and 2nd (Sun) houses on the Aries/Libra axis. This axis is about money and values (2nd) and the resources of the significant others in your life (8th). The 8th house also has to do with close, intimate relationships on a a deep level. Also, Uranus is transiting your 7th house of relationships. With Uranus in the 7th the last several years have not been the best for establishing a stable, long-term relationship. Transiting Uranus is opposing your natal Pluto and squaring transiting Pluto in your 4th hours. As much as you may desire such a relationship, there is a part of you that really hates to give up your freedom, power and autonomy. I would advise you to just enjoy the relationship and see where it takes you. If your relationship seems sufficiently strong, you may want to discuss some of those issues with your significant other so they are better able to understand you. The eclipse is here to highlight those issues. Until you resolve the desire to be close with the desire to be free it can sabotage this or any future relationships.

  • BJ

    HI Ruby. I can not believe the drudgery of the past 5 years. Now I read everywhere about this eclipse which will probably mess everything up that I have been laboriously working on these past 5 years…sure feels that way! Anyway, just wonder if you had any words of wisdom for those born: Feb 22, 1970 6:17AM Cheyenne WY. I hope this message finds you well…everyone is taking a hit somewhere.

    • Ruby

      Hello BJ, It is good to hear from you again. I have been wondering how you are doing. The November 3 eclipse is conjunct Saturn and falls in your 9th house in Scorpio. It trines transiting Chiron and your natal Venus/North Node conjunction. It also sextiles transiting Mars and natal Vertex/South Node in your 7th house of relationships. The 9th is about recovering your zest for life; and it encourages you to go on a quest for the meaning in life (beyond everyday matters). I would not be too concerned about this eclipse in your chart. You have already been through the crucible in many ways. Even though the eclipse is conjunct transiting Saturn that does not have to be negative. Saturn will reward hard work. This eclipse is about healing (Chiron) from past relationship issues (Venus in first and South Node in 7th house) and to take your place in the world as your own person. The more you let go of past relationships and other disappointments, the better you will do. An eclipse in the 9th can issue in a more joyful time if you use the energy in the proper way. It would be a good time to study, travel, and/or take classes in something that expands your mind. Good luck.

  • BJ

    Hi Rub,

    Thank you so much for your most valuable time in responding to my comment. It is greatly appreciated. In comment to your comment, I have to say that I’ve read it over several times to ascertain exactly where it would come from. I’ve already made a couple of major changes this year since March – i.e. Sell/house/town move, have given up my 20-yr career but have been pursuing a new innovative career which appears to be (recently) crashing as well. Would really like to see it go through but of course, major road blocks…feel like I’m Steve Jobs. Perhaps again I have to start all over w/ something else after all these years side jobbing this?!

    Thank you Ruby!!! 🙂

    • Ruby

      BJ, Uranus is retrograde in your second house of income until December 19, 2013. It is opposing your natal Uranus in the 8th house. If possible I would not make a decision until after Uranus goes direct. Money-making opportunities could appear out of the blue after that time. It is very important to think of unusual, fresh ways to market your product or service with Uranus going thru your 2nd house.

  • JB

    Hi There. My boyfriend of 8 years and I have been going through a very tough time financially and as a couple for the past 2 years…Will this eclipse finally help us let go of unnecessary things in order to move forward…there’s not much farther we can go down this path before we hit a wall…JB 1971-10-28 6:23am Montreal Quebec Canada. Boyfriend 1969-02-16 9:05am Sept-Iles Quebec Canada.

    • Ruby

      Hello JB, The Oct 18 lunar eclipse occurred in your 7th house of relationships with the Sun in the first house of self expression. Though a lot of the stress on your relationship may have come from financial matters, this eclipse chart would indicate that you must negotiate a new balance of power between the two of you with regard to your relationship. Transiting Uranus in the 6th house of work is conjunct natal Chiron. That would indicate an unstable or chaotic job environment and/or that you are feeling the need to have more freedom in your job environment. Transiting Uranus is square transiting Pluto (in your 3rd house) also indicating that there is something about your neighborhood or immediate environment that is not conducive to your well being. Your solar return chart indicates a possible some time in the next year. Saturn is also transiting over the November 3, 2013 solar eclipse point in your first house of self expression, indicating that you are feeling restricted or held back in some way. The November 3 eclipse will be a loud call to begin to express your power in a confident, but not overbearing way.

      As for your boyfriend, he does tend to have very fixed, but unconventional opinions about how the world should or does work. The November 3 eclipse falls in his 7th house of long-term relationshjips. This could be a very emotional time for him, but one in which he very well may be doing a lot of thinking about your relationship. When Mars goes over his 6th house planets starting right around Thankstgiving, it would be a good time for him to put renewed effort into all work-related matters. However, there is some danger of a power-struggle with authority around that time also.

  • dd817

    Hello Ruby,
    It is very nice to read your articles again.. Now it is the eclipse season, and I al looking forward to changes. Last year was very hard on my work life and relationships around me..
    I am really curious about how these eclipses effect me DB 04:23 22 June 1982 Izmir Turkey,
    There is summer time adjustment.. Thank you..

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